General HR McMaster Reveals Deep State’s “Coded Language” While Responding to Afghanistan Terror Attack
August 30, 2021 (5mo ago)

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There is only one fitting response to last week’s heart-wrenching suicide bombing at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul: America must get out of Afghanistan as quickly as possible, and stay out, for good. Nothing good has come of America’s involvement in Afghanistan, and nothing more will come out of it, except more flag-draped coffins.

Sickeningly, the US security state responded to last Thursday’s attack with a borderline glee. Sadly, ISIS-Khorasan’s (ISIS-K) gruesome attack served the forever-war lobby perfectly, as it used the tragedy to launch a final Hail Mary bid to prolong America’s interminable, objective-free crusade in Southwest Asia. In the process, the globalist war lobby revealed one of the most cynical, sinister components of a playbook it has run for two decades — a playbook that capitalizes on public ignorance to conflate wildly different groups and oversell totally unproven claims in the service of perpetuating endless warfare.

ISIS-K immediately claimed credit for Thursday’s attack, and there is no reason to doubt it. Yet even before authorities released an official body count, former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster announced his choice of culprit: The Taliban, either acting alone or in direct concert with ISIS.

For DC warhawks, no doubt, it’s easy to imagine Taliban and ISIS teaming up. They’re both bad guys, right? Bad guys work together. That’s how it works in comic book movies — sub-literate America’s primary cultural lens for making sense of the world.

In reality, of course, the Taliban and ISIS are bitter foes. Even as the Taliban steadily took over more and more of Afghanistan, it also waged war against the country’s ISIS militants, often with tacit approval and even outright assistance from the US. When the Taliban seized Kabul, one of its first actions was to execute former ISIS leader Omar Khorasani, who was imprisoned there. ISIS and the Taliban disagree in terms of mission, tactics, and basic interpretations of Islam. Their rivalry isn’t a passive one, but one that involves numerous gruesome atrocities.

But for H.R. McMaster making the case for endless war on TV, they’re all just one and the same, folded neatly under some cable-friendly banner like “Islamofascism.” After all, George W. Bush only learned about the existence of Sunni and Shia Muslims two months before the invasion of Iraq.

McMaster went on to declare in a separate BBC interview that “this so-called ISIS-K attack has all the hallmarks of a Haqqani Network attack,” referring to an Afghan militia that is an offshoot of the Taliban.

How would McMaster know that the attack had these hallmarks? Is there a long history of suicide attacks on besieged airports conducting an evacuation? And why would the Taliban, which resolutely followed a year-long ceasefire with US forces so that they would leave the country, suddenly reverse course and begin murdering them on the cusp of final victory?

If that seems like it makes no sense, it’s because it doesn’t. McMaster is a babbling idiot making things up on the fly. His only objective is to flail at one last opportunity to extend America’s decades-long war in Afghanistan for a few more years at least.

This playbook has been followed over and over again, for the entirety of the War on Terror.

Think back to the fall of 2001, when in the wake of 9/11 Americans lived in fear of follow-up attacks after 9/11. As if on cue, the anthrax letters began. And of course, American experts were there to say the letters had “all the hallmarks” of being a terror attack planned by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

American investigators probing anthrax outbreaks in Florida and New York believe they have all the hallmarks of a terrorist attack – and have named Iraq as prime suspect as the source of the deadly spores.

Their inquiries are adding to what US hawks say is a growing mass of evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved, possibly indirectly, with the 11 September hijackers.

If investigators’ fears are confirmed – and sceptics fear American hawks could be publicising the claim to press their case for strikes against Iraq – the pressure now building among senior Pentagon and White House officials in Washington for an attack may become irresistible. [The Guardian]

Of course, in reality, no evidence whatsoever connected the letters to Iraq or Al Qaeda. According to federal prosecutors, disgruntled federal scientist Bruce Edward Ivins acted alone in making the letters, and while many still question the FBI’s findings, or believe Ivins must have had accomplices, it is anything but true that the attack had “all the hallmarks” of Islamic terrorism. That claim was simply an assumption.

In February 2003, an Australian lawmaker ginning up support for that country’s participation in the Iraq War confidently stated that “the stubborn, deceitful behavior of Iraq… has all the hallmarks of a nation which is hiding something.” In reality, Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, and the only thing Saddam Hussein was hiding was how feeble his regime was. Nearly 4,500 American troops died thanks to the hubris, arrogance, and (in some cases) outright deception that led to the Iraq War. In fact, given that the Islamic State’s rise was enabled by the chaos unleashed by the US invasion of Iraq, one could easily argue that the American troops slain on Thursday were just the latest victims of the disastrous Iraq invasion eighteen long years ago.

In 2017, after the chemical blast at Khan Shaykhun in Syria, it took less than 24 hours for US and allied intelligence services to confidently blame the blast on President Bashar Assad’s government. Of course, Assad consistently disclaimed all responsibility. The very next day, Britain’s UN ambassador said the attack… wait for it… “bears all the hallmarks of the Assad regime.”

Advocates of intervention in Syria seized upon the attacks and nearly succeeded in pushing for a the full-fledged overthrow of Assad’s regime, until President Trump settled on a limited retaliatory missile strike instead.

But if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. In spring 2018, a second chemical blast in Syria was once again blamed on Assad’s government. Once again, such an attack made no sense. Assad’s government was winning the war. Literally the only thing that could topple him from power was a major shift in Western sentiment leading to an intervention, and the only thing that could cause such a shift was a pointless, over-the-top atrocity like using banned chemical weapons.

No matter. America went to the brink of war again. And a certain phrase popped up yet again:

According to rescue workers, on Saturday more than 40 people died in the rebel-held Damascus suburb of Douma in an alleged chemical attack, which left victims wheezing, with discolored skin and foaming at the mouth.

The United States, Britain and France have argued the alleged attack bears all the hallmarks of a strike ordered by the regime of Russia’s ally Assad, which has been blamed for previous attacks by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). [AFP]

Did it, though? An investigation by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said it did… and then a whistleblower promptly accused the organization of issuing a politically-motivated finding.

The leaked email by an investigator described as “Alex” and quoted by WikiLeaks expresses the “gravest concern”, saying the OPCW report “misrepresents the facts”, contains “unintended bias” and simplifies conclusions.

The email says the published OPCW report into the attack changed the language on the levels of chlorine allegedly found compared with what investigators had originally wrote.

It also questions whether or not the chemical came from barrels found at the scene, and whether those barrels had been dropped from the air – which would indicate Assad’s forces – or placed there manually there – which would indicate it was staged by Syrian rebels. The whistleblower said the published report’s conclusions on the barrels deviated significantly from the draft. [The Guardian]

One doesn’t have to fixate on a specific overused phrase, of course. The real point is that repeatedly, over and over, the war party in America has drastically outrun its evidence and conflated wildly different groups, counting on the fact it will never be held accountable for its behavior. In 2020, The New York Times laundered fabulous claims of Russian bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Days later, Foreign Policy used the bounties to unsubtly agitate against the unfolding Afghan withdrawal:

Amid the peace talks brokered by the United States, one angle that most observers of Afghanistan have ignored is the role of Russia, which has enthusiastically supported the agreement. Along with Pakistan, Russia stands to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of any NATO withdrawal. Over the past several years, it has been quietly working in the background to enhance its ties with the Taliban, with the purpose of expanding its strategic interests in Afghanistan—and in the process exorcising the failings of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan during the 1980s. Once NATO and U.S. forces leave, Russia will once again have an opportunity to step in. And in that sense, the recent revelations about Moscow’s sordid arrangement with the Taliban should come as no surprise. [Foreign Policy]

In reality, once again, the narrative was totally false. There was no evidence of any Russian bounties, but as is so often the case, the truth came out months later, and with far less fanfare.

This sort of explanation-free certitude isn’t just used to start or extend American wars. It’s an all-purpose means to further the Security State’s agenda at home as well as abroad. Just to switch it up, the intel community added a little twist to the tried and true “all the hallmarks” line in their effort to protect President Biden’s son:

More than 50 former high-ranking U.S. intelligence officials have signed a letter saying the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” The emails were published by the New York Post last week after the paper was given an alleged copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive by President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Several Post reporters refused to put their name on the reports because they were concerned about the authenticity of the material being pushed to run in the News Corp publication. While the letter’s signatories presented no new evidence, they said their national-security experience had made them “deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case,” and cited several elements of the story that suggested the Kremlin’s hand at work. [Daily Beast]

The time has come to stop falling for this, and the only way to do so is to stop listening to the bad actors who have pulled off this scam time and time again.

Americans are justifiably horrified and distressed that another 13 U.S. soldiers have died in Afghanistan. It’s justifiable to put blame on the Biden Administration for failing to foresee Afghanistan’s instantaneous collapse and creating a catastrophic and chaotic evacuation where US troops were inevitably put in harm’s way.

But the most blame of all must go to the generals, diplomats, and think tank goons whose lies and incompetence perpetuated the Afghan war for twenty bloody, expensive, fruitless years, and who even now are maneuvering desperately to keep American troops in danger for twenty years more. The best way to repay them is to strip them of all power, all influence, and all respect. Regard them as the cartoonish, revolting failures they are… and let them pass into the ash heap of history.

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40 responses to “General HR McMaster Reveals Deep State’s “Coded Language” While Responding to Afghanistan Terror Attack”

  1. The former CIA man who is on Bannon’s show said the same thing.
    So did the war correspondent that is on his show.
    The Taliban had check points ever 50 ft so there was no ISIS-K running around with bombs.

  2. MISCUE, DARREN! We have NO REASON AT ALL to believe there is ANY difference between the so-called “ISIS-K” and the Taliban itself! The idea that they are “Mortal Enemies” was shown ridiculous when the Taliban released THOUSANDS of “ISIS-K” fighters from Afghan prisons, en route to Kabul. You’re just succumbing to another thrust of Deep State propaganda by seeing daylight between ISIS and Taliban, where none exists. Yes, McMaster is out there pre-emptively “warmongering”. But that’s not the problem. The whole construct is bullshit. In 20 years, we did nothing to depopulate the Taliban – or “ISIS-K” – or these problems would exist right now.

  3. There was a retired General Schlosser(?) on the Michael Berry show recently who justifiably ripped Biden for botched withdrawal and then said we need to evacuate half of Kabul and bring them here. Typical. But then as interview was winding down said this little nugget.

    We need to be careful that the Taliban don’t threaten nuclear armed Pakistan. We need to watch that situation closely.

    You mean the now superbly equipped Taliban, equipped by us? Talk about forever wars. What a pos.

  4. Leaked Pentagon meeting with Austin, Milley and dozen high level military they knew Abbey Gate was going to be hit. Funny that is the British gate and no Brits were killed, only our guys.

  5. McMaster wrote a seminal book on the follies of the Vietnam war several years ago, and it’s well worth reading even though McMaster is part and partial to the mess we got in Afghanistan. Interesting enough, he made the same mistakes in Afghanistan that he wrote about in his book on Vietnam. How history always repeats itself.

  6. Here is a linked issue. Our competent, wonderful military leadership and our current government has left rows and rows of our military working dogs crated into small crates, and the last plane left Kabul airport, the dogs left behind like our American citizens and interpreters. I guess they were crated so they could not bother anybody while they hungered for water and food, urinated on themselves while they await to be tortured and killed by the Taliban. Terrorists are documented burning human beings to death in cages, drowning human beings in cages. So, will the ghouls and scum who left these wonderful dogs and our citizens to die or be beaten to death be exposed? Does ANYBODY pay any consequence to ANYTHING anymore? It is like the stench of America’s government is stinking up the entire universe. Write and call your elected officials, insist they do the right thing, if they even know what the right thing is anymore. Hey, Biden likes dogs, would he care. Does he care about anything but himself?

  7. The Pentagon bureaucrats typically retire with cushy pensions and benefits only to join the private sector defense contractor workforce as consultants, etc. Depending on their rank and security clearances they get even cushier jobs. It is to their benefit that they maintain the wars so they can drink deep the wine of the Industrial Military Complex.

    First of all, the Taliban are a diverse bunch but they did warn us for over a week that ISIS-K was planning an attack. One article said the Abbey Gate was left vulnerable because they were waiting on a British team that was inbound. However I don’t trust either the Taliban nor ISIS-K. The Taliban just welcomed back one of Bin Laden’s top guys. They were practically kissing the mans feet. I think we might release some prisoners from Gitmo and hand them over to the Taliban as part of some agreement for cooperation. That’s just sick and remarkably dangerous.

    I agree that Afghanistan was a lost cause, that we should have left long ago. But I am very displeased with the way the pull out was handled. It was botched at an epic scale never before witnessed. Somehow, the British, French, Polish and even the Japanese managed to evacuate their people out of the country but the US wouldn’t do the same rescue operations? While quite a few retired special operators received private funding and went over there and rescued 650 Afghan allies successfully via an operation codenamed Pineapple Express. They would have done more but the State Department stopped them, likely out of embarrassment.

    This is beyond SNAFU & FUBAR it is remarkably incompetent or it was the actual plan all along. To blame it all on Trump when the Biden Admin ignored the deal and plans for the last 200 days. They broke the agreement and the Taliban started taking province after province while the Afghan military / police just abandoned their posts and fled. How could they not have foreseen this? How could they have been seeing it in real time? Why didn’t they do something months ago? Coincidentally they have been trying to blame the border crisis on Trump as well. I am absolutely outraged over what has been going on. This is completely unacceptable.

  8. We are so deep into it that no one appears to have even pointed out that OBL won this war.

    His objective was to drain and corrupt America and doing so be playing on our weaknesses that would defeat ourselves.

    In many ways it is probably one of the greatest military victories in human history, even if it was psychological warfare par excellence. He got the most powerful empire the world has ever seen to defeat and corrupt and destroy its own society and culture to bring about a total and utter collapse. Look around you, your money is being formed into Monopoly money and it is being stolen from you on top of it but the trillions now, your children are being brainwashed to hate you and America, your own people are being replaced with foreigners by the millions … america has been defeating itself for many decades now, so it’s not even like it’s all that surprising to anyone who knows.

  9. We know the top military loves the forever wars to keep enriching themselves in prep for their retirement and they should be shit canned without their massive pensions… that’s not new… but even the guys that fought and killed Osama said all the Islamists work together when it helps, and fight each other over territory they want for control.

  10. We are so deep into it that no one appears to have even pointed out that [the CIA] won this war through its proxy Osama bin Laden (OBL).

    The CIA’s objective was to drain and corrupt America [for the Cabal] and doing so be playing on our weaknesses that would defeat America.

    In many ways it is probably one of the greatest military victories in human history, even if it was psychological warfare par excellence. [The CIA] got the most powerful empire the world has ever seen to defeat and corrupt and destroy its own society and culture to bring about a total and utter collapse. Look around you, your money is being formed into Monopoly money and it is being stolen from you on top of it but [in] the trillions now, your children are being brainwashed to hate you and America, your own people are being replaced with foreigners by the millions … america has been defeating itself for many decades now, so it’s not even like it’s all that surprising to anyone who knows.

  11. Wasn’t ISIS-K called Al Qaeda Khorasan group first. I remember them fighting the rebels we were backing in Syria. They were a group of high level Al Qaeda commanders. I’ve also heard ISIS-K is a group of former Taliban that thought the Taliban was going soft so branched out on their own. So hard to get actual credible information these days. Everything from our intel community is propaganda that is then regurgitated by the likes of your Jenifer Griffins and others. I use to actually respect her and trust the info she reported but after the last few weeks she proved she’s just a paid shill of the intel community. She was actually saying the administration should be celebrated for getting out everyone they did and for how they were coordinating with veterans groups doing rescues. First if they caused this mess, you don’t get to start a fire then receive praise for putting it out. And secondly the state department and White House were doing everything in their power to thwart the veterans groups from evacuating people. The only people who tried to help were active military members who were disobeying direct orders to let people through the gates. The state dept. was also threatening neighboring countries to not let any flights land that were coming out of Afghanistan. So no Jenifer Griffin, this administration deserves no credit whatsoever, none. They have blood on there hands, and will have more everyday the Taliban is on control.

  12. I think what is being overlooked is that Intelligence helped create Al Qaida, helped fund resistance to the Russians some of which morphed into Taliban, and probably is behind the bunch that did the recent terror attack.

  13. Warren, you have to separate the idea of returning to Afghanistan as an occupier (madness!) from the idea that the Hakhani network and ISIS and the Taliban, alQaeda (and even Shi’a Iran) are coordinating the killing of infidels because the latter scenario has been going on for about 1400 years.

    Muslims hate other sects of Muslims, yes, but they hate us more and they do come together on occasion to cooperate in the killing the common enemy.

  14. Was Saddam Hussein responsible for the deaths of many Kurds with chemical weapons? If so then why could no chemical weapons be traced after his defeat? Pictures without context are confusing at best and misleading at worst. Why not simply destroy the weapons as they are being transported and cut off the supply as well as the banking to pay?

  15. McMaster is the derelict who write a book – Dereliction of Duty about Generals who refused to stand up to Pres Johnson’s failed policies in Vietnam- yet here he us promoting, defending and praises our very FAILED SECDEF and Generals who went along with Biden’s failure(s)! Go Away McMasters and every dime you make off your book you should give to to Wounded Warriors and at least redeem your dereliction of Duty to them.
    USA Retired

  16. Making seense to you or us isnt the point. Many do what makes no sense. I dont know who is right but making good sense has not always been the pattern of dictators. Ask Saddam and his WMDs. He liked the narrative. Until it stopped working for him. (unless he had them)

  17. Like many others, I had McMaster pegged as a deep state stooge when he was with the Trump administration. That said, I’d like to know how the author suggests we handle terrorist networks if as he implies, we’re not going to fight them over there.

  18. It’s now obvious that the last three wars, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, were “rigged” by our corrupt politicians and bureaucrats ( just like our elections), to discredit our military, feed the military industrial complex, launder money, drain our national treasure (patriotic American’s who want to serve their country), and drain our treasury. These three pointless wars were all part of the The Great Reset. We were fighting for democracy and freedom overseas, while our enemies were subverting our institutions and culture back home in preparation for the November 3rd coup. Thanks to the all volunteer force, most Americans have no skin in this evil game, so this will further divide us. All the more beneficial to our enemies. It’s an evil, disgusting game, and I hope my fellow veterans can figure it out. I’m ready to do what the Constitution authorizes and our oath implores of us.

  19. Thanks for calling out the propaganda BS! Too bad most Americans still believe the official BS fairy tale about 9/11 and the fake war on terror. Apparently, most haven’t figured out that the US supports the terrorists and uses them as proxies for foreign policy goals (the REAL foreign policy goals and not the BS about “spreading freedom and democracy”)

    Here’s Lara Logan dropping some serious truth bombs:
    At 10:19 in the Lara Logan/Glenn Beck audio, Lara says:
    “Since 1951, 70 years straight, the US has been funding Pakistan literally billions and billions of dollars. Why are we sending tax payer dollars to Pakistan to finance the Taliban, Haqqani, and Al-Qaeda to kill soldiers on that battlefield? Why are we not acknowledging our allies, the former VP Saleh, who is now acting President, who is fighting right now? Why are we pushing the Taliban’s propaganda narrative that all the Afghans surrendered and that the Afghan army and special operations, that they are worthless? All that money spent, and all those years- look at them they’re so useless. How many times have you read that or heard that? It’s an abject lie. Many units kept fighting. Why would you take a highly specialized spec op force, trained by the best in the world, that relies on mobility and strip it of its mobility, the US air support? And at the same moment take away contractors that kept the Afghan air force in the sky, and take away all support in one moment. We could obliterate Taliban leadership.”
    Sure looks like Lara Logan is saying the US govt has been using tax payer money to support terrorists who have been killing US soldiers. So does this mean that for 20 years we have been paying for both sides of the war? Is this how they figured they could have their endless war (for endless $$$$) by paying the enemy?? Sure sounds like TREASON to me. And the rest of it sounds like the treasonous US govt made a decision to get rid of its Afghan puppet govt and deliberately let the Taliban (who apparently works for the US govt since US govt is paying them?) take over Afghanistan.

    • And Lara Logan is not the only one accusing the US govt of supporting terrorists. Russia has been calling out this BS for years.

      From 2011: US gives millions to the Taliban A new report out of Washington estimates that around $360 million in US military money went into the hands of enemy insurgents in Afghanistan, including the Taliban. A special task force put together by General David Patraeus has estimated that more than a quarter of a billion dollars in US funds trickled into enemy hands. (Interesting that Patreaus set up this special task force in 2011 that exposed US giving $$$ to the Taliban and the following year he ends up in a scandal over an affair).

      From 2019: US Plans To Use ISIS In Afghanistan In New Round Of Geopolitical Standoff In Central Asia Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) says that US intelligence agencies are transferring ISIS terrorists to northern Afghanistan. Sergei Beseda, head of the 5th FSB service, warned that the militants were transferred there to be used as a way to destabilize the region on the borders of member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and possibly in the entire Central Asia in the future.

      From 2018: Russia Claims US Supplying Weapons To Terrorists In Afghanistan In Unmarked Helicopters Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday said United States should provide an explanation to alleged claims of unmarked helicopters delivering weapons to terrorists groups, including Islamic State (ISIS) in northern Afghanistan.

  20. I stopped reading when you dismissed “Islamofascism”.

    Moslems have been at war with the non-moslem world since the pedophile land pirate couched his desire for world dominance as a “religion”.

    Until we quit calling Jihad “terrorism” we will continue to lose. You can’t properly defeat an enemy you refuse to name.

    Eastern Europeans understand this.

  21. I’m not willing to look past the glaring flaws of the Taliban, or any other fundamentalist militant group whose fanaticism justifies what is taking place.
    Obviously our MILTARY chiefs (who are the ACTUAL INSURRECTIONISTS HERE) are a disgrace AND imo, CRIMINALS. However, perhaps our presence in Afghanistan has been mischaracterized as A WAR and in reality, it was GOOD to be there… even on an INDEFINITE basis, if necessary.

  22. McMaster, who wrote a seminal book on the fallacies of the Vietnam war, is responsible for doing the same thing during the Afghanistan conflict while being a security advisor for both Obummer and Trump. It’s pretty funny that these over paid ex flag officers can flip in a second when it comes to analyzing war efforts and are quick to blame politicians when they are the ones who are at fault.

  23. McMaster is only of many Pentagon generals & admirals who served as architects, builders, and then the twenty year curators for what become our Afghanistan tar baby. Add to this those in leadership positions from our US State Department and our four primary intelligence agencies (i.e. CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA).

    If our military, our intelligence agencies, and our state department are ever to reformed, then men like HR McMaster need to be brought to book for their individual roles in creating and then perpetuating the foreign policy monstrosity only now ending.

  24. Consider what the Taliban does to human beings, think what they will do to our military dogs. What is t he psychological impact to a military dog handler when his dog is left behind like it is trash? We are not a scum country……we do not do things like this…..or do we? Who ever made this decision should be jailed, we want to know the name of this callous person, if it is a general, take his stars and his pension.

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