On Newsmax, Michelle Malkin Cites Revolver News Analysis of Sinister Antifa/Black Lives Matter Coordination
July 16, 2020 (6mo ago)

Michelle Malkin appeared on Newsmax today to discuss the anti-police agenda of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and their sinister methods of coordination. These radical terrorist groups are happy to embed themselves with supposedly “peaceful protesters” to accomplish their sinister ends.

Michelle Malkin is cited our analysis from earlier today, which you can find here:

A far-left anarchist website recently posted an anonymous entry by a participant in the infamous multiple day siege in Minneapolis that left that city quite literally in flames. This entry offers extra-ordinary insight into the planning, insight, and sophistication of the key organizers behind such riots.


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Michelle Malkin is 100 percent correct about Black Lives Matter. But they aren’t just anti-police and anti-citizen. Turns out they are first and foremost anti-white racists. From Revolver:

It’s tempting to go on the Black Lives Matter website and conclude that it is a Marxist movement. But as Jeremy Carl explains at American Greatness, Black Lives Matter is primarily an anti-white racist movement, and they are filled with genocidal hatred and envy of middle-class Americans.



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