Meet NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny — The Woman In Charge of Doxxing and Destroying Trump Supporters
October 21, 2020 ( ago)

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For more than two months, Revolver has worked to expose the true nature of the 2020 presidential election. Powerful forces in the national media, academia, intelligence services, and the courts are fighting to prevent America from holding an ordinary vote on November 3. Instead, they plan to pull off an Eastern Europe-style “color revolution,” where institutional forces are used to bring about the intended outcome regardless of what the law says or what the public wants, while giving the whole process a gloss of democratic legitimacy.

Harassment, censorship, and intimidation of Trump supporters by any means necessary is a key element of the “color revolution” strategy. And Brandy Zadrozny of NBC News is a key hatchet woman working on behalf of the oligarchs.

Zadrozny has a long history of targeting Trump supporters for doxing, censorship, and harassment. She poses as a neutral reporter, but like so many other “journalists” in 2020, she is simply an ideologically-motivated hitman.

via Twitter

Not only does Zadrozny brag about doxing Trump supporters, she actually wrote the book on it. Incidentally, there is one group of people Zadrozny does not support doxing — pedophiles. Allow us to explain.

Zadrozny was a major contributor to the Verification Handbook, a book for online journalists. Specifically, Zadrozny wrote a guide on how to unethically dox anonymous people online. Zadrozny appears to use paid, dark-data search engines to dox the personal information of anonymous Trump supporters online — obtaining property records, phone information, and even their Amazon wish lists.

Zadrozny is part of a press corps deployed to cover “misinformation, disinformation, and extremism” after the Internet fueled President Donald Trump’s win in 2016. This new journo beat was created to surveil, slander, and censor online voices that counter ruling class narratives.

Why did NBC News hire an obviously partisan hack to do the dirty work of George Soros-funded Media Matters? “Trump will be defeated either through impeachment or the ballot box in 2020.”

It turns out this “Disinformation Expert” (practitioner, not analyst) authored a How-To Guide for doxing intensely personal digital data of anonymous Trump supporters online. This guide is marketed to fellow journos who flunked the same ethics class.

Using third-party vendors so expensive access “depends on your newsroom’s budget,” Zadrozny tries to scrape phone and property records from your digital footprint. She touts access to your Amazon Wish List, “a gold mine for learning about what a person reads, wants, buys.” You wouldn’t want to be caught reading the wrong books, would you, Comrade?

Let’s say you’re a patriotic anonymous Twitter user. One day, POTUS retweets you. Wow, cool! But then Comrade Zadrozny from NBC says your account amplifies harmful narratives, so she sets out to dox you. This could happen to anyone. But in this case, it happened to the great Columbia Bugle account.

This is just slimy and creepy.

But what else should we expect from an establishment disinformation commissar?

Zadrozny is particularly proud of her efforts to dox secret accounts that deliberately wish to remain anonymous, and she brags at her talent for invading their privacy:

My favorite kind of stories are those that reveal the real people behind influential, anonymous social media accounts. These secret accounts are less reliant on the algorithm, and more carefully crafted to be an escape from public life. They allow someone to keep tabs on and communicate with family and friends apart from their public account, or to communicate the ideas and opinions that for personal or political reasons, they dare not say out loud. [Data Journalism]

Zadrozny’s biggest target in 2020 is Qanon. Instead of simply covering the online movement like an objective and ethical journalist would, Zadrozny has an ideological commitment to suppressing it. Her journalism is written with the clear goal of justifying censorship. When Facebook responded accordingly, she went on Twitter to brag about silencing “my” groups.

While Zadrozny is passionately committed to doxing and silencing her political foes, there’s another group she is more sympathetic toward: Pedophiles.

In 2018, Alain Malcolm drove to a house in Bristol, Connecticut, planning to rape a 14-year-old. Fortunately, there was no 14-year-old. Instead Malcolm was catfished by the local group POPSquad (short for Prey on Predators), which shamed him on camera. Shortly after, Malcolm hanged himself.

In a long article written shortly afterwards on a vigilante group that targeted sexual predators, Zadrozny complained at length about the suffering of pedophiles confronted by the POPSquad. In an incredible segment of the article, she glamorized a “tall and handsome” alleged pederast who “wholly subscribed to the American dream.”

On a cool evening in October, Alain Malcolm, 20, walked into a vacant two-story colonial house in Bristol, Connecticut. Two members of a local internet vigilante group — who regularly try to expose and shame alleged child predators they entice online — were waiting for him.

Malcolm was tall and handsome. The oldest son of Jamaican immigrants, he wholly subscribed to the idea of the American dream. In high school, Malcolm was vice president of the Future Business Leaders of America club, assistant captain of the tennis and swim teams and a member of the student council and Model United Nations. He started a social marketing business at 15.

After graduating in 2016, Malcolm filled his Instagram and Facebook feeds with photos of New York high-rises, bathroom selfies in three-piece suits and links to news articles in which he was featured. He went to community college while working as a junior buyer for a local circuit-board manufacturer and was the subject of a Connecticut Public Television series that profiled recent high school graduates. Earlier this year, he was named one of Litchfield County’s 40 Leaders Under 40.

Starting in high school, Malcolm used apps like Tinder and Grindr to meet men from around the state, friends said. On that October night, he had come to Bristol to meet someone younger, purportedly a 14-year-old boy “going on 15,” according to a video posted by the digital vigilante group known as POPSquad.

When Malcolm arrived, he found that there was no boy — there was only POPSquad. For the 126th time in two years, the group — an acronym for Prey on Predators — had catfished a man on the internet, posing as an underage teen on hookup apps and luring him into a meetup, this time at an empty home whose owner allows it to be used for the group’s stings, according to POPSquad.

Facebook told NBC News that it is aware of these groups and does not ban them outright, although much of what they do appears to violate Facebook’s rules against shaming or cyberbullying. [NBC News]

Doxing Trump supporters? Good. Exposing pedophiles? Very, very bad.

Zadrozny is representative of dozens if not hundreds of journalists in 2020. She doesn’t seek to inform the public or fairly present issues. Instead, she is a commissar, an ideological enforcer who probes the personal lives of class enemies in an effort to intimidate, humiliate, silence, and destroy them.

Why does NBC News — which purports to be a mainstream, nonpartisan broadcast news network — have on their payroll an obviously partisan hack who brags about doxing Trump supporters, glamorizes pedophiles, and seeks to protect child predators from exposure?

This is the first story in an ongoing series. Revolver will be interviewing and profiling regular, average Americans who were targeted by Comrade Zadrozny for life-threatening harassment. More to come.

Revolver News is dedicated to news aggregation and analysis. We are dedicated to providing Americans of all backgrounds and political persuasions with timely, common-sense, accurate and compelling information. Be sure to check out our news feed.

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1 year ago

Poor, poor leftoxenomorphs having such a hard time destroying America and Western civilization so they can murder those unwilling to submit to them and then rule over the communist dystopia to follow like medieval Dark Ages feudal lords, like communist tyrants have been doing every time one of their totalitarian takeovers triumphed.
Why, oh why, are free men so mean to them that we don’t let ourselves be enslaved to the collectivist leftoxenomorph juggernaut?
Why can’t we all become SJW NPC one fine morning and save us all so much trouble?
Why don’t we want to be leftoxenomorph slave ants?
Why, indeed?

1 year ago

Any damage, at all, that can be done to a leftoxenomorph is worth it.
And repaying them in kind, is sweet.
But I’m not the site owner.

The dude
1 year ago

Two questions,..why hasn’t she been sued? and why hasn’t she been doxed?

Michael H.
1 year ago

Zadrozny would make the old Soviet Communist NKVD blush with envy.
The next step for the Left is to set up a Kremlin style execution basement for
Americans who dare dissent against Comrade Big Brother.
There is soon approaching a time
in our history when all of these Leftists
will meet a very dark fate.
If they want to sow this kind of hatred,
they will not like the consequences.

Michael H.
1 year ago

Hell yes.

Oliver W Homey
1 year ago

Then you read about people like this and wish their mothers had exercised their right to an abortion and how much better off we would all be.

1 year ago

Make her famous. Cockroaches always flee the light.

1 year ago

She’s got 3 school age kids and a thing for pedophiles. That’s weird.

1 year ago
Reply to  Apothqowedj

It’s not weird of a leftoxenomorph.
I would suggest we begin seeing leftoxenomorphs for what they really are: sub-human and so non-human, alien monsters, not from outer space like in science fiction but individuals who undergo an evil regression from the human condition into something less than human but utterly evil and hostile to humanity.

There’s a weird scene in the 2018 “Patient Zero” movie (not a very good movie, IMMO) were a kind of rabid zombie utters words that correspond so well with leftoxenomorph dogma that it couldn’t have been random fiction BS.
The rabid zombie played by Stanley Tucci being questioned by US military personnel says: “I don’t think we are the disease. I think human beings are the disease and we are the cure. The antidote that has been given to Earth to get rid of the human infection.”
That is EXACTLY the leftoxenomorphs’ position of our both species.
Some hollywierdo writer was putting his religion in the zombie’s mouth.
They see themselves as the post-humans, the better humans, the more sensitive humans, the more in tuned with “mother Earth” humans and that “human beings are the disease and we are the cure”
It is so much imbued into their operative system, their modus operandi, their sick evil psyche that you shouldn’t be surprised if a mother of three kids can look kindly upon pedophilia.

A normal human being is revolted by the notion.
Pedophiles have more often than not being killed for their acts.
Don’t mess with the kids.
I modestly think that any act of active pedophilia properly proven should be punished with the life of the perpetrator.

But leftoxenomorph have totally different ideas from humans.
Leftoxenomorphism is quite a feminine phenomenon.
And the men of leftoxenomorphism are usually quite feminine themselves.
And frequently the attitudes of leftoxenomorphs are quite feminine.
And leftoxenomorph appeal to the opposite of the manly virtues that make a man impervious to leftoxenomorphism.

Women are envious, permanently unsatisfied, never sure of themselves, self doubt is their thing and they are naturally fearful.
The perfect victims for leftoxenomorphism. The perfect make for a leftoxenomorph.
We don’t use terms like “soyboi” just for fun. They are precise and descriptive.
Comes to mind several instances of these leftoxenomorph males willing to protest something or other bad happening to females and their choice of protest was to dress like women and parade in public.
Also comes to mind the time US male military personnel were ordered or induced to wear red high heel shoes in public.
Leftoxenomorphs often entertain a fetish for cross-dressing.

Some of the manly virtues are:
Satisfaction is one of the greatest enemies of leftoxenomorphism.
Courage the manly reaction to fear is another of the greatest enemies of leftoxenomorphism. (Strangely enough we don’t have a word for the absence of fear. But we have a word for the manly reaction to fear. Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.)
Unenviousness the absence of envy, is another of the greatest enemies of leftoxenomorphism.
Self assuredness, the individual certainty on his own ability to conduct and manage his life is another of the greatest enemies of leftoxenomorphism.
All manly virtues.
And all components of happiness, one of the three main most important individual rights of the American Way.

Women are responsible for a large number of cases of child abuse.
Peculiarly enough they are those who spend the most time with children.
And peculiarly enough they are prone to rape children with kitchen utensils.
And since the kids usually depend 100% on their mothers they often make sure the children are too afraid to say anything.
Leftoxenomorphs, uh?!
So this leftoxenomorph female is possibly quite content with the notion of pedophilia and it is nothing to be surprised about.
She is what she is: a leftoxenomorph.

1 year ago
Reply to  George_Banner

My apologies: it should read “Fear is an emotion. Courage is a decision.”

1 year ago
Reply to  Apothqowedj

There are a lot of women like this, unfortunately. A young lady had come out, a while back, to speak about her experience of being sex trafficked through Europe. It was her mother that had sold her and her sister into sex slavery. There are women in the US who do this as well (many of them seem to be meth addicts). Independent news sources are usually the only ones that cover their arrests. Sadly, there is also a psychological disorder (sexual fetish type) that some people have that results in a sexual attraction to criminals. These are the kind of women you hear about obsessing over serial killers, marrying men already in prison for life, etc.

Leih Geis
1 year ago

Yolanda Aguirre
1 year ago

She is the “roaring lion seeking whom she may devour” of the internet.

1 year ago

Why are they all so dysgenic? Can we do a scientific study to find out if there’s some biological link between dysgenic characteristics and an inexplicable desire to ruin the world? If you look at Andy Ngo’s feed of Antifa supporters arrested in Portland and the individual above, I think there’s enough to show that there’s some sort of connection between the two.

More to the point, maybe there’s a treatment to help them. (And, by extension, all of us subjected to them.)

John Smith
1 year ago
Reply to  J.D.


Michael H.
1 year ago

Congrats to Revolver News and Darren Beattie (I got the spelling wrong, I think) who was just on
Tucker Carlson show to report on this Marxist Stasi scumbag, hired by NBC news (National Bolshevik Corporation) to persecute and destroy Trump supporters.

K Gordon
1 year ago

Why does she get away with this? Is she not afraid of retaliation? Maybe she should

1 year ago

You killed it on Tucker. Congrats! So pleased to have a new favorite. I will share to my friends. xoxo

Timothy Wallace
1 year ago

Joseph Goebbels would be proud. I imagine she’s oblivious of it.

1 year ago

Thank you Revolver for having the courage to tackle topics that the American public needs to be informed about yet that are difficult to absorb and very unpopular with the alt-left. I pray that you do not become victimized by these revelations.

1 year ago

The Democrat party relies on deception, force and violence Ultimately, they can only win if they can force us to live their way

Coleman Rogers
1 year ago


My name is Coleman Rogers.

I was personally stalked, doxxed and harrassed by Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins…they attempted to mess with my life and place me in physical danger by both doxxing me AND by accusing me of being “behind QANON”. Not kidding.

These people are sick f*cks.

Would love to speak with the author of this article.

1 year ago
Reply to  Coleman Rogers

I’m not the writer of the article, but the contact page is here:

I think the ‘tips’ address might be the applicable one in your case.

Sorry you went through that. Nobody should be treated that way.

Coleman Rogers
1 year ago
Reply to  J.D.

Thanks…it’s truly messed up but I must say I fully expected it.

Here’s the original article that began their harassment campaign:

Their original lies have been parroted/repeated by COUNTLESS other media outlets the past two years, with a new hitpiece coming usually at least once a week.

Go search “coleman rogers qanon” for a sampling. It’s insane.

Michael H.
1 year ago
Reply to  Coleman Rogers

There must be some way of organizing a class action lawsuit against Brandy Zadronzy and NBC News and it’s parent company.
I am sure there are plenty of law firms in the country who would love to take up
your case for a percentage of a positive outcome to a very
large lawsuit settlement.

1 year ago
Reply to  Michael H.

Here is a link to an article that appeared yesterday which doxes Trump donors from the Fed Elec site. I would like to know who in the federal government leaked donors addresses. Where’s the lawyers?

halturnerradioshow dot com/index.php/en/news-page/news-nation/donated-to-trump-left-wing-creates-web-site-with-maps-names-addresses-of-trump-donors-for-violent-retribution

1 year ago
Reply to  Orangepaws

I hate to break it to ya, but it has been a regular practice to make available a searchable voter regiatration database. Before the internet, these databases were available for purchase. That FBI press conference last night was total bullshit! These assholes think we’re so fucking stupid! “Iran & Russia are threatening Democrats to Vote For Trump!” Yeah right…..stick it in your ass Wray!

Below is North Carolina’s searchable Voter Registration Database

1 year ago
Reply to  Orangepaws

I’m sorry Orangepaws….you were referring to the Trump Donor list that has been doxxed. I jumped the gun & melded that into my “pissed offness” over the BS FBI presser last night.

Coleman Rogers
1 year ago
Reply to  Michael H.

You would think so, but sadly that’s not been my experience.

It’s not exactly easy to find high-level attorney teams that are “on our side”; let alone ones with the balls to step with powerful national media orgs.

Our search continues…

1 year ago

People on the left are nutty as fruitcakes. Five percent of them, mostly Democrats, don’t know what planet they are on. This is why they think they can ruin peoples’ lives to get what they want. Until some of them start paying the full price (prison terms which include hard labor) we will have this sort of mayhem. Another four years for DJT could make a significant dent in this insanity. See Lyle H. Rossiter’s The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.

Chad Doolin
1 year ago

This (partial) expose is much appreciated. Thanks for reporting on the most important issue of my life…the war on free speech. I must say, unfortunately, I’m not surprised. These stasi tactics are becoming ever more frequent & the only hope of defeating them is to shine a bright light upon them, & hope & pray, that enough truth loving people will see it & demand actions be taken to crush them & prevent them from occurring in the future. Devastating criminal penalties should be employed.
This work is invaluable. God speed & God bless.

Tom Paine
1 year ago

Agreed these transhumans are evil and dangerous. They believe they have “evolved” beyond the rest of us into a new creature beyond our concepts of good and evil. Communists Nazis etc. same disease. They are servants of the Evil One.

Steve Hyuga
1 year ago

If you told me that there would be a NAMBLA-esque Stasi in 2020, then I would think that you’re talking about a South Park script.

1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Hyuga

Monsters like this woman have no conscience.
They don’t believe the people they target are human and feel justified in their action.
They get off on the destruction of other people’s lives.
Someone will likely get killed because of her and when they do, she should be charged with homicide.
Instead of targeting the true purveyors of misery on this planet, Central Bankers, FED, MIC…
this evil POS targets everyday people trying to survive and find hope somewhere.
All the while defending p3dophiles from being doxxxed. Not surprising that Brandy is Madam NAMBLA-Stasi.
This won’t go on forever.
The pendulum always swings the other way.
I wouldn’t want to be Brandy Z when that happens.
Sounds like she’s created enough enemies that many will be happy to go Mad Max Thunderdome on her sick existence. Would love to know what her husband and children think of her?
Are they as deranged and sick as she as? Are her children and husband p3d0phile lovers too?

heather khan
1 year ago
Reply to  ndrnyc

100% agree!!

1 year ago

What can be done to stop such people from doing these things. Can they be doxed by others?

1 year ago
Reply to  RB

You could attempt to get them charged for a criminal offense, but if you end up at the mercy of a Leftist district attorney, they might throw the case out even though it’s valid. (This has happened all over the US and for much more significant charges than doxxing, including assault, attempted murder, etc.)

The next step would be to sue them in civil court for personal damages — career damages, mental health damages, etc. Getting more people together to have a group lawsuit would add a lot of weight to the case because it establishes a trend of behavior.

1 year ago

By the way, she goes by Brandy Lynn Jolly on the internet. Lame cover though….took me maybe 3 minutes to find her.

1 year ago
Reply to  John

And as tempted as I am to confront that “thing” I don’t want to make myself an easy target (not that I have anything to hide), alot of people would just decide to avoid the temptation all together.

George Reynolds
1 year ago

What goes around, comes around. Seriously, if this POS has damaged you in anyway, why not go after It?
And where does It live?

1 year ago

I don’t think anyone should ‘go after’ anyone else in an unlawful fashion. Sue her for damages. People aren’t going to keep doxxing others if it means going broke, having their insurance rates go up, and their employers let them go because they’re considered a liability.

This issue *should* be taken care of in criminal court because this is harassment. But, I doubt that the district attorney would take up such a case, especially with how much anti-Right violence they’re letting go without prosecution these days. So, civil court is the best bet.

1 year ago

Tucker Carlson exposed this NeoMarxist, horrible, physically ugly and evil “person “ tonight. Now, MILLIONS know what she and NBC are about.
SHAME on any American whom isn’t outraged and supports NBC…shame on anyone not looking to expose these incompetent leftists

1 year ago

So Revolver is deleting my posts doxing her? Scary. Guess this is Drudge all over. Next!

1 year ago

Just Duckduckgo Brandy Lynn Jolly Brooklyn

Midnight Madness
1 year ago

How has this woman managed to stay out of the spotlight? Why isn’t her home being surrounded nightly by shouting crowds at 2am? When will it start? Where is her office? Who is her family, and where do they live? What about her kids? If her targets have kids and are harassed, it has to work both ways.

I can’t believe she hasn’t been force-fed a large dose of her own medicine.

1 year ago

Because normal people don’t sink to her level.

1 year ago
Reply to  JaniesPassion

I completely agree. The average person is too civilized to behave in that way. It makes sense if you think about it, though. If the average person were inclined to go swarm someone’s house or riot, the US would be a third-world, war-torn country. It’s not. Because most US citizens don’t behave that way.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  J.D.

The tragedy in all of this is that our nation made up primarily of decent and nice people will
be driven and provoked into reactions of pending violence that few on this site can imagine
or accept (yet).
The Left are openly attempting to incite a Civil War and it’s working.
Look at the Marxists in the Media, nearly the entire mass media complex are trying to
censure info going out to over 300 million human beings in order to steer a national
election towards Socialist and eventually Communist control over the American people.
The Left know that “normal” and decent people won’t fight back because it’s impolite.
That doesn’t work in
the face of pure EVIL which is what these savages represent.
Niceness doesn’t cut it in the face of this evil menace
to our very existence.
The only thing the Dark Side ever respects is absolute and crushing counter violence
and, in the end…
that is exactly what they are going to get.

Los Cristeros
1 year ago

What goes around comes around. Karma is a biish. Shes gonna get hers and get it good. Wouldnt want to be her when it all comes crashing down upon her head.

1 year ago

Come get me, BTW I am armed.

Raul Jimenez
1 year ago

Another old Leftist Loon..

John Stark1775
1 year ago

First post……….hello patriots, and God bless the U.S. Constitution

Hail Satan
1 year ago

if you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you. pendulum will swing back. you will get destroyed by the same machine you were building.

1 year ago

the presstitutes and deep state really protect their own, this creature has been untouched for decades

American Citizen 2.0
1 year ago

When you think of all the weird travesties of authoritarianism that have oppressed humanity over the centuries, the baffling thing about the Left in the US today is that while they complain about all those horrible historical travesties all the time, they emulate all of them willfully as if to say: the historical crimes we complain about were only bad insofar as we weren’t the people who got to perpetrate them. In short, I would love to live in a world where everyone had all of their material needs met by a benevolent welfare state but these people are such satanic lunatics that I would never trust them to implement such a system at all. They are using nice sounding ideas about human rights and equity and social good and so forth as a trojan horse for a gulag system of racial and economic retribution. Once they have power, we are obviously all doomed to live out a bizarre Orwellian fantasy that these people have.

Michael H.
1 year ago

That “bizarre Orwellian fantasy” has already been previewed for all of us this last summer
in Seattle.
Remember the new founde d dystopian duchy called “Spaz” ? or …er…was
it called “Chaz”? -some such stupid little state of horror founded right in the middle
of the larger People’s Republic of Soviet Seattle.
We already know what will happen if these lunatics ever manage to steal power
in a general election.
In that scenario, our nation would literally sink into a neverending
nightmare of barbarism.

Molly Conger
1 year ago

Gregory Stanley Zadrozny

MollyBlair Conger
1 year ago

according to her verified MuckRack account she used to work for FoxNews from 2010-2012.

Gregory Stanley Zadrozny
1 year ago

I posted all her into, home address , family names etc. revolver keeps deleting it. so much for the next drudge report lmao. apparently revolvers people are on her side. Brandy Lynn Jolly of Brooklyn, Florida, and CT. hubby is Gregory Stanley Zadrozny.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

I noticed the immediate removal of those posts as well.
Here is the motive I believe leading Revolver to remove specific dox info on this
scumbag at NBC.
If Revolver allows their platform to dox her info then that opens them up
to a very large and quite likely devastating lawsuit from NBC.
That is the ugly truth.
I am sure you have noticed that the “law” is not on America’s side any more; the
“law” is on the side of the maniacal Left.
Look at the lawlessness going on all over these Leftist cities and states.
In St.Louis a few weeks ago, a man and wife were charged with
trying to defend their own lives in the face of a violent mob making death threats.
Legally, Revolver’s ass is on the line if such a dox led to a certain Leftist scumbag
at NBC having her day going very badly….if you know what I mean.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Revolver News

I made some pretty “uncivil” remarks to an anti-Trump idiot on a
separate Revolver article.
The article was titled:
“Finish Him”: Here’s How Trump Can Deal a Crushing Blow to Old Joe At The Final Debate
I apologize in advance for that uncivil rant toward an idiot by the name of
It was a series of out of control rants towards this lurking Biden troll, and I attempted
to persuade him out of his argument.
I may have been a tad harsh with him; a trifle rough on the lass or …er lad.
I will focus a bit on more civility in the future.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

I will keep an eye on my ascerbic language as well.

John Paul
1 year ago

You are indeed the new Drudge. Glad to see someone stepped into the breach. I’ve read this article multiple times, and I get madder every time I read it. I shouldn’t say much more. Don’t want to get in trouble my first day.

Bald Knobber
1 year ago

I would imagine this domestic terrorist is as above the law as the rest of the leftists that are protected by the DOJ, FBI, etc., but I doubt she has armed, direct protection (secret service or whatever).

If termites are revealed to you but you still let them destroy your house, don’t complain about the cold winter.

1 year ago

rootless international tribe.

hank rearden
1 year ago

Maybe her brother Dave is a pedo. so she feels she needs to protect them.

Windy Jack
1 year ago
Reply to  hank rearden

What was the case with Paula Poundstone around ten years ago? It isn’t so far-fetched that Brandy has the thing for little boys. Ephebophilia, they call it.

Michael H.
1 year ago

Hey come on man…you know the thing….
C***** have feelings too.
Even if she is just a…
lying dogface pony soldier…

Gregory Peter DuPont
1 year ago

Hmmm… for quite some time,it’s been obvious that the federal agencies you’d think would take an interest in her actions have been enabling hers and others… you don’t even have to go back to the FBI ” unmasking” issues,one could wonder out loud why the IRS scandals came to to true resolution or why Koskinen and Lerner have not received any real sanctions for their actions..
Throughout he federal system,many people that share her views got themselves into positions that not only seem to outlast any one administration, but give them the ability to either appoint/hire like minded leftists or at least to run interference for.
As support staff, assistant department heads etc they may say ” Aye Aye Sir/Ma’am/Zir” when given orders/directives to carry out but then either slow walk their implementation until say,after November 3 ;or actively sabotage the efforts.
With the merging of Big Tech/Educational Bureaucracy/Media/Government there’s less daylight between them-both in the” sunlight as disinfectant” sense and the ” establishment of responsible boundaries and professional distance”.
It’s going to take a LOT more effort to scour that particular infection

1 year ago

Looks like my second wife. Bad news.

James Madison
1 year ago

Great site and great work and definitely looks like the new Drudge along with The Liberty Daily. Both sites should be checked out and given equal time. Was Matt Drudge gotten to by the Soros gang?

john McGinnis
1 year ago

A doxxing queen? Doubtful. More like someone with a bit more inquisitive nature that the average person. What does she dig up? Oh my God! Dark Secret PUBLIC RECORDS.

* You own a house? That’s a public record on the tax rolls of the county of residence.
* Want a picture of that house? Use Google Maps streetview.
* Phone numbers? People are too willing to provide such content in business relationships.
* Own a business? It too probably pays a tax and is on record, publicly.
* Wish lists? By default Amazon pushes your wish list as a public object. Delete it and select the private list option.
* Weddings. It is quite popular these days to have bridal registry online. Probably not a good idea.

Here is an example. A associate wanted to arrange a meeting with a certain CEO. He could not get to this individual thru the usual channels. The associate provided me the firms name. I checked the tax rolls in the county then the secretary of state for the incorporation papers. That provided me a list of the principal officers. On that list was the CEO and his wife’s name. I went back to the tax rolls and the property was listed under the wife. That gave me an address. I then did a reverse look up against the address for phone numbers, got a hit. Gave that to the associate, suggested he call around local dinner time. He had an appointment the next week.

Sadly the reverse lookup is not as successful as it used to be due to the proliferation of cell phone and portable phone numbers.

My point is Zadrozny is mostly using public sources. So the people who are really getting doxxed are those who bought her book.

Din Djarin
1 year ago
Reply to  john McGinnis

You bring up an excellent point. She is almost certainly using public records, as well as anything else posted within the public domain. While they may not always lead directly to a true identity, it will certainly point you right at it, leaving little room for speculation. So what do people need to learn? A discipline called “Operational Security” or OPSEC. Let us consider the OPSEC nightmare called “social media”. My time in the military as a unit commander was almost fully dedicated to trying to control this disaster. It is still too easy to find out anything you want about a unit.. who the command team is, who the soldiers are, where they are all going and when. FFS, an Army Aviation unit livestreamed their movement into Lithuania over Facebook just a few weeks ago; with the command’s intent of wanting to show the family members back home “what their loved ones are doing in real time”! How could they be so careless? It is appalling that the military has not issued a permanent moratorium on this crap!
The moral of the story is to be careful of what you put out there, because in all reality, it cannot be deleted…and in fact can be manipulated for malicious purposes!
This is the Way

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Din Djarin

Din, I read your response to “ConservativeCSM” post on another Revolver article.
That was an outstanding response to that Trump hater who claimed he was a vet.
I read your account of what happened to you and others after the Left and their Marxist collaborators
in the anti-American media portrayed Charlottesville as a “racist” scandal.
The way this hated media complex portrayed what happened at Charlottesville as racist was a
LIE. The vast majority of protestors there were there to defend a Confederate memorial because
that is a part of America’s history. But the media twisted it into one of their lies.
Much of the mainstream media are dead set on detroying the country.
I did not fully realize the extent that the military would or could respond to these lies in the
way they did.
Your personal account of what happened to you and others brought up on false charges makes me
sick to my stomach. You had to endure this insane slander to your good character and
decency and that is tragic to me.
Many have forgotton or thrown away the core of what it means to be in the military, to serve the country and the Constitution, to live a life of honor and decency.
This is THE CODE by which we live and die by.
My dad served in the army and then in the Air Force.
He fought in the Korean War, and was in one of the first units sent over and nearly his entire company were wiped out in one night on a hill defense; he and 6 others survived and fought their way out of that. He came out of that war with intense PTSD. Years later, he committed suicide, enduring never ending nightmares and flashbacks from those days. He never talked about his experience and he never complained or cried about it – he just kept it to himself to his last day.
There is a code of honor and duty and country in the military; it has been that way for a very long time.
I was raised in that code, born at Langley AFB. My first memories were standing staring up at the
Stars and Stripes, saluting as taps were played from a bugler daily. I served myself later as an adult in the Air Force. That Code is in my blood- just as I can tell it is in yours.
This Leftist/Marxist mindset has to have begun in the military from the top down, meaning that
around 2008 when that Marxist revolutionary closet Communist, Obama hustled his way into the
White House he began to poison the Pentagon and the officer corp. with an insidious Marxist
ideology called Cultural Marxism with indoctrination classes and sessions
under the virtue-signaling guise of “Diversity Training” and “Racist Awareness” sessions and so on.
Eventually, this evil son of a bitch managed to brainwash many many officers and enlisted personnel
to drink this Communist Kool-Aid and …he applied these same evil subversive policies with the rest
of American society. America had already begun being poisoned by Cultural Marxism since the 1960’s but Obama put this planned program of societal destruction in overdrive.
now America finds itself in a very very dangerous place.
Already, we are seeing the fruits of Obama’s poison as many top line generals, both present and retired are actually warning President Trump that they will
NOT FOLLOW HIS ORDERS if there is a Leftist insurrection, especially in the upcoming
THAT IS TREASON> Traitors like General McCrystal and General “mad dog” (what a joke) Mattis
have openly indicated their intention to overthrow President Trump and the government
if certain events play out.
The nigtmare you and other good men experienced in the military due to this Communist brainwashing- we are now witnessing the effects on a nationwide scale and
so this natiinal nightmare grows by the day.
Stay frosty.

T Lu
11 months ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

You’re a twisted old man I pray for you

11 months ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Very well written, I am also a military brat and a 24 year Veteran, proud to have served my country. Obama was and still is a cancer to America along with anyone who served in his so called transparent cabinet and now they throw Biden and a jamaican Indian pandering as a black African American. Hopefully Trump will prevail although the cards are definitely stacked against him and our Republic as we know it.

Kate Kilgore
1 year ago

I might be a victim of Zadrozny and would need help filing a lawsuit- thanks!

1 year ago

I live in Boson and if I walk in public wearing Trump memorabilia I would get assaulted, and that is just like they like it. The Left kills babies nothing is beneath them

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