Kyle Rittenhouse May Not Be a Role Model, But Is He Still an American Hero?
August 28, 2020 (4w ago)

We need a hero.

by Harold Cameron

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To donate to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense fund, click here.

For a few moments in the wee morning hours of Wednesday, August 26, 2020, a 17-year-old kid from exurban Chicago, carrying an unremarkable, bargain-bin rifle no different from those owned by millions of Americans, proved more powerful than the combined might of the entire world order.

Ethnonarcissist rioters have been coddled and lionized in the establishment’s media, lavishly funded and fawningly endorsed by the largest corporations on earth, and utterly immunized from legal or physical consequences by complicit civil servants. Joined by legions of the downwardly mobile refuse of the white lower middle class, they have spent months doing exactly as they pleased with our country.

There seemed to be nothing we could do. If we complained, as many of us did, we could be fired from our jobs. If we exercised our First Amendment rights the same exact way as leftists, we could be charged with “hate crimes.” If we tried to go about our business and enjoy our public spaces as though masked thugs had not been given license to enforce “justice” as they saw fit, we could be cornered by shrieking mobs, forced to submit to their demands, or worse, simply beaten to a pulp for asserting our right to go where we please in a supposedly free country.

If we armed ourselves for defense, we often prevented our neighborhoods from becoming burnt-out, bare-shelved husks. But, as Mark and Patricia McCloskey learned in St. Louis, if your local elected officials are sufficiently in the enemy’s corner, merely refusing to yield your own front yard to people who hate you can now land you with felony charges.

Our despair discounted one thing: a 17-year-old named Kyle Rittenhouse was braver than we were — or at least naive enough to not understand the odds we’re up against.

This past weekend, the Bolsheviks unleashed another round of rioting, arson, and looting in once-bucolic Kenosha, Wisconsin, justifying their crimes against innocent Americans — as they nearly always do — with the shooting of a violent, black career criminal who refused to submit to lawful arrest. On the first night, rioters knocked out a Kenosha Police Officer with a brick to the head. On the second night, they ransacked a mom and pop used car dealership. CNN declared this “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

Mr. Rittenhouse, nearby, watched images of his neighbors’ churches and businesses, the sum of their life’s labor, put to the flame for the amusement of entitled children in adults’ bodies. On the third day of these “protests,” he felt compelled to make the quick, 30-minute drive over to Kenosha. He worked in the daylight to clean the graffiti and mess these people had made in their orgy of violence the night before. By night, he armed himself and stood watch for hours, looking to do his civic duty to prevent the arson and looting of the previous two nights and freely giving interviews to journalists.

As you no doubt have heard by now, a deranged pedophile rioter attacked Rittenhouse at around one in the morning. The teen retreated toward the business he was trying to defend himself from the same fate so many others had suffered the night before. When there was nowhere left to run, he unleashed a righteous and deftly aimed hail of bullets, scoring a clean headshot on his assailant. He called authorities to report the attack, but the leftist militants made it clear they wanted his blood as vengeance for their comrade.

Two more violent leftists with criminal records tried their luck as Rittenhouse ran for his life. One, armed with a pistol, would pay for his hotheadedness with a piece of his arm.

Another — a low-life with multiple arrests for brutalizing his girlfriend — swung wildly with a skateboard, trying to beat Rittenhouse’s head in as he lay on the ground. That thug paid with his life.

The violence, of course, ceased at exactly the moment the rioters stopped initiating it.

The entire combined weight of the global system sits behind the lies that created this summer’s state of affairs. The unimaginable excess wealth created by international capital, the unfathomable reach and dogmatic uniformity of the modern mass media’s narrative makers, Silicon Valley’s tech giants’ heretofore unseen control over the dissemination of information, the pseudo-intellectual rationalizations, justifications, and jargonizations thought up in academia’s pitch-black covens — all of it presses down upon our heads a thorny crown of lies. It is impossible to take the violence in our streets as anything other than what it is: the most powerful people in the world handing out licenses to terrorize the only force on Earth that stands against them — Middle America.

And yet, in a few tense moments of extreme, righteous violence, those lies evaporated as quickly as the white smoke from Rittenhouse’s barrel. At once, the truth of the matter was immediately clear to millions of people. This is not a game. This is not a joke. Our lives and our property, our streets and our homes are not playpens for centrally approved “revolutionaries” to make nightly newsreels in. There are consequences. There are two sides in this and one side had better understand the other sees this as a matter of life and death.

The emperor wore no clothes, and the effects were immediate and widespread. After months of categorically ignoring or justifying the riots, almost every prominent Democrat in the country — including presidential nominee Joe Biden — raced to the podium to condemn the looting and beg their woke pets to give it all a rest.

Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor, Tony Evers, who only the day before was blocking local requests for federal intervention and strictly limiting the number of National Guardsmen in Kenosha, suddenly bent the knee on Wednesday and submitted to President Trump’s plan to restore order without exceptions.

When new looting broke in Minneapolis Wednesday, Tim Walz — the Minnesota Democrat-Farmer-Labor governor so committed to the black lies of George Floydism that he blamed his state’s initial decent into anarchy on imaginary white supremacist agent provocateurs — suddenly had a change of heart. “Dangerous, unlawful behavior will not be tolerated,” he tweeted as he ordered his state patrol to crush the insurrection in its infancy.

What changed so quickly, literally in a matter of hours?

Kyle Rittenhouse’s moment of defiance and bravery changed everything. He impressed upon the highest organs of the Democratic Party the same lesson he imparted to their enforcers on the streets of Kenosha: this is not a game. There are elements at play that they cannot hope to control, and consequences that they cannot afford to unleash by staying on their present course. This brave young man has given the powers that be no choice but to furiously pump the brakes and hope things can be settled down quickly.

Rittenhouse has been charged with first degree murder in what appears at this juncture to be a gross miscarriage of justice to appease the same violent mob whose membership he reduced by two. We wish him the best and pray that the system quickly does its duty, obeys the law, and swiftly dismisses these charges. But in today’s world turned upside-down, we must brace ourselves for the possibility that, even with a crack legal team that has been rapidly assembled around him, the teenager Rittenhouse may spend the rest of his life in prison.

It cannot be emphasized enough how lucky he is even to be alive, let alone still have a fighting chance of retaining his liberty. Only the single-mindedness, idealism, and naivety of adolescence could have convinced a man to take on the odds that he did. Whether he knew it or not, Rittenhouse stood firm not merely against a band of brigands, but against an omnipotent system that sees utility in enabling and apologizing for their criminality.

It is a miracle Rittenhouse not only survived, but triumphed, but that does not necessarily make his actions a model for emulation. If anything, his personal experience illustrates the futility of getting involved in any of these fights when not absolutely necessary, especially given the current political and cultural circumstances.

He may not have known it, but Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t simply take on a few violent criminals with a cheap, ubiquitous rifle. He took on the entire system that enabled them. And — at least for one brief and inexplicable moment — he won. Rittenhouse may not a role model, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t an American hero.

To donate to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense fund, click here.

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98 responses to “Kyle Rittenhouse May Not Be a Role Model, But Is He Still an American Hero?”

  1. That’s spot on. The last thing we need are the right-wing’s own lunatics trying to deliberately recreate what happened in Kenosha, but we ALL need to get behind this kid!

      • I agree.
        The truth is that if the cops and/or patriots had shot some of the scumbags at the start, it could have saved the lives of 32 innocent people and billions of dollars in damage.
        It’s also a Godsend that the men Kyle shot just happened to be royal scumbags, although you can bet that most of BLM and Antifa are criminal filth as well.
        I hope this is a turning point and the violence will stop, but I’m not sure the left has the intelligence to know when to quit.

            • Yes, releasing violent felons from prison may have been part of the Covid-19 game plan from the beginning. The Big Pharma-finance-globalist-media-MIC-Democratic-NeverTrumpGOP-five eyes cabal’s plan for 2020 was maximum chaos to delegitimize the election while blaming it on Trump.

              These people are absolutely disgusting, lizard-hearted filth. They willingly sacrificed thousands of seniors by seeding nursing homes with active Covid-19 infections and running a campaign of fraud to force the most ineffective treatments possible on the medical community. Does anybody think they care about 32 people killed in these riots including children in their cribs or riding in their parents’ car? They don’t care about black communities, which have been trashed OVER THE OBJECTIONS OF THE BLACK RESIDENTS.

      • we DO need Patriots we DO NOT need the lunatics that sometimes masquerade as “patriots”

        Understand the difference.

      • Exactly ! Cowards like polenza need to be given to the commies for
        target practice ……controlled opposition is what he is

      by Rudyard Kipling

      It was not part of their blood,
      It came to them very late,
      With long arrears to make good,
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      They were not easily moved,
      They were icy — willing to wait
      Till every count should be proved,
      Ere the Saxon began to hate.

      Their voices were even and low.
      Their eyes were level and straight.
      There was neither sign nor show
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not preached to the crowd.
      It was not taught by the state.
      No man spoke it aloud
      When the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not suddently bred.
      It will not swiftly abate.
      Through the chilled years ahead,
      When Time shall count from the date
      That the Saxon began to hate.

    • No we need Patriots to purge the leftist scum. It’s time to see if we will be a socialist $hithole or a constitutional representative republic.

  2. ” …handing out licenses to terrorize the only force on Earth that stands against them — Middle America.”
    It is literally The Clockwork Orange plan and is intentional. In the movie, the elites allowed criminal gangs to roam freely to get the middle to stand down, locked behind their doors, in order to effect a takeover of society.

    • Yes, all charges should be dropped, or the governor should pardon him like Mark and Patricia McCloskey in St. Louis. It was the leftist Marxist DA who charged the McCloskeys, but the governor vowed to pardon them if their charges were not dropped. That may not happen in WI though…

  3. Archbishop Vigano said law enforcement and the authorities will support the violent revolutionaries.
    “In the context of martyrdom and persecution, the law enforcement branches of the state can be relied upon to achieve the desired goal.”

  4. You could have said it all in half the space. Had you not riddled it with incessant banter and excessive thesaurus
    use. Just saying.

  5. We need more like him to fight against these terriorists! Where are the men who live in these cities being destroyed by a bunch of thugs? Are they too afraid? This country, as we know it, will not survive if patriots don’t act.

    • you mean ,like the Roof Koreans we saw during the Rodney King LA riots? Dang certain we do. But where ARE they?At least the business owners should be AT their fixed places of business. Most states provide that any unwanted person forcing entry into or attemting to force nentry into, an occupied reesidence or vehicle or fixed place of business may respond with lethal force. Anyone showing up at that used car lot with rtorches, molotiv cocktails lighters, gasoline in cans, etc, is acting in a way that puts the lives of anyone there in imminent danger of death or serious bolidy harm. The standard justification fothe use of lethal force.

      On the roof, see smoe dirtgab with his gas can and a wad of cardboard, he is putting YOUR life in danger RIGHT NOW. Lethal forse is justified.
      Until such destruction and disregard for life/lib is met with equal and opposite foirce, it will continue. When a few more of these dirtbags begin to wonder if they’ll actually make ot back home tonight as they are out raiding, they will tend to make infomred decisions to find other pst-times tomorrow night. As in, maybe walking the dog, taking a hike, reading a book.. oh, just kidding on that lt one.

  6. Whoever wrote this article is quite eloquent in defense of this latest hero for America. However, in the end, you wrote, “… his personal experience illustrates the futility of getting involved in any of these fights when not absolutely necessary, especially given the current political and cultural circumstances.”
    And, there is the rub with the ultimate fate we all face as each dark day goes by.
    The Left has manufactured an existential crisis for America. Our very existence, our very survival as a people is at stake because the Left has made it that way.
    They have created a profound crisis which is becoming irreversible. This train left the station and is now a runaway train toward disaster.
    Our constitutional system is based on all political differences being sorted out by reasonable parties, people who share an abiding love and respect for the Constitution, and a basis of broad morality which used to be the Holy Bible. That is pretty much shredded by now thanks to a very sinister, very effective, and insanely evil Marxist ideology which has crept into the fabric of our society taking over and controlling one institution after another.
    We are betrayed by a political class that has seen fit to intentionally destroy our nation for the sake of a globalist/Marxist tyranny and more and more Americans are catching on to their dark agenda.
    Kyle Rittenhouse fired at tyranny and his shots were like the guns heard at Concord over a couple of centuries ago. When he pulled that trigger it became the wake-up call for all Americans. We are facing a tyranny so evil, so pervasive, and so organized that it would make the British tyranny at our founding look like a cakewalk.
    And, since the Left have by now made a complete mockery of “Rule of Law” via Soros prosecutors and a Leftist biased legal justice system, it is only a matter of time before we bypass the charade and resort to “Frontier Justice” and those days are soon approaching.
    There are no atheists in foxholes and we Americans are in the foxhole now so we had better pray to the Lord for the courage and fortitude to face the coming tribulation. What we are up against could very well be the greatest crucible of character and courage we Americans have ever faced.
    God speed.

    • Ok it was written well but as everyone does anymore is talk. Give answers to the problems. If you truly want to do good with all your words then help people, start something like let’s all boycott the giant companies, Hollywood, Niki or whatever. Just as this young man took a stand then let’s do the same. We can show our support for Kyle. Take your educated word’s& send to the judge. All I’m saying is do. I myself will send what money I can but if I could write like you then I’d put to a good cause like starting with Kyle. Just saying & praying.

      • I am praying right along with you. As for actions, a great point that you made and I do what I can including financial donations where I see they can possibly be effective. Each state has a militia which has been a tangible step for me and many others lately.

      • Without a doubt, Laura, any answers given to the problem (or problemS, really), will never come from the left. Ever. They are quick to condemn anything that originates from the other side of the aisle, but never seem to be able to expound on a solution or formulate an original thought of their own. I don’t paint all Dems with the same wide brush; I believe in a balanced ticket. But it is becoming more and more difficult to find anything resembling common sense coming from the folks in the blue ties. The videos taken in the streets provide enough evidentiary context that I believe it will be very difficult to find Mr. Rittenhouse guilty of murder. It’s a clear, textbook case of self-defense. I just hope The Scales Of Justice don’t have a weighted finger on them in the Jury Box come verdict time. God Bless America and The Second Amendment.

      • I am not sure what Universe you have been in, but there have been plans galore laid and executed to have the elites simply flank them. Boycotts by the dozen have been called, many with what appears to be tremendous bottom line impact. The response of the elites is to funnel money to the targeted companies via tax dollars in the name of “saving the planet” or “fighting Covid19”. In addition to bailing out their cooperative Marxist cronies, they have literally waged war on all independent small business to “stop all viruses”. Maybe you haven’t noticed the economic carnage? Peaceful assembly and protest is shut down as “spreading the virus”. Journalists challenging their narrative are deplatformed and demonetized. If that doesn’t stop them their ability to transact funds is stripped. Police harassment of both they and their families is initiated. The rulers have publicly announced the end of the Constitution and the imposition of their New World Order. They have the either the unbridled giddy support or quiet non opposing acquiescence of virtually all of the political and bureaucratic classes, to include law enforcement. The time for the militia clause of the Second Amendment is on us. This 17 year old lad could see that. Unfortunately he was alone there.

      • Well said and there are people keeping a list. Find it and reference it often. When Disney gives BLM $25 million, you gonna give Disney more money? The day BofA announced they we’re giving $25 million to BLM, I refinanced my mortgage with a different lender. When Fender guitars announced their support for BLM and Gibson did not, I pulled the Gibson I had for sale on eBay and got my Fender ready for dumping. I also cancelled my cable TV. You think I’m gonna pay MSNBC for the privilege of being lied to? I have so much money now. So many things I thought I might want or need, abandoned because I will not give one penny to anyone behind this Marxist garbage. I don’t miss any of them and like the extra money in my pocket to donate to Kyle’s defense, or Bitchute (the last vestige for banned YouTubers) or anyone with sanity and principle. I never had a FB or Twitter account and if you do you’re basically sleeping with the enemy. No Twitch, no Steam, no nothing. Just me out in the real world with real people supporting the principled and voting with my dollars against all the usurpers and Marxists. You can have total defeat without firing a shot or even leaving your house. Keep your money in your wallet and bleed all these woke betrayers dry. Money is the only thing they have. You think Eric Schmidt would last 2 seconds against you in a fistfight? No the weapon he has is money. Block Google, block YouTube, block FB, and move your money to your local credit union or, better,buy gold and silver with it. All these banks are slowly dying from their short positions against it. Trading their fake paper for real gold is better than stealing. Deliver the death blow that sends your gold to double it’s value. We can win so easy. But it starts with shutting these people out and shutting off the fake media completely.

    • Lots of truth in what your write, but you need to check your terminology. The rioters are not “leftists.” They are tribalists, more akin to Nazis or Fascists than to the true “left.” Some are simply paid criminals. Nor are they “Marxists.” Their philosopher kings at university claimed to be extending the work of Marx with their “critical theory,” “critical race theory,” “intersectional” and “post modern” belief that truth can only be found subjectively, through your own “lived experience.” It all results in greater and greater division between various “identities” or “victimhoods” dividing society. Marx did not seek to divide the working and middle classes. He wanted them to unite, not split up into tiny, easily controllable little factions. If you want to call them “Neo-Marxists,” that’s fine, but don’t call them “Marxists.” It just confuses the issues.

      Nor are the globalists “socialists.” They are the extreme right, just as the industrialists and militarists who invited Hitler to become Chancellor were not “socialists.” Similar to the Holy Roman Empire, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party was neither “national” (imperial being the antithesis of national), “socialist” (Hitler had declared socialism and Marxism to be his mortal enemies), nor a “workers’ party” (Hitler destroyed Germany’s labor unions). Globalists are not agitating for single payer healthcare or a $15 minimum wage, let alone nationalization of monopolies, an end to censorship or anything else advocated by real “leftists” including the delusional useful idiots like the squad. Globalists want control, including mandatory masks, mandatory vaccines enforced by travel restrictions if you don’t submit, a global economic reset at a much lower level that will mean starvation for many or homelessness as unoccupied houses rot. They want to censor all discourse on the internet.

      Remember, if you vote for even the most well-meaning Democrat, you are voting for an extremely reactionary (right wing) party that wants total control of society under the guise of medical totalitarianism, and there’s no telling what kind of genetic changes they will gene drive (DuckDuckGo those two words) into your progeny through that mRNA jab from Moderna. They’ve spent years trying to out-corporate the Republicans and they’ve finally succeeded. The are far to the right of the Republicans. Resist indeed!

  7. most don’t recognize it now, but given time he will go down in history as the first patriot f the New American Civil War.
    He’s a 2020 John Brown, ….he’s just a bit ahead of his time.

      • Amen Brother! Brown was a murderous terrorist trying to start a Marxist revolution for his Yankee corporate overlords!

      • Yes, a thousand times! Brown was one of those who wanted to dictate to others on how to live even if it meant that one of the victimized group he was “representing” was the first one killed. Forrest fought for the right of self-determination. Slavery was doomed whichever side won. Forrest said that to his black soldiers. It was just a matter of how quickly it died.

    • I was going to say the same thing. That is not a cheap rifle. It’s a well made S&W. And like all ARs they can be tricked out to your liking.

  8. The armed white boy (Im black) was chased by an armed rioter into a car lot. His attacker threw a maltov cocktail at the white boy, trying to kill him, then lunged at him…the white boy defended himself from certain death, saving his own life.

    The white boy was then chased by several rioters,at least one armed with a gun. The white boy fell, three attackers swarmed him…first one hurt his foot when he kicked the white boy, the second attacker was beating the white boy with a skateboard, as he lay rolling on the pavement, the white boy fired two shots as his own head was being smashed by the skateboard, killing the second attacker dead in the street. The white boy got to a seated position with his rifle pointed directly at the third attacker who had a revolver in his right hand freeze when he saw the srcond attacker die, so the white boy lowered his weapon momentarily giving the third attacker mercy to just walk away…but the second attacker chose differently, he suddenly lunged at the whiteboy, who instantly raised his lowered rifke shooting the third attacker in his gun arm, at the elbow…the third attacker hunched over and ran away. There were a fourth and fifth attackers just feet from him, one of them put his arms out to shiw the whiteboy he was unarmed…the whiteboy got up, turned away from them and headed to pllice cars 100 yards away with his hands up, trying to give himself up…oddly they drove by him very slowly without stopping for him or listening to him with his hands in the surrenfer position.

    The whiteboy is a fuggin hero, attacked, he only shot those who threatened his life, giving each person a chance to stop their violence.

    If this kid doesnt het his charges dropoed…BURN WISCONSON DOWN

  9. They need to give that kid a medal and reimburse him for the ammo he spent in defense of his community and we need more patriots in the streets we need to put them down before they burn it down

  10. John Pierce, Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer, made a statement today following last night’s incident, in part it reads…

    “A 17-year old child should not have to take up arms in America to protect life and property. That is the job of state and local governments. However, those governments have failed, and law-abiding citizens have no choice but to protect their own communities as their forefathers did at Lexington and Concord in 1775. Kyle is not a racist or a white supremacist. He is a brave, patriotic, compassionate law-abiding American who loves his country and his community. He did nothing wrong. He defended himself, which is a fundamental right of all Americans given by God and protected by law. He is now in the crosshairs of institutional forces that are much more powerful than him. But he will stand up to them and fight not only for himself, but for all Americans and their beloved Constitution. We will never leave his side until he is victorious in that fight.”

  11. The concept of consequence is now weighing heavy in the minds of the destroyers. No longer is the notion of a free pass held by them.
    I don’t believe this will be a stand alone event. A line has been crossed, ordinary citizens can and will respond with lethal force absent effective police protection.
    Politicians beware, your tolerance of mass violence Will be your undoing.

  12. Kyle is both a role model and hero. Every American will eventually have to choose whether or not they will stand against Satan or with him.

  13. And why are you so afraid to call him a role model? Are you, yourself, afraid of being called names by these slugs and communists? He is a hero, and a role model. He acted where you and I should have. He’s my role model. I’m not afraid to say it!

  14. One word to democrat/reublican establishment antifablm terrorists and dupes. You swarm my house at 1-3am with drums, music, and bullhorns: AMBUSH!

  15. We need to collectively speak with what money we can, if we too scared to do what Kyle did. Then hurraw to Kyle Rittenhouse Defence fund!

  16. Way to go Kyle! Although we don’t know all the details (did he pick a random car lot and business to defend or was he asked etc?) I don’t think I would have made that decision to pack up a weapon and randomly protect someone else’s property unless I knew said person and this person couldn’t defend it themself. However, I suppose that if I was watching my nearby small town (pop. 10,000ish) go up in flames by these left wing, elite funded wanna be anarchists I may do the same….just pray that doesn’t happen!

    • i would advise reading the attorney’s complete statement. Based on what I understand, he went to Kenosha for a life guarding job and a friend needed assistance with protecting his business (friend’s only means of livelihood). The gun was a loaner.

      I actually had tears in my eyes when I heard that these attorneys had stepped up. This case will be case law and will have an impact on all of us. I have definitely donated.

  17. If he ISN”T a role model then the Founding Fathers, the American Revolution and our whole nation is a damnable LIE!!!!!
    He did what all able bodied men should be doing, protecting the republic from a full scale marxist assault!

    • I ambacking the kid, but he may be in trouble for taking his dad’s gun, being under legal age to own or possess a gun, etc. He needs to do community service in custody of parents, and no more. He has justified being self defense. Lets get these thugs off the streets and cities cleaned up. He did what the cowardly police didn’t do, try to protect the city.

  18. I gave up on Drudge months ago when it was apparent he/they sold out as so many have/are are doing. Your analysis and comments on Kyle’s/America’s dilemma is spot on, I’m signing up,

  19. Those thugs, call them Brownshirts. You know why.
    Their leaders, call them Stalinists.
    Their financiers, call them Moneychangers.
    These months of mayhem, call it The Long Cristallnacht.
    When they say “vender identity”, Kelly with “anti-science”. Or “mental”.
    When they say “anti-vaxxer”, call them “anti-science”.

    This will work effectively, and many will remember farther on and repent. A battle of words.
    They stole the word “gay”. Let’s protect English langusge.

    When the (presumably) CIA started the “fake news” slur against whistleblowers, using the mouth of Obama, the target of the slur bounced it back lightning fast, and soon had one news anchor whining it was the worst thing we could call them, and Mika Brzezinsky saying that telling people what to think was “our job”.

  20. We need patriots to stand up and take out these Bokcheviks tearing up cities, problem, they won’t stand up en mass, it is one here and there. Our cities will be trashed soon because there are no patriot men of fighting (legal) age who will take rifles and clean out these scum bags. Police are cowards for allowing this. I have lost respect for police overall (wussies).

    • The police have a job to ARREST criminals and enforce the law, they are risking their life and limb by doing that. The prosecutors, with the approval of the mayors and governors, have been releasing them as fast as they have been arrested. That is why the numbers in Portland, for instance, have not gone down after so many days. Given that, how do you expect the police to react with no back up? Also, the BLM activists in Hollywood have been raising money for bail for the thugs. I saw that some NBA players have refused to play games in support of the criminal who was shot by the police. They have a right to speak out, but I also do not have to support them in any way, just like I stopped watching the NFL when they let a political protest to continue in their games. This situation has gone too far for me to support any one who tries to destroy our individual rights, the right to self defense is the most fundamental, that is what is at stake.

  21. Revolver felt it necessary to put a disclaimer in front of this short essay: “This is a Guest Post. Guest Posts do not necessarily represent the official editorial position of Revolver News.” WHY? Would you put the same disclaimer at the top of a similar essay from the other side by a Leftist? If not, why not? Revolver, you’re almost dead to us. Don’t f— up further.

  22. Our heroes often come from unexpected places, events and especially individuals who understand WTF DaProblem is – unlike most of us comfortable couch sitting warmongers sending our troops to kill people in other countries for the sole purpose of enriching DaGlobalistOligarch Bastahds with our blood and treasure.
    Kyle will become synonymous with Kenosha and is truly a hero in my book – Damn DaTorpedoes, full speed ahead!
    Read for more PERSPECTIVE –

    We have turned DaCorner and there ain’t any turning back.
    It took a teenaged David to slay Goliath while his elders crapped their pants – this was another wakeup call – are we awake yet?

  23. Two quotes: “Kyle Rittenhouse was braver than we were — or at least naive enough to not understand the odds we’re up against.”

    Naïve? No… hopeful. Yes, young people may be naïve, but they’re also hopeful and unfettered by a lifetime of debt, mortgage, pensions and social inhibitions that stop good men from doing nothing.

    “Rittenhouse may not a role model, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t an American hero.”

    I beg to differ. He is a role model if you don’t want to lose your country through do nothing cowardice. The time for jaw wagging is long, long past… by decades. The left doesn’t care for reason and debate. They will take your country, culture, city and towns by force…. if you let them. Kyle is a role model, and what we need are more Kyle’s across the country to start fighting back. War, even civil war, is a young man’s game. So step out of the way old people and encourage your young men to follow his lead. As Sun Tzu so aptly noted in his “Art of War”… Kill one, terrorize a thousand.

  24. This is the result of the lack of law enforcement allowing bands of vandals, looters and street thugs to roam the street and get support from the elitists and mush headed liberal companies. Its ridiculous to think that people will allow this politically sponsored and motivated violence to go unanswered, as it has since the announcement of the Trump campaign.

  25. I agree we should NOT emulate him right NOW… but someday we may ALL need to emulate him and strap up and go protect our rights… before we find out what happens AFTER America! Before they take our guns away.

  26. Just so some of you Americans know (I am NOT an American) a Jewish friend of mine
    informed me that the current disorder prevalent in the USA is the result of

    “Psyops” means: “Psychological Operations”

    Israel wants Trump OUT, because Trump is attempting to remove US troops from the
    MiddleEast, and if that were accomplished, Israel would be militarily exposed to the
    Moslems that object to Israeli invasion of their land. This explains the RIOTING.

    • That is a very plausible explanation of what we are seeing. The israli duals are the only foreign powers allowed to work inside the US government, and when I talk about the shadow rulers, it is that same lawless gang that controls occupied Palestine to which I am referring. And yes, they are a pampered lot and will kill or destroy anyone who opposes their edicts.

  27. This is a part of the reason for a war on police. So that they dont act against the radicals who are over reacting to a few instances.

  28. We need;

    to strike fear into the hearts and minds of the radical leftists

    only then will they know the error of there ways

    and that true American patriots will not heed their liberty

  29. Interesting. Now that communists openly control the states and the central government, the middle class is ripe for attack. It’s sad that the government that allegedly represents the people only represents the rich and powerful. And yes, all three branches of government are now controlled by the same shadow rulers, so unless we can embarrass them into NOT doing it, they will collectively throw Kyle Rittenhouse under the bus. Ah, life under lawless communism – ain’t it grand?

  30. I agree with most of the article, but those points I don’t agree with are important…too important to let slide. First off…if Mr. Rittenhouse is faced with spending the rest of his life in prison, that’s a fate far worse than death. What that poor, white boy will go through at the hands of hardened criminals in our prison system is beyond description…it will be a life-long torture sentence for sure! To say that Rittenhouse is lucky to be alive is not at all accurate if he indeed goes to prison.

    Second, why are his actions not a model for emulation? Are you kidding me!? The author of this article is still suffering from the delusion (as are most American Patriots at this point) that fighting a hot war for our freedom is still unnecessary or not morally right. My take on our present situation is indeed the opposite…we either man up and deal with the Leftist quickly and permanently or we will lose our country and our progeny will live in the chains of Communism at best or be murdered at worst! To say that we are going to be able to continue to share the plot of ground between the Pacific and the Atlantic with the Leftist in this nation (roughly 30-40% of the country) is the height of delusion. The Leftist smell blood, they hate Trump (primarily because they are literally suffering from mental disorders that are diagnosable), they hate God (which has brought on their mental disorders), they hate America, they hate us and they hate our way of life. This is the raw truth of the matter at hand and the sooner the Conservative, God fearing Right in this nation wake up to this fact and physically remove the Leftist, rotting element from our country the better chance we have of sustaining our way of life for our children and our children’s children. My hope is we can deport them or incarcerate them (by merely being a Liberal, you’ve committed treason against our nation and should be imprisoned) without bloodshed, but I think we all know that this is pie in the sky because they are certainly not going to give up on their Communist goals for our nation until they meet the circular end of a gun.

    There are so many historical quotes I could cite at this point, but the one that really hits home in this instance is “He who has the guns, makes the rules!” If the so called Patriotic silent majority would have had the guts to stand against the tyranny in the exact same way that young Rittenhouse did, we would live in a free country right now and the Leftists would be a small note in our history books. But unfortunately we haven’t taken our Constitution seriously, haven’t taken our freedoms seriously and certainly haven’t taken our Second Amendment seriously and so consequently we are in danger…serous danger of losing all three!

    • Joe Patriot, listen to yourself. You say the US is 30-40% leftist, and because trying to deport or incarcerate them all won’t work, the Conservative right must kill them. 30-40% of this country is 110 to 150 million people. Your solution makes Stalin and Hitler look like amateurs. While I do condone anyone who protests in a violent or destructive manner, peaceful protest is constitutionally guaranteed. The mass murder you propose is not.

      It’s incredible that you call yourself a patriot while wanting to kill up to 150 million Americans simply for being liberal–which you consider to be treason. Grow up Joe. Learn to get along with people you don’t agree with.

      • Well said!

        I just want to add that far too many people misuse “leftist”, “far left”, “communist/communism”, “Marxist”, “socialist/socialism”, and “liberals”, and if they would just spend some time educating themselves on what these things are, they wouldn’t sound so ignorant.

        Some people might want to brush up on the US Constitution and what it all means, for the same reason.

  31. Best article on Rittenhouse and the surrounding matters at hand BY MILES! It’s scary the situation we’ve allowed ourselves to be forced into. Only in psycho-sociopathic backwards USSA would the ONLY and most productive class of society be attacked for paying taxes and obeying the law(even though there are 10’$ of thousands of them, mostly arbitrary and victimless). Reading this awesome analysis of the madness going on in this once great nation made the hair on my arms stand on end! Great perception by the author! Stay armed stay alert stay alive!

  32. I’m from the UK and I see the same thing happening here but on a lesser scale because we have less blacks and no guns, but if the white Americans real Americans should I say don’t stand up and fight then it looks like America could be lost forever, I see America becoming the new South Africa with the help of the leftist whites the Jews and the blacks will bring it down

  33. Kyle Rittenhouse is an American Hero and Patriot! Americans have a right to defend their communities and citizens. When you chase someone and shoot at them, or knock them down and hit them on the head, you can assume they mean no good. Bravo!

  34. As our President said: “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”.
    This young man did what he had to do because the cowards will not stand up to injustice.
    There is no legitimacy to this indiscriminate and violent rioting and looting!!!
    Yes, there are grievances, however,unleashing this uncivilized and moronic behavior must stop!!!

  35. Thank you for this article–to FINALLY hear some truth about WHY Kyle was there in the first place, and with a rifle–so many media “reports” and comments are about him “being from another state” and “armed to do violence,” etc. FINALLY hearing that he only lives 30 min. from the town–yes, across the border in another state, but these days that doesn’t make any difference, we live 30 min. from another state, also, big deal. And the article indicates that Kyle spends a lot of time in this town 30 min. away, to the point of cleaning the walls all day long from graffiti, and then deciding to stand guard against any further destruction of businesses downtown…another article indicated that he’d seen some looters starting towards breaking into a home….this article doesn’t mention that….so, either way, it appears that Kyle was trying to help, BUT there was the “curfew” that nobody else was observing, except perhaps the business owners and the residents, being told they’d be arrested if out past the curfew…obviously the paid rioters don’t need to worry about the curfew…and Kyle stepped up the plate to try and defend any more businesses from getting destroyed. But, with the constant media garbage about his being from another state, and having a gun, and breaking curfew, not sure if there’s anybody on the jury who can see through all that diversionary rhetoric…and now they’ve started chanting in the headlines about “you take one of ours, that means we can take one of yours” type of evil–nope, this is NOT a game. Sure wish the Antifa/BLM participants could wake up to the truth of them being used and abused and becoming slaves to their owners!!!

  36. Everyone should make time to read or listen (audio book) to Alexander Solzenitzin’s The Gulag Archipelago.

    If modern indoctrinated students and Presstitutes did, we might preserve freedom, decency and civil society.

    Alas, humans are condemned to repeat tribal evil, no matter the degree of so-called education.

    Extremes are bad. Love your neighbor as yourself, but the radical lefties twist this to evil as we witness.

    A Latvian Lawyer told me, “I lived under the Communists twice and the Nazis once.
    Under the Nazis, if one minded one’s own business, life was not too bad. Under the Communists, one NEVER knew!”

    These rioters are playing right into the hands of those who drove The Gulags and are out gong for a chance to have another go. .

    All we like sheep ———

  37. We are tremendously blessed that Rittenhouse gave exemplary performance in maintaining his acts as those of self defense and then reporting his acts to authorities as required. We are also blessed that video evidence of his acts was recorded so to squelch dispute.

  38. Revolver News…
    “Claim: The criminal shot to death by Kyle Rittenhouse raped five separate boys…no wonder he joined Antifa?”
    Kyle just thinned out the herd, taking out the diseased ones and it only makes society healthier.
    35% to 40% of our society is infected by a Marxist ideology that makes them mentally unstable and a direct threat to the nation.
    The mental/emotional instability of the Left reduces them to the level of Orcs.
    And, there is only one ultimate remedy to the Orc problem.

  39. Some corrections are in order. He did not drive to Kenosha specifically to stand watch over this business. He was there working as a lifeguard. When his shift was over he went to the school to help clean up graffiti from the building. At some point a call came from the business owner of the used car lot that had been burned to the ground the night before for anyone who could to come help guard and save his mechanic shop which was still standing. Kyle volunteered.

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