It’s Time for the American People to Rise Up Against the Globalist American Empire
August 19, 2021 (2mo ago)

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Guest Post by Jeremy Carl

Two months before our humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, the U.S. Embassy in Kabul posted a now-widely circulated tweet with a large rainbow flag celebrating Pride Month.

If this was our plan to win hearts and minds in an extremely conservative Islamic country, one in which only 1% of men surveyed think that it is even acceptable for a woman to have her hair uncovered in public, it is no wonder we failed miserably. Yet such costly and unnecessary failures were not random or idiosyncratic, but regular and systemic.

The blatant hubris of the Pride Month tweet is perhaps the apotheosis of what Revolver News founder Darren Beattie has christened, The Globalist American Empire (GAE): a set of interlocking people and elite institutions that has put America and American interests last, globalism and leftism first, and occupied the commanding heights of our media, government and cultural apparatus.

READ MORE: With Zero Moral Authority Left, The Globalist American Empire is Doomed to Fail at Home and Abroad

America’s generals are indeed wholly pro-GAE, as they indicated through their twenty-year resistance to leaving Afghanistan over the opposition not only of the American people (opposition running as high as 72% in recent polls), but of the duly elected political leadership they swore an oath to obey. Donald Trump was elected promising to get us out of Afghanistan, and despite the generals continual foot-dragging, he executed an agreement to do so. It is now clear that the GAE generals, agreement or no, had no intention of leaving and made no serious plans to do so, thinking (incorrectly) that they would be able to talk Biden out of withdrawal. The GAE generals’ lack of preparation for an expedient withdrawal is as much to blame as Biden’s fecklessness and incompetence for the Afghan disaster.

While they had no time to obey orders from the President, General Miley and the rest of the GAE generals, of course, had plenty of time to talk about white rage, investigate Trump supporters and other political opponents of the Biden regime, cheer for Black Lives Matter, and not just allow, but celebrate, homosexuality and transgenderism in the military.

The fact that the generals are almost uniformly GAE is well known by the rank and file, and especially by the tip-of-the-spear folks who are among that small minority (about 10%) of our military who are actually charged with waging war valiantly — at great personal danger — on behalf of the United States.  A friend of mine who served many years in special forces once said to me, “they throw those stars in a pile of shit, and see who jumps in after them.” Our current GAE military rewards the most ruthless careerists, not the bravest fighters — men who, like my friend, had done a half dozen combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And our soldiers know it. Little wonder that in one recent poll, those who had served post-9/11 supported leaving Afghanistan by almost 2 to 1, even though leaving would mean endangering the legacy of their own sacrifices.

But it isn’t just the generals that promote GAE pride ideology. We must remove from office those congressmen such as Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Mitch McConnell, and Kevin McCarthy who push GAE-friendly policies. Equally pro-GAE were publications like the Bulwark and organizations like the Lincoln project, which have never met an imperial adventure they didn’t love — though to be fair, the Afghan war, at twenty years of age, was getting a bit too old to hold the Lincoln Project’s interest.

In support of reckless adventures, promiscuous GAEs lied to voters and political leaders for almost twenty years about the progress of our Afghanistan campaign. These lies were exposed in, among other things, the Afghanistan Papers, and a decade before their release, by General Flynn. When the Afghan Government collapsed almost immediately in the wake of U.S. withdrawal, the GAEs’ lies were exposed. Even those of us who love America, revere its history and traditions, and deeply respect the sacrifices of its soldiers, cannot help but feel a bit of schadenfreude that these generals and politicians, who pretend to be America First patriots but were often leading a secret shameless life of GAE love, have now been exposed before a patriotic but GAE-wary public.

But it is not just the GAE-loving generals and politicians that represent a grave danger to America.  Equally to blame are the transnational progressives, who are rife throughout our State Department, as well as the rest of the Biden administration. Transnational progressives (hereafter “Trans”)  were first identified as a group with a coherent ideology by Hudson Institute scholar John Fonte in a paper written in the wake of the September 11th attacks. He fully developed the theory around Trans politics in his highly influential 2012 book Sovereignty or Submission.

These Trans men and Trans women of the U.S. bureaucracy are at fundamental war with the concept of U.S. sovereignty. They attempt to use various alleged fuzzy international norms, such as “responsibility to protect,” to justify their policy preferences while undermining those of our elected leaders. They are also obsessed with the race, class and gender politics held by the global left, and invariably view complex local conflicts through this lens. The Trans perspective is rife in the government bureaucracy. It is also well-nigh universal in both academia and the NGO community from which the Biden administration drew its “talent.”

Trans people also boast a healthy amen corner even in the GOP establishment. It is not a coincidence that notorious Trans man David French tweeted after the fall of Kabul that, “In 2005 the international community agreed to a concept called the ‘responsibility to protect’ to help end mass atrocities.” Predictably he then joined the chorus for increased refugee flows of Afghans to the U.S.

Interestingly, long before the term became an epithet among pro-Trump conservatives, Fonte, on the very first page of Sovereignty or Submission, says that Transnational Progressivism is synonymous with globalism.

As John Marini noted in his perceptive review of Fonte’s work in the Claremont Review of Books, “for contemporary progressives, moral authority or civic morality resides not in the individual American citizen and his voluntary associations, but in racial-ethnic-gender group identity.”

And as as Fonte noted, “The clash between global governance and democratic sovereignty is a moral struggle over the first principles of government and politics. The difference between these two visions of political life is irreconcilable.”

In short, eliminating Trans men and Trans women from our government is essential to our survival as a Republic.

Trans people often disguise themselves as moderate humanitarians, but perceptive politicians and theorists have always understood their dangers.

Pat Buchanan described our Trans elite perfectly in his “culture war” speech at the 1992 GOP convention, when he described the Democratic Convention as “20,000 radicals and liberals dressed up as moderates and centrists in the greatest single exhibition of cross-dressing in American political history.” The late political philosopher Leo Strauss noted that the Trans movement’s desired universal and homogeneous state will be the “end of philosophy,” and lead to the reign of tyranny.

As Fonte notes, Trans ideology, while most influential in the foreign policy sphere, bleeds into domestic politics as well. “The new, transformed civic morality of the progressive narrative also divides Americans between dominant or ‘oppressor’ groups—whites, males, native-born, Christians, heterosexuals—and victim or ‘oppressed’ groups—racial, ethnic, and linguistic minorities; women; LGBT individuals, and ‘undocumented immigrants,’” he wrote.

With GAEs running the military and Trans men and Trans women controlling the State Department and broader bureaucracy,  it is little wonder that Americans are deeply confused as to our national identity.

We have seen the results of this confusion firsthand in Afghanistan, where our Trans spokespeople, who think that words can somehow create their own reality without being backed by actions, put their dangerous naivete on display for the Taliban on an almost daily basis. Literally hours before Kabul’s fall, in a piece of verbiage that would have embarrassed Baghdad Bob, Saddam Hussein’s reality-bending spokesman, the State Department tweeted news of a call between Secretary of State and Afghan President Ghani where, “They discussed the urgency of ongoing diplomatic and political efforts to reduce the violence. The Secretary emphasized the United States’ commitment to a strong diplomatic and security relationship with the Government of Afghanistan and our continuing support for the people of Afghanistan.”

It could similarly be seen in our diplomatic tweets from our Embassy in Kabul in the days leading up to the fall of Kabul. The embassy tweeted out hashtags such as #Ceasefirenow and #Enduringpartnership, as if such hashtags could make the Afghan army fight.

Even in its final days, our embassy leaned heavily into explicitly Trans language. “Since the Universal declaration of human rights was signed in 1948, all people have the legal responsibility to respect the inherent dignity of each person. The Taliban’s disregard for the dignity of each Afghan citizen and for human life more broadly has shocked the world,” our embassy Tweeted days before Kabul’s fall. This wildly unrealistic Trans attitude toward Afghan reconstruction inevitably doomed our mission to failure.

Trans men and women both inside and outside the government have long been involved in the Afghanistan debacle, weakening America’s strategic position from the conflict’s earliest days. As Fonte noted, “Almost as soon as the first American air strikes began in Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, the party of global governance started accusing the U.S. military of violating the laws of war” — using transnational progressive legal standards that had long been rejected by the U.S. military.

The GAE and Trans indoctrination projects are inevitably intertwined. They groom innocent Americans with heartrending pictures and stories of suffering in faraway lands, only to reveal their true identity as notorious abusers of sovereignty and local norms. Ultimately, GAEs and Trans care only for their own depraved self-satisfaction.

And this is hardly surprising given that from the earliest days of Western imperialism, crimes and rampant overreach have been justified in terms of a concern for universal human rights that were allegedly being violated by “primitive” locals.

Given its appeal to elite western audiences, it is scarcely surprising that an appeal to women’s rights is the main thread that has tied the GAE and Trans projects together in Afghanistan.

According to a detailed report from the U.S. Inspector General, the U.S. spent almost $1 billion in Afghanistan on gender programs alone.  There are of course no Dari or Pashto words for either gender or gender equality, as the Afghan people have not immersed themselves in Western gender ideology. As foreign policy scholar Richard Hanania has noted, America’s emphasis on gender equality mirrors Russian efforts pursued in Afghanistan after the 1979 Soviet invasion that often led to a violent backlash, particularly in rural areas. The Soviets, at least, even though they were committed ideological communists, had the good sense to revise their goals. Evidently, Soviet ideologues were less under the spell of ideological mania than current American elites!

And of course, Trans ideology is often merely a cover for GAE rapaciousness. As the inspector general’s report noted: “once its goal of Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan was accomplished, the United States ended assistance programs and withdrew from involvement in Afghanistan.” Afghan women suffered numerous indignities as a result.

The report also noted that U.S. practice demanded that America “bring women’s issues and perspectives into all programs and policies.” This flowed directly from a classic Trans program, the 4th world Conference on Women, held in Beijing in 1995. This diktat caused undeniable chaos within our efforts in Afghanistan.

Hanania recounts numerous problems from the report. Efforts to bring more women into the Afghan army and polce ran into “strong familial and cultural resistance,” and led to just 3% of police and 1% of military being women, despite $110 Million in U.S. spending to increase female representation. The U.S. encountered similar resistance to increasing women’s participation in elective politics. An initiative that insisted that Afghanistan have “gender balanced” councils to get infrastructure funding led to projects that were “unused or abandoned, had not been used for their intended purposes, had deteriorated, or were destroyed.”

Other gender projects in Afghanistan sound like a Babylon Bee parody — including training for Afghan men on gender roles, the construction of a National Masculinity Alliance, and the deployment of “gender advisers” to integrate women into the Afghan army.

Unsurprisingly, America’s insistence on Trans madness sparked a backlash.  “Whenever you talk about women’s rights, you get tagged as a person who is against the peace process,” wrote one senior Afghan finance official, showing the depths to which our Trans leadership would sink to torpedo America’s mission when it conflicted with their ideological mania. Or, as one previous USAID official had noticed, “focusing on gender made things more unstable because it caused revolts” — a phenomenon identified by Hanania as a “recurring theme” throughout the Afghanistan Papers.

None of this is to say, of course, that protecting the legitimate interests of Afghan women should not have been part of our strategy. But it is clear that again and again our Trans elite pushed a narrow, western view of gender on highly unwilling Afghans at great cost to our broader mission.

Throughout our twenty years in Afghanistan, America insisted on being flamboyantly GAE and unabashedly Trans. And we paid a heavy price for our deviance.  While the sins of America’s elites are hardly limited to Afghanistan, our failure there presents perhaps the starkest example of the failing of our GAE-loving, Trans-identifying leadership.

If America is to recover its strength as a nation, it must reclaim its sovereignty, firmly reject both both GAE and Trans ideologies, and put America first, in an unabashed and unapologetic reclamation of the traditional values that once made America great.

Jeremy Carl is a Senior Fellow at the Claremont Institute.

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2 months ago

We are in trouble people!

2 months ago

Ever since they forced the gay marriage legislation it has been all down hill at rapid pace.

Strange how they also passed gay marriage in Ireland and other staunchly conservative countries.

Repeal gay marriage and expose how they managed to push it through. Also reverse the decisions allowing gays to to sue those who do not wish to do business with them, co-opting the Boy Scouts, hiring practices favoring gays, laws allowing gay men in women’s class rooms, indoctrination in schools….etc

Dernald Blermpf
2 months ago

Dernald Blermpf blah blah blah.

2 months ago

Outlaw public displays of homosexuality and interest day one.

2 months ago

And remember, don’t get violent, because our forefathers never did,
Right ?? 😂

2 months ago

Taliban is coming for homosexuals. Theyve already enterd El Paso, Texas and are headed north towards Albuquerque. Prepare to be thrown off cliffs and high buildings.

2 months ago

Thanks for the dead links. Not that we want to actually read the papers and all.

Sid 6.7
2 months ago

Hear, hear.

All we need is a leader.

Chris Houston
2 months ago

Atonin Scalia said “Keep the sodomy laws in place because if you don’t next will be gay marriage then pedophilia.”

2 months ago

America is a shining Tranny upon a hill.

2 months ago

Join Lin Wood’s “Strike Back for Freedom” (9/11). He’s promoting a nationwide continual strike, and boycott of woke companies, until ALL of the COVID mandates are ended.

2 months ago

It is past time, way, way past time for a revolution, a civil war to take these people down. They could not stop 75k cavemen with small arms given 2o years and 3 trillion dollars to do it, they certainly can’t last a week against 30 million well armed Americans and that is just the number on the alt-right, there are another 70 million who would support us including a very large portion of the military. Not the corrupt suits in the pentagon but the trigger guys, they are our people by a large margin.

It is the only way this can end, you know it, I know it and they know it. It is just a matter of time and who fires the first shots.

Be prepared because like it or not, want it or not, it’s coming. It is the only way they have power taken away from them since we no longer have a legitimate gov or legitimate elections in this country. It’s a good thing we have no shortage of rope because when this is over, we are going to need it.

2 months ago

The communist regimes in eastern Europe collapsed because enough people realized that it could not go on any longer and took to the streets.

2 months ago

The only way it works is if we stand by what we believe. Boycott compaines that hate you…or else.

2 months ago

Unless we boycott and do it right, no dice.

Santiago del Dardano Turann
2 months ago

Sorry, people, that train has already left the station. The one we’re on is going towards authoritarianism. What will you do, vote?

2 months ago

nope… we won’t comply… THEN WE SHOOT…

John Smith
2 months ago

America is dead. Time to wake up and think clearly about what is coming.

2 months ago

Israel gets free Pfizer vaccines from the company for participating in their “clinical trial”. Didn’t the Jews learn anything from Dr. Mengele?

2 months ago

The Federal government agencies, Congress and the Executive Branch have broken thier oaths of office and are operating unlawfully. We are now in a situation of despotic rule in the USA. The founders of this nation warned of this possibility as human nature is transparent.

The federal government in it’s entirety are willfully operating outside the boundaries of the Constitution and can no longer be recognized as legitimate. The USA is an experiment and all of the founders warned what would come if people did not fight for thier freedom and liberty. If people want to live in thier idea of utopia then let them. We can realign into new nation states for those whose ideals are freedom and liberty. The federal government cannot be reformed without major conflict, bloodshed and loss of life. If a civil war occurs look around, there are several other nations that will step in amidst the chaos.

It is time to for the individual states and counties to GTOW. We tried the experiment of a 50 state union but alas due to irreconcilable differences it is time to disband the union of 50 states. Those states and counties with similar values and beliefs should band together to form thier own specific unions. The experiment was tried, the warnings of the founders was not heeded and now we are at a point where civil war is the inevitable outcome.

This [the U.S. Constitution] is likely to be administered for a course of years and then end in despotism… when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic government, being incapable of any other. Benjamin Franklin

2 months ago

The moslems might have it right about women after all.

2 months ago

Let’s go back aways and start by dragging out these attorneys that ruined the Boy Scouts by breaking their rules allowing wolves into the chicken house…

Just Kill Them
2 months ago

start killing jews and ceos. thats the only meaningful thing to do

2 months ago

my units motto is/was De Oppresso Liber (to free the oppressed) i’m pretty sure it’s not time to take up arms yet but I do know that some black robe out there isn’t going to give us relief in the courts. I’m pretty sure that some geek isn’t going to find a red button on a voting machine so it can all of a sudden be reset and elections will be free again. I know that we’re gonna have to bust heads. The problem with beating up the person that doesn’t allow pink flamingos in the neighborhood yards or the person who calls the fire marshal one minute after 1 o’clock shut down during fire season… you can’t go shoot them. The violence will just be used against us. In both courts, the public and the states courts. I love the idea of nationwide strikes and boycotts but sadly I believe Americans won’t stick to it. and example of this is Fox news and Newsmax. Newsmax hires some of our friends and all of a sudden we are supposed to go watch Newsmax because they are great? I’m sorry. I will never forget those who have screwed me over! The best thing that we can do now is do not comply. And spread the word. We have to make it cool again to hate stupid liberals! I know that sounds naïve and probably immature but it’s what we have to do.

2 months ago

I found it quite odd how fanatically the elites would push for gender nonsense, while at the same time officially sanctioning screwing little boys.

Brian Watkins
2 months ago

Odd that this article is specifically targeted toward the Trans movement, but there is only one sentence including the word “homosexuality”. Yet many comments are about gays. Gay does not equal Trans. This distinction is important. Trans people have mental disorders, literally. They don’t even hide that and liberal experts agree. Homosexuals do not have mental disorders, no legit science or behavioral studies indicate this, but countless sources exist that show Trans people do. Don’t equate the two. It’s the same as saying everyone in DC on 1/6 were violent extremists even though we know that’s BS. Don’t fall for stupid logic. We’re the smart side!

2 months ago

“…a concern for universal human rights that were allegedly being violated by “primitive” locals.”
Is this not how they treat anyone who does not live in one of the coastal cities? As primative beasts? Their smug attitude is only surpassed by their hatred of all we hold most dear in life.
They are very open about this as well. They riot, beat us, stab us, shoot us, twist our kids minds in school than bed them. Christian churches are being burnt around the West.

2 months ago

This once great country of ours is too far gone, the one and only thing that can save her, is a second civil war, nothing less

2 months ago

They will resume free flying lessons for gays from the tops of buildings very soon !

2 months ago

Here is one gigantically confusing and convoluted statement in this article:

“The late political philosopher Leo Strauss noted that the Trans movement’s desired universal and homogeneous state will be the “end of philosophy,” and lead to the reign of tyranny.”

Is the author of this otherwise decent analysis too poorly educated that he fails to understand the definition of the word ‘homogeneous’? Let me help.

Homogeneous: adj. Consisting of parts that are the same; uniform in structure or composition:
adj. Of the same or similar nature or kind.
adj. Consisting of terms of the same degree or elements of the same dimension.

These GloboHomo nation wreckers are not busy flooding every historic White European nation with millions of non-white, incompatible, indigestible, parasitic, often violent and hostile aliens from every miserable s-hole of a third world nation on the planet because they are the SAME or Similar to the native and indigenous White European populations.
They are importing these primitive, low IQ, poorly educated, non-whites because they are as DISSIMILAR as possible to the majority populations of Western nations. They are using them to wage a war of destruction of the White Western nations.

And, to make sure the Communist demonrat party can impose a one party dictatorship on America and never be removed from power by the voters ever again.

2 months ago

Could not post a Reply directly to Brian, but if my memory is correct, Homosexuality was listed as a Mental Illness prior to the early 1970’s by the American Psychiatric Association. Removing it from the official list does not change the fact that it is a Mental Illness.

The major problems today are created by Society at large allowing Gays to come out of the closet and then become in your face then then move on to making the moves on children.

Another Mind Bending Wish from the GAE and TRANS believers in alternative realities because the real on is not much fun.

2 months ago

The sexual revolution flag was appropriate. The cultural Muslims have thrived for 20 years having sex with anything other than women, because women are off limits. Now the religious Muslims (which leads to cultural Islam) have taken over and will again try to clean up the homosexual and pedo debauchery of Bacha Bazi (look it up). Most of the rapes in Europe are committed by Afghan or rural Pakistan.

2 months ago

GAE used to enact their self-serving policy under the pretext of revenge, now it’s under the pretext spreading “liberal democracy”.

2 months ago

“Critical mass” for the [not-so] ‘civil’ v2.”bloody ugly” has not yet been achieved, but just like almost everything else in this “manifestation”, it’s a . . . PROCESS. The “productive/parenting” are “slowest/last to be “provoked” because of such “priorities” as regular working income generation and chil-rearing. It is only when such valid/elemental “priorities” are no longer sustainable will SHTF.

2 months ago

“Critical mass” for the [not-so] ‘civil’ v2.”bloody ugly” has not yet been achieved, but just like almost everything else in this “manifestation”, it’s a . . . PROCESS. The “productive/parenting” are “slowest/last to be “provoked” because of such “priorities” as regular working income generation and chil-rearing. It is only when such valid/elemental “priorities” are no longer sustainable will SHTF. And when it does, . . . hope y’all Grouped, Gunned, Gardened and “System-D SIMPLIFIED”. The Lord’s “Will from the Beginning” is again becoming increasingly manifested in FELLOWSHIP of the REPENTed/REDEEMed. The “Remnants are [in deed] GATHERing” and “John Galt lives”. To those “productive/parenting” “citYzens/coasters/urbies” still “existing” in DemonRAT-controlled schiff-holes – tick-tock. If, for no other reason, get the kids the hell out while its still possible to NOT GET “STRANDED” in a bunch of desperate, unprepared “wokes”/Burn-Loot-Murder/antifa[rts].

Oliver Twist
2 months ago

Mr. Carl is very confused. What is he confused about? Most so-called trans people are conservative. Why is this not widely known? Because they are conservative, and they keep to themselves. These trans people, who want to preserve what’s great about our civilization, or absolutely opposed to everything the radical gender fluid craziness is promoting. Don’t paint everyone with the same brush. Don’t oversimplify. These trans people support the basic concept of two genders, a moral culture, No trans people competing in women’s sports. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater

Oliver Twist
2 months ago

Most transgender people are conservative. They keep to themselves, like good conservatives do. They are absolutely opposed to the transgender ideology. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Brian Watkins
2 months ago

Ok Bullgator, always love the anonymous trolls. Bringing up something that you think may have been the case before the 1970s is literal ass-backward thinking. With that logic, let’s use the old “expert” opinions that said women should have no vote, blacks aren’t human but property, and hell, how about that a monarchy is the best form of government. I could keep going. And the tired, completely delusional talking point that gays being accepted will lead to pedophilia is just laughable. Pedophiles have existed long before gays were accepted. You do know that, right? Christians are likely the biggest pedophiles in America, not gays. That’s a stat you can look into. Plenty of “expert” opinions on that. And how about the countless stories that come out every year of heterosexual fathers molesting their children, teachers, Boy Scout leaders, etc.. Your ignorance should just be ignored, but since you mentioned my name (my actual name cause I stand by what I say), I had to respond. You and your kind will be remembered as the trash heap of this generation, same with the pro slavery whites in the last 19th century. And so you know, over 30% of gay men admitted to voting for Trump, which means it’s actually a lot higher since many wouldn’t admit it. If you want to limit your voting team to only heterosexuals (and probably whites if you out all your opinion out there). This notion that gays are the enemy and that accepting them is the same as accepting the primary premise of trans that gender is an illusion is just plain dumb. There are two genders. Period. Being turned on by a man or woman is irrelevant, but forcing someone to call a man a woman or forcing a woman to be held in a prison cell with a trans man is very relevant. Gay and trans are not the same, and using the logic from 50 or 100 or 200 years ago is just ignorant. Good try though!

2 months ago

Just remember folks, it might be illegal to refuse to do business with someone these days, but you can still charge whatever price you want. Just sayin’….

Half Cack
2 months ago

It is too late. In every aspect of life, no one cared. To even say rise up is ludicrous. The entire planet was taken over in a few days without a shot fired. Parts of the constitution are not even possible by citizens to enforce. Just think with a clear head. Mandates. What are you going to do about an issue that is personal choice? Guns aren’t even news anymore, they are not necessary. In of out of Afghanistan? People crossing borders at will. It is a waste of breathe which soon you will have to buy along with Matt Damon’s water. Be practical while it still can be done. You will have to purify your air, in home. You will have to put it in canisters with a compressor, Go look for scuba gear. It is a must to purify the water from your tap, now. Look in Naturalist’s stores to get a filter. The best choice is a carbon block filter. There is electricity now. Make a plan to find the best way to get it free, Solar, expensive now but when a crisis comes, I refer you to masks. I found a solar powered, scum water purifier. Wind is out, don’t bother. This is the first of it’s kind. It has a motor. Back this up with a small pump water purifier. Food can not be stored at any level of wealth. Pick up a can of soup the next time you are in a market. Weight vs warehouse space you own. These are just extra’s the greed of man has caused. It does not change the plan. A challenge, give me an answer other than the above, considering there is no constitution since 2020 how you will do water and air. Leave food out, whatever is left will gone. It is too late. As always. Silicone has reached it’s limit years ago. There will be no one leaving this planet. You can safely do it with imagination. 62.8 miles above the earth is the limit. Stop giving your words and plans to the enemy. The only way now, one man, one woman. No groups, no group name. Rule number 1. Don’t get caught. I don’t read replies nor answer them.

2 months ago

Isn’t “Globalist American Empire” just another name for ZOG – refreshed by new terminology, the purchase of greater influence and the seduction of more naivety?

El Cheepo Gooseman
2 months ago

America requires a ‘Mao’ type moment, when we rise up and destroy ‘the experts’!!! The professors destroying our children, the medical and pharmaceutical charlatans, the Fed, etc.

2 months ago

This article from Kash Patel explains this debacle. It’s all on Miley and Biden.

Half Cack
2 months ago

The whole premise is not valid. There is only one name for the entire mess.

Homosexuality is an abomination. Not my words. These are my beliefs. I can’t imagine the planet hasn’t surpassed Sodom and Gomorrah. Nothing is dependent on that anyway. There is only one plan.

People who put themselves on a pedestal are usually not there for long. I can’t believe this topic remained more than a hour.

If you are happy as what you are, why would you try to convert others. Shut up, keep a low profile and be happy with your like minded friends.

If you advertise your behavioral problems, it will only serve to move your profile up. Why ask for trouble. Some countries execute homosexuals on the word of two or three. All of us are on the chopping block.

TV evangelists are the worst example of the definition of “Christianity.” Even through the scam, they preyed on the poor and destroyed corona. Bennie Hinn is in hiding.

There is only one God, He can only be reached by going through Jesus, if that is a thing for you.

If not, I can not convince anyone of anything they don’t already agree with. I don’t proselytize. No one is interested. Perhaps all that will come have already. Maybe, we are waiting for the last so that none (believers) will perish.

To reiterate, it is too late. In this case read the comments. Most are hip to the worldwide overnight scam. Some actually believe that the stash of guns American citizen’s hold are the answer. Although I am elated about that fact, no one is going to gather after what has happened. The sheer amount of firepower Americans own is overwhelming. Everyone should realize, we would be in camps if we did not hold them.

The constitution has been trashed. There is actually no law now. Lawyers, as always, thrive. You won’t pull a gun and use it. Those that have are in for 25 or dead.

Again, don’t give your cause a name. To be clear. Your thoughts should be your own. Don’t make yourself a target. No one knows what the criteria is or will be on the next list.

No one should know what you are doing, your thoughts or your plans. The three responsible are in total control. 2020 was a test.

Don’t throw your life away. By joining a group. It’s one man, leading a well defined normal life that will make a pain for the worst. If you are not totally committed to the above, rule number 1. Don’t get caught.

Remember as America falls each day it is not included in the final battle which will be in the Mid East. Guys like Gates and Fauci want a max of 500,000 people which they think this planet will sustain for “eternity.” They think they will be given a jab that will make them immortal.


2 months ago

But hey the slippery slope is only a logical fallacy, right?…..right????

2 months ago

By rise up, does the writer mean more sitting on our hands “trusting in the plan”? You know, just like our Founding Fathers did, right?

ron wilson
2 months ago

WE ALL KNOW the problems, we all know the ENEMY, DC, the SWAMP. “Drain the Swamp” YES, but how you ask? when those in charge of THE CORRUPTION, are those policing the CORRUPTION,,, this is AMERICAS TYRANNY TRAP,, any whisleblower that is TRAPPED blowing the whistle TO THE TYRANTS on the TYRANTS themselves is decimated, slanderred destroyed or worse “suicided”. WE MUST STOP FUNDING the corruption machine, stop funding the DC AGENCIES. YAH RIGHT? RINOs and DEMS are not going to CUT THE SPICKET,,, we the people must do it,,, ONE SIMPLE LAW,,, it is one line, ALL US AGENCIES must move out of DC.” thats it. LET EVERY CITY bid to house these agencies. JOIN HELP BE,

Phil McCoxwell
1 month ago

There will be a point at which we have nothing left to lose. That is when change will occur. That is when the 300 million + firearms in this country, and the people who own them, becomes a very big problem for these crooks. That point does not appear to be as far away as we think. Hopefully we will not reach that point and we will be able to turn this thing around. These people have been given more than enough rope to hang themselves with.

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