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There’s a video going around showing cringe warmonger Dan Crenshaw with what appears to be “bloody knuckles.”

The video hasn’t been confirmed by any “official source,” but many say they saw his banged up knuckles on live TV. Either way, it’s sparked an avalanche of hilarity and internet memes.


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Basically, the online rumor goes something like this:

Crenshaw was so mad over the GOP Rebels victory in their battle against McCarthy, coupled with Dan’s recent loss of the Homeland Security Committee leadership role, that he punched a wall.

That’s the rumor flying around the internet… and as with all rumors, they grow and get bigger as time goes on.

Things have gotten so wild that Laura Loomer is now suggesting Crenshaw has an anger and drinking problem after he refused to vote on the House rules package.

But it’s the memes and tweets that will have you cracking up:

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Here are some of the responses to that tweet:

“He hit the wall when he heard the ‘eyes’ have it.”

“He was rescuing Paul Pelosi from another hammer incident.”

“It wasn’t blood, it was lipstick.”

“The mirror.”

“Hitting his Trump doll.”

“Imagine what his knees look like”

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We may never know why Dan Crenshaw’s knuckles were allegedly bloody, but one thing we’ll always know is that he’s a globalist turncoat who needs to be primaried in 2024.