With Trump Gone, Liberals Now Scrambling Like Rats to Put Their “Crime Surge” Genie Back in the Bottle
June 6, 2021 (12mo ago)

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It’s 2021. Donald Trump is out of office. And so, belatedly, liberals want the crime wave they deliberately unleashed to go away.

[A] year after Mr. Floyd’s death, Los Angeles and other American cities face a surge in violent crime amid pandemic despair and a flood of new guns onto the streets. The surge is prompting cities whose leaders embraced the values of the movement last year to reassess how far they are willing to go to reimagine public safety and divert money away from the police and toward social services.

“I don’t care how bad it gets — no one wants more cops,” Ms. Jones, 56, said last week as she met with other activists outside a food hall in South Los Angeles. “We don’t need tougher police, we need more alternatives to help people thrive.”

But more cops is what Los Angeles is getting.

A year after streets echoed with calls to “defund” law enforcement and city leaders embraced the message by agreeing to take $150 million away from the Los Angeles Police Department, or about 8 percent of the department’s budget, the city last week agreed to increase the police budget to allow the department to hire about 250 officers. The increase essentially restores the cuts that followed the protests. [NY Times]

It turns out, stopping crime once it has been unleashed is tougher than it looks.

For cynical and malicious political reasons, America’s corrupt ruling class launched the worst crime surge in American history. Now, their own incompetence means they are incapable of stopping the monster they have created. 

In this way, the Crime Explosion of 2020 is much like the Mask Mania of 2020. Both were created by elites for short-term political goals, both were sustained by lies and delusions, and now the impact of both will persist long after their original purpose has expired.

Throughout 2020, the Globalist American Empire pushed a double-barreled political strategy: Blame Trump for anarchy and chaos in the country, while also denying that this anarchy existed.

It began shortly after the drug overdose death of George Floyd. In Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, and elsewhere, police were pulled back while rioting mobs plundered stores and even burned a police station. Instead of supporting officers, the press vilified their labor unions and even gave cover to the “Defund the Police” movement.

In the early days of the riots, Democratic operatives overtly encouraged unrest in the streets with full knowledge of where it would lead.

“There needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley said. The Times’ Nikole Hannah-Jones used rhetorical tricks to declare that riots were not “violence” so long as they only involved looting and property destruction.

When police or ordinary citizens tried to maintain order, they became the targets. Atlanta cop Garrett Rolfe was charged with murder after shooting Rayshard Brooks, who stole a taser and tried to use it on Rolfe. In Omaha, Jake Gardner was charged with murder for shooting a looter outside his bar; when Gardner committed suicide following the charges, even elected Democrats celebrated.

In St. Louis, the McCloskeys were charged with felonies for bringing out firearms to ward off a bloodthirsty mob. And of course, at this very moment Kyle Rittenhouse is facing a lifetime in prison for shooting rioters who attacked him as he tried to flee away from them.

The result of these efforts to coddle rioters and vilify the defenders of civilization was predictable. Crime rose, immediately and dramatically. Chicago had 18 murders in a single day and 105 in a single month. In New York, shootings in June 2020 shot up 154 percent from the previous year.

Financial Times

The cause of the violence was obvious, so the press had only one option — lie, flagrantly. The Washington Post set the typical tone with headlines like this one in October, about the “overwhelmingly peaceful” Burn Loot Murder riots:

Mere weeks after Chicago logged its record 105 murders in June, The New York Times faulted Trump for painting a “dark” (and presumably dishonest) image of crime in America’s cities.

The agenda was obvious. The press needed a narrative of racist police and nationwide “racial justice” protests to evict the president from office. Any lie was acceptable to keep this narrative alive. Sending crime rates into the stratosphere was not a problem, even if thousands died and whole cities were ruined, as long as President Trump lost power.

Shamefully, it worked. Coupled with last-minute changes to the law and a generous helping of overt fraud, the Globalist American Empire narrowly ejected President Trump from office.

“All right, riffraff of America,” they said. “You can go home now and stop robbing and shooting people so much.”

But it’s not that simple. After a year of evasions, denials, and lies, the press is facing a disturbing reality. Crime is up, way up. And now, they’re panicking.

Nine months ago, the Post put out a long piece smugly ridiculing the idea that Portland, Oregon was in chaos, and attacking President Trump for sending federal agents to restore order around the city’s federal courthouse.

“So the story goes that [Portland is] under siege — but we are not under siege by these protests, we are under siege by the police,” Hardesty said in an interview with The Washington Post last month. “It breaks my heart to think [people] are coming to exercise their rights, and yet they have to come with a bike helmet, water and first aid and an understanding that they may be brutalized.”

The city that Trump described as “worse than Afghanistan” — full of “anarchists” who “hate our country” — has long worn the insults of Republican presidents as points of pride.

On a recent night, a middle school teacher wearing a Mighty Mouse T-shirt, rainbow-striped leggings and a cloth face mask adorned with cherries nodded brightly as she declared, “Oh yes, I’m an anarchist.” [Washington Post]

Not even a year later, the tables have turned dramatically, and the Washington Post is trying to spin narrative that lets the lying press off the hook. In their new reverse racial narrative, it’s white “anarchists” causing the violence by “hijacking” the social justice “movement.”

From Washington Post:

Portland is a White city, overwhelmingly so — African Americans account for just 6 percent of the population. But it is Black people such as Yoakum, an aspiring union electrician, who are dying at near-historic rates and filling churches with grief.

On May 12, Yoakum, a father of two young boys, became the city’s 30th homicide victim this year. That is five times the number recorded during the same period in 2020, a frightening pace that could see more slayings here by the end of the year than in the past four decades.

The nightly confrontations with police and federal agents deployed here by President Donald Trump have been replaced by a kind of generational hopelessness, a tenuous sense of security across an under-policed city and a return to an old-school style of gun violence reminiscent of a tit-for-tat cycle of deadly reprisals, almost always among young men of color. Through April, the police reported 348 shootings, more than double those recorded over the first four months of last year.

Portland’s once-vibrant downtown, the heart of a world-class food scene, is still marred by boarded-up windows and closed businesses, the aftermath of a year of pandemic and fear of random assault and vandalism often committed under the name of the police reform movement.

But there has also been a historical strain of violent independence in some of its residents, a trait that has helped small groups of self-described anarchists overwhelm the year-old push for police reform and social justice.

From the assessments of the White mayor, Ted Wheeler, and the Black police chief, Chuck Lovell, this smaller faction comprises mostly White, middle-class students and others, who have made places such as churches, public libraries, small Black-owned businesses and a Boys & Girls Club the confounding targets of their vandalism. [WaPo]

Sure thing, Washington Post. All those white, middle-class anarchists have hijacked the social justice movement from Wakandans who are obviously peaceful in nature. Right…

Portland isn’t alone. The very same day as its Portland profile, the Post also belatedly decided to care about the mayhem that has come to Atlanta over the past year, which is so bad the city’s richest neighborhood is looking into secession:

The most populated city in the Deep South, Atlanta has had 54 homicides and more than 250 shootings so far this year, according to its police department. Homicides are up 59 percent compared with the first five months of 2020, a year that itself ended with a two-decade high of 157 killings. Rape, assault and vehicle thefts have increased by more than 30 percent compared with last year. The crime spike has become a major political hurdle for Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D), who this month shocked the city by announcing she would not seek a second term. Now, Bottoms’s policies are dominating the debate over whether she can keep modern-day Atlanta intact by slowing down the efforts of the Buckhead Exploratory Committee.

After Bottoms took office in 2018, she pushed for policies to keep more low-level offenders out of the city’s chronically overcrowded jails, including eliminating cash bail for some minor crimes. Bottoms was widely praised for her leadership during the initial round of racial justice protests last summer, but her relationship with Atlanta police officers soured last June when she immediately called for the firing of a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man in a Wendy’s parking lot. Morale in the department plummeted, accelerating retirements and leaving Atlanta with 400 fewer officers than the department’s authorized force of 2,046. According to data collected by the city auditor, 341 officers left the force last year while the city was able to hire just 116. [WaPo]

A year ago, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was on Biden’s Veep shortlist. Now, her political career may very well be finished. But the crime crisis she helped create remains.

And this time, apparently, there aren’t any middle-class, overeducated Antifa nerds to blame for the violence.

America, or at least the parts administered by followers of the Globalist American Empire, is becoming a dangerous, unpleasant, filthy place. In Los Angeles, new stats from the county sheriff show staggering year-over-year increases in murder, car theft, and other crimes.

In Minneapolis, carjackings are up more than 200 percent compared to this time last year, with an average exceeding one carjacking a day. In New Orleans, new far-left DA Jason Williams dismissed more than 700 cases in his first month in office. Criminals have responded by sending the city’s violent crime rates to even more shocking highs.


In Philadelphia, DA Larry Krasner’s visionary leadership has taken the city over 200 homicides before the year’s halfway point; murders are up 36 percent over this time last year. Houston is nearing 200 murders as well.

This violence was supposed to be a blip that would dissipate when the pandemic ended and Donald Trump left the scene. Instead, violence has become the new normal. Like the sorcerer’s apprentice (or like Dr. Fauci the Mask Prophet), the Globalist American Empire is unable to tame the forces they so recklessly unleashed.

Now, some voices on the left are issuing a warning: The mass killing of thousands of Americans for political purposes might backfire and hurt the Democrats politically! The Brookings Institute, the de facto voice of the D.C. establishment consensus, published a midterm election analysis on Tuesday explaining how crime could easily be the dominant issue of next year’s vote.

When Joe Biden was sworn in as president, the American people regarded the coronavirus pandemic and the economy as the top priorities for Congress and the administration. But now, just four months later, the issues landscape is rapidly changing. Fifty-eight percent of Americans say that the worst of the pandemic is behind us, and 43% believe that the economy is getting better, compared to 29% in January. The most recent detailed survey, completed on May 26 by YouGov, illuminates these trends. Asked which issues were “very big problems,” 49% of Americans place violent crime at the top of the list, compared to 39% for the economy and just 32% for the pandemic. Forty-five percent of Democrats regard violent crime as a very big problem, a surprising finding explained in part by the fact that 59% of Blacks and 52% of Hispanics put it in this category. [Brookings]

The pandemic is ending. But 80s-style violent crime in cities, which Democrats dishonestly blamed on the coronavirus, is sticking around. And while Democrats haven’t shown the slightest sign they’re worried about the victims of those crimes, they certainly are worried that a long crime wave could drag them out of power again.

But having shattered America’s fragile regime of law and order, the Globalist American Empire is powerless to restore it. The nation’s hardest-pressed police forces have been hit by a wave of retirements; even hastily filling these jobs with new recruits won’t fix the loss of knowledge and experience. And no matter how much mayors beg police to restore law and order now, police won’t forget that when it was politically convenient, mayors and city councils threw men like Garrett Rolfe and Derek Chauvin to the wolves.

And while think tank flunkies in Washington D.C. realize the danger the regime is in, its most far-flung operatives haven’t got the memo yet. In California, tens of thousands of inmates, including 20,000 with life sentences, have been made eligible for early release. From Philadelphia to San Francisco to Los Angeles, radical DAs maintain their enthusiasm for not prosecuting criminals.  And while Austin voters recently came to their senses and reinstated the city’s ban on homeless encampments, homeless camps have become a perpetual fixture of liberal cities nationwide, fueling crime and sucking police resources away from crime prevention elsewhere.

Only a fundamental, radical revision of the left’s approach to crime will stop the violence and terror they have unleashed. And so far, they haven’t been willing to make that change.

What has happened in America’s cities is very much like the other fraud the Globalist American Empire enacted for the sake of toppling President Trump: The lockdowns and mass-masking in response to coronavirus. As Revolver wrote last month, now that Joe Biden is in office, the press and establishment want Americans to drop their masks and get back to work, but are encountering massive resistance from the rank-and-file liberals they spent the past year terrorizing:

For a great many on the left, if not an outright majority, mask mania has become a deeply personal commitment. Despite all the babbling for a year about “trusting the science,” when the official science says to stop wearing masks, millions of the Globalist American Empire’s cattle are proving more loyal to masks than to science. In fact, as a recent MIT investigation discovered, vaccine and mask skeptics are more likely to have seriously weighed the science in question.

What is happening right now with masks isn’t science. It’s a new cult, created through a mix of political pressure and old-fashioned terror. This cult, created almost by accident, is now too entrenched and too powerful to be turned off by the people who created it.

Why did the CDC, the Biden Administration, and countless state and local governments create this cult in the first place? Above all, it was the need to exert control. The Globalist American Empire’s claim to power is based on “expertise,” a supposed superiority in knowledge and merit that gives them the right to impose authoritarian diktats on the population (and, if necessary, prohibit public dissent as “misinformation”). These are turbulent transformational times, and the mask mandates created a false sense of structure and competence, a sense that leaders had the slightest idea what they were doing and weren’t just making everything up day to day.

In their bid to control the American public, America’s health and safety autocrats stoked the Great Mask Panic. Masking became far more than a piece of health advice. It became a totemic device, a way to divide the good from evildoers. [Revolver]

The mask calamity was of course grossly destructive and immoral: It frayed relations between family, friends, and neighbors. It destroyed public trust in medical expertise. It tanked President Trump’s economy, which was driving real wage growth for low-skill workers for the first time in years. And of course, it further destroyed the mental well-being of ordinary liberals.

Yet as bad as the mask fraud was, happened with crime in 2020 was even worse.

It’s worth pausing to consider the moral enormity of what the liberal, globalist ruling class did for the sake of its political ambitions. In 2019, America had 16,425 murders. In 2020, it had more than 20,000, an increase of 3,600 or more. 2021 will have a similar number of murders, or even more. This surge of deaths is greater than the number of Americans killed on 9/11, greater than the number killed at Pearl Harbor, greater than the number of black Americans lynched in all of U.S. history. And the surge is still ongoing. By the time the great American murder wave of 2020 has fully played out, tens of thousands of Americans may be the victims of it.

To paraphrase Robot Marco Rubio from the 2016 debates, the Democratic Party knew exactly what it was doing. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, the party embraced the platform of indulging chaos. Police were pulled back. Rioters were indulged with claims that their mayhem was “the language of the unheard,” that their destruction was “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

This is blood on the hands of the Democratic Party and its operatives, who stoked destruction for political gain.

Now, the Democrat Party is desperate to put their violent crime genie back in the bottle, not for the good of the country but to save their own political skin. They want to cover up one of the most infamous crimes in American history.

It is our job to expose their malicious deceptions, and ensure that they fail.

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