Revolver Analysis: To Save Civilization, Stop Kneeling Before the Left’s Moral Imperialism
August 10, 2020 (1mo ago)

Over the weekend, a mob of BLM activists stormed into a Washington, D.C. restaurant. That much was unremarkable. Even in 2015, left-wing demonstrators were happily bothering people in public spaces with their “Black Brunch NYC.”

But Saturday’s harassment had a twist. The mob didn’t just annoy diners. They demanded they pledge fealty by raising their fists in solidarity with the movement. Those who refused were denounced and tarred as racists:

“Think about the people who are not raising their hand.” Diners who kept their hands down were lucky to get away with mere verbal criticism.

If members of the right tried such a stunt, they would be shouted down and arrested. But they would likely never try it in the first place, because the right lacks the left’s belief in its absolute moral supremacy. The left can pull stunts like this with impunity, because they know the odds are minimal they will ever be punished for harassing the public. Recent events have demonstrated that the left is rarely ever punished even for committing more destructive crimes like vandalism, looting, or criminal assault.

There is only one conclusion we can draw from all of this. We currently live under a regime of left-wing moral imperialism.

As defined by the left itself, “moral imperialism is the imposition of a set of moral values onto a culture that does not share those values, either through force or through cultural criticism.”

In a recent interview on the Chris Buskirk podcast, former Duke Professor and White House speechwriter Darren Beattie explained why “moral imperialism” is so crucial to the success of the left:

In the past, the Western tradition allowed for a strong, confident conception of morality—of right and wrong. The tradition supplied both the concepts and conviction necessary to condemn clear injustices like murder, rape, and treason.

Today, though, the worst crime imaginable is not murder. In fact, the left routinely makes excuses for murderers. Instead, the moral arbiters of the left have decreed that “racism” is the most heinous crime imaginable.

Racism once meant overt discrimination or antagonism towards someone of a different race. Later, it came to include offenses like using slurs or indulging in racial caricature (stereotyping). Then, “racism” also came to include opposition to policies like affirmative action. Eventually, racism was also equated with support for race-neutral policies, like strict criminal justice or enforcing national immigration laws. Today, it is racist to oppose favored status for “oppressed” races, and any system that does not provide for statistically equal and representative outcomes is guilty of systemic racism. Anyone who supports such a system is themselves racist.

The definition of racism may always change, but the solution never does. The left must be given total power, and its enemies must be subservient or destroyed.

It’s impossible to imagine a political party perpetually debasing itself to prove that they are not murderers or rapists. Those crimes involve clear-cut wrongs which can be proven or disproven. Yet the right is perpetually debasing itself to prove that they are “not racist.” In an excerpt from the Burskirk interview mentioned above, Dr. Beattie diagnoses this problem.

For years, with increasingly palpable desperation, Republicans have tried to defend themselves by copying the left’s attacks. Republicans aren’t racist, they argue, because Democrats are “the real racists.”

This attack has been recited for years. Dinesh D’Souza became a very rich man by making “Dems are the real racists” his core talking point. President Trump’s own campaign has generated tweet after tweet accusing Joe Biden of racism for supporting law and order and honoring the dead:

None of this copycat rhetoric ever successfully works to enact a right-wing agenda. So why does the right keep using it? Simple: Moral imperialism. The right has had its thought space thoroughly colonized by the left, just as the Spanish imposed their values on Mexico. The right cannot win, because they implicitly accept the values of the left. They will not win until that changes.

Today’s left is not well-intentioned. They are not merely misguided in the pursuit of moral goods. Today’s left pursues moral evils, and they’re not shy in telling you this. The left denies any differences between men and women. They want to mutilate your children if they deviate from predefined personality types. The left attacks marriage and the family, and celebrates deviancy and child abuse. They reject justice and accountability, and blame or exonerate based on group affiliation. The left attacks the successful and celebrates violent criminals.

Chiefly, the left seeks to upend traditional morality and replace it with “social” justice in order to indict American society as structurally racist, and the American people as hopelessly racist merely by virtue of the fact that they live in such a society. The goal is simply to discredit and destroy the moral safeguard of tradition in favor of a new morality and new tradition that empowers the left-wing managerial class.

This wave of moral inversion cannot be defeated by claiming that the left is failing to meet its own standards. It cannot be beaten by calling the left “the real racists” or by saying that those on the right are “the real feminists.” Their moral framework must be rejected entirely. Their cries of racism must be identified as disingenuous attacks by the immoral, who care not one bit for the long-term well-being of any race of people. The right must meet the left head-on with the goal of defeating and subduing it, and make a stand for virtue as its own end. For God, family, faith, reason, truth, justice, beauty, liberty, and law and order. The right must make a stand for civilization itself, on its own terms, with no concessions.

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10 responses to “Revolver Analysis: To Save Civilization, Stop Kneeling Before the Left’s Moral Imperialism”

  1. The Left use the battering ram of RACISM accusation to assault the foundations of Western Civilzation. Most in America don’t reallize that the Left has been using the same strategy in Europe against the native Europeans and it has been working to destroy that entire continent through massive migration invasion of Africans and Arabs. The moment somebody, anybody offers an ounce of criticism against the invasion, Merkel, the Leftist(Communist) leader of the Germany, and other leaders of the Leftist controlled EU pass “Racist” laws to strike down all resistance to being destroyed from within.
    And that is exactly the same strategy the Globalist/Socialist/Communist Left is using here in America to subdue and intimidate Americans from resisting the massive societal change they wish to implement.
    They work on destroying Free Speech first. They work on controlling Language, words, phrases, and thought itself and label and outlaw speech they don’t tolerate as “Hate Speech” and codify it into draconian totalitarian “laws” to suppress and erase dissent.
    After they steal their way into politcal power, they destroy the 1st Amendment completely and then they go for the guns of regular Americans and their means to defend themselves and their loved ones.
    This is all happening before our eyes.
    It is like a nightmare that becomes real.
    And, all the Christian niceness, politeness, and prayers and political correctness, and turning the other cheek isn’t going to defeat this Evil.
    Even Comrade Bernie Sanders’ main supporters are openly discussing plans to set up concentration camps, “Re-Education” Camps for all Americans who resist Communist control of the nation and the ones of resist the most are stood up against a wall and shot.
    This is openly discussed amongst the Left as a means to an end.
    It will take a ruthlessness and a resolve to fight for our existence as a people and a nation.
    God help us if we don’t manage to summon that resolve to fight the Devil before it is too late.
    We Americans who wake up to the Devil knocking on the door had better wake up and reach deep and grow a pair before we are all marched to the cattle cars on our way to the ovens.

  2. King Louie XVI of France knelt before the ignorant mobs, and that didn’t turn out too well. He and his wife lost their heads, and their children were imprisoned. More idiocy followed. Look it up.

  3. superb article! the left’s moral imperialism is based on arrogating unto itself the right of definition. they define what words mean–note the conveniently evolving definition of “racist.” they define which words cannot be used—e.g. “bum.” they define what should be reported and what should be ignored. they define who is a saint and who is a sinner. they are always first to pronounce judgment on everything that happens.
    calling someone “racist” means that they are being judgmental—isnt that supposed to be a sin? they are defining what that person is, and affirming that it is their right to do so. but it is only their opinion. why should anyone allow a leftist to define them? why should anyone care what a leftist thinks of them?
    leftists believe that they have a quasi-divine right to do all this and more, because they are superior. the confidence of their beliefs allows them to take the offensive, thus relegating their opponents to the defensive.
    the bolsheviks were a small political party. but they were morally imperialistic, ruthless, and well organized. todays left is using the bolshevik playbook. unless their aggression is disabled, they will overrun the country.
    nothing infuriates a leftist more than to be told “who cares what you believe.”

  4. I think history well demonstrates that leftist totalitarians can only be defeated with one thing, and words ain’t it.

  5. See J. R. Nyquist, The Fool and His Enemy: Toward a Metaphysics of Evil to see what we are up against. We need to stop kneeling before all of our enemies, both internal and external!

  6. I am glad I found the Revolver. Been Drudge fan for many years but his recent shift has not been tolerable. Good luck to you and your staff and I hope you get the readership that is now unhappy with Drudge Report like myself.

  7. It’s not “moral imperialism.” The leftists only have immoral imperialism: murder-by-abortion, socialism, racism, perversion, treason.

  8. The left’s moral imperialism is fueled by ignorance and arrogance. See “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness”, by Lyle Rossiter. Also, Eric Erickson’s “Psychosocial Stages of Human Development”. We are dealing with the types who had a very difficult time in their high school civics and history classes. They are from the “history is hard” generation.

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