Joe Biden is Recreating “The Camp of The Saints” at the US Border
August 6, 2021 (6mo ago)

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Camp of the Saints is no longer fiction. The Biden administration has made it reality along the U.S.-Mexico border. Right before our eyes, the government of the United States is deciding that, in fact, the United States doesn’t really exist at all.

In Jean Raspail’s 1973 novel, a vast horde of starving Indians commandeers a flotilla of decrepit ships in the harbor of Calcutta. The flotilla sets sail for Europe, and slowly creeps around the Cape of Good Hope, past Sao Tome, through the Strait of Gibraltar, and finally descends upon southern France. As the fleet approaches, French society is first convulsed first by political infighting, then by panic, and finally by collapse.

Six months ago, Revolver listed Camp as one of eight books to read while you still can. We wrote then:

The thesis of The Camp of the Saints is simple: That the very traits that made the West so successful and so widely-imitated would eventually be its undoing. The West’s openness and egalitarianism led to widespread prosperity. But those same moral sensibilities, Raspail argues, mean that while the West could easily vanquish a normal military threat, it will be politically unable to justify its own success. If the impoverished, backwards masses of the Third World demand the wealth of the West, the West will submit even if it ultimately means the loss of its prosperity, its independence, its culture, its very existence. Nearly a half-century later, with Western elites eagerly waving in caravans from Central America and literal boatloads from Africa, Raspail’s foresight looks remarkable.

Six months ago, Raspail was prescient. Today, his vision is so accurate one wonders if he was a time traveler.

You may have heard a few months ago that there was a “crisis” at the border. Even The New York Times admitted it, all the way back in February. Since then, the border situation has receded from public attention, except for the occasional flare-up when a video goes viral or Fox News pays attention for a few days. For years, Americans have been poisoned by ever-more-rapid news cycles, by a cable and Twitter ecosystem that grows bored with stories in a matter of days or even hours, and then discards them for a new novelty. Riots in South Africa flare up and hundreds are killed. How did that all end? Who cares! Another U.S. athlete choked at the Olympics and Donald Trump said something wacky! (That said, for those wondering: South Africa is still screwed).

But make no mistake: The crisis has never abated for one moment since Joe Biden took office. It has only gotten steadily worse, day after day. In February, 101,000 migrants streamed over the 1,954-mile line on a map that is ever-less-accurately described as a “border.” In March, the migrant count surged to a record 170,000, and that records has been broken every month since. In July, it cleared 210,000. More than a million illegal immigrants have entered the country in the past six months. And they are still coming.

And remember, paradoxically, these are only the documented “undocumented”. Despite the wide open door with welcome mat the U.S. is offering, thousands of migrants are still sneaking past the Border Patrol the old-fashioned way. And then there are the thousands of phony vacationers and visa overstays who are once again pouring into the country through its airports as well. By the end of the year, America may very well have increased its total illegal immigrant population by several million.

As migrants pour in, the U.S. Border Patrol has transformed into border processing. So long as a migrant knows the right things to say (claim to be a minor, or to have an asylum claim), U.S. officials will only handle the new arrival long enough to transfer them into the American interior unsupervised as quickly as possible. It may not be shown on CNN or reported much in The Washington Post, but every day, the churn continues.

In the border city of McAllen, Texas, officials have frantically thrown up tents to house the hundreds of people who inundate the small city every day.

In a frantic bid to at least slow down the torrent, in July Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order barring anyone other than federal or local government officials from transporting migrants. When it comes to enforcing American immigration laws, the U.S. court system can lie moribund for decades. But the moment Abbott sought to hold up the systemic evasion of those laws, the courts leapt into action:

A federal judge Aug. 3 temporarily blocked an order issued by the governor of Texas to halt transportation of migrants by anyone other than local or federal authorities following an incident involving a Catholic nonprofit.

Judge Kathleen Cardone of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas in El Paso granted an emergency request from the Department of Justice, which said the order was “dangerous and unlawful.”

The department filed a lawsuit July 30 against the state of Texas, trying to stop enforcement of the order, which gives troopers the ability to pull over and impound a vehicle, if needed, that is suspected of transporting migrants.

“The executive order causes irreparable injury to the United States and to individuals the United States is charged with protecting, jeopardizing the health and safety of noncitizens in federal custody, risking the safety of federal law enforcement personnel and their families, and exacerbating the spread of COVID-19,” the judge said in granting the emergency block of the executive order. [Catholic News Service]

None of this is a natural disaster. It is a choice. In President Trump’s final year, the border was basically secured. Tens of thousands of people lined up in Mexico awaiting Biden’s arrival, banking that he wouldn’t be willing to continue Trump’s success. And they were correct.

All of these migrants pour in without limit and without end. The United States is being overrun, trampled by a human wave from abroad. If this wave were armed with tanks and jet fighters, it would be hurled back into Mexico. But precisely because it is so helpless, this invasion is perhaps the most successful mass-migration of people in human history.

The man who saw this coming was Jean Raspail. In Camp, he characterized this exact kind of invasion thusly: “Some new, sophisticated form of warfare: A pathetic enemy, who attacks without firing a shot, and who counts on our pity to protect him.”

“The West thinks it has great, powerful armies,” another of Raspail’s characters utters. “Well, it hasn’t. It has no armies at all anymore.” The United States doesn’t have the will to say that its border is real. It is too morally cowed to prevent foreign masses from crossing it at will, armed only with desperation or the children they brandish in front of them.

In Raspail’s fable, the French president plays a critical role, evocative of the one President Biden now finds himself in. As the migrant flotilla approaches, the president addresses the nation. He lays out the consequences of letting the flotilla arrive: The end of the French nation as it has existed for 1500 years.

“Five hours form now, as day dawns on this Easter Monday morning, we shall either have lost or preserved our integrity as a nation, so jealously guarded for a thousand years and more.  … As your President, elected by the nation, I cannot fail to act. I know, of course, that most of our people consider it inhuman and unthinkable to throw armed might against a weary, starving, and defenseless opponent. Yes, I know how they feel. And yet, my friends, the fact is this: cowardice toward the weak is cowardice at its most subtle, and indeed, its most deadly.”

And yet, at the decisive moment, the president falters. Instead of ordering the French military to halt the arrival of migrants, he leaves the decision up to every soldier’s conscience. With the president having abdicated leadership, the army soon folds as well: The migrants arrive, and sweep through the whole country up to Paris, where they inaugurate a new regime revolving around the dispossession and punishment of France’s historic population.

Today, President Joe Biden represents the same abdication of leadership. In March, his message to migrants was “don’t come.” In the 2000s, Biden bragged about voting for the Secure Fence Act and talked about the need to punish employers who hired illegal immigrants. He said he would crack down on sanctuary cities and deny illegals drivers licences. And of course, he vowed to boost funding for the border patrol.

Of course, Biden never really intended to be strong on immigration. The remarks above were clearly designed to lull voters into complacency with the old convivial centrist act.

The following clip is a more honest reflection of Biden’s true agenda, if his present actions are any indication:

By all accounts, Biden’s submission to the open borders cult is even more feeble and pathetic than the one shown in Raspail’s novel. In Camp, France is overrun because its leaders are not willing to kill to preserve their country. In real life, America is being overrun because leaders aren’t willing to look mean. 

Having a real border means staring at impoverished, helpless people at your front door and saying “Sorry, no.” It means finding them at their places of work, yanking them out, and punishing their employers. It means deporting people back to their home countries, even if they cry or scream or make viral videos of sobbing children. It means not falling apart the moment you see this listicle on Buzzfeed:

The American regime is incapable of passing this basic test. And now, the secret is out: Show up to America’s front door, and you’ll be rewarded. The country with the world’s most powerful (or at least most expensive) military will allow the largest incursion by foreign peoples in world history.

In the introduction for the 1985 edition of his novel, Raspail elaborates on how his novel diverges from the future reality he actually foresaw:

In Camp of the Saints … everything takes place within three days along the shores of Southern France. … In actuality the unraveling will not take place in three days but, almost certainly, after many convulsions, during the first decades of the third millennium, barely the time of one or two generations. … At every level — nations, races, cultures, as well as individuals — it is always the soul that wins the decisive battles. It is only the soul that forms the weave of gold and brass from which the shields that save the strong are fashioned. I can hardly discern any soul in us. … The petty bourgeois, deaf and blind, continues to play the buffoon without knowing it. Still miraculously comfortable in his lush fields, he cries out while glancing toward his nearest neighbor. “Make the rich pay!” Does he know, does he finally know that it is he who is the rich guy, and that the cry for justice, that cry of all revolutions, projected by millions of voices, is rising soon against him, and only against him[?]

Where did Raspail err? Only in one place. A half-century ago, Raspail at least had his migrants arrive in flotillas of commandeered boats. Today’s actual migrants benefit from the innovation of free jet travel.

That’s a real charity. Stroll on over to and you too can donate some miles to sponsor free flights from the Third World into America for asylum seekers.

Forty-eight years ago, Jean Raspail envisioned Western nations simply giving up on existence, unwilling to accept and sustain a reality where they are rich and other nations are poor and backwards. Now, his vision has come to pass.

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5 months ago

We are all Kulaks now.
We are all Rhodesians now.
We are all Afrikaners now.
We are all Serbs now.
We are all Mid-East Christians now.

The anti-white, anti-Christian globalists have come for us.

Chris Houston(@chrishouston)
5 months ago
Reply to  Guest

Blood will flow.
They know this.

Peter Bartholomew
5 months ago

Sobering indeed, but only one comment in 4 hrs. The masses are not just asleep, they are catatonic.

Timothy Stewart(@tsstewart)
5 months ago

I agree. This article sets out what I’ve felt for a long time. Namely, there’s no fight in the American public Yes, we’re all kushi-bushi (mouth warriors) now. While the protests rage in the EU & Cuba for freedom & liberty, our citizens are showing no signs of push-back. If this continues, nothing is going to save us from our indifference. Ironic, right now there’s more fight by the French than in the US! As for lack of comments, I guess most don’t want to face the truth. Thanks Revolver for at least shining the mirror on it.

5 months ago

No one knows who revolver is. Maybe that has something to do with it.
The only reason I am here is because of Gab and that place is turning into a giant SHT hole of racists and Jew haters. Probably all on the Dem payroll..

5 months ago
Reply to  VET2020

you are a suicidal POS. racists and jew haters are the only ones that can save this country you stupid scumbag

Leo Frank
5 months ago
Reply to  VET2020

Do you mean that people are noticing the role jews play in destroying White Chistian nations? Keep up your Zionist jew Nazi crying, you big Racist baby.

5 months ago

The only consolation is that they take over Gracie Mansion and kick out Warren DeBlasio.
But, yes. This is happening before our very eyes.
Raspail tried to warn the West.

Tim McFalls
5 months ago

Predictable. I googled this book, and of course, top links were all “far right,”, “racist” book by “white nationalists”, with the SPLC being one the top links. Book being erased. F the left and the SPLC needs to be destroyed.

Timothy Stewart(@tsstewart)
5 months ago

In a discussion with a range buddy today, his friend in Louisiana, next to an Air Force base, told him that he’s seen bus loads of people arriving into the base in white school buses. They must have been transferred onto military transport planes bound for other bases in the USA. With the huge amount of people coming in, they likely need many different methods to disperse them into the US as quickly as possible.

Chris Houston(@chrishouston)
5 months ago

Well they want to turn America into South Africa.
You know, those people who’s name can not be said.

Anonymous American
5 months ago

I do not want one more 3rd world invader in my America. Total immigration moratorium now!

Claude Adams(@claudeadams)
5 months ago

Camp of the Saints is available for free! Amazon wants like 200 bucks for a paperback, here it is:

Milly Vanilly
5 months ago
Reply to  Claude Adams

Thank you for the link.

Timothy Stewart(@tsstewart)
5 months ago
Reply to  Claude Adams

Thanks, I just downloaded it.

marjorie spencer
5 months ago
Reply to  Claude Adams

Thank you.

Sunny Today
5 months ago

Illegal migration is a symptom of our collective illness. We don’t collectively have the courage to even allow the spanking of our children. Why does anyone think we would not allow in any economic migrant arriving at our shore/border. Our country has become like that very strong character in many movies/novels who is timid. Cowardice is a term coming to mind…afraid to confront, to stand up, to acknowledge evil, to fight. Unfortunately, when pushed far enough the gentle giant becomes an out of control belligerent. Lashing out and destroying everything around….We, the US, are now that gentle giant. The world will test us. We are in a very dangerous point in time. We are the sick man of the world with a big bag full of dangerous weapons. Control of those weapons rests in the hands of biden…you know the guy who is always talking about taking somebody behind the gym. Pray for our country.

G. Washingto
5 months ago

War has been declared on the citizens of the United States by the very government that swore to protect preserve and defend them.

5 months ago
Reply to  G. Washingto

They are the enemy.

5 months ago

The USA no longer exists. The land region that once was the USA is now just another lawless dysfunctional stinking corpse S hole.

A Call for Honesty
5 months ago

If those crossing the border were forced to work to support themselves, providing their own food, clothing, medical expenses, accommodation, transport, children’s schooling and the likes, I wonder if even 5% of the current numbers would cross the border illegally?

Perhaps the number allowed in to the US should be determined by the amount of financial support the open border advocates are prepared to give.

JAN BOGGS(@libertas)
5 months ago

The Nation is at the beginning of it’s end state, lawlessness.

Mad Mac
5 months ago

I read the Camp of the Saints because I was concerned about what would happen
if there was a million man march on our Southern Border. The book answers the question.

The problem is not with “the other”, the potential billion or two foreigners
who given the opportunity would flood into this country. I would too.

The problem is what Raspial would refer to later as “The Big Other”.
In our case, Democrats; the soft headed, the anti-American, the fellow travelers
and hard core Marxists who would bring this country down to gain power.

We are the last hope for Western Civilization. It is too late for Europe.
Everyone feels sorry when we see a photograph of a child with flies on his face.
But at some point we must say, “No”.

We must harden our hearts and save our nation.

marjorie spencer
5 months ago
Reply to  Mad Mac

A sinking ship can save no one. A drowning man cannot save another. First, he must shore up the holes of the ship; then must save himself.

Deplorable Joe Voter
5 months ago

Why are we doing ANYTHING to “house” these invaders?!?!?!?!? Let them die in the desert.

Chris Houston(@chrishouston)
5 months ago

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, directed by Dr. Anthony Fauci, spent $424,455 in taxpayer funds on experiments to infest beagles with parasite-carrying flies, even though the procedure had already been extensively tested on other animals. White Coat Waste Project, the government watchdog group that obtained the documents, found that about half of Fauci’s $6 billion budget was used for animal experimentation, including the abusive dog experiment.
The funds were directed to the University of Georgia Research Foundation to conduct the experiment.

Dave Brangan(@radiant-angel)
5 months ago

All empires begin and they end. When the SCOTUS refused to hear the Texas case which had (I think) 25 other state attorneys generals signed on, I figured this country was toast. Must say, the speed of degradation is amazing.
There is no one coming to the rescue.

5 months ago

And animal shelters are now bursting with returned covid pets that will be euthanized. Covid, the China psy-op, continues to pay dividends for CCP. Killed millions, tanked economies, eliminated Trump, replaced with Marxist controlled demented Biden.

5 months ago

Good article, absolutely spot on.

The United States is being overrun, trampled by a human wave from abroad. “

Worse, it is being trampled by a low IQ wave from abroad. If we were overrun by 120 IQ people from Hong Kong it would be one thing… Haitians? Senegalese? These people may be nice, but they are not exactly high functioning.

Not that importing legions of high IQ foreigners is a good idea either.

5 months ago


5 months ago

This is exactly what is happening. I fail to understand why there is no true outcry.

5 months ago

Can we provide these new comers with Nancy Pelosi’s, Joes Biden’s, Hillary Clinton’s, et al addresses? They have lots of extra unused rooms in their multiple residences. I’m sure these welcoming leaders will set the example of how to make the new arrivals feel welcome!

Tim Pottorff
5 months ago

Realize that all of these occurences, an open border, non-prosecution of BLM terrorists, reduction of police budgets, the strengthening of CRT in the military, the schools and industry, the censorship by Big Tech of any opinions that buck the narrative, the passing of pork-riddled ‘stimulus/infrastructure’ bills, the shuttering of small businesses, vaccine mandates, mask mandates…..are not accidental or coincedental. This is Marxist overthrow at it’s finest.
The Cloward-Piven Plan in conjuction with Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is in full play now. Our universities and the MSM has long since been infiltrated by Leftists.
If we can’t fight back and defeat this monster, we will say goodbye to the freedoms that make this America. Without God as our foundation, the nation is lost.

5 months ago


3 months ago

If the “evil overlords” experienced the consequences of their actions the invasion would stop tomorrow. But they can hide in their mansions, jet off to private islands, send their kids to elite schools, hire private security to protect them, they have unlimited resources. America means nothing to them as long as they can create their own reality.

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