Mark Meadows and Google are Scheming Behind Trump’s Back to Pull Off a Major Power Play
October 8, 2020 (2w ago)

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A near fully recovered President Trump was reportedly furious with Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for his off the-record suggestion to journalists that Trump’s health was in fact far more precarious than it appeared. Meadows deserves far more criticism, however, for his support of a Google military-industrial complex scheme to give away billions of dollars in “defense spectrum,” which would provide Google access to yet more consumer data with which to manipulate our political system.

“Defense Spectrum” refers to the frequencies of electromagnetic spectrum controlled by the Department of Defense for defense purposes including communications, navigation, and weaponry. The wireless internet travels over the mid-range frequencies of the spectrum, making these frequencies vital “real estate” for building up 5G infrastructure.

Mark Meadows’ support for this billion-dollar corporate giveaway reflects a disturbing trend whereby current and former Administration officials have facilitated increased access and influence for Google’s Eric Schmidt. Of course, Google is arguably the most hostile company in the nation to the President and his supporters.

Last week, Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari released a bombshell report on Google’s infiltration of the Defense Department and National Security Council in order to receive access to billions of dollars worth of defense spectrum.

Despite its long track record of hostility to the Trump movement, including the wholesale suppression of pro-Trump media in its search engine, Google is on track to secure a major lobbying objective — overhauling the government’s 5G strategy. Google seems to have an ally in reaching its target in the form of the Department of Defense’s “Defense Innovation Board.”

In 2016, Obama’s Department of Defense created a “Defense Innovation Board” (DIB) chaired by then Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt and also included Milo Medin, Google’s head of Wireless, who is still on it. Schmidt only left the board this month due to term limits.

In addition to including members from the high ranks of Google, the revolving door at the Defense Innovation Board also rotates in the opposite direction.

In March this year, DIB Executive Director Josh Marcuse left the board to join Google as the head of strategy and innovation for the global public sector. He has since used his position at Google to advocate on 5G policy.

The overhaul of U.S. strategy on 5G appears to be a major objective of the DIB, especially its Google-linked members and alumni. Over the last few years, Medin and Schmidt have been advocating opening up the Defense Spectrum, worth billions and billions of dollars, for commercial use.

In 2019, Medin authored a report recommending a new 5G strategy that would share the DoD’s mid-band spectrum with commercial providers. [Breitbart]

In other words, swamp operatives have placed Google executives and allies in key positions within the Department of Defense. Google’s minions are in turn using their positions to advocate for the DOD to privatize billions of dollars worth of its “defense spectrum” for Google’s use.

As Bokhari noted, Obama placed then-Google CEO and Democratic mega-donor Eric Schmidt in charge of the Defense Innovation Board, along with Milo Medin, Google’s VP of Wireless service. When Schmidt’s Obama-appointed term on the Defense Innovation Board expired, Republican Mac Thornberry made sure Schmidt became head of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI). Thornberry is not running for re-election and Revolver has every expectation that he will be employed by Google upon his departure from public service.

Meanwhile, disgraced General James Mattis added another Google executive, Andrew Moore, to the same National Security Commission. By now, the NSC is just a literal who’s who of anti-Trump Google operatives.

But Bokhari’s excellent article left out one important piece of the puzzle. Mark Meadows is the key White House figure pushing this scheme. Two senior administration sources have told Revolver News that Bush crony Karl Rove has long been lobbying on this issue and has repeatedly met with Meadows. This confirms reporting by Politico along similar lines:

Rove lobbied Mark Meadows on these issues last year when Meadows was still in Congress. Meadows, now Trump’s chief of staff, still favors shaking up the 5G marketplace, one person close to the discussions told POLITICO, requesting anonymity to discuss private talks. [Politico]

Google’s consistent hostility to President Trump and his supporters would be reason alone to block the company from gaining any business advantage from the Trump Administration. Google already wields de-facto monopoly power over internet search and other facets of internet usage. To free-up defense spectrum for Google’s use would allow Google to swallow up decisive control of the internet itself and the data of hundreds of millions of users. This is simply unacceptable.

President Trump has wisely spoken against Google’s threat to national security and their extensive suppression of the free speech of Americans.

Eric Schmidt in particular bears more responsibility for Google’s nefarious activities than any other company official. Days after Trump was elected, Schmidt said, “How people get their information, what they believe, what they don’t, is, I think, the project for the next decade.”

Over the past four years of censorship, shadow banning, and algorithmic manipulation of search results, we’ve seen very clearly that Google uses its unprecedented power over how people get their information to silence the expression of patriotic Americans.

Simply put, the more power Google and its allies receive, the more dangerous it is for the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of the American people.

Far from helping Google to enhance its leverage over the internet, the Trump Administration should be everything in its power to diminish it. Meadows can start by doing the right thing and removing all Google officials from the NSC and Defense Department.

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21 responses to “Mark Meadows and Google are Scheming Behind Trump’s Back to Pull Off a Major Power Play”

  1. Once Schmidt/Google and the other tech oligarchs use imminent advancements in Artificial Intelligence
    to wield virtually unlimited power over humanity, we
    will then see true
    The tech giants are run by Marxists/Communists/Globalists
    and their ultimate agenda is to
    eventually replace most of the human race
    with an A.I. universe.
    Humanity loves the creature comforts and slacker life afforded by tech advancements;
    what we unknowingly have accepted
    is the cold brutal reality that we
    made a deal with the Devil.

      • Very true.
        The tech giants are capitalist/monopolists.
        At the same time,
        The vast majority of the CEO’s and their support staff
        are full blown woke
        Leftists who have completely
        swallowed the Kool-Aid
        of Marxism.
        Scmidt, Zuckerburg, and the executive staff at Twitter are Marxists in every way.
        That is why they won’t tolerate dissent of any kind that strays from
        their Marxist ideology.
        Example: Joe Rogan signed up with Spotify to air his shows.
        What happened?
        Much of the Spotfy personnel started pulling Rogans shows that didn’t conform to the Marxist ideology. They threatened to strike, walkout, etc
        unless they could censure Rogan, his guests, his show, his speech.

  2. So far, Trump is neglecting key fronts of the war.
    He should talk about himself and about Biden less, and talk more about Big Tech censorship and how the Political Correct Inquisition is destroying the lives of everyday people, not just in America, but in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
    Facebook and Google have to be broken up already. There’s plenty of legal reasons to do it.
    Believe it or not, the CIA was the one that poured trillions and trillions of dollars in the counter-culture war (at grassroots, in entertainment, and in academia), not the Soviets. Soviet funding for that was slim. The CIA was behind more than 90% of the effort. To this day they’re still pushing it. The play is simple. Change the culture, dumb down the population, make it weak and degenerate. Easy prey for the International Neo-feudal Lords and Ladies.
    Back in the Cold War, the USSR actually put pressure on the US political establishment to deliver something tangible to US labor. But once the USSR started to decline, cultural issues pushed out working class politics. Workers were sacrificed on the altar of xenophilia, hedonism, hypocritical woke privilege and victimhood culture, and to trans-national corporate interests who were setting up a globalist system of deindustrializing the West, while raping the environment and workers of developing countries.

  3. Two things that need to go away:

    1) 5G

    2) Karl Rove

    With that said, I find it hard to believe that Meadows is in cahoots with Google. More likely he’s just listening to what they have to say.

    • I personally get tired of these “anonymous sources” Every day its another “anonymous source” I remember we were going to stay in Paris accord, we were going to war with Syria, the wall wasnt going to be built etc etc. I dont buy Meadows is in the bag with Google either. Maybe Meadows acted interested to see who would leak this. No doubt in my mind it was GutterTrove Rove who did just that.

  4. the international monopolists and the communist work hand in glove to attack nationalists.

    the capitalist UK and USA with communist russia vs Nationalist Germany, during WW2.





  6. Money is the ROOT of all Evil. I feel like our country is going down. The democrats are engaged in so much election fraud that I don’t see how Trump can win. We will most likely go into a one party North Korean style government. Funs will be seized and those who complain about the government will be dubbed a terrorist or a white supremacist and Director Wray and other directors who follow him, will have them swatted. Life in prison will be the universal sentence until everyone turns in their weapons and vows to submit to the Dear Leader. PS displaying any flag other than the rainbow flag will be grounds for execution.

  7. Why is it Trump always seems to pick the wrong people. Is it intentional or is he simply a lousy judge of character? Is everybody, except Pence and Trump, a globalist? Why is Wray still in office-better yet- why was he chosen to replace Comey? Now Mark Meadows.

    I don’t get it!

    • “Why is it Trump always seems to pick the wrong people.”

      That, my friend, is a real pucking fuzzlement. Unless, of course, what we consider to be the “wrong” people, are to Trump the “right” people. It’s a possibility that has to be considered.

  8. The revolver mobile site is quite possibly the greatest designed website and most satisfying user experience ever.

    However, the desktop website is really bad. Please us the full screen real estate on desktop!

  9. This is how it goes…there’s 2 double systems at work enriching the HATERS and destroying AMERICA, OUR FREEDOM! The first system is the 2-tiered unequal system of JUSTICE! The clintons with the media broke our system that the kennedy’s bruised and now ALL the clintons should be indicted for their foundation rico crimes alone! The second system at work is the one exposed in this article. There’s no patriotism, no grasp of the importance of a strong, unadulterated AMERICA in the world, leading the world. Instead, the tech giants are buying everyone and everyone is taking their money! And Amazon is amazingly successful but its success is now ruining AMERICA! Amazon is so big, powerful and wealthy it buys small innovative upstart challengers but is also getting into everything and its the ruin of AMERICA, FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE AND TRUTH! We’ve got incredible problems but the alphabets MUST be stopped!

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