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The left’s movement to erase our nation’s rich and diverse history has run into a brick wall.

For years, left-wing communists have successfully removed monuments and statues depicting some of our country’s most prominent leaders, colorful characters, and brave heroes.

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And some of these riots have been very dangerous.

Who can forget that moment in Virginia when BLM rioters tore down a Confederate statue and part of the stone fell on a rioter and caused serious brain damage?

That man was in a coma for quite sometime and had to relearn how to walk and talk.

Was it worth it to him?

Well now, it seems the tide may be turning.

In Philadelphia, the brotherly love has returned, after a group of Italian Americans went to court to have a plywood box covering a Christopher Columbus Statue removed.

And they won.

Fox 6:

A plywood box that covered a statue of Christopher Columbus in South Philadelphia for more than two years has been removed, following a ruling in commonwealth court.
The ruling came down late last week and the box was removed late Sunday night.

The court ruling also reversed a previous order and will allow for a clear structure to be built around the statue.

In June 2020, the statue became the point of contention between groups who wanted to defend it from vandalism amid ongoing social unrest, and other groups who saw the statue as a symbol of hate. The confrontations between the opposing sides resulted in violence and arrests.

The 146-year-old statue in South Philadelphia’s Marconi Plaza was covered by the box back that same month.

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Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney ordered the statue’s removal, calling it a matter of public safety. So, as you can imagine, the left-wing mayor’s office isn’t happy about the ruling, but the people of Philly sound thrilled, and that’s all that matters.

Just listen to those cheers: