Professor Reveals Horror Of Australia’s Tyrannical COVID Lockdowns
August 24, 2021 (5mo ago)

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Guest Post by Professor Jason S. Black 

Australia’s leaders are making a disastrous, idiotic, and irrevocable mistake. It is a mistake in which leaders sacrifice both the soul of their democracy and the well-being of their citizens on the altar of a false god: the god of Covid-Zero. They have claimed that this sacrifice is necessary to keep citizens safe, that it will keep them safe, and that there is simply no other choice. But each of these claims is a lie. As with all such idolatry, their sacrifice will bring them no favor. It has brought, and will continue to bring them, only ruin. 

For much of the past year, Australian state governments have instituted and enforced what are perhaps the world’s strictest Covid lockdowns. Calling such lockdowns draconian doesn’t do justice to the way they have curtailed the liberties of every single resident–including those posing no health risk to others. For 200 days since the pandemic began, Melbourne has been subject to an order in which, on pain of fines or even imprisonment, its citizens are only allowed out of their homes for five reasons: to buy food or supplies, for two hours of daily outdoor exercise, to provide necessary care, to do authorized work that cannot be done from home, and to get vaccinated.

Sydney is currently in the ninth week of a lockdown in which individuals can be fined $5000 for leaving their homes for even fewer reasons. The capital of Australia, Canberra, is also in lockdown, with nearly every business closed, the whole city required to wear masks outside of their homes—whether indoors or outdoors— and granted a mere 1 hour of outdoor exercise per day. 

The lockdown regulations are arbitrary; many of them make no sense at all. People cannot sit outside in public places—even by themselves, far from anyone else—without being harassed by police or fined. Playgrounds and public parks are closed. Nature reserves are closed. Beaches are closed. In both Sydney and Melbourne, a curfew is in effect: citizens cannot be out of their homes after 9pm or before 5am, for any reason, even though police say that this makes lockdown enforcement more difficult rather than less. Worse, the lockdowns are indefinite, and indefinitely extended: one week turns into a month, which turns into six months—there is no realistic end in sight.

Interstate travel is impossible—nearly every state border is closed and tightly controlled—and international travel is nearly unthinkable. There is a federal ban on outgoing travel—the only one of it’s kind among purported democracies—according to which Australian citizens can only leave the country for an impossibly short list of reasons, and only after applying for an exemption from the federal government, most of which are denied. Worse, since the federal government has strict caps on the number of people who can arrive each week, many Australians cannot even return home from overseas. Their citizenship is now effectively worthless. 

Protests are explicitly prohibited. When the government catches wind that such a protest will take place, all transportation to and from the sight of the protest, public and private, is stopped, and the full force of the police and military are summoned to disperse and arrest protestors. These protests are largely peaceful, and yet the police spray pepper spray and rubber bullets into crowds of people who simply object to the very law that the police are there to enforce. The “emergency stay-at-home orders” brook no disagreement, despite the fact that such orders are internationally laughed at, and adopted by the government only on the advice of a very small number of “public health” bureaucrats. 

Given such great sacrifices, one would think that the people of Australia would reap great rewards. So much pain, hardship, and sacrifice could surely only be imposed on country if the payoffs were unmatched: a victory over tyranny, perhaps. A triumph over an evil enemy. The prospect of a permanent state of freedom and prosperity. But there is no such reward. The reward, so the premieres tell us, is to keep Australians safe and healthy by totally eliminating Covid: getting to Covid-Zero. But achieving this goal is both impossible and pointless, and in pursuing it, the state premieres are destroying the health of all Australians, completely abrogating their civil liberties, and transforming Australia into an irrelevant isolationist island police state.

First, impossibility. The Delta variant is simply too contagious to be completely contained by lockdown, and it is impossible to avoid new outbreaks through border closures for any significant amount of time. Sydney has now been in complete lockdown for nine weeks, and yet case numbers continue to rise. At present, there are more than 800 new cases per day, there are cases all throughout the state, in regional areas and small towns. The cat is out of the bag. To contain the outbreak, months upon months of even stricter lockdowns would be necessary. Independently of whether such lockdowns would be moral or legal (they wouldn’t be either), abiding by them isn’t possible on any understanding of human psychology. The government cannot realistically expect full compliance with an indefinite, inhumane lockdown whose prospects of success are infinitesimal. 

Second, the lockdowns are pointless. Australia’s leaders have failed to recognise that the rest of the world has moved on without them. Every developed country in the world sees that the way out of this crisis is not by way of draconian lockdowns, but rather by way of mitigation, vaccination, and taking care of the most at-risk. Even the most leftist news outlets—Vox, CNN, and the NYT—admit that Covid is something we must learn how to manage and live with, rather than aim to eliminate. So aiming for Covid-Zero is pointless: if Australia ever wants to rejoin the rest of the economic world, Covid will come for them anyway. 

One would think that lockdowns recommended by so-called public health officials would promote public health, but instead, lockdowns are destroying the health and well-being of Australians. In Victoria, where the lockdowns have been most extreme and extended, the teen suicide rate rose by 184% in the first 6 months of 2021, obviously a symptom of the enforced loneliness and atomization caused by Covid and the governmental response. The government also acknowledged that Covid lockdowns have led to higher rates of loneliness, depression, anxiety, suicide, and use of mental health services across the population, as well as higher rates of alcohol, tobacco, and drug consumption. Cancer screenings of a variety of kinds dropped, and elective surgeries were largely suspended. And this is all without any long-term data on the effects of lockdowns, and without factoring in any negative health effects that operate via economic mechanisms. 

READ MORE: Revolver Exclusive Study: COVID-19 Lockdowns Over 10 Times More Deadly Than Pandemic Itself

Finally, one might think that these lockdowns are only a stop-gap measure until the country can be more fully vaccinated. There have been some claims that restrictions will begin to be lifted once the population is 70% vaccinated, and perhaps even more lifted at 80%. But these numbers are impossible to reach, largely due to the incompetence of Australia’s leadership itself. According to the New York Times, only one country in the world has an 80% full vaccination rate: Malta. Reaching 80% vaccination in Australia would be nearly impossible, and take years, even with competent leaders and full compliance. But Australian leaders are not competent, and full compliance is unlikely. Australia has missed every past vaccination target by huge margins, and at present Australian leaders have not even procured enough vaccines for the country to reach an 80% vaccination rate. And yet, they make the fundamental liberties of citizens contingent on vaccine quotas that, through their own fault, cannot be met.  

The Australian state premieres are the high priests of the religion of Covid-Zero, and their supporters are religious zealots. With the full coercive power of the state, they have turned a once-democratic country into the grimmest and most sterile of theocracies, in which the public’s well-being is sacrificed on the altar to a false god, a god whose only commandments are loneliness, atomization, and asceticism. And all through their rituals, they chant a Newspeak prayer, which is plastered on every Melbourne tram and street-corner: “Staying Apart Keeps us Together.” Let this horrific slogan ring out in infamy, and let the theocratic tyrants and their idols be cast down. 

Jason S. Black is a professor in Australia.

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4 months ago

The Taliban are jealous!

john mosbrook
4 months ago

Australian government is lucky their subjects no longer own guns.

4 months ago
Reply to  john mosbrook

I’m going to be honest, a lot of people still lost their rights even with that ammendment in place. If an incident were to occur, most would disavow and punish instead of praise and emulate. You’re not wrong in pointing out that it is one of the “uncertain” variables that makes them hesitant to implement that law though.

I think the real reason they aren’t implementing Australia’s measures in the US because it would be bad optics for them to implement that level of totalitarianism prior to the 2022 elections. A small percentage of African Americans are vaccinated and it wouldn’t look good on any party that forcefully segregates and deploys troops/LEOs against that demographic. Especially after they’ve criticized Trump for his deployment of troops.

Additionally, power in the US more decentralized than Australia. There’s mask mandates in many stores but most people ignore them and the employees don’t enforce it. It’s important to have politicians and corporations who oppose it. However if they fail you, then it’s up for the enforcers and citizens to disregard their orders. That’s the proper way to resist it.

4 months ago

Professor, you ought to be more proud of Australia’s humanist accomplishment. The goal of every democracy is a vast prison patrolled by guards called police officers, soldiers, etc. Now you have your very own prison continent, the finest in the world, and it’s just as democratic as it was on the day in 2015 when you passed the “Biosecurity” Act 2015. The threat of a successful prison riot appears to be quite low, and your warden is a militaristic nerd who was born to a steelworker and a grocery store clerk. Well done!

4 months ago

He still doesn’t understand that this is a monetary event primarily. It’s the Great Reset.

4 months ago

King Fauci on Monday night told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that if the majority of Americans would just get vaccinated, Covid would be under control by Spring of 2022.

Fauci said the US could return to a degree of normalcy if the majority, or 90%+ Americans get the Covid jab.

Not a fool
4 months ago
Reply to  fubsy

He’s been telling that lie for over a year now. “Only X time”, before the goal posts of course are moved. You can’t seriously still be fooled by this pathological liar? How many times are you going to allow people making a fool of you?

4 months ago

Good on the Australians for protesting this totalitarianism.

People will claim that they’re idiots for “opposing laws that make them safer”, but the protestors are the smart ones here. People forget that totalitarian laws are ALWAYS enacted for a “good reason” and are never removed. Look at the no fly lists implemented after 9/11. Australia’s situation is so bad that they’re deploying troops to ARREST people who walk outside or demonstrate against their government. A lot of NGOs would cry if Putin and Xi did this shit.

Even if you think the virus is deadly, it’s a clear pretext for the government to remove the rights of the powerless while granting more rights to the powerful. Any “democratic” government wants to monitor, influence, and control their citizens like zoo animals isn’t worthy of respect.

The real victory won’t come from people with firearms, but from every hierarchy disobeying or ignoring the order. The oligarchs resent uncertainty.

4 months ago


4 months ago

Australia must be subjected to international sanctions for crimes against humanity. Commerce with Australia must be outlawed until they improve conditions.

4 months ago

Time for the US to cut off all relations with Australia, and the American Democratic party.

4 months ago

Aussies need to revolt and do away with their current leadership

4 months ago

“Staying Apart Keeps us Together.”

Deliciously Orwellian.

4 months ago

Wow, slow clap 👏 for Kamala… Way to really clear the competition.

4 months ago

It would be a real shame if the bushfires that ravaged Australia were to occur again. Entire cities would need to be evacuated. Police, military and emergency services would all be preoccupied.

A real shame.

Chris Houston
4 months ago

There is no “vaccine”

4 months ago

Flo, Australia will have an election some time in 2022, depending on how the “leaders” are going.

Victoria and NSW are both on the nose, and yet opposite sides lead them. Andrews is turning Vic into a version of California. But I’d like to think the people have had enough of his lies and incompetence…

As a long time conservative voter, I am looking to the minor parties as I am not impressed with my lot. And I cannot vote the other side. So, all sides have to sharpen up. It may be a hung parliament!

4 months ago

That’s a common misconception, often repeated by Americans. In actual fact, we own more guns now than ever before. The 1996 laws simply restricted the availability and acceptable reasons one can give in order to purchase one.
And that said, availability means nothing if the populace are unwilling to use them in order to fight tyranny. Case in point, the 2020 election. Americans are armed to the teeth and yet not one so called patriot lifted a finger or fired a single shot to prevent an obviously illegitimate administration from taking power. All the guns in the world can’t help you if the population have been demoralized and conditioned not to fight.

Will blank(@overclock22)
4 months ago
Reply to  AZT

They wanted one person to fire a shot, they even killed a women in hopes someone would shoot back. They would immediately suspend the second ammendment and have all the ammo needed to defeat it in the sphere of public opinion. An organized militia is needed not rag tag lone wolf

4 months ago

First the government took their guns, then the government implemented totalitarianism. Their standard of living and quality of life are in literal free-fall but stagflation is rising rapidly. They will end as poor slaves kept under the boot of their own “liberal” government before civilization replacement is completed through mass immigration leaving their progeny a persecuted minority like South Africans now experience. And once it’s gone, they’ll never be able to get it back. Once-proud Australia will end as another cautionary footnote in history. Cheerio.

Will blank(@overclock22)
4 months ago
Reply to  American

History won’t be allowed in the new world order. Children won’t be taught anything but what’s necessary to serve

Jersey Prophet
4 months ago

Watch this intelligent young Aussie explain the ultimate design of this insane vaxx mania.

Australia began as a penal colony. And so it will end:

J.P. Travis
4 months ago

It’s demonic. And the evil seems to have infected health bureaucrats around the world.

4 months ago

The whole damn world has gone crazy!

4 months ago

I didn’t follow any of the US Guidlines I didn’t agree with! I will not follow Morons with no or phony credentials or fake science (such as climate change)!

Bo Butrous
4 months ago

As an American living in Sydney, I have seen this inept far left political structure just keep doubling down on what they continue to call science but they never ever produce any… Just say they are following the science. Does this sound familiar? Think the nut jobs in America like Nancy Polosi and Gladys and her minions are an absolute disgrace and have cost so many lives. Despair is rampant!

Hal P
4 months ago

I think all you citizens need to throw away your petty differences you have more in common than you realize, Freedom being one.
Your problems are the same tyranny which is caused by these politicians. Rise up together and fight these politicians.
Maybe it’s time to grab a couple of them and have a nice long chat…

4 months ago

We will beat the health into you

4 months ago

Australia’s lockdowns are no “mistake”. The deliberate oppression of Australia’s citizens which essentially turns a person’s home into a permanent prison cell is all by design. Not being able to access parks, beaches, work, go to church, bury the dead, freely move about, travel, leave the country and so on is Agenda 2030 front and center. This has absolutely nothing to do with Covid. Nothing.

Look Agenda 2021/2030. Learn it, because it’s the model that is slowly being rolled out in every western country with Australia and New Zealand leading the way. This is the future of America if people don’t wake up now. The goal of the program which as been in the works for many years is a massive reduction of the western world’s population– forced toxic and sterilizing vaccines, suicides, drugs, lack of medical screenings are taking care of that, another goal is to force people to live in tiny rental apartments in crammed cities where they can be constantly monitored and controlled (just follow the wildfires in California and other places that are burning down millions of acres along with people’s homes and entire towns where they are not allowed to rebuild due to newly passed laws). You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy is the motto.

Open borders and flooding western countries with the third world is part of the program with the goal of replacing “thinking” workers with desperate, obedient ones who won’t fight the system. Forced masking and vaccinating our children is testing the waters to see which parents will eventually give into to a future of never-ending forced inoculations for their children (essentially handing their children over to the state). Small businesses must be completely eliminated so only the big box stores who are on board with the Agenda are left and everyone is on some kind of welfare (to keep them controlled). Wars must rage endlessly (see Afghanistan). Free and fair elections will no longer exist (see Nov 2020). Governmental agencies will be infiltrated and eventually fall– see the FBI, CIA, CDC, NIH, FDA, border patrol and so on. These organizations have no credibility. Military (currently being “woke” purged) and law enforcement (defund the police) must be also be destroyed and replaced with a one world stasi-like military who’s sole purpose is enforcement and not safety.

People need to wake up and realize that everything you are seeing from this point forward has nothing at all to do with Covid. Covid is merely the mechanism to launch the Agenda and it’s way out of the gate. While we sit around lost and confused pondering why do these rules and laws seem to not make any sense the people behind all of this (see the WEC) Australia will be America very soon if people don’t see what is really happening.

4 months ago

The controls put into place to prevent the spread of coronavirus will do more harm in the long run than the coronavirus itself.

Richard lane
4 months ago

WeII, it wouId appear that AustraIia has reverted to its former seIf; and is once again fuII of prisoners.

This is how authoritarians get their start. Disarm the popuIace, and then controI their movements.

Susan J Sylvia
4 months ago

My daughter traveled to Australia in the fall of 2019 to stay and work for a while. All she’s seen of that country is the inside of her apartment. she was in Melbourne for all the worst of that lockdown, then with relief moved to Sydney. That didn’t work out. We haven’t seen her in three years now.

4 months ago

This kung flu nonsense would have been long over if we just had gone about our business and allowed herd immunity to take place. All the numbers have been skewed to reflect a pandemic- baloney. The guy with 3 bullet holes in the back of his head died of Covid, the guy mangled in a car accident died of Covid. None of these people they claimed died of Covid had an autopsy. The US is allowing millions of low IQ 3rd world morons to flood into the US with no concern at all about Covid. Now we get hundreds of thousands of Afghanis that hate Christianity, hate the US way of life and will destabilize the country no concern for Covid. Governors and mayors ignoring their own rules and restrictions. That should tell even the dimmest of the population this is not about Covid it is about taking your God given rights away. We will never get them back once they are gone.

4 months ago

Looks like the prison guards are gaining control of the ‘penal colony’.

4 months ago

Australia is the test group for Agenda 2030.
Our own indeed despots want this for America. They’re getting close.

4 months ago

Find the bastards who is doing this and kill them

4 months ago

The, use, of, commas, in, this, article, is, well, too, much

4 months ago

“…by way of mitigation, vaccination…”

Why would you need to “mitigate” and “vaccinate” your way out of a NON-EXISTENT “DISEASE” ?????

4 months ago

Sounds to me like the Australians rulers envy the sentinel islanders.

4 months ago

Give up your guns and you eventually you will be controlled … by the Satanic Marxist!

Gregory Brittain
4 months ago

“Staying Apart Keeps us Together.”

“War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”

“Arbeit macht frei.”

“A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth.”

J Sanders
4 months ago

Parts of Australia were once used as a British penal colony now it looks like the Australian government is working to convert to a country wide prison model.

4 months ago


4 months ago

enjoy starving when the truckies blockade your cities you commie idiots

4 months ago

There should be serious consequences for the perpetrators of COVID19. The usurpers need to be outed and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Bob TheBuilder(@bob-thebuilder)
4 months ago

BLM and Antifa protesters go to Australia now. Your protests are urgently needed there.

4 months ago

The Aussies have become wimps to put up with that. Where is the fight, the spirit, the backbone to take your country back from the facists running it. Babies are fying because state lines cannot be crossed even for medical care. Aussies cannot go home. You gave up your guns and now you see why they wanted them. The Chinese have more freedoms. Take your country back. Take your state back.

4 months ago

What if?
The best-case scenario is that bringing the troops home in such a rush was due to Biden’s poor decision-making skills and probable dementia.
The worst and perhaps most likely scenario is they were rushed home to facilitate forcing the vaccines on them. After all, Biden’s deadline to vax all troops is quickly approaching.
And why the rush to vaccinate our military who have suffered more vaccine deaths than covid deaths already and are not likely to harmed by covid?
Because they intend to use our troops to forcefully vaccinate us. They will send troops to our schools to vaccinate our children without parental foreknowledge or approval just as Australia has done. They will use our troops to force us into buses where we’ll be taken to “vaccination centers”. Or they’ll come to our homes or work places to forcefully vaccinate us.
Since the vaccinated still get covid the deaths caused by the vaccines will be blamed on new covid variants and the unvaccinated. And as more and more of us die from these vaccines and those deaths are blamed on covid the hysteria and pressure to get more frequent boosters will amplify and continue to accelerate the death rate.
Stupidity and dementia are truly the best-case scenario.

4 months ago

The hvy, yeasty smell of aussie man-pussy reaches across da seas. I call em paussies.

Paul Nadrowski
2 months ago

This is a global takeover. The goal is to get the shots in you. They are loaded with an injectable computing system. Bill gates-Luciferase. This will be your digital ID. Just like Gates (the satan worshipper) did in Africa. I think the 3rd shot is the key to bring all of it together. Thats why the strongarm tactics. This technology was developed by DARPA in 2012. They will be able to track all you do and also program you. If you are a troublemaker they can cut you off from your bank accounts or also send a program to kill you. It relates back to revelation 13 :14 in the bible. If you want to see how the parallel government is being set up to purge the 80% of government that is corrupt go to it will be an eye opening experience. Also for more info on whats really in the vaccines go to rumble and search for videos with Dr Carrie Madej, Karen Kingston and stew peters. Keep fighting the good fight.

6 days ago

They want your land and have robots to mine it. They do not need humans and the costs of socialist programs. Australia bought 15 shots for each citizen requiring one every 6 months and the people have no choice. Most will die. They will blame a new variant

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