EU Releases Urgent Memo Highlighting The Dangers of “Right Wing” Memes
August 2, 2021 (3mo ago)

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Researchers in the European Union have identified one of the deadliest threats to the globalist order that is slowly destroying nations, shattering cultures, and sucking the joy out of life: Humor itself.

“It’s Not Funny Anymore: Far-Right Extremists’ Use of Humour” is a recently-published report by two researchers with the Radicalisation Action Network (RAN), an organization funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund. The two researchers deciding something is not funny are academics Maik Fielitz and Reem Ahmed. Apparently, they have assimilated well to the German sense of humor.

Longer video clip here

The paper is easy to mock, but it is also rooted in truth: The right’s dominance of online “meme wars” is one of its most potent political weapons. The paper also provides a deeply revealing look at the thinking of the unfunny, uninteresting totalitarians who enforce globalist orthodoxy today.

The report opens very promisingly, by warning that the free exchange of humor will undermine “open societies.”

Humour has become a central weapon of extremist movements to subvert open societies and to lower the threshold towards violence Especially within the context of a recent wave of far-right terrorist attacks, we witness “playful” ways in communicating racist ideologies. As far-right extremists strategically merge with online cultures, their approach changes fundamentally. This trend has been especially facilitated by the so-called alt-right and has spread globally. This predominantly online movement set new standards to rebrand extremist positions in an ironic guise, blurring the lines between mischief and potentially radicalising messaging. The result is a nihilistic form of humour that is directed against ethnic and sexual minorities and deemed to inspire violent fantasies — and eventually action.

The paper then proceeds to explain that in the past, online humor was good, because it helped to “combat extremist ideologies,” though the authors note this comedy may be of dubious effectiveness:

Humour in the context of preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) has largely been discussed as a means to combat extremist ideologies. Various counter-narrative campaigns have deployed humour to question the authority of extremist groups and ridicule their ambitions. Even though it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of such campaigns, research has shown that such endeavours are appropriate to spin democratic alternatives for affected youths.

At many times, the paper actually does a good job of explaining precisely why satire, ridicule, memes, and mockery are politically potent. But the authors themselves are such rigid ideologues that they cannot see the genuine humor at the root of right-wing comedy, and instead can only conceive of “supposed” satire and efforts to manipulate others.

Far right extremists … have learned the lesson that if — in our digitalised societies — a movement wants to be successful, it needs to be entertaining and participatory. … Laughter is imminently important to strengthen a collective identity and to better communicate their own positions to outsiders. By reformulating prejudices and disguising them in witty language, the interplay of hatred and amusement regarding the misery of supposedly inferior groups runs like a golden thread through the history of far-right movements.

Recent generations of far-right extremists have chosen transgressive humour and (supposed) satire as central weapons in the fight against liberal democracy and its “political correctness”, which is depicted as prudish and patronising. Praising a “politically incorrect” attitude, humour has been weaponised as a form of resistance against a political culture that is supposedly curtailing free speech.

At times, the paper becomes so dead serious that it reads like humorless aliens trying to understand a culture they fundamentally cannot relate to on a basic biological level:

Digital culture is based on the core belief that ways of interaction online differ fundamentally from the offline world. “The Internet is serious business”, has become the ironic meme, the meaning of which is actually the exact opposite, which is to say that the internet is not serious business at all, and anyone who thinks otherwise should be corrected and ridiculed. But why should P/CVE practitioners care about these trolls and memes? And what are these memes actually?

The European Union attempts to explain dank memes.

At one point, they even have to pause to explain what the “red pill” is.

The authors describe the fundamentally anarchic, decentralized, and meritocratic culture of memes as “temporal alliances of online users who employ trolling tactics to challenge meaningful conversation online.” This is a deception, of course. Meme culture does not “challenge” any meaningful conversation online. When used politically, memes are a reaction to a situation where meaningful debate has already been stifled. Scolds, church ladies, and petty tyrants may dominate Twitter. They may control every major paper. They may be able to get Facebook to ban their enemies, put them on watchlists, and cancel their PayPal accounts. But no amount of power will ever make them witty, so they will always be exposed to humiliation online.

The apex of the paper may come, though, when the authors get to their list of recommendations. Mercifully, being European, they actually don’t do what American analysts would do, and simply screech for more bans to make the mean people go away. They do, however, make dry, impossible-to-parody requests for more funding so that anti-extremism experts can develop “literacy” and “authenticity” while “engaging” with memes.

It is a key element of humour to draw the line between those who understand and those who look  foolish, as well as between those who laugh about others and those who are humiliated. In fact, humour is a social practice that bears several excluding mechanisms. As such, it demands specialised knowledge to make sense of it and to react appropriately — to determine if one likes the jokes or not. It is especially difficult to cope with the complex dynamics of humorous memes without a profound knowledge of the language and practices of online cultures. This requires the following:

  • Develop and support more resources aimed at understanding vibrant online cultures that far-right
    actors take advantage of;
  • Improve literacy with regard to memes, codes and symbols online to appear authentic when engaging with young people;
  • Build effective partnerships with the technology sector and researchers to develop knowledge on new developments.

An anti-extremism researcher honing his craft.

So, other than being comically cringe, why does this paper matter?

It reveals a few things. It reveals that globalist’s war against “hate” is actually a war against humanity itself. Humor is the means by which people can highlight otherwise awkward and uncomfortable truths. It is the best weapon for deflating pretentious, serious, unimpressive frauds. Far from expressing “hate,” even “offensive” humor almost always serves to create warmth and break down barriers between otherwise different people.

In other words, humor is an existential threat to everything that the globalist order represents. Humor shatters the lies that globalism’s domination is based on. It exposes and humiliates the mediocrities who are perpetually elevated into leadership and positions of phony “expertise.” Humor itself is a pure meritocracy; no amount of state meddling or affirmative action can make something like the Ghostbusters reboot funny. And lastly, humor thrives on pointing out hypocrisy, inconsistency, and double standards. The modern regime is dependent on anarcho-tyranny, the ruthless enforcement of the law on some contrasted with the total immunity of others. The free exchange of humor would destroy such a regime.

That is precisely why modern “clown world” is so deliberately, brutally unfunny. Contemporary reality is inherently ridiculous, and it can only survive by making it borderline criminal to laugh at it. The alphabet community has morphed from “LGBT” to “LGBTQ+” to “LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM.” Sports Illustrated puts mentally ill men and obese monstrosities on the cover of its swimsuit edition. Ibram Kendi, the man who struggled to crack 1000 on the SAT, is paraded out as a leading public intellectual. George Floyd, a violent, repugnant man, is America’s chief secular saint. But smirk at any of this in public and one’s life can be destroyed.

A man cross-dressing as a woman is one of the most classic comedy bits in history, from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night to Rudy Giuliani:

But today, there’s nothing funny at all about drag queens. They have instead been elevated to objects for reverence and worship, a post-modern Vestal Anti-Virgin.

The EU’s analysts are right to be frightened. In any political battle, the side with more compelling satire has a tremendous advantage. There really is a pipeline from online humor to anti-globalist views. 4chan memes and Babylon Bee articles are more powerful than any op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. And that is why, even if the EU’s paper doesn’t end with proposals for mass censorship, such efforts are inevitable. In the long run, the Globalist Empire and humor cannot coexist. One has to destroy the other.

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2 months ago

The George Floyd mural that was struck by lightning in Ohio was blended with rainbow nation. Sure George would be offended.
BOOM! haha

John Hill
2 months ago
Reply to  littlewing

It was in Toledo.

2 months ago
Reply to  John Hill

Yea, Toledo, Ohio

2 months ago

These idiotic Marxists will soon be eating their own with all of their delusion. It’s happening already. Pssst, everybody knows it.

2 months ago
Reply to  Roscoe

This is the Rothschilds trying to shut down exposure of their dictatorship.
Notice also an Israeli running it

2 months ago
Reply to  Roscoe

joe’s already eating “his own”, on tv lol

America the Beautiful
2 months ago
Reply to  taipei

Eating his own boogers

2 months ago

The Rothschilds are trying to quash dissent with their various con “foundations”
They want a world dictatorship, people!
These are Marxist supremacists!
Keep an eye on maik Fielitz

2 months ago

They are losing and they know it. All their money, all the MSM and big tech in their pocket and they are losing. This will come to civil war and they will lose that too.

2 months ago

Brazilian president: Covid is being used to implant tyranny, I want ALL Brazilians armed. He went on an extended and detailed rant, saying tyranny was everywhere in Brazil just waiting to pounce and that to avoid that happening under the cover of the corona ruse, the Brazilian people needed to buy guns IMMEDIATELY.

Susan J Sylvia
2 months ago

The important question now is: where do we go to spread ruthless and relentless memes about this ridiculous paper?

One thing I have loved about people on the right through all this political upheaval is their unfailing sense of humor and love of just plain fun. And so much of their humor is very smart underneath. It’s such a relief to have a good laugh once in a while when all seems lost. The left has no such outlet, since they have inbred to the point that their sense of humor has been eliminated.

2 months ago

Stalin and the Communist Party, Hitler and his Nazis had no sense of humor either.
Totalitarians cannot accept criticism.
The EU France, Australia, Germany Canada, New Zealand are seeing a revision of authoritarianism make a comeback in this our 21 st Century. Oh I left one country off that list that is oppressing it’s citizens. The United States.

Barry Finkberg
2 months ago
Reply to  Sid

You also forgot Fascist jew Nazi Israel.

2 months ago

The Left Can’t Meme.

2 months ago
Reply to  MemeWarrior

per defenition!

2 months ago

You know, I know it, everyone knows it.

2 months ago

You mean like exposure of your commie agenda, Tovarisch?

America the Beautiful
2 months ago

Ahhhh hahaha these headlines get funnier every day

A Call for Honesty
2 months ago

Many EU politicians are simply “Fifty Shades of Left” which they do not find funny.

If they can formulate their beliefs in seven, short, simple statements
and in seven, similar statements what they believe a far-right position is,
I can likewise respond with my views that do not resemble the far-right
but completely undermine their critique and expose their flawed ideology.

However, they are usually allergic to careful and thoughtful reasoning,
loathe to reveal their true colors and
wary of showing the full extent of their ignorance.

A Call for Honesty
2 months ago

EU remedy

To solve a problem: set up a committee

To solve a bigger problem: set up a bigger committee.

Result: The bigger the committee, the bigger the failure. No joke!

2 months ago

Because 70 years of COMMUNISM was SO GOOD>
And as the greatest, so far, mass murderer in all of history, put it so succinctly:  “Every Communist must grasp the truth, ‘Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.’ Our principle is that the Communist Party commands the gun and the gun will never be allowed to command the Party.”   – Mao Tse-tung
It’s why (((they))) want the guns.
The Bolsheviks want you to be easy prey.
Every American should be studying the HOLODOMOR and STALIN’S terror.
Learn what the Bolsheviks did to Christian Ukrainians and Russians.
Because you will be RELIVING it.
While we cannot prevent death, we can prevent evil.The most glaring example of the denial of evil is communism, an ideology that, within a period of only 60 years, created modern totalitarianism and deprived of human rights, tortured, starved and killed more people than any other ideology in history.
“All you freedom-loving “left wing” thinkers in the West! You left-laborites! You progressive American, German, and French students! As far as you are concerned, this whole book of mine is a waste of effort. You may suddenly understand it all someday – but only when you yourselves hear ‘hands behind your backs there!’ and step ashore on our Archipelago.”Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 
According to the authoritative “The Black Book of Communism,” written by six French scholars and published in the United States by Harvard University Press, the numbers of people murdered — not people killed in combat; ordinary civilians trying to live their lives — by communist regimes were:
Latin America: 150,000.
Vietnam: 1 million.
Eastern Europe: 1 million.
Ethiopia: 1.5 million.
North Korea: 2 million.
Cambodia: 2 million.
The Soviet Union: 20 million (many scholars believe the number was considerably higher).
China: 65 million.
These numbers are quite conservative. For example, in Ukraine alone, the Soviet regime and its Ukrainian Communist Party helpers starved 5 to 6 million to death within a two-year period. It is almost inconceivable that only 14 to 15 million other Soviet citizens were murdered.
And, of course, these numbers do not describe the suffering endured by hundreds of millions of people who were not murdered: the systematic stripping people of their right to speak freely, to worship, to start a business or even to travel without party permission; no noncommunist judiciary or media; the near-poverty of nearly all communist countries; the imprisonment and torture of vast numbers of people; and, of course, the trauma suffered by the hundreds of millions of friends and relatives of the murdered and imprisoned.
These numbers don’t tell you about the many starving Ukrainians who ate the flesh of people, often children, sometimes including their own; or the Romanian Christians whose communist prison guards forced them to eat feces to compel them to renounce their faith; or the frozen millions in the vast Soviet Siberian prison camp system known as the Gulag Archipelago; or the Vietnamese communists’ routine practice of burying peasants alive to terrorize people into supporting the communists; or Mao Zedong’s regular use of torture to punish opponents and intimidate peasants, like leading men through the streets with rusty wires through their testicles and burning the vaginas of wives of opponents with flaming wicks — Mao’s techniques to terrorize peasants into supporting the Chinese Communist Party in its early days.
  “The classes and the races too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way…. They must perish in the revolutionary holocaust.” -Jewish Karl Marx, Marx People’s Paper, April 16, 1856, Journal of the History of Idea, 1981  …… Yes, A Jew invented and NAMED “HOLOCAUST” in 1856  … years before Hitler was even born 1889.
Photos of the Holodomor:    

2 months ago

I was taught the best people to be around are those who laugh at themselves instead of laughing at others.

John Bold
2 months ago

That’s hilarious. The constipated EU just “bememed” itself.

Democrat cheetos
2 months ago

Please, let me listen to a guy named “ahmed” tell me whats funny and whats not😂

2 months ago

Every leftist knows humour is bad.

John p Cline
2 months ago

Every watch TV in Europe , I tried once , But I usually wake up on the Chair 8 hours later wondering what the hell I was watching, The Programming mostly consists of boring talk shows and stupid human interest stories that interest no one, and never a Movie or a Documentary, and it’s all because Intelligent People can’t be Funny or Crack Jokes because the Stupid People would be offended.

alexander scipio
2 months ago

… the danger of trusting the people with democracy and the rule of law…

2 months ago

Gotta love “anti-elite arrogance.”

2 months ago

Why do you think the 2012 Olympics in London had hospital beds and nurses. How does that jive with the most fit people on earth competing?

America the Beautiful
2 months ago

Ahhhhh hahahaha

2 months ago

Hahahahah. Slavic memes blew the asses of multiculturalists. As the saying goes, Russians don’t give up. We are in favor of freeing whites from licking niggas asses.

2 months ago

The greqt slavic meme


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