Former Trump Aide Stephen Miller Has A Plan to Make Joe Biden Squirm
March 28, 2021 (8mo ago)

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Former Trump aide Stephen Miller has a plan to make Joe Biden squirm.

Really, really squirm.

It’s becoming more clear as the days and weeks go by that Team Trump has declared “war” on the Biden administration.

And Stephen Miller, who worked closely with President Trump on several key issues — namely immigration reform, is suited up and ready for battle.

Miller has come up with a plan to keep Biden and his radical agenda in check.

He’s organized a group of powerful Republican attorneys who are armed to the teeth and ready to take on cases of executive branch abuses and overreach.

Miller’s new group will basically be a conservative version of the ACLU and a “wingman” to watchdog group Judicial Watch, which routinely does the dirty work our elected official refuse to do.

The goal of the new “America First Legal” group is to hold the Biden admin accountable to our nations laws and the Constitution. In addition, Miller’s group will seek to keep America safe from Biden’s great globalist reset. The side bonus is that it’ll make Joe’s political life a living hell.

Here’s how Politico explains the new project:

Former Trump White House policy adviser Stephen Miller, known for his hard-line immigration policies and conservative culture war postures, is launching a new legal group. And he’s looking to use it to make Joe Biden’s life miserable. The group, which will be known as America First Legal, will help organize Republican attorneys general against perceived executive branch abuses in addition to filing lawsuits of its own, according to six people familiar with the planning.

“During the Trump administration, we had the ACLU and three or four other advocacy groups consistently working with Democrats to coordinate against our policies. Miller is taking a page out of their book,” said a senior Trump administration official briefed on Miller’s plans.

Miller’s organization will join a fairly crowded ecosystem of conservative-leaning legal entities, including Judicial Watch, Alliance Defending Freedom, and the Immigration Reform Law Institute. But unlike those entities, which tend to operate around specific issues, such as religious liberty, free speech or immigration, America First Legal will be broadly focused on administrative law and executive overreach. That issue focus is derived, in large part, from the experiences that Miller and fellow Trump veterans confronted during the last administration. [Politico]

As we all remember, the left used courts and activist judges very successfully against President Trump. In many key circumstances, these tactics either slowed down or halted much of what Trump wanted to accomplish.

Turnabout is fair play.

ATTENTION NEWS JUNKIES: We are the new Drudge, click here for the News Feed 



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