Breaking Raw: Local News Releases Never Before Seen George Floyd Bodycam Footage, Watch it Here
August 10, 2020 (1y ago)

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More raw footage of the George Floyd arrest was just released. Please be sure to weigh in below, in the comments section.

One week ago, a different set of footage was released. You can find it here: Original George Floyd Bodycam Footage.

More analysis: Newly Released George Floyd Body Cam Footage Should Make Keith Ellison Nervous

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George Floyd
1 year ago

Sheeeeeeeit. Dat wasn’t my meff pipe.

Scott Pesch
1 year ago

After seeing this video if I was on that jury I would find that officer innocent. I see he did no wrong. Floyd was resisting all the while and under some narcotics. The police got a bad rap on this one. A lot of heads should be rolling right now.

Robin Humphrey
1 year ago

If the reaction to this was not raw racism .Nothing is
Oh, Maybe an 85 inch TV and $200. 00 Nike’s is worth it.
What a troubled soul this poor man was.
How would you like the job of the COPS?

1 year ago
Reply to  Robin Humphrey


Concerned Citizen
1 year ago

All the extant videos show professionalism by the officers with resistance to a straightforward arrest and we now know he was higher than a kite stating he couldn’t breathe long before he was restrained

The perpetration on this country of what happened as a result is terrorism pure and simple

Terrorism perpetrated by local government and media who then abetted the terrorists in the street

1 year ago


1 year ago

George Floyd was very resistant, I believe the officer did not cause his death. I know from experience when you can’t breath, you can’t talk. George Floyd acted like he was on something.

1 year ago

Why is it blacks never doing anything legitimately? It’s always somebody else’s car. Somebody else’s phone. Somebody else’s drugs. Somebody else’s fault. We can’t live with these people. We shouldn’t have to live like this.

Pete Dempsey
1 year ago
Reply to  baldowl

you are a horrible human being for posting this regardless of your thoughts on the video

Randall Tatum
1 year ago

Why did George resist getting in the backseat?

1 year ago

The officer is innocent. He dug his own grave.

1 year ago

Watch that video very closely. Watch it slowly. Watch it repeatedly.

Ask yourself, “Why did George Floyd remain on scene when he just passed counterfeit money?”

The answer to that is in this video and in the original surveillance camera video that showed the officer escort him to the sidewalk and sit him down found here

Floyd’s behavior as the officers pull him out of the car is all a drug-fueled bad acting job. He was hamming up his fear and falling down as a stalling tactic. He was stalling so that he could discard what looks like drugs.

You can see he dropped two small square white packets in the store surveillance footage in the YouTube link. He drops it from his right hand.

He drops the first packet at about 2:38 in the YouTube video as this officer is escorting him behind the car to the sidewalk.

He drops the second packet as the officer sits him down on the sidewalk at about 3:05 in the YouTube video. Watch near Floyd’s left hand as he sits on the sidewalk. A small, square white packet magically falls from beneath him…he then leans over to the right to try to hide it from the officer’s view.

How can you be sure Floyd dropped those two packets? Because he also dropped his car key when he was sitting down in the sidewalk. This officer asks him if he dropped the key and he said he did.

Now go back to the beginning of the officers body cam video in this revolver article. Watch Floyd’s hand very closely.

You’ll see both of his hands are empty when the officer pulls him out of the car and he resists arrest. His hands were empty.

As the officer starts to escort Floyd towards the back of his car, Floyd throws himself down and blames the officer by saying “why you do me like that”.

Watch his right hand at that point. He reaches around and digs in his right pocket.

He must have accidentally grabbed his key at that time. He was trying to drop the white packets without dropping his key. That is why he only dropped one while walking behind the car.

He dropped his key on accident when the officer was sitting him down. He dropped the second packet at that point.

Now go back and watch this officers body camera footage again from the very beginning. At first he was the “cover” officer that was dealing with the passenger side. Look on the ground by the front seat passenger’s foot as he is trying to get and way from the vehicle. Look. There appears to be dropped money on the ground.

The passengers story the officer is that he was trying to buy/return a laptop. He said “he gave me my change”. Who is the he? Floyd? Was he saying that Floyd gave him money? Was it the money on the ground?

Did Floyd drop dope? Did the passenger say Floyd gave him money? Why would Floyd stay parked there after passing counterfeit bills? Did they all arrive together?

Floyd, dresses like a drug user…his front seat passenger well put together…who might have said that Floyd gave him “his change” to explain the passing of money from Floyd to the passenger.

At first, Floyd was resisting while pretending to be scared so that he could ditch his dope. At the police car, he was resisting to distract the officers from going back to find what he dropped.

Watch the videos for yourself. Everything I mentioned is there.

It’s all on these two videos. Watch for yourself.

1 year ago

I think it was horrible that the police did not help him. He may have been a criminal but he was begging for his life and the police did nothing to help him. He belonged in jail or rehab not dead

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