Vice Magazine: Those 13 US Soldiers Who Died In Afghanistan Were Probably White Supremacists
August 27, 2021 (3w ago)

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In the wake of the terrible Afghanistan suicide bombing that ripped through the Abbey Gate of the Kabul Airport killing 13 heroic US soldiers, one brave liberal magazine was asking all of the right questions.

Now, obviously Vice Magazine had this piece ready to publish before the suicide bombs hit Kabul. After all, a piece of investigative journalism this riveting and ground-breaking is many months, if not years, in the making.

How many neo-Nazis did Vice report were found to be serving in the US Marines? Vice reported that sixteen currently serving Marines over the past three years were allegedly either neo-Nazis or vaguely labeled as “extremists”. A further seven former Marines over the past three years, Vice reported, identified with either neo-Nazism or the so-called “extreme right” — another vague charge Vice likes to slap on people it doesn’t like.


Over the past three years, at least seven former Marines have openly avowed or been identified with neo-Nazism or the extreme right, with some alleged to have been involved in planned terrorist acts. The Corps reported to NPR in April that it had, in ​​the past three years alone, found 16 cases of extremism within its ranks. Though these numbers account for only a tiny fraction of those Marines who enlist and serve [ed. note: lol], the problem is worth noting, especially given the USMC’s past.

That’s right folks. More than five “neo-Nazis” or “extremists” per year. And more than two former Marines per year. Over a three year period. Out of 186,000 active duty Marines, and 102,000 reserves. In other words, Vice’s intrepid journalism revealed that 0.00860215% of active duty Marines were reportedly tagged as either neo-Nazis or “extremists.” And given that there are millions and millions of former Marines, an even more infinitesimal percentage of ex-Marines were reportedly neo-Nazis or “extremists”.

This is why the world needs Vice News. Without Vice News, how would we know that one out of every 12,000 active duty Marines is an “extremist”?

But Vice News doesn’t just do groundbreaking, expensive, longform investigative journalism. Vice News also provides America with the steaming hot liberal takes it needs in the wake of terrible tragedies.

Vice’s latest headline after the Kabul suicide bombing really made us at Revolver think. Naturally, we were all ready to mourn our brave fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice while bravely manning their posts trying to evacuate the vulnerable and innocent, but sometimes our natural instincts are not the correct, woke instincts we should be having. Here’s what Vice News had to say after Kabul:

Those 13 US Soldiers Who Died In Afghanistan Were Probably White Supremacists*

Headlines like these are why we’re grateful for the work and emotional labor that Vice does to educate us on our ignorant, bigoted ways, and raise awareness of our own prejudices, biases, and implicit racism, sexism, white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, and BIPOCphobia.

Vice Magazine demanded that the Joe Biden administration provide the American people with answers to a list of questions on just how problematic those soldiers might have been while they were alive.

  1. Were any of the fallen soldiers wearing masks at the time of death? Were those masks properly fitted above the nose? Were any of these soldiers anti-maskers?
  2. Were the 13 fallen soldiers vaccinated against the extremely terrifying and extremely deadly virus COVID-19?
  3. Did any of those soldiers express support for the known white supremacist terror cell leader Donald J. Trump?
  4. Did any of the fallen soldiers express any radical and patriarchal Christian Nationalist beliefs, such as the belief that Jesus Christ is the son of God?
  5. Were any of the 13 soldiers Black with a capital “B”? BIPOC? Were any of the fallen women? Latinx? Transgender? Gender-nonconforming? Homosexual?
  6. If not, does the US military care to explain why only straight white Christian males get to make the ultimate sacrifice for the nation?
  7. Does the lack of Black with a capital “B”, BIPOC, trans, and homosexual deaths in the military constitute a disparate impact that needs to be addressed by the United States Congress and the Supreme Court?

Until these answers can be resolved, Vice Magazine wisely cautioned Americans against mourning the deaths of these 13 soldiers, or any other military casualties for that matter.

Vice President Joe Biden, wary of sinking poll numbers and of shoring up his base of support with the progressive left, promised to get to the bottom of Vice Mag’s questions.

Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain liked the tweet that the Vice News twitter account sent out with a link to the article.

When asked about the Vice article by a White House reporter, Kamala Harris cackled knowingly, but did not stop to answer any questions.

General Mark Milley promised Vice that he would delve into the question of whether or not the “white rage” of the 13 soldiers could have provoked Afghans into suicide-bombing them, and promised to consult with his trusted scholar-adviser Ibram X. Kendi to find answers.

General Lloyd Austin expressed empathy with the suicide bombers “as a fellow person of color (POC),” noting that “I too have shuddered under the oppression of the racist white glares and toxic male stares of countless service members.”

Austin further promised to continue to “do the work” and “perform the emotional labor” of ridding the Armed Forces of all vestiges of whiteness and toxic masculinity so as not provoke any more Afghan suicide bombers.

Thanks to the intrepid reporting of Vice News and the incredibly receptive and positive response of the Biden Administration to Vice Magazine’s inquiries, Americans of all stripes and pronouns can rest easy knowing that the adults are now truly and fully, in charge.

*SATIRE ALERT: Obviously not an actual Vice headline.

In case it wasn’t obvious, this piece is obviously satire, but, to their shame, the first above-linked Vice piece wasn’t. Revolver News urges you to join us in prayer for the eternal rest of our fallen heroes and peace and healing for their grieving families.

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Marines! NOT so.diers!
23 days ago

Marines. MARINES!! Not fvcking soldiers! We work for three months to earn the TITLE of US MARINE, get it right or don’t call yourself a fvcking “journalist! M-A-R-I-N-E!!!!!!! Fvcking morons!

shut up
23 days ago

ALRIGHT, This is the most disgusting article I’ve EVER read in my entire life. You should all go fuck yourself. awww racist, homophobic, transphobic, CRY ME A FUCKING RIVER, nobody cares if your black, yellow brown or white, nobody gives a fuck if you like cock or pussy. One thing i know is this, you should ALL be ashamed of yourself. FAGS

23 days ago

Vice is the paper of record for the pentagon Milley and Austen
They helped contribute to the article.

23 days ago

Still think we can salvage our country? I doubt it.

23 days ago


Defence Man
23 days ago

It’s never ending, the stupidity on the left. They keep claiming people on the “right” are NAZI which of course is stupid being that the NAZI party in Germany was extreme LEFT wing. Does this magazine have any circulation ?

23 days ago

With all the drama and chaos of the last week, interesting that 26 House members are on board to impeach Joe Biden, lest we endure more insanity for more than three more years. But only 3 senators are on board. Why is that? Senators have been in office, in many cases, far longer and are more likely to have submitted to persuasion, translation: more corrupt. Opinion of an Afghanistan veteran. Death and horror are just a movie for the academic elites, once immoral is now amoral. Elections have consequences……uh, was that really an election?

Dawn Dawsey
23 days ago

This is disgusting! Milley would worry about winning wars instead of this propaganda we may win one. This guy is nuts along with the entire Biden administration! We know Biden didn’t win! Where is respect? I found it strange I looked on Twitter and people like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama not a word about our brave Marines. GOD BLESS America and I am praying for the families who lost loved ones.

23 days ago

They were brave men and should be honored in the Capitol rotunda

Tom Paine
23 days ago

Any normal traditional American is now a “rightwing extremist” according to these Communist liberals who don’t recognize that Nazi’s are National Socialists their left wing ideological brothers. Right wing is about less government not more.

23 days ago

Such a nauseatingly disgusting warped spin on brave men & women of the MOST excellent branch of our military! Vice is sick & twisted AF‼️Excuse me while I go vomit the evil I just read!

23 days ago

Vice rapidly degenerated after their excellent piece on Liberian General Butt Naked into a bubble of drugs and radical leftist pieces. I simply detached from viewing anything they produce at that time. Reading this story, it appears Vice has swirled even further down the sewer. It might be best, at this point, to give them no attention at all.

23 days ago

Why is the magazine still in business?

23 days ago

We need to start asking the hard questions.

Is racism really the ultimate evil or a healthy expression of evolutionary biology?

Harry Paratestes
23 days ago

1 in 12,000 Marines with extreme views; reported by journalists (used loosely) with their heads up their own ass, at a rate of 100%.
Groundbreaking in a moment the left desperately needs to distract from Biden’s incompetence.
Most of America is mourning; while the actual extremists are pissing on true heroes, and screaming “fire”.
What a despicable, and classless party.

23 days ago

woke military deservs it. these lowlifes will not hesitate to shoot at patriots if xiden orders it.
national guards/military already deployed to protect occupying lowlifes in congress and WH in DC against patriots.

23 days ago

How many are communists? Globalists? Progressives?
And Nazisim is not on the right of the political spectrum but on the left. National socialism Leftists have conditioned the public to view Nazism as right wing when it is not.

23 days ago

General Milley Anti Vanilly would never allow such a thing! His concern is that were running out of Rainbow Flags at Air Bases!

23 days ago

Liberals are so hopelessly F’ed up! Most don’t know what planet they are on.

23 days ago

Disney owns VICE (and ABC and ESPN). Boycott ’em or keep losing, conservatives.

23 days ago

Word is these young men were assisting the Pineapple Express teams that were working on their own volition to rescue folks they worked with in the past. These young men were the ones working with the PE to get their folks into the airport, against orders. not something a group of white supremacists would do in my book.

Ana M Ramirez
23 days ago

My God, this is blasphemous. The Marines serve their country they are the 1st to go and these Demonic Leaders and Demonic Cowards who write these articles will have their day. They are the 1st ones that run and hide. You watch they will crumble and fall. We will turn around and look they will be no more!

23 days ago

Bring back the draft. The all-“volunteer” military is affirmative action for rich elites.

john delaney
23 days ago

kaheem nakoui is definitely a white nationalist right?

Ticked Off
22 days ago

Vice probably means white nationalists like Marine Rylee McCollum? The guy who is married to Jiennah Crayton, a Black woman? The real racist bigots are Vice writers.

22 days ago

The US Army are TRAITORS and Deserve Everything China Joe does to the.
They have No Honor and Void of their Oaths
They are all TRAITORS

Erik Vornoff
22 days ago

The United States of America has become a real cesspool.

22 days ago

Sick bastards ! This is the lefts way of thinking ! There is truly something wrong with the way a lefty’s brain (?) is wired !

22 days ago

These Gender Confused Vice Maggots deserve a Charlie Hebdo Awakening! Disgusting Sub human Trash that they are..

22 days ago

At the very bottom it says is article is satire. Very deceptive

Silky River
22 days ago

Attention VICENews – at some point wokesters like you will become targets for our practice. Cheers!

22 days ago

Vice who? Do they actually have readers?

Joseph Maxon
22 days ago

Read the names of those killed. They don’t sound like they are White Supremacists to me.
God Bless our Marines and all military.

22 days ago

Typical Left wing [email protected]@hole article.

Leslie Meadows
22 days ago

Vice isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on,employees are the bottom of the ladder ! Don’t waste your time on Vice,it will just piss you off. Unbeleivable they acually said don’t pray for the 13 soldiers killed in Kabul,,,,,,

Audrey Anderson
22 days ago

The soldiers in the base I. Wisconsin are saying that the refugees are allowed to roam around the base. Yesterday two of them walked into the daycare and proceeded to watch the kids.

22 days ago

when somebody in military is going to tur around and take care of treasonous civilian leaders and pentagon leadership?

J Workman
22 days ago

Never heard of Vice. Sounds like a perfect name for a lying commie propaganda site. Who finances it– Soros, Cuba or NKorea?

22 days ago

With at least 6 known anti-semites in the US House of Reps – that makes their active duty hate team account for about 1.4% of the US Reps being border line hate crime advocates….that trumps the .008 of the Marines – so which organization espouses more hate?

Matthew Brett Adams
22 days ago

Libtards can hiss my white ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LGBT Agenda.png
Chris Houston
22 days ago

Vice should be ground to dust.
Soros owns a piece of that hate rag.
They hid the two females Marines who were killed in the attack.
One was seen by everyone in the days before holding Afghan babies.
She is DEAD and they hid that for days.

Chris Houston
22 days ago

Oh and Disney owns a big part of Vice too.
haha…..what a surprise.

21 days ago

The US Army are TRAITORS and the US Marines do Nothing about it….

21 days ago

The US Marines Salute the TRAITORS in the WH

Kevin Johnson
21 days ago

What a ridiculous article. They are suicide bombers. They take out as many of whoever they can. You writers are borderline fucking retarded.

Randy Smith
21 days ago

This rag is a joke. I am suprised they are still legally anle to print anything. Their views are radical left and IMO are not quslufied to print a bingo card. They would probably screw that up also. Effing communists 100%.

21 days ago

Why are so many in the media fascists and communists ?

21 days ago

I’m a Marine and am proundly offended and disgusted by this ridiculous characterization of my brothers and me. If the author of this garbage would like to discuss their specious assertions personally, I’m available at their earliest convenience. As a courtesy, I suggest they pack a lunch and first aid supplies.

21 days ago

Profoundly offended, that is…

Mad Mike
21 days ago

Charlie Hebdo

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