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November 8, 2021 (3w ago)

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Often times, readers ask us how they can best support Revolver News.

Here are all the ways you can support us, follow us, and stay up to date on the latest from Revolver:

1. Subscribe Ad-Free here: Of course, we at Revolver need to keep the lights on, and that requires advertisements. Fortunately for you, the reader, we offer an ad-free subscription service for the low price of $49 per year. Or, if you prefer, you can pay $5 monthly. Click here to Subscribe and support our work.

2. Make a recurring or one-time donationPerhaps you are a high-roller who has already subscribed, but would like to chip in a bit more for our investigative journalism and best-in-the-business news aggregation. Please, make a recurring donation of whatever you can afford: $5 per month, $10, $25, $50, $100, or whatever you’d like. Or, if you prefer, simply make a one-time donation. Click here to donate.

3. Sign up for the email list: Get the latest news updates and article links emailed directly to your inbox. We have an email army of 250k strong, and it’s growing every day. Sign up here.

4. Bookmark the Home Page and the Exclusives page: Bookmark both pages and check back daily for the hottest op-eds, investigative journalism, and the carefully curated news feed that you will never be able to get from the biased algorithms of Facebook and Twitter. Power users who wish to keep tabs on a pure reverse chronological feed of everything published on Revolver should also bookmark this url:

4. Follow and subscribe to our Social Media and Video channels: There are so many to choose from. Pick the platform of your choice and follow and subscribe.

5. Check out the merch store: We have a lot of high-quality merch that you should check out in our store. Our favorite is the Revolver hat, in Navy Blue or Camo, as modeled by the lovely Noor Bin Ladin.

This is high-quality merchandise. Get your hands on some today.

Lots more to come from Revolver. Enjoy our latest promotional video:

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18 days ago

Thank you for your continued open publishing. With Glenn Greenwald reporting having become mostly pay-walled, there are yet fewer in-depth sources pushing back against the narrative that the wider public can be exposed to. A paywall is a controlled and monitored echo chamber that prevents getting alternate views shared with the wider public. Do not back down.

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