Twitter Sleuths Just Uncovered Evidence Showing Alec Baldwin’s Wife May Be Faking Her Spanish Heritage
December 27, 2020 (9mo ago)

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Alec Baldwin was an A-list Hollywood actor in the 90s. Then he got too fat to be a leading man and switched to TV. Most recently he has been a recurring guest star on the famously unfunny sketch comedy show SNL, where he periodically portrays President Trump. He’s also been able to return to the silver screen in animated films like “Boss Baby” where he’s not required to appear on camera.

Despite his declining career and increasing weight, in 2012, Baldwin was able to marry Hilaria Thomas, a Manhattan yoga instructor 26 years his junior. Hilaria, who sometimes, but not always, speaks with a Spanish accent, claims to be a native Spanish speaker born in Spain.

Some are casting doubt on these claims though, including left-wing ethnic activists who are usually aligned with Baldwin.

Another Twitter user dug even deeper into Hilaria’s background and uncovered videos of her speaking with and without an accent.

Further investigation revealed that her supposed Spanish mother also speaks without an accent and grew up in Massachusetts.

If Hilaria, who some claim is really named Hillary, was actually born in Spain as she claims, she was likely born there while her mother was doing a semester abroad at college. But it appears she may not be Spanish on her father’s side either.

Nevertheless, Hilaria is nothing if not committed to the bit. She has 5 children with Baldwin and gave all of them traditional Hispanic names.

Her accent does seem to change more often than the weather…

The Twitter sleuth claims her real name is Hillary Hayward-Thomas.

This may actually be a smart strategy. Claiming Hispanic heritage and buttressing those claims with Hispanic-sounding names may one day help her children get admitted to elite colleges which otherwise use Affirmative Action to discriminate against white Christian Americans.

It’s anyone’s guess if Hilaria’s claims, if they are fraudulent, are an attempt to game the system or if she legitimately believes them in her own mind. Regardless, it could be the latest example in a long list of white liberals fraudulently claiming non-white heritage — a list that includes former Spokane, Washington NAACP President Rachel Dolezal and US Senator and failed presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

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