Shock Poll: One in Three Zoomer Democrats Are Voting Trump
November 3, 2020 (4w ago)

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An interesting survey that was just published by College Finance suggests that 1 in 3 Zoomer Democrats are voting Trump this year. The reason? They care about their economic future in a post-Covid world. Presumably, they are concerned that the geriatric and senile Joe Biden will lock them in their homes with a mask on their face, whereas President Trump will actually give them an economic future in his second term by opening up the economy.

College Finance spoke with Generation Z voters about the issues that matter to them, the current government’s impact on them, and the specific political differences between Trump and Biden.

Findings include:

-Voting for Trump: 34.4% of Democrats, 75% of Republicans, and 30% Independent Gen Z voters

-Nearly 3 in 5 Gen Z voters will be voting for the economy over their personal values

-Nearly 3 in 5 feel Donald Trump will best handle Post-COVID-19 economic stability, including over 4 in 10 Democrats and almost 4 in 5 Republicans

-52% believe Trump is the candidate that will best ensure the security of America’s economic future [College Finance]

We love our zoomers, don’t we, folks? Be sure to click through and read the link, there is a lot of good insight into Generation Z. They are very, very concerned with student loan debt. President Trump should be sure to tackle this issue in his second term so our young Americans can thrive and pass on the torch to the next generation.


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