No Unilateral Disarmament: Senate Republicans Must Replace RBG Before Nov. 3rd Election
September 18, 2020 (4w ago)

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In the wake of the news that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away, Democrats and their allies in the press are already bringing massive pressure on Republicans to refuse to nominate a replacement until after inauguration day.

Republicans must ignore these demands. If any Republican senators try to break ranks and join with Democrats, they should be expelled from the party permanently. Moments like this are the reason political parties exist. If the Republican Party fails its voters at this critical juncture, then it is dead as a party. All their promises to secure an originalist Supreme Court and resist the overreach of the left will be exposed as hollow, cynical deceptions by a party psychologically beholden to its enemies.

Democrats are invoking 2016, when Republicans refused to vote on Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to fill the Scalia vacancy, as precedent for waiting to fill the Ginsburg vacancy. This claim is made in bad faith. Republicans were able to block Garland’s nomination for one reason, and one reason alone: Because they had a majority in the Senate, and could make a credible claim that the election would serve to determine which party deserved to fill the seat.

No such party split exists in 2020. Republicans hold the presidency, and after the 2018 midterms they hold an expanded Senate majority. All of the necessary pieces to fill a Supreme Court vacancy are there, and Republicans should feel no shame in exercising their powers. If they do feel shame, it is purely because they have allowed their brains to be dominated by the left’s inverted and subverted moral imperialism.

And make no mistake, the left wants Ginsburg’s seat to remain empty for only one reason: Power. Already, Twitter bluechecks on the left have promised violence if America’s constitutional apparatus is allowed to operate as designed.

It doesn’t take a genius to see this for what it is: A blatant threat, nay, a promise, that if the left isn’t simply handed what it wants, then it will resort to violence to secure it. The left isn’t demanding a delay in nominating a new justice out of concern for the Constitution. They want a delay because they fear it could subvert their plans to nullify the Constitution. A robust originalist Court might preserve freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, and the right to bear arms — all rights the left is determined to strip from America’s citizens. It might, in short, be a stumbling block to the left’s plans for permanent, absolute power over all of American life.

Simply pause and ask yourself: Would Democrats, for even one second, consider sitting on a Supreme Court seat they have the votes to fill?

Of course not. Right now, the debate on the left is whether or not Democrats should entirely upend America’s constitutional order, and deliberately pack the Supreme Court to eliminate it as a barrier to the party’s agenda.

Democrats have vowed to add the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states, not based on any assessment of whether these territories should be states, but solely because they think it will net them four more seats in the Senate. More enterprising figures on the left have suggested cutting D.C. up into more than a hundred states, to allow Democrats to simply amend the Constitution at will.

And then, of course, there is the party’s entire strategy on immigration, where they have deliberately refused to enforce America’s laws. Democrats have made the cynical calculation that the children of illegal immigrants will provide the base for a permanent political majority.

If a party is so fanatically committed to its own power that it is willing to totally ignore America’s laws, and radically alter the makeup of a core constitutional office, the idea that they wouldn’t exercise their very explicit powers to confirm an ideologically-friendly justice is ridiculous.

But a replacement for Ginsburg must be confirmed for another, more immediate reason. If the 2020 election is at all close, it is virtually certain to be among the most heavily-disputed in American history. The left is already well underway in its effort to turn the 2020 election into an Eastern Europe-style color revolution against the president. The combination of the power elite’s antipathy for Trump, its affinity for street-level political violence, and the promotion of fraud-prone mail-in ballots, all create the perfect recipe for a stolen election. One of the only potential bulwarks against the left’s coup is the Supreme Court. But right now, with eight justices, it’s entirely possible that, if forced to weigh in on the 2020 election, the Court will deadlock 4-4. Such an outcome, and its resulting constitutional crisis, must be avoided at all costs. And that path can only be averted by restoring the Court to its usual complement of nine justices.

So, the path forward is simple: President Trump must nominate a new justice to the Supreme Court, an originalist of the sort the GOP has promised voters for decades. Senate Republicans must vote to confirm that nominee.

The stakes should be clear for everybody. If a Republican senator fails to support a qualified, originalist nominee from the president, then their status as a Republican must be forfeited. Every effort must be made to effect their de facto expulsion from the party, whether it’s by a state recall, expelling them from the caucus, stripping them of committee seats, or supporting a direct primary challenger. To falter in this moment is a betrayal of what Republicans have promised their voters for decades. It would be the suicide of a political movement.

CORRECTION: This article has been amended to reflect the fact that, since Justice Ginsburg died, Senator Murkowski has not yet said whether she will vote to confirm a Supreme Court justice. Just hours before Ginsburg’s death, she did say that she would not vote to confirm a judge before the election.

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58 responses to “No Unilateral Disarmament: Senate Republicans Must Replace RBG Before Nov. 3rd Election”

    • My hat is off to whoever designed the site. It is refreshing. The graphics are bold and clean with some color, without being intrusive. It has a classic, but undated look that will age well into the future. The format is streamlined, not clunky, but at the same time it is sophisticated. Most of all, it projects an image of winning, and some humor. I don’t see any gaslighting, which is a relief.

      My main beef with so much of the online conservasphere is that it is reactive rather than proactive, which projects a defeatist image, whether people realize it or not. There’s all this fear, horror and outrage, a constant reaction to the left. At a time when things look so tired and dreary, Revolver captures the winning attitude. It offers a chance for people to be lifted up instead of constantly being beaten down. It is inclusive and knows the audience it wants.

      It’s like they surveyed the online conservasphere, rejected what didn’t work and took what did work, improved on it and added some unique, appealing touches. If I had one criticism, it would be to lose the Drudge positioning as soon as it is no longer useful in attracting an audience. Because in my view, Revolver has set the new standard. I also like that there is some opportunity for commenting.

  1. Conservative, Inc., always ready to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Murkowski, Grassley, Collins, and Romney will ensure this.

    • We need to lay on public pressure so hard and strong that they feel our anger. They need to lose their Senate seats if they cave. An elephant never forgets.

    • I think Sen Grassley understands this and is on board. It’s only The 3 Stooges, who don’t know the history, who will gum up the works. If they could be brought into line, and the party show a TRULY united front on this, I think the Dems might think twice.

  2. The riots will happen either way. Trump just needs to nominate a good goy woman, for good optics, who won’t be a leftist turncoat later like a certain other guy who currently sits on the Supreme Court.

  3. I’ve been pretty good at reading the tea leaves for awhile now. I teach the Constitution and have predicted the coming civil war. Current events parallel the first civil war. Thank you for getting the strategy out. We’ve got to be prepared and to prepare others for what’s about to happen. Truly, this is the year Americans lost their innocents.

    • Throwing out senators, even treacherous ones, to make the Democrats the majority in the Senate is hardly a good ‘war’ strategy.

      • Removal of committee memberships is a powerful tactic. Up to McConnell. And those Alaskan should get Murkowski out. She cheated to get in anyway. She’s a real harridan.

        Alaskan, will you help your country by making her life a living hell?

  4. I’m not up to speed on whether any the 3 RINOs who are refusing to vote on a supreme court nominee before the election are up for reelection this year. Info please.

  5. Republicans Be strong and courageous. If you do not fight this battle, there will be no country left. This is what happened to Venezuela!

  6. Reza Aslan: “If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire fucking thing down.” Well, I’m sure that can be arranged. Win-Win!

  7. While Globalist Soros/Murdoch owned Fox News gushes over how wonderful and saintly RBG was,
    the obvious road blocks to a successful nomination are clear.
    If those three traitors succumb to the Left, Murkowski,Collins,Romney- then the people of the United States should treat them as traitors.
    Collins is way behind in her race to win re-election in Maine. If she had even half a brain (that is a stretch), she would want President Trump’s help in getting her a win in Maine. As for Murkowski, she is under the thumb of Senator Feinstein of California and will do what she is told.
    Romney is an egomaniacal loser with zero ability to get over himself so he is a lost cause.

    Senator McConnell seems to think he has the votes to get this one in before the election.
    There have been other justices in the past who were voted in within a couple of weeks of nomination.
    It is Providence that God took that Leftist off the Supreme Court at this moment.
    There is a reason for the timing of events.
    There are no accidents.

  8. Primary them? Yes. Recall them? Yes.
    But kick them out of the caucus will drive them to the Dem side and just might end up giving the Dems control of the senate.
    A RINO is better than a Dem as it helps give us control of the Senate, all committee chairs, and the ability to set the agenda.
    Don’t force them out of the part. Replace them with better Republicans.

  9. Unfortunaely the GOP does not have the votes to get any Trump nominee on the Supreme Court before the election. Murkowski, Collins, Pierre Delecto (aka Rino Mitt Romney) will all vote no. If they all hold, it only takes one more vote and Graham and a couple of others have made noises that they would join these three in the name of ‘fairness”.

  10. Agreed. Put forth a nominee and hold a vote. Let each Senator return to their constituents and answer for their vote. That is democracy in action.

    Not holding a vote due to fear of political violence is already accepting defeat. Not holding a vote for fear that a Rino may lose their seat is living in denial as the party obviously didn’t hold a majority in the first place.

  11. Nah. You can’t vote your way out of what’s coming or hope if we just get one more cuckservative on Scotus that it’s gonna make a difference. Roberts repeatedly betrays. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh shat all over the GOP base this year. After Roe, we voted our way to a conservative court, and we got Planned Parenthood v. Casey. It’s all pro-wrestling.

  12. You can bet if the situation were reversed the dems would push through another Sotomayor without any hesitancy and use the Constitution. Of course the media would back them up.

  13. resident Trump must nominate a new justice to the Supreme Court, an originalist of the sort the GOP has promised voters for decades.

    Even the term originalist rankles. The job of any judge is simple: apply the law as written. Somehow that became more, with the notion that the law, even the supreme law of the Constitution, is flawed and requires modification by a judge. The law is out of date, not usable for the current times. Here’s a hint to all legislators in black robes: pass a new law, if necessary amend the Constitution.

    But no, the black robes are johnny-on-the-spot, ready to innovate to solve a problem. Detached from constraints of the people in the form of legislation, the judges will do that dirty work. And always to the favor of leftism.

  14. We are far beyond being nice. Millions of white cowards and “Ally’s” are queing to sacrifice their country in November. There are far more Biden Harris voters die hard in the suburbs than most on here realize.

    Take the supreme court so we have some damn justice. Take it at all costs.

  15. Get your timing right. Before the First Monday in October.
    Otherwise they cannot participate in all the rulings about the election and other cases in that session.

  16. The voters already had a chance to decide who should be on the SCOTUS. It was called “the 2016 election.” Has that decision been revoked somewhere?

    We have a contract with the duly elected president: We agreed to vote for him in trade for his promise to, among other things, put people on the court who would be constitutionalists. He’s done so twice thus far, as openings have occurred, and he is entitled to do so until his term expires at noon next January 20.

    The voters will next decide who should be in the WH on Nov 3 next. At that time, they will decide who they want making this decision for the next four years. But for now, the voters have put Trump in that place.

  17. The swamp rat dems are the party of the devil and his socialist thugs like burning buildings and destroy this great country and God will show his fire and fury like hell has not seen!!!!

  18. Threatening the United States of America is a Felony…burn it down punk???…Really, threatening my family and children? Really? That fuggin day will be your very last.

    We will see you hang commiepig…I willpissandshit in your dismembered corpses mouth

  19. I think the focus on Mitt, Susan, Lisa, and 1 or 2 others is more leftwing disinfo campaign than news. They’re trying to psych them out of voting by reporting that they committed not to, even if they didn’t.

    Either way, if Dems gain the Senate they’ll be impeaching/removing Kavanaugh at the very least.

    GOP must confirm another justice immediately. Make it Barrett. She’s already had a hearing. No need for another. They wouldn’t try false rape accusations, but they’d definitely get a random nobody to accuse her of racism or something like that (though not before wiping his/her social media, a la Blasey-Ford). Plus you’d have BLM “peaceful protestors” interrupting hearings 24/7.

    NO HEARINGS. Nominate. Vote. Done.

  20. Mitch doesn’t need these three quislings to vote “yes” on a nominee. He just needs them not to vote “no”. An abstention will work.

  21. First, Revolver News was brought to my attention by Tucker Carlson, and he is right…this is a great site…thank you for your accurate reporting. Second, the elephant in the room is the fact that the radical socialist party formerly known as the democrat party will stack the supreme court, the federal judiciary, the number of states and do away with the electoral college REGARDLESS of what the Republicans do with the Supreme Court vacancy (if they gain power). This election really is for the fate of America’s republic and is the most important election in the history of the United States.

  22. I think it’s time to just go ahead and solve all the upheaval and political differences by recognizing that America, as currently composed, is fatally split and needs to become two nations. Yes, I know the Civil War was fought to preserve the republic, but that effort–while successful–had a shelf life that has now expired. And we all know it. We are simply too divided to survive much longer if forced to live with each other.

    Anarchists and communists are filling and destroying our cities and our society, millions of people believe they have a “right” to everything at others’ expense, and we will never return to a government where the two sides can work together any longer. It’s over. Time to call it a day and separate.

    Let the anarchists, communists, facists, and everyone else who wants others to pay their freight go live on the west coast–CA, WA, OR, etc. Leave the rest of us be; we want liberty, private property rights, self determination, and self defense.

    Good luck out there. Don’t call us; we’ll call you. Or not.

    • Some advise to just give these traitors territory to make their own country like CA/OR/WA.
      If it comes to that scenario, the Marxists don’t get one square inch of America to live on.
      And, they are sure as hell don’t get to make a country, their American Socialist Republic of CA/OR/WA.
      They don’t get to seize and control some of the most valuable and strategically crucial real estate as CA/OR/WA.
      Look at the map.
      CA alone controls a significant percentage of America’s food production. It’s seaports, access to sea lanes, and trade routes to all of Asia are plain to see. Its tech infrastructure alone makes such a partition idea – insane.
      Similar strategic value applies to OR and WA.
      If the American Communists took that territory, do you think China and Russia would just sit on their hands? They would either bolster their position on the West Coast or just outright take it for themselves.
      We don’t give them a damn thing.
      They are traitors and must be treated as such.
      Their “Sanctuary Cities” and the Blue States must be isolated, surrounded, and laid siege to.
      They will be given the choice to be deported to somewhere sunny like Syria or to die where they stand.
      America needs to wake the hell up about treating these Communists in any kind of polite way.
      There is no room for politeness when it comes to dealing with an enemy as evil as Marxists/Communists.

    • Jack, while I agree with you, if that were to happen, within hours we’d see Chinese, Russian, and probably Mexican troops all over the West Coast and then it’d be right in our back yard. Ask India how sharing the border with China is working out for them.

      Plus commies have this really weird thing about not allowing people to leave their countries.

  23. These RINO clowns need to feel some pain. Republican Patriots in ME, AK, UT should announce a primary challenge if their Senators do not vote for the Trump pick for SCOTUS.

  24. “Literally Over Our Dead Bodies”.

    My only response is that which was given to me by a rather saucy minx I eventually married. Whenever I would “threaten” to sexually “castigate” his winsome lass, her only reply was that which I now give to the Democrats.


  25. What is funny is sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google say they strive to keep things on the up and up, censor conservatives all the time, and yet threats to America and its people such as the crap this moron spews from his sewage mouth are allowed to stand. I hope Trump goes after these guys and opens up the right of people to sue them for items posted on their sites and take away that protection.
    I searched an item on Trump on google last week, and then did an identical search on Swisscows. you would have thought I was looking at two different search requests. One a mix of good and bad and the other started with all the bad. Care to guess?

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