John Roberts and Chris Wallace Threaten to Steer Fox News Into Even More Treacherous Waters
October 4, 2020 (1y ago)

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Anyone who has ever watched Fox News knows that John Roberts and Chris Wallace are two of their leading “news” figures who are supposed to be impartial, objective, and accurate. Sadly, the disgraceful recent behavior of these two once-towering giants of the newsroom has reduced them to petty, gibbering midgets.

Fox News is dangerously close to sailing into the Bermuda Triangle of anti-Trump derangement, and if they escape these uncharted waters, they may not do so with their credibility intact. You know it, I know it, and the vast majority of American patriots know it.

Mike Wallace’s unimpressive son “Chris” was awful as a moderator for all of Tuesday night’s debate, but his worst moment came when he largely ignored months of rioting by the far left across America. Instead, he blamed mythical “white supremacists” and “militias” for “adding to” the violence in cities. He pulled this stunt solely to generate another story about the president “refusing” to condemn white supremacists.

The claim that Trump “refuses to condemn white supremacists” is a lie, built on earlier lies. President Trump has always condemned white supremacists, including on Tuesday night:

Chris Wallace: Are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and to say that they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities as we saw in Kenosha and as we’ve seen in Portland?

Trump: Sure, I’m willing to do that. [Breitbart]

It doesn’t matter. The left is too addicted to the lie to let reality intrude, so they repeat it over and over again.

That is all to be expected. Inexcusably, other reporters at Fox News are going along with this lie. During Thursday’s White House press briefing, Fox White House reporter John Roberts ridiculously badgered press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for more disavowals.

It’s impossible to figure out what more Roberts could possibly have wanted. McEnany supplied four distinct examples of President Trump explicitly condemning white supremacy, including twice in the past two days. But Roberts is infected with a brain virus, the same one the left has, that makes him unable to assimilate basic facts that undermine a preset narrative.

After the briefing, Roberts appeared on Fox to screech about the president’s “deflection”:

John Roberts’ meltdown isn’t some brave display of honesty. It’s one of the most cringeworthy things ever aired on Fox in its 24-year history. It would be embarrassing at any time. But at this exact moment, it is inexcusable. His entire emotional non-argument was destroyed by McEnany in a single tweet.

For four months Americans have watched in terror as an Antifa and Black Lives Matter-led revolution tries to topple their country. Extremists have torn down beloved monuments, forced propaganda into schools, driven people out of their jobs, and burned and looted downtowns across the country. The vast majority of America’s media apparatus supports this wholeheartedly. To keep the revolution going, they have consistently downplayed or justified its actions in an effort to force it on an unwilling country.

This ought to be by far the biggest issue in the fall election. Fox News is the only outlet that could make that happen. They are by far the largest news organization that isn’t wholly under the control of the left, with real power to shape what is considered important and what is irrelevant.

The network ought to be covering this attempted anti-American revolution and Biden’s de facto support for it relentlessly. Instead, the network’s newsroom is joining in the left’s excited delirium about white supremacy.

Far-left district attorneys have played a key role in the attempted left-wing revolution. These extremist DAs ensure that dangerous criminals go free, while waging lawfare on any who try to defend their homes, businesses, or neighborhoods. Many of these DAs hold office thanks to financial support from billionaire George Soros. But when Newt Gingrich tried to say as much on Fox, he was shut down:

What is happening at Fox? It’s simple. While Fox’s viewers and some of its opinion shows may be conservative, much of its newsroom is mentally subservient to the left. They accept the left’s narratives and moral framework of events. So, if the left says that riots are mostly peaceful and that phantom “white supremacists” are the threat, they believe it. If the left says that criticizing one of the world’s richest men for bankrolling far-left extremism is off the table, then off the table it goes.

None of this improves Fox’s standing with the managerial, occupational ruling class. They will still be hated by the left for harboring real dissidents like Tucker Carlson. Having mentally weak reporters who further the left’s narratives doesn’t make the network more “balanced.” It just sabotages the network’s ability to actually construct its own narratives that can outcompete the left.

Fox’s failure is representative of greater failings of the right. The right will never be a winning political movement so long as it meekly submits to the dogmas and narratives of the left. There is absolutely no reason it should.

America has hundreds of media outlets. The vast majority of them hold identical views on every issue of importance. They also see it as their moral duty to police and stamp out any opposition to globalism and oligarchic monopoly rule. Fox News is by far the most powerful media outlet capable of resisting this stifling political and moral totalitarian conformity. But right now, the network is instead aiding and abetting the left’s deranged argument for dismantling America as we know it.

The modern left has abandoned every value that once defined Western civilization.  They have thrown out any respect for justice, beauty, truth, goodness, fairness, law, order, our Christian religion, and even Jesus Christ himself. They have thrown away freedom of speech, freedom of association, and freedom of conscience. They want equality under the law replaced with a new intersectional moral hierarchy that privileges “Latinx transsexuals.” They have trashed the scientific method in favor of political dogmas and “lived experience.”

The modern left are not the heirs of the traditions and achievements that make us great, but its destroyers. It’s time that Fox hires courageous reporters with integrity who can see that.

If the American people want to hear unhinged, Never Trump rants they can go anywhere else. The whole purpose of Fox is to be the one place where patriotic Americans can hear a “fair and balanced” perspective. Fox still has many great hosts who live up to this motto, like Tucker Carlson—the most popular host on cable by far.

Instead of currying favor with the rest of the corporate media by wallowing in yet more deranged lies that insult both our people and our President, Fox should take a cue from Tucker and focus on maintaining popularity with the American people by telling the truth.

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David King
1 year ago

Both need to be replaced. I turn the channel as soon as either appear.

Yukka Hootie
1 year ago
Reply to  David King

I don’t even watch most of Fox News. Once I’ve determined they’re hostile to Trump, I just mute that particular clown when his lips start flapping.

1 year ago
Reply to  Yukka Hootie

Having Fox News dialed up on your TV, gives credit to Fox for you being a viewer…muting does not change that. If you are truly on the right only watch Carlson or perhaps Hannity or Ingraham…the hell with the rest.

1 year ago
Reply to  Realist


N. Remita
1 year ago
Reply to  David King


N. Remita
1 year ago
Reply to  N. Remita

David you. are correct.

Helen Maxwell
1 year ago

I have been a dedicated Fox News viewer for years, but in the last year I have noticed tweaking of facts, absence of information necessary for truth, seemingly discomfort in on-air daytime hosts, and after the censoring of Newt on Soros, which I watched live, my whole attitude changed about Fox News and I began to investigate NewsMax, and well informed and intelligent friends sent me to this site, Revolver.

Something odd is going on at Fox, it no longer seems professional and credible, it seems like a money making venture luring conservatives to buy gold and medication linked to ailments in mature Americans.

I am really impressed with Stinchfield on NewsMax’s evening line-up. Like many of my conservative friends, I am loyal to Tucker Carlson, maybe in the future Carlson can be hired at NewsMax, along with Laura Ingraham and Hannity. Revolver? Impressive. Add Breitbart, powerful news outlets destined to grow stronger.

john galt
1 year ago
Reply to  Helen Maxwell




1 year ago
Reply to  Helen Maxwell

Yah, I can’t watch fox anymore, except the 5, and tu ca.

dorothy rowley
1 year ago
Reply to  Helen Maxwell

I am overwhelmingly in agreement. Shocked by John Roberts, absolutely. I will be going along with you to Newsmax.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

This is by far one of the most imporant subjects that Revolver has brought to date.
The Leftist Media establishment and their hatred not only for President Trump but for
America is symptomatic of a much greater pyschological disorder that has affected
nearly half the entire American population.
That pyschosis orignated from the newest and most virulent form of Marxism:
Cultural Marxism.
The Left, led by the Marxist Media establishment, firmly believe
that they are the “moral” saviors, the real life “super heroes” of their own
fantasy world comic book series.
They want to magically “REIMAGINE” the world in the image of Karl Marx.
They see themeselves as somewhow morally superior to the Right, to the
American Heartland, to regular Americans.
They see us as something not only to hate, not only to despise,
but to destroy completely.
The disturbing behavior of Fox News “journalists” like Chirs Wallace and
John Roberts reflect this world view.
They see America and Americans as RACISTS and as the enemy.
The news division at Fox News are just as sick and twisted and hysteria
driven as the rest of the Marxist Media.
The only difference between Fox and the rest of the enraged media is that
Fox News is the great betrayer of the American people because they
pretend to represent the Right when they are doing the exact opposite.
Fox just loves to sell themselves as “Fair and Balanced”.
They pretend to be “objective”. They are liars.
When you are facing the fires of hell, you can’t sit on a fence rail and pretend to be in the middle
of Right and Wrong. There is no neutral between the darkness and the Light.
You are either on the side of Right or you on the Left.
Fox News has sat smugly on their monopolistic throne of the mouthpiece of
the American Right but that cannot continue for much longer.
The American Right must call on new emerging voices who speak
directly for the American people.
Trump is America’s John the Baptist.
He is the “voice in the wilderness” calling for the salvation of our nation.
His voice is being heard by new emerging leaders who will lead America
to the light of a new, greater vision for our people.

You are on the side of Wrong.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Correction to the last sentence of my rant above.
Fox News and the Left are on the side of wrong.
I drank 3 cups of high octance snake venom expresso
before my typing expedition this evening.

Barbara J Black
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

That was incredible…. Thank You

Dorothy Rowley
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

It’s OK!

Tom Slick
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Ever thought of going into politics?

1 year ago

This is a timely article and right on the point. For such a long time, many from the FoxNews newsroom team have been acting under the pretense of journalistic objectivity when they are simply advocating for the left. Jonathan Karl, Shepard Smith come to mind and now Chris Wallace and John Roberts. I hope this can be turned around and god forbid that Fox News would for once bring fairness and balance to the White House briefing room. OAN, does a great job, Fox News could learn a lot from them.

1 year ago

I will not give up on Fox News, but it’s not like it was under Tony Snow.

1 year ago
Reply to  rockgopher

I hope you mean Roger Ailes who ran Fox News for decades. The change in Fox is Murdoch’s kids are now running things and they are leftists to the bone. Bret Baier is playing ball with the leftists as well…no Fox News in our household anymore.

1 year ago

Besides Tucker, Hannity, Watters and Gutfeld, Fox has gotten horrible.

OAN and Newsmax are much better!

1 year ago

When either pop on to the TV, I just change the channel to OAN.. Chris Wallace is a George Soros shill and John Roberts is a pansy who doesnt know who to look up to. Both are weak little girls.

1 year ago

They got rid of Sheepie Smith. Now they have Roberts and Wallace instead. Keep it up Fox, you’ll go the way of Drudge. A couple of sold out pricks.

Jay Cadillac
1 year ago

I submit that Wallace and Roberts’s problem may be simply that they couldn’t withstand the peer pressure, peers who are monolithically group-thinking Woke leftists. Wallace’s best friend is George Clooney, and certainly he wants to be liked by him. He doesn’t want to get shunned by the D.C. swamp dwellers. Roberts finally succumbed to the wish to sit at the cool-kids-table. Very few people have the character and strength to stand up to the mob (Tucker’s one; Trump’s another; maybe Franklin Graham). It is indeed sad. (Did you note how apparently all Fox hosts and guests have been muzzled and not been allowed to blast Chris Wallace’s debate performance?)

1 year ago
Reply to  Jay Cadillac

The day after the debate…all three prime time Fox shows (Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham) had numerous guests that ran Wallaces ass up the wall.

Edwin Scott Howe
1 year ago

Ask the two Fox reps who tried shut Newt up, who at Fox told you Not mention Soros name publicly?

1 year ago

You would hope by now most of the right knows the mansion that was America is nearly burnt to the ground and the garage will soon be gone if they don’t start fighting like a beast for the future.

The peril is could not be more obvious.

Barbara J Black
1 year ago

So happy you posted that video, I missed it and have been curious. I have no idea why Melissa said that. I can understand the other girl agreeing? I thought it was well known to everyone about Soros? Been watching Fox since they first aired and can see the changes. I hope they wake up soon

John Bailey
1 year ago

Folks, this network is now owned by Disney. They are NOT known for their conservative leanings. Some of the network employees are, quite possibly, worried about their jobs/careers. I believe this change occurred in March 2019. Check Wikipedia for more details than you probably want.

Derek Grim
1 year ago

In adversity one is tempered.
Trump voters, by now, know to distinguish a fair criticism of Trump from a shill-ish criticism.
The media and the political class and the NGO world are ridden with mercenaries.
It’s Trump’s fault for catering to mercenaries, expecting love and respect in return. What he needs to do is bite into bread and butter issues – whether he alienates the GOP or not.
1) Fight Big Tech head on
2) Refer to the Affordable Care act as the Unaffordable Care act; eliminate or lower its negatives, and expand its positives; then call it Trumpcare (to sting the libs)
3) Provide a debt moratorium specifically aimed at households; if the balance sheet of households improves, it automatically corrects the balance sheet of firms (financial and non-financial), because spending is income (capitalism runs on sales)
4) Quit this ruinous policy of blackmailing European countries who buy Russian gas; stop coercing them into purchasing American LNG (it’s simply not worth it geopolitically or financially)
5) Push for Law & Order and hammer any equivocation on Antifa and BLM; anyone associated with their violence and horrible ideology have to be investigated a la McCarthy 2.0; but going after the real architects, not duck chasing for impressions
6) Normalize relations with Russia already, sign a peace treaty with North Korea; give them legal immunity for what happened in the past wars, and push for commercial relations and unification
7) And for goodness’ sake, stop hiring more swamp creatures around you, Trump

Tom Slick
1 year ago
Reply to  Derek Grim

I agree with several of your points, some I’m not a fan of.
Two points I would like to steer to the President is for a 5% tax on all or only remittances going to mehico or money order, cashiers checks, etc., cashed in mehico and instead of giving money to big corps, give it all to US citizens. We will spend the crap out of it on cruises, homes, cars, washing machines, tv’s, etc., which will prop everyone up.

Derek Grim
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Slick

Yes. Channeling money into households, instead of the FIRE sector, allows the private sector to choose what to do with it: on what to spend on, how much to spend, and how much to save.
Ideally, the United States should practice a combination of Georgism and non-marxist socialism. Have a 100% land-value tax, and the abolition of taxes on wealth creation (no tax on labor, on business, sales, and on improvements made to the land, such as buildings). Do away with arbitrary debt to fiscal deficit and debt to GDP ratios. Conduct a permanent zero interest rate policy (since the ‘natural’ rate of fiat money is zero, and anything above zero is a subsidy), issue no interest-bearing bonds, and conduct macro policy to achieve and maintain full employment and price stability.
The banking sector should also be regulated on the asset side. Banks should only be allowed to lend money based on credit analysis, not market valuation, service and keep those loans on their own balance sheet; have no subsidiaries, not accept financial assets as collateral, not allow to contract in a foreign interest rate, and not allow to buy or sell credit default insurance. Risk and value should be decide by the two contract side, NOT by third parties.
To hell with rent-seekers, usurers, price and patent cartels, and war profiteers.

Michael Hamilton
1 year ago

I muted Chris Wallace years ago. Warped truth, don’t care for him or his wife’s cookbooks. FOX assigns him to a Presidential debate? with Ingraham, Levin, Carlson and capable others sitting by? Murdock kids now running the network.

Pedro Homestreet
1 year ago

I feel like Dire Straits, instead of “I want my MTV” I’m thinking “I want my FNC”. Remove these incognito libs. Let them go work for an audience that leans their way.

1 year ago

Both are funded and supplemented by the conservatives on Fox with high ratings. And isn’t the worst speaker of the House ever Paul Ryan on the board trying to make Fox anti-Trump?

1 year ago

Shut the hell up, Hitler.

Herm Winer
1 year ago

They just another part of the plan to remove Trump, not one word about antifa at all

1 year ago

ALL FOX News was ever meant to be was a propaganda machine to steer American Christians into groveling to Israel … A true Judas Goat.
Step ONE done, now step TWO steer the viewers to LIBTARDISM.
BEWARE of FOX news —– Rupert Murdoch is a FLAMING LIBERAL “chrystianzionist” posing as a CHRISTian Conservative.— flip to FOX Entertainment and you get TMZ, GLEE, Family Guy, and numerous other ANTI-FAMILY propaganda crap promoting the homosexual, drug, degenerate lifestyles. Rupert Murdoch HATES Christian Families.
I Have said for years —- Murdoch uses FOX NEWS to control, steer, Conservatism. FOX NEWS is never allowed to criticize America’s enemy, Israel. FOX is Controlled Opposition, and “teaches” RINOneoconism —
In a shocking admission by a high-level mainstream media operative, the CEO of News Corp. has revealed that major media corporations are pushing the likes of Google and Facebook to censor the alternative media despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans have little to no trust in the establishment press. The comments were, made by the CEO of Rupert Murdoch’s publishing arm, Robert Thompson, about the so-called “dysfunctional” online environment which in reality actually refers to a free internet where independent reporters can reach the masses themselves.

1 year ago

Correct. While the world languished in depression the National Socialists preformed an economic miracle and for that they had to be destroyed. Destroyed by the same people that are destroying the west today. 99% of what we are taught about that era of history is Communist propaganda.

Stanley J Okupinski
1 year ago

Up until his recent comments, I thought that John Roberts was fair. NOT ANY MORE. How many times and in how many ways does this President have to denounce these groups. This course is a waste of time. I find myself watching OAN and NewsMax more and more

Mark J Rollo
1 year ago

I formerly felt both were balanced. However it is now clear that John Roberts is a shill for the left with his ridiculous question about white supremacists. He joins Chris Wallace who is even more in the bag for the left. They don’t even care to project any semblance of “fair and balanced.”

America needs a new network to be what Fox used to be. Fox thinks it is cleverly morphing into another “main stream” media outlet but their sell out is obvious.

Shannon Martel
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark J Rollo

I left Fox awhile ago. I now watch Newsmax and Americas Voice. they are the ones to watch now instead of Fox. they went over to the dark side.

Michael Jordan
1 year ago

i would love to live in the world you describe, enjoying honest robust media that informs and strengthens the world but as long as George Soros and his monkeys-from-hell are not taken out of the picture (by any means necessary) we will get nowhere. A battalion of US Marines needs to storm his citadel and take him out dragging him by the feet… and give him a real Nuremberg Trial enclosing him in a glass box cell and then after his conviction,– a proper drawing and quartering, televised worldwide, should ensue to provide a proper example for those who would consider emulating him. Are you listening MR. Rothschild?…

FOX did a bad thing when they sold the News division to Disney and until that fiasco is reversed we will suffer over and over and over again.

Leonette Hickey
1 year ago

Thank you You have been a lifesaver. I hope many find your site. We watch/record Tucker Carlson every night. Never Chris Wallace. Too bad Fox News went to the dark side.

Kip Kempton
1 year ago

Well written. Who will stand with traditional American values? I used to be an avid fan of Wallace. He now clearly espouse Critical Race Theory the driving ideology behind the Neo Democrats. I hear there is a basket included with our new path. Please keep writing boldly!

Pamela Detlefsen
1 year ago


1 year ago

Fox is going down the drain juat like Drudge if they don’t get it together. Yeah, still the major player for the right side of things but the horrible few leaders are making a mess of fox.
Haven’t been on Drudge in over a year and that is from being on it 10-20x daily. Revolver and Newsmax are making a difference!

1 year ago

Having Fox News dialed upon your TV, gives credit to Fox for you being a viewer…muting does not change that. If you are truly on the right only watch Carlson or perhaps Hannity or Ingraham…the hell with the rest.

Larry Cantwell
1 year ago

Fox has been moving left for sometime now. Tucker, Hannity and Laura are the only programs I watch. My main news source is Revolver.

Joe Blow
1 year ago

A true white supremacist is a white person who wants to rule over and dominate non-whites and you can probably count those types on one hand in 2020. Even if someone believes this it’s totally legal under the first amendment as long as they aren’t encouraging and planning violent acts.

What the left calls “white supremacy” today are any white people who don’t hate themselves or who are resisting the radical left’s plans to transform America into a communist slave state where white people occupy the lowest rung on the ladder.

The president totally whiffed on this and should have thrown this fake narrative back in their faces like he originally did. Since May 29th America has suffered through a violent black supremacist and left wing insurgency but we’re supposed to pretend that so called white supremacists are the real problem.

1 year ago
Reply to  Joe Blow

Biden likely had all the questions in advance and responses pumped in his ear piece.

1 year ago

Roberts had another “tell” moment a week or so ago when from the briefing room said “Trumps most recent boogie man, mail in voting”. No “fair” journalist would phrase an issue that way. A glaring Wallace “tell” was the mushy treatment of his neighbor Debbie Dingell. Wallace and Roberts are a disgrace and steering me to Newsmax as well.

1 year ago

I watched the Roberts exchange with McAnany. She cited several instances of Trump denouncing racism and white supremacy, which should have sufficed.

But Roberts, incredibly, complained that everything she was quoting was “from the past”–as if past quotes don’t count for anything, even though “There were good people on both sides” was ALSO a quote “from the past.”

So if she made yet another statement of the president’s condemnation of white supremacy, tomorrow Roberts could be there again saying the same thing–that was yesterday. What about now?

1 year ago

I completely gave up on Fox’s “news” division (that’s how I make the distinction) during the exchange with Newt. Faulkner, Roberts, Wallace, McCallum, Bream, even Bill Hemmer . . . I now disbelieve their every syllable. It takes longer, but I read almost all of my news now (at places like this).

1 year ago

The Fox lib’s are examples of how effective Marxist indoctrination is, and the way its permeated and poisoned almost every corner of society.
Anyone ever hear in schools or media that big corporations are good or do any good things?
Anyone ever see a major Hollywood production where the christian is the hero?
Do schools promote individual excellence/achievement or everyone gets a trophy?
Dose a conservative ever get promoted by leftist’s for achieving anything good?
Both Bushes to the left were war mongers.. Trump promotes peace and crickets from the left.
Its all Marx bull crap, ” demoralization and subversion of good by the tearing down of positive existing norms.” And some Fox reporters/journalists like most all media especially the young ones force fed leftist college propaganda are not completely immune to it.
Tucker, Hannity, Levin have eyes wide open to the lefts end game and tactics..
For some News minus the leftist propaganda –
OAN, Brietbart, News max, seem pretty up to date with unbiased coverage.

AZ CO Jones
1 year ago

Chrissy Wallace and John Rubbers are now trying to out duel Juan Williams and DNC sell out Doenna Brazen for TDS spokespersons. There is a Leftist Virus that has infiltrated Fox News. Not good.

If one of the outstanding 4 pull rank, Carlson, Hannity, Ingle, and or Bream, the whole thread could unravel.

With the exception of Bill O’Reilly who has been successful since being forced to leave, many others end up on the heap of wrinkle useless sacks of wet hammers. Where is Kelly? Who knows and who cares?

Thanks for the vine.

Steve white
1 year ago

So true. Those 2 had bizarre hissy fits, more than one

Brenda Fletcher
1 year ago

Anyone questioning presidential candidates in regard to White Supremacy needs to ask Joe Biden about it. He claimed over the years that Robert Byrd was his mentor. Robert Byrd organized a KKK chapter and filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Biden gave the eulogy at Robert Byrd’s funeral.

Lee Rea
1 year ago

I was a Fox News junkie for years. Cancelled my cable. Life is good!

Valerie Gibbons
1 year ago

Lately, I only watch Tucker and Laura. I used to leave FoxNews on all day.

1 year ago

The Leftist Propaganda Complex.


1 year ago

I think the new leadership did good work on adding Tucker to the prime time lineup at the time. Even the Martha Maccallum addition made sense at the time although she has soured. The news room has however always leaned left in my opinion, even with Roger Ailes at the helm. It would be great if FN leadership would embrace a different approach to the news room. A great model exists already that could be adapted, the OAN model. Hard hitting news without the underhanded left leanings. Simple.

1 year ago


1 year ago

Howard Kurtz is another example of bias masquerading as objectivity. He searches deep to find guests that support his own left leaning beliefs. Today he had Fox News Jedediah Bila on to give solid support to Chris Wallace and while we are at it, she wants to put a kill switch on Trump in the next debate:

E T Gwynn
1 year ago

“Mike Wallace’s unimpressive son “Chris” was awful”

What’s that about the acorn falling far from the tree?

Robert Wise
1 year ago

Fox News is and always has been a piece of the Murdoch family empire that exists to turn a profit. Nothing wrong with that. But look at Fox programming on TV. That network shows some of the most vile and debased programming on broadcast TV, including their cartoons. To become incensed that Fox News has somehow sold out from an allegiance to the conservative perspective is simply silly. Voice and perspective of media monoliths is always calculated to appeal to the greatest audience to in turn attract advertisers. Nothing more. Nothing less. Fox News Corp has apparently decided that there is now more money to be made by promoting the voice of the left. Don’t be fooled and don’t be distracted. Conservatism is the best choice for our nation, regardless of what the for-profit media entertainment voices package and sell. It is TV folks. No more. No less.

1 year ago

In you actical you need to tell there are better news outlet in competition with Fox, they are OAN on channel 347 direct TV and News Macs on channel 349. Give it a try you might like one or the other.

Ron Reynolds
1 year ago

Interesting how Wallace claims that during the Debate, Trump interrupted him 158 times or so. Well, that is the only way biden was going to get a relevant question. Wallace never tried to pin biden down on why he would not condemn ANTIFA, and none of the Socialist run News will ever mention that Black Lives Matter is an Extreme Marxist organization

1 year ago

Wow, everything you said is so spot-on. FoxNews will eventually destroy themselves because that’s what the left does. They infiltrate an entity, take control of it and then destroy it. Their control is not sustainable because Communism/Socialism is like a candy apple: the coating is shiny and pretty, but once you take a bite, you discover the apple is rotten. Movements/societies historically have to be desirable and popular with the people in order to sustain themselves. History can provide abundant examples of this.

1 year ago

Rupert’s sons took over and they want to belong to the Cool Clubs of the MSM and the leftie Trust fund babies brigade. First move they made was to bring in Paul Ryan to sit on the board. Truth.

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