WHO’s Sudden About-Face On Covid Lockdowns is Further Proof Our So-Called “Elite Experts” Are Frauds
October 15, 2020 (5d ago)

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The world’s most prominent medical organization is turning its back on coronavirus lockdown insanity. Instead of embracing this new “science,” all the powers that be in America are ignoring the development. This says a lot about the cowardice and uselessness of America’s media, but it also says a lot about the role of our so-called “experts.” The true function of  “experts” is not to provide genuine advice to good-faith decision makers, but to serve as collective rubber stamps for the agendas set forth by our corrupt ruling class.

Three years ago, Dr. David Nabarro was a top candidate for the director-generalship of the World Health Organization. Nabarro lost that election to Tedros Adhanom, perhaps because he hadn’t distinguished himself enough at covering up cholera outbreaks.

Now, Nabarro is one of the WHO’s chief global envoys for combating the coronavirus. And in an interview last week with The Spectator, a British magazine, Nabarro made a confession: Mass lockdowns to fight coronavirus are terrible policy.

Nabarro’s confession was obvious to anybody who has honestly followed the science and data over the past seven months. As Revolver reported weeks ago, in the U.S. lockdowns will likely destroy ten times as many life-years as they save.

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Nabarro and WHO deserve only minimal credit, though, for finally arriving at the correct position on lockdowns after half a year of unprecedented imbecility. Back in April, when it mattered, the WHO sounded an hysterical alarm against lifting lockdowns:

Lifting coronavirus lockdown measures too early could spark a “deadly resurgence” in infections, the World Health Organization chief has warned.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said countries should be cautious about easing restrictions, even as some struggle with the economic impact.

He said the WHO was working with governments to form strategies for easing restrictions, but that this should not be done too soon.

“Lifting restrictions too quickly could lead to a deadly resurgence,” he said.

“The way down can be as dangerous as the way up if not managed properly.” [BBC]

At the time Tedros pressed for economy-killing lockdowns, Sweden’s epidemic was already cresting, with no lockdown required and no collapse of the medical system. Nabarro, meanwhile, made absurd claims that coronavirus would create a master race of the COVID-immune and a slave race of the still locked-down:

Nabarro’s admission should have been bombshell news in the United States. One would think it would cause New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to reconsider his presence plan to impose yet another round of economically suicidal lockdowns on his state.

One might also wonder, how did The New York Times respond to Nabarro’s suggestion that Cuomo is uselessly and destructively punishing his state’s citizens?

It didn’t.

The Times didn’t give Nabarro’s interview so much as a brief mention on its website. Neither did The Washington Post. CNN? You already know the answer to that. The Associated Press, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, Politico, even Fox News — all of them skipped past this crucial interview.

Fully four days after the explosive interview, only two U.S. publications saw fit to note it. The New York Post wrote about Nabarro’s interview on Sunday, as did USA Today. Even then, USA Todays take was deliberately hostile, with Nabarro’s advice buried after a wave of sensationalist statistics intended to make the virus sound out of control.

Nabarro’s interview finally went viral among American Twitter users thanks to an Australian publication.

The story eventually attracted wider attention thanks to a tweet from the president himself:

Yet even the president’s tweet couldn’t force the story into more widespread discussion. There was still no write-up in the Times, WaPo, or anywhere else — not even for the purpose of “debunking” or “fact-checking” the president’s tweet.

All of this is because WHO’s health “expertise” is fake.

If WHO’s actual health expertise mattered, then its dramatic flip-flop on lockdowns would be a major story. The press and leaders would take it as a sign that ridiculous lockdown theatrics should be scaled back or eliminated entirely. There would be discussion about how seriously WHO can be taken, or whether the organization needs major reform. Joe Biden, who has repeatedly promised to “listen to the scientists,” would be interrogated on his assumptions. Does he now oppose strict lockdowns because WHO is criticizing them, or does he only really listen to scientists when their advice dovetails with increased Democratic Party power?

Authentic expertise is no longer WHO’s purpose, if it ever was. Global “expert” organizations are a lot like “expert” political pollsters. They aren’t paid to be right, and they face no consequences for being wrong. The “experts” at WHO exist simply to justify their own power and influence, and to justify the policy decisions of the already powerful.

Despite its colossal failure, nobody of importance at WHO will pay any price. Tedros Adhanom is still director-general. Nabarro is still a COVID-19 envoy. The group’s leadership and structure remain fundamentally intact. Nobody of note is resigning.

At the decisive moment in March and April 2020, citizens around the globe were pressured to give unprecedented power to political leaders in the name of containing an unknown viral outbreak. They surrendered freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of speech, even the freedom to earn a living, all for indefinite periods of time. WHO, enabled this hysterical overreaction and delivered pablum about how China’s authoritarian response was a model for the rest of the planet.

In two years, or five, or ten, when there is another major medical crisis, WHO will be trotted out again to justify some new overreaction by powerful governments. Its disgraceful failure of this year will be papered over, and so will the powerful’s collective decision to ignore it when it finally began to dispense correct advice. The organization’s apparatchiks will once again be touted as an “experts” that must be respected and obeyed. Those who disagree too loudly will be censored.

There is only one fix to the global tyranny of this fake “expert” class: Stop enabling them, and stop allowing our corrupt leaders to summon fake representatives of “science” to shove their latest power-grab down our throats.

President Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of WHO, and cut off hundreds of millions in taxpayer funding for it, is one of the best moves of his presidency. If Trump is entrusted with a second term by the American people, he should greatly expand on this policy. In a just and sane system, WHOs leadership would be brought to trial for its criminally incompetent complicity in the Covid-lockdowns, which arguably amount to the greatest crime against humanity in recent history short of war or genocide.

Only by crushing the false idol of fake expertise, and driving its glorified con men in shame from the public square, can we finally usher in the emerging class of fearless, intelligent, evidence-based and patriotic leaders as worthy stewards of our great and imperiled nation.

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13 responses to “WHO’s Sudden About-Face On Covid Lockdowns is Further Proof Our So-Called “Elite Experts” Are Frauds”

  1. To be fair, the WHO *originally* stated (still evidenced on twitter) that the effect of a lockdown could be worse than the cure and recommended not locking down. After China locked up Wuhan, Italy had its problems & lockdowns and then Trump decided to lockdown (and bragged for a while about how many lives he saved), then the WHO went along with the ride supporting lockdown, but now the WHO has gone back to their original recommendation before the lockdown of saying it was a bad idea.

    • I think all America went along when they told us it is only for “two weeks.” They had wrong models and soon discovered that power they can wield is more useful than saving lives and economy. It totally became a political issue. It is not about the virus, it is all about politics. Scared populace is easier controlled than independent and brave populace. Even today, I hear about”record” numbers of positive tests and new restrictions. To the new positives I say good, we are that much closer to herd immunity.

  2. I cam across an overseas news story of a German prosecutor in Berlin who wanted to prosecute those in power who spread hysteria and panic over this virus and that they should be indicted
    for crimes against humanity.
    I believe there are those in the World Health Organization who are beginning to sense the implications of the part they played in this global nightmare and the fear of recriminations, possibly violent
    recriminations to those who are clearly responsible for the hysteria and
    monumental damage to our world.
    The WHO, the mainstream media, the Leftist/Democrat governors, mayors, senators, congressman, city council members of various destroyed Democrat cities, and the draconian, tyrannical decisions made by these criminals….
    all of this is a crime against humanity.
    They must all meet the end of a gallows rope.

  3. There wasn’t and there isn’t a pandemic.
    It was and it is a tyrannydemic.
    The experts knew all along.
    The leftist America-hater politicians knew all along.
    They picked it up and run with it for all it was worth because they are at war with America and decency and humanity in general.
    They saw the ready made con and used it and sold us down the river.
    The so much love pisslims because they, like pisslims, are human-hating monsters out of the Dark Ages and out to conquer and enslave just like was the norm thousands of years ago.
    We are letting the savages take over. It is as simple as that.
    The price to pay for our incompetence at keeping the Republic is going to be dire.
    The future of most Americans, by far, will be dismal.
    Sure, a few at the top will be fine.
    They always are.
    But for most it will be terrible.
    Terrible by itself and worse still because the memory of what it was and is not anymore and probably will never be again, will haunt them.
    Having my doubts that there’s still time but there sure was time at one point and we failed.
    And today we are failing, again.
    And every day brings us closer to freedom’s oblivion.
    We are allowing the normalcy bias to play with our minds.
    Yes, there are hundreds of different cereals to choose on the shelves.
    But we are going the direction of Venezuela and mostly led by people who would love nothing more than Venezuelayzing America.
    Then there will not be hundreds of different cereals to choose on the shelves because there will be no cereal, at all.
    Venezuelans have to identify themselves with their fingerprints to buy rationed groceries.
    And what is there to be had is pitiful.
    They are drinking sewer water boiled over an open fire and wood is getting scarce.
    Because they lost running water when they lost electricity and everybody is looking for wood to burn.
    One day we are going to look around and big tears will fall because the grown ups will remember what America was and it will make no sense.
    The sense is what is happening today.
    Today is the yesterday of tomorrow.
    Sounds stupid?
    Give it time . . .
    Our Constitutional Republic is not there, anymore.
    We are living the rotting decline.
    Our country is like the contents of the fridge when the power goes out.
    It is rotting in front of our eyes.
    Look at Venezuela and make sure you want to go there because we are sliding faster and faster and very little is being done about it.
    “Very little” in this context means basically nothing at all.
    If you ever wondered how 6 million Jews and others walked into the gas chambers all you have to do is look around and watch Americans walk into collectivist dystopia and for the same reason: because somebody is barking the order and we are following it meekly.
    Some of the marked for extermination hid in the forests and fought back. Some survived.
    Of those who obeyed most died and they may have lived if they had fought back instead.
    Most Americans are following the orders.
    It is much easier to obey than to fight back. And less frightening, too. In the short term. If you can close your eyes to what happens afterwards.
    For a considerable time we had the very best because we earned the very best because we built the very best because we were founded to be the very best and we were the very best, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
    Now we are being led by the worst among us to forget that some things are better than others and we had them, we had them basically all.
    Everybody wanted to be American.
    And now value and choice and freedom and worth and merit and private property and the inalienability of the rights of the individual are now “white supremacy” and “toxicity” and “patriarchy” or something or other stupid like that.
    The consequences will make grown men cry.
    The fruits that are being grown will be bitter.

    • I read your entire comment.
      Much of it I can understand why you see the world this way.
      Yes, America and the world have been gaslighted by a virus that could
      have been overcome naturally through herd immunity;
      the Swedes demonstrated that.
      Yes, much of the terrified population surrendered to Big Brother Marxists,
      especially in regions run by the Left-Democrats.
      Yes, it looks pretty damn bleak.
      I can see why your view is pretty dark.
      But, choosing to view our world in this way is a mistake.
      Despite the bleak picture, despite the foreboding for our future….
      You have been too quick to count out the power of the human spirit
      in you, me, everybody to overcome the powers of darkness.
      I remember reading accounts of the beginning stages of the Battle of the Bulge in WWII.
      The 82nd Airborne was ordered into the area of Bastogne, Belgium to reinforce
      green units that were trying to fend off the German advance.
      The only problem was that those green units were so demoralized by the enormity of what
      they were facing that their unit cohesion, discipline, confidence – fell apart and they
      began to pull back in disarray and confusion.
      As the 82nd marched in they were met by these demoralized men.
      They completely ignored them and kept marching toward the gun fire.
      Times like these are beginning to be times like those.
      It may get much tougher in the days to come.
      It may get pretty sporting for a while but we will beat these traitors to a pulp in the end.
      What we are facing is a Marxist-Communist/Globalist threat to our very existence as a people.

      Keep your chin up and your powder dry.
      The fight is coming.
      There are millions of Americans, especially veterans, who won’t let America be destroyed.
      You can count on it.

      • This whole virus scamdemic was purely that…a scam. More and more evidence is surfacing that government leaders around the world KNEW that this virus was nowhere near as lethal as the Chinese intentionally portrayed it. It was an experimental Chinese psy-op, and world leaders on the left not only went along with it, but went even further with it.
        People must be held to account. The damage has been done. Time to return to normal life.
        This Nation will not fall. Not on my watch.
        This is the Way.

  4. Thanks Wolf Strike. Kind of you to take the time to read and to write.
    Much as your optimism is commendable my modest self finds it easier said than done.
    “A Republic, if you can keep it” often resonates in my mind.
    Look at germany after WW1, look at Rhodesia, look at Argentina, look at Venezuela.
    We are going the same way.
    Our current mistakes have all been made before.
    I know. None of them was or is, us.
    But then I wonder if we are still us.
    We are used to laugh at others.
    They are laughing at us, now.
    Our national debt is suicidal.
    Our educational system is using our money to print communist copies of the maggots that teach and the children know nothing of America but all there is to know about Saul David Alinsky albeit many have never heard of him.
    The individual rights this country was created to protect are basically non existent today and are trampled left and right by so many bad actors and ill intentioned organisms infected and gatekept by leftists and fully weaponized against decent Americans.
    Look at the FBI now a traitorous and enemy organization feeding on our taxes and working to destroy America and our rights.
    What could be rescued and reused from the FBI? Maybe the door knob.
    And that’s just one example.
    Look at Congress.
    Our current Legislative branch brings to my mind those that in time of war call on the artillery to strike their own position because they have been overrun.
    “Hey, dude . . . you just gave me the coordinates of your own position!” “Yes . . . and right f#cking now!!!”
    You can find the same phenomenon everywhere.
    I could go on forever about the ills that plague us.
    We are being led by enemies and saboteurs and a traitorous 5th column that never sleeps.
    We have an immune system disease.
    This disease turns the strength of the organism against itself.
    Our power and our virtues and our resources are being used against us.
    Bad actors are forcing us to work for our own destruction.
    The Deep State Swamp is like a nazi death squad forcing its victims to dig their own graves.
    The notion that America will always be here is a manifestation of the normalcy bias.
    It has to be understood that the day may come when the flag flies over something that is simply not America, anymore.
    We are not a metaphysically given.
    Maybe we can not be destroyed from the outside.
    But we sure can self destroy.
    We are working very hard at it.
    And when we work at something we often succeed . . .
    People are waiting for some Armageddon when all the patriots will have a chance to congregate and all shoot in unison at the enemy on the other side of whatever.
    That’s not how it works.
    Things dissolve.
    Things dissolve without the patriots ever having their BIG CHANCE at doing “their thing”
    “We won’t let them.”
    Yes, you will.
    Because you will never know when “the time has come”
    We are good people. Good people don’t go out with a gun and start shooting at others.
    You will never go to your front door with your rifle and open it and start shooting.
    Who are you going to shoot?
    Why hasn’t any BLM or pantyfa riot being met by the fire of fifty rifles?
    Naw . . . the patriots are at home . . . worrying . . . and doing nothing.
    We are been overtaken by army ants.
    We are dissolving . . . in BS . . .

    • Well George, I just had to read that reply in length again.
      You have an interesting way of putting things.

      Much of what you outline seems like a fairly accurate and dismal rendering
      of our situatiion. Some of your writing is strikingly eloquent though disheartening on its face.
      However, I find it hard to believe that you really truly believe what you are writing.
      Do you really?
      With all due respect, if you did truly believe what you are putting out there, why you haven’t
      put a gun to your head is surprising.
      I hope you don’t put a gun to your head now or later because you seem like a
      conscientious and likeable fellow American.
      You quoted Ben Franklin, ” …A republic if you can keep it…”.
      Do you really believe our republic is lost already? Do you really think that tens of
      milliions of Americans have thrown in the towel before the actual civil war starts?
      I’m not talking about America’s crisis instigated by a comparative handful of Marxist agitators
      in the streets and an equal handful of Marxist provocateurs in the media and other Deep State institutions
      who have been busy trying to subvert the country.
      I am talking about an actual bloodbath civil war that has not started yet.
      Though your description of the current situation in the country is fairly accurate, your interpretation
      of the self restraint practiced by armed everyday Americans as a sign that we will not fight now or shortly down the road is not true in any real sense.
      There is a natural reluctance to use violence to try and solve the political crisis America is facing right now; that is a natural human reaction to the idea and the pending reality.
      But, just because you don’t see some patriot sling his weapon right now and start mowing down
      those Zombie Leftists in the streets, doesn’t mean anything more than extreme self
      The clock is ticking, George.
      SCENARIO A: If God forbid, the Communists actually succeed in stealing the national election away from the rightful winner, President Trump, then there is a good chance we will see an uprising from the Right and much of the heartland of America against a Communist overthrow attempt.
      If the Left try to violently steal the election from the American people, then
      violence will probably be met with overwhelming violence.
      There are millions of heavy assault weapons owned in this country by tens of millions of patriots who train regularly with them and know how to use them. There are billions of rounds of stockpiled ammunition we have ready to use at any moment. Already, there stand organized into many, many groups, militias, units who have been preparing for this crisis.
      Many of us are veterans. I am a veteran. Those who took an oath to defend the Constitution don’t take that lightly.
      I understand you are clearly demoralized by the Marxist cancer that has taken hold of our nation.
      In a way, your stance is nothing to laugh at or to put down because I do see what you mean
      about the current political crisis.
      It is a downer to be sure.
      One of the first objectives of this Marxist strategy has been to demoralize the American people over the span of the last 50 years. They damaged the core pillars of our society. The family. The church. The schools. Our general code of morality and decency. Our social code of behavior and morality have been damaged by the Left.
      They want to destroy us and our nation.
      We see this.
      But, you should pause and reconsider your position on this.
      As bleak and as poignant as your take on all of this is, it is not going to help remedy this nightmare
      we are facing by throwing in the towel before even the first shots are fired.
      The clock is still ticking. The countdown to a showdown is still on. Let’s say, the election is somehow won by the Left and it is seen as a legitamate though questionable win and they took power in January. Just like in Scenario A, the Rubicon is still crossed and there is no going back because the Left are determined to destroy the Constitution. They are determined to make the Supreme Court a rubber stamp for their Communist agenda. They are determined to wipe out checks and balances. They are determined to destroy dissent and Free Speech. They are determined to destroy all resistance to their newly seized power.
      The majority of the American people will then fully recognize what is happening and violently resist this clear threat to our liberties and freedoms.
      We will not stand for this.
      We will not tolerate the nightmare of an actual totalitarian/Communist regime trying to run the country.
      George, look at how the Leftist controlled states, the Democrat(Leftist) states were heavily damaged by the insane policies of these megalomaniacs running those states. It is clear for all to see that they are unstable, corrupt, insufferably incompetent and want anarchy for their cities and states by the insane decision to defund their law enforcement and cripple their justice system.
      The American people are not sheep.
      The American people are not idiots.
      We see the writing on the wall, written by the lunatics on the Left. And, we know that if the Left
      get in power, it is over for America.
      “….if the machine goes bad, we go bad and I ain’t gonna take that – not from any of you…”
      Sgt. Barnes….Platoon.

  5. The WHO has zero to do with health. It’s not that “they got it” in regard to lockdowns. It’s that they went into cover-your-a** mode and decided to stop supporting lockdowns because having them support lockdowns when the rest of us know that they’re bad shows us exactly the kind of organization that they really are, and they can’t have that. We got a glimpse at the “man behind the curtain,” that’s all. It’s not that they “got it.” Because lockdowns were NEVER a good idea and anyone with any modicum of medical and/or historical knowledge knows that. You don’t hide away the healthy, working-age people who are most needed to keep the economy afloat and fight off the infection. Pandemics always, always have a bell curve type formation in statistics. They lose steam after a while. But, you have to expose them to the population for that to happen. So, you expose people most likely to recover, not the elderly or infirm. This isn’t new information. People have made this out as if this virus is some re-invention of the wheel. It’s not. It’s a boring old CoronaVirus. There’s a whole group of CoronaViruses, including the common cold, SARS, MERS and others, which we already have a wealth of information about. People already knew that lockdowns weren’t the thing to do, but they did it anyway. It caused us more deaths from people not getting medical care, not having surgeries for tumors, not having cancer treatments, suffering depression and committing suicide, etc., AND it resulted in the closure of numerous businesses permanently. THAT was the aim here. It had to have been. Because, no one with any knowledge of history and/or medicine would ever advocate for a lockdown for healthy, working-age people — particularly with a virus that has an overall 99% survival rate. And, they knew. They all knew. This family of viruses has been around for ages. This was not so new or different that we didn’t have the history or medicinal knowledge to make a rational decision. They made the wrong decision, because their aim — very obviously — was not to save us, it was to kill our economy. The even more terrifying thing is not that the WHO, an international organization, had aimed towards this end. It’s that the CDC has been improperly reporting statistics, conflating “died with” with “died from,” including suspected people in “cases” when they hadn’t even been tested, etc. This is completely abnormal for statistics. I’ve done medical research for more than a decade. This type of opacity is unheard of. Fogging up statistics like this would get you an ‘F’ on an 8th grade science project. These people are supposed to be doctors and medical professionals and they did this. There is no presumption of “they just didn’t know” here. This was very deliberate. It was very widespread. And, it was to kill our economy and us, not to help us.

    • Yup!! It was a planetary leftist con job and most of humanity went for it hook, line and sinker.
      The lefto pukes are laughing so hard at the rest of us they can’t get off the floor.

    • Bravo.
      That was an excellent rendering of the Globalist created virus hysteria.
      The motive is obvious.
      Subjugation and enslavement of humanity.

  6. “There is only one fix to the global tyranny of this fake “expert” class: Stop enabling them, and stop allowing our corrupt leaders to summon fake representatives of “science” to shove their latest power-grab down our throats.”

    Refuse to participate in any aspect of it, especially the ‘testing,’ which is nothing more than an excuse to extract and collect your DNA.

    Any further discussion about ‘Covid’ should be centered on the criminal penalties we levy on those who perpetuated and marketed the scam, not which vaccine is ‘safer.’

    One church is leading the counterattack with religious exemption forms for testing, masks and vaccines.

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