Forget the GOP Establishment: President Trump’s Final Electoral Push Must Focus on Coronavirus Relief for America’s Middle-Class
October 7, 2020 (1y ago)

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President Trump’s triumphant return to the White House sent a strong message that he’s beaten Covid and is ready to move on to an even weaker and more overrated opponent in Joe Biden.

When he does, the president should make it a top priority to secure a second coronavirus relief package from Congress, with a second wave of checks sent directly to Americans. This will maximize both his reelection chances and the good he can do for the country in the last weeks of his first term.

The President intuitively understands this. Even as he was undergoing coronavirus treatment at Walter Reed hospital, he tweeted about the issue:

But on Tuesday, under apparent pressure from the establishment Republican machine, the president stepped back from his sound instincts.

Beyond any doubt, the usual cast of GOP swamp creatures lobbied hard for this ill-advised approach. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell praised the move. Sources close to the matter told Revolver that White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in particular played a decisive role. Trump should ignore him. Remember: this Johnny-come-lately GOP brain trust opposing a stimulus is composed of the very same people who said Trump could never win by criticizing Bush’s one sided trade deals or disastrous foreign policy. Trump rightly ignored them and won over the Rust Belt and the country.

Fortunately, it took just a few hours for the President to realize the blunder Meadows was pushing him into. By the evening, the he was taking back control of his administration, and once again began pushing for lockdown relief.

The president should stay the course. Instead of listening to Republicans who don’t understand how to win, Trump should follow the political instincts that have brought him victory after victory since 2015, and force the rest of the Republican Party to follow behind him. And if Democrats don’t want to play ball, the president should consider issuing a stimulus by executive order.

It has been more than six months since Congress passed the $2.2 trillion CARES Act in response to nationwide lockdowns. The bill included $1,200 checks for every American adult, $500 for every dependent child, and hundreds of billions to support small business.

That money was exhausted months ago. But the insanity over coronavirus hasn’t stopped. Churchgoers aren’t allowed to worship properly. Teachers refuse to return to the classroom, forcing parents to stay home. In New York, the borderline-criminal regime of Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced brand new lockdowns just this week.

The results have been catastrophic for ordinary people. The unemployment rate is still 8 percent. A third of Americans have raided their savings to stay afloat. Hundreds of thousands of businesses have gone under, with depression, suicides, drug overdoses, and domestic abuse in their wake.

Politically, the public’s desire is clear: They want someone to step in and help them, and they trust the president to do it.

If there is one area in which Mr. Trump retains at least a slight advantage over Mr. Biden, it is the economy. Even as the pandemic has shuttered businesses across the country, putting millions of Americans out of work, a majority of voters have continued to express approval of how Mr. Trump handles economic matters.

By a 12-point margin, respondents to the Times/Siena poll gave him positive marks on that front.

And in a sign of the country’s appetite for government relief, 72 percent of likely voters said they thought Congress should pass a new, $2 trillion stimulus package to combat the pandemic’s effects. [The New York Times]

The single best thing President Trump can do to boost his reelection odds is secure economic relief for Americans hurt by the Democratic Party’s suicidal lockdown obsession.

This isn’t just a guess, either. This approach has already worked spectacularly in Brazil.

Brazil’s coronavirus pandemic, per capita, has been even worse than America’s. President Jair Bolsonaro is a very Trump-like figure, and last April, his approval ratings were poor. Now, they are excellent, because Bolsonaro embraced monthly stimulus payments:

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro received the best approval rating of his term Friday, boosted by his popularity among recipients of coronavirus stimulus payments despite the carnage the pandemic has caused in Brazil.

The far-right leader’s approval rating surged five points from June, to 37 percent, while his disapproval rating plunged 10 points to 34 percent, the leading polling firm Datafolha reported.

Datafolha found he was performing well among poor Brazilians who have been receiving monthly stimulus payments of 600 reals (about $110) to offset the economic pain of the pandemic.

The former army captain had an approval rating of 42 percent among stimulus payment recipients.

In Brazil’s poorest region, the northeast, typically a bastion for the left-wing opposition, his disapproval rating fell 17 points from June, to 35 percent. His approval rating there rose six points, to 33 percent. [AFP]

But a second stimulus isn’t just good politics. It’s morally correct, too. It’s a necessary step to counter-balance the hideous accumulation of wealth by oligarchs who have benefited handsomely from Democratic lockdowns.

For the oligarch class, the 2020 pandemic is the best thing to ever happen. Jeff Bezos’s fortune has doubled to $200 billion. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are both worth more than $100 billion. A recent New York Times article profiled the new reality, where a handful of mega-corporations are devouring everything:

The next six months could witness one of the biggest consolidations of corporate power in the United States in almost a century, yet a variety of legal and economic factors may leave the federal government unable to stop it.

The essence of the problem is that during the extended economic crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic, many large companies — and especially their stock market values — have been growing rapidly while their small business competitors have faced something of an apocalypse. More than 400,000 small businesses have already closed and millions more are at risk. [The New York Times]

Billionaires are getting richer, because the government stepped in to knee-cap their rivals and impoverish the middle class. Direct payments to the middle class are the bare minimum of what must be done to start fixing the damage.

Securing coronavirus stimulus would revitalize the populist energy that won Donald Trump the presidency. Contrary to what some think, Trump didn’t just win because of his stance on immigration. He won because immigration fit into a bigger populist agenda. Open borders enrich globalists, oligarchs, and special interests while impoverishing the middle class. So do the one-sided trade deals of the Bush-Clinton era, which subsidized China at the expense of the abandoned American Rust Belt.

Against these corrupt policies, Trump promised to negotiate better trade deals for American workers, bring manufacturing back from China, and protect America’s remaining blue collar jobs from rapacious globalists and special interests determined to outsource them. It worked: Trump won more union voters than any Republican since Reagan, flipped the Rust Belt, and won the presidency.

Right now, the best way to boost the fortunes of the middle and working classes is to make direct payments to them.

This would also help President Trump draw a sharp contrast with Joe Biden. By highlighting the catastrophic harm of lockdowns, the president can remind people that Democrats are the lockdown party, and Joe Biden is the lockdown candidate.

Biden’s pro-lockdown posture is just more proof-positive that the Democratic party has mutated into the party of America’s oligarchs. They want outsourcing, open borders, tyrannical lockdowns (that don’t apply to them), and a serf class of ordinary Americans to serve them in perpetuity. When Trump campaigns against this, he is winning.

President Trump must re-establish his independence from the clueless wing of the Republican Party that still hasn’t learned the lessons of 2016. One of these clueless Republicans, White House outside economic advisor Stephen Moore, told The Washington Post that coronavirus relief is a bad idea because it “would have completely divided the Republican Party on the eve of the election.”

These people are hopeless. They are the same Republicans that lost to Obama twice, and would have lost badly to Hillary Clinton too if Trump had not intervened. They want to control the Trump campaign so they can get back to losing. Their hyper-libertarian, free-market-at-all-costs economic vision enriches the oligarchs at the expense of the forgotten American.

Fortunately, these Republicans are weak. They fear Trump. It’s time that Trump responded accordingly. With four weeks to go until Election Day, getting stimulus checks to Americans should be the president’s top goal and #1 campaign issue. If Republicans don’t like it, ignore them or attack them publicly, as needed.

If the American people wanted a President who would allow corrupt oligarchs like Bezos to thrive on Covid lockdowns, while refusing to fight for even $1,200 dollar checks for ordinary Americans, they would have voted for Paul Ryan. If Democrats don’t cooperate with Trump’s stimulus push, he must expose their fake concern for the well-being of Americans. And if the parties are simply too intractable to act on behalf of the American people, the president should consider issuing stimulus checks by executive order.

This is the critical moment for Donald Trump to prove once and for all that he is the populist America elected in 2016. The time to act is now.

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1 year ago

Revolver-love you guys so much and am usually in agreement but printing more money is only going to de-value the dollar. We are trillions in debt and this proposed bandaid of another stimulus would be wrong IMHO. My future grandchildren and great grandchildren would concur.

1 year ago
Reply to  Linds

Hey Linds, I’ll tell you this and many conservatives don’t want to hear it, but I don’t care about the debt. We are trillions in debt, but the next adminstration if it’s Democrats will run up the debt by 50 trillion, while giving us amnesty and foreign wars. The stimulus is right that it helps the American people, and Trump’s voter base in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. If you don’t do the stimulus, prepare for electoral disaster. Also, watch, Monday-Friday at 9PM ET. He is an America First nationalist who understand the issues that we are going through

Rhonda Richardson
1 year ago

You are correct.

1 year ago

Exactly… his only chance.

Financial Debt is Financial Savings. Spending is Income.
1 year ago
Reply to  Linds

(I-S)= Investment minus Savings = Domestic Private Sector balance
(G-T)= Government spending minus Government taxation = Government sector balance
(X-M)= Exports minus Imports = Foreign sector balance

(G-T)= -(I-S) -(X-M)
The Federal Government deficit = the nongovernment sector’s net financial surplus.
The Federal debt = nongovernment sector financial savings.

Taxation in fiat is not like taxing in grain, metals, or cattle heads.
The purpose of Government money taxation is threefold: 1) creates permanent demand for the Government’s currency, allowing the state to provision itself with labor and materials, and giving the Government’s currency extrinsic value (because if you don’t pay your taxes and fines, you are subject to the law’s penalties) 2) drain income out of the economy; it’s a tool to regulate Aggregate Demand levels 3) penalizes and or incentivizes various socio-economic activities.

Greg Reese
1 year ago

Exactly! Every economist and politician worth his salt knows that money is just a political constraint, not a real constraint. Trump knows this too. The US federal government, running debts in its own fiat currency, can operate with negative equity indefinitely. The USA’s physical constraints are: available land, available labor, available materials and know how, NOT money. Money is just a political constraint.

1 year ago
Reply to  Linds

Federal government spending doesnt matter. Why should the Rs be Fiscal conservatives, while the Ds get into power and spend money on their people and projects? So everytime republians have to clean the mess democrats make and waste political capital doing it? seems stupid and rigged.

1 year ago

Bezos is so notoriously rotten to his Employees, they verge on slavery.
Study the HOLODOMOR, the Bolshevik Crimes .. 10X worse than anything the nazis did.
Amazingly parallel to the Bolshevik crushing of the prosperous Christian Ukrainian Kulaks.
For 40+ years TPTB have been eroding the Standard of Living for the “average” America. Wages never catch up to inflation. Jobs converted to Part Time and Contract work. Unions broken — all this started by Bastard Reagan
The Corona HOAX is a sledge hammer taken to the scaffolding of YOUR Standard of Living.
Forced closure of the little People as the Mega Corporations get YOUR tax subsidies.
What is being done to small, and more importantly INDEPENDENT companies is identical to what was done to the Kulaks (prosperous Ukrainian farmers) between 1917 and the 1930s. By the 1930s, five million of them were systematically murdered by gun, gulag or starvation; If I had to guess, this might have motivated a certain former painter and wall paper hanger in a nation further west to not trust these suckers. No reason to trust the current set of suckers running the USA today because the game afoot is the same, turn the USA into the USSA completely.
Just so you understand:
● The government told you you couldn’t work
● You had to go on government assistance
● Virtually all small businesses were destroyed
● All that money went to billionaires
There are two options here:
1) Either they created a virus hoax and it accidentally caused virtually all of the wealth of the middle class to be transferred to billionaires,
2) They created a virus hoax and this wealth transfer happened on purpose.
Why is AMAZON not shut down? Between packers, and deliverymen and vast amounts of interstate transfer, they are a huge virus transfer threat. Amazon reportedly tried to shut down a virtual event for workers to speak out about the company’s coronavirus response by deleting employees’ calendar invites
Gee Wizz — 19,000 spreading Corona Nationwide —
They really DO NOT KNOW how long this virus can live on plastic & cardboard …. They are still learning —
I KNEW IT! Packages should be left for 72 hours before opening them to reduce the risk of infection from coronavirus, the British public have been warned.
Same with WAYFAIR, EBAY, all these mega online shippers are greater threat then open stores. we do not REALLY know how long the virus can live on surfaces. Decades of lies and deception from the government make it impossible to trust. AMAZON brags about 1-2 day delivery — sealed inside a box the virus may very well survive and then the delivery people going from stop to stop could pick up and spread the virus far and wide.
Amazon uses USPS for the “last mile”, the most expensive part of the delivery. YOU subsidize the BILLIONAIRE.
Yeah sure, destroy the little Mom and Pop stores so everyone HAS to go online. Could not possibly be a plan ………….. MAKE Amazon pay full price for USPS shipping and clawback what it has not paid. Then jail the USPS officials that were bribed to give Amazon cut-rates while you & I had to pay FULL PRICE.
By the way — consider how horribly “anti-earth” AMAZON is . .. instead of people driving to a central location/store, and purchasing dozens of items in one trip…. with AMAZON dozens of items are individually packaged and delivered one at a time producing multi tons of CO2. Each one in multiple layers of packaging and plastic, plastic, plastic.

Aryan Diablo
1 year ago

Yeah, because sending people a check with your name on it right before an election would be such a terrible thing for you politically. Dems won’t allow it because they know it would help Trump win re-election.

Dr. Sandy Weir
1 year ago

Sleepy Joe is a Johnny-come-Lately. Just like the fourth week of leftovers after Thanksgiving, he’s got nothing to offer but the same old stuff, reheated.

1 year ago

The bill included $1,200 checks for every American adult, $500 for every dependent child, and hundreds of billions to support small business.

Umm no it didn’t. Last I checked I’m an American adult and I didn’t get one. My taxes paid for them but I did not get one nor did we get one for our kids. Learn to read the bill if you’re going to write a column instead of just running an amalgamation site.

Rhonda Richardson
1 year ago

You are correct. President Trump needs the stimulus sent out. Problem is how does he do it without giving Nancy Pelosi all the slop she adds to these bills. It is extortion with the American people as the hostages. Pelosi is using all.of the people to make the President give her more money for her party. No, No, No! Do not give in, find another way and do it.

Peter J. Broderick
1 year ago

so you want to bailout the airlines while they have no customers? is that capitalism? i guess these days it is, state sponsored capitalism, and you want to bail out state and cty pensions? really? we don’t need to hand out money we need to open the economy, and schools and small businesess…when does the debt come due for all of this endless money printing?

Linda G
1 year ago

Just do it, President Trump..forget Pelosi and the Rinos. This is called leading from the front.

Garrett Phillips
1 year ago

If Trump had a brain in his head he would’ve been focusing on this the entire time. It’s a lay-up.

1 year ago

I like Revolver but they are dead wrong here. Dems and city dwellers caused and deserve all this destruction and misery. They are not our countrymen and it is wrong to give in to their disgusting demands even if it didn’t cost the rest of the Republic more harmful debt. If they send a standalone relief bill the sure maybe sign it but we elected Trump to say NO to to democrat scum and all their works.

Xander Xin
1 year ago
Reply to  JoshO

I don’t know the demographics or the election/voting calculations, but I wholeheartedly agree.
Urban dwellers are entitled slime.

Papa Groyper
1 year ago

“Its expensive” but not winning this election will cost us everything.

No price is too high to win.

Loren Rich
1 year ago

So you guys had me going for awhile, I thought you really could be a challenge to Drudge but then Darren says we need Trump bux instead of immigration moratorium and that immigration ain’t that big a deal.
Me thinks Darren is more controlled opposition for the open borders lobby.
We need a YUGE wall and deportations and an immigration moritorium for 25 years.
We really need to ask ourselves why Trump didn’t mention immigration at all in his latest Tweetstorm about his plan to be relected.

Mark Russo
1 year ago

Great, bullseye on target article. I’ve been posting the same on Conservative Inc Central, Breitbart. I’m glad Trump’s done a 180, but he handed Pelosi the whip hand. Meadows/Kudlow (and others) have to go.

Thanks for this. I’m passing it around.

Jack madd dog daniels
1 year ago

Joe is brain dead and had three brain bleeds and I had one bleed and running for President take guts and Biden has no guts and is too old 78 plus and people want to vote for him what a joke!!!

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