Old Hunter Interview Resurfaces … It May Come Back to Haunt Him … “This Isn’t a Family Business”
October 17, 2020 (2d ago)

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You really have to feel for Hunter. He’s really landed himself into quite a firestorm. And it was all his own doing.

This 2019 is quite awkward in light of recent events. ABC tries to do a puff piece on Hunter but some of the answers might come back to haunt him.

At 0:44 Hunter says, “Being the subject of Donald Trump’s ire is a feather in my cap.”

Wonder if he’s still feeling that way now?

At 1:16 he says, “This is not a family business.”


At 2:20 the interviewer quotes Hunter as saying, “No one votes or will vote for or against my Dad because of me. And my Dad knows that.”

Wonder how that one will hold up.

At 2:43 they cut to a rally crowd saying “lock him up,” and Hunter’s response is, “who cares?”

As long as Bill Barr and Chris Wray are sitting on their hands, maybe he will be right about that.

At 3:42 the interviewer notes that he’s been in and out of rehab seven or eight times.

This is a very troubled soul. Pray for Hunter.


Watch the interview.

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19 responses to “Old Hunter Interview Resurfaces … It May Come Back to Haunt Him … “This Isn’t a Family Business””

  1. China has a plan to control the United States President
    Why did Hunter Biden possess these child abuse sex tapes? And why did the CCP send a copy to Nancy Pelosi and the DoJ?

    The entire thing is an Epstein-style operation that the CCP ran on Hunter Biden in order to control Joe Biden, his father, should Joe win the presidency. It means the Biden administration is already compromised via CCP blackmail related to these sex tapes (and who knows what else).

    In essence, Joe Biden cannot be made President of the United States because he is compromised by communist China due to the actions of his son, Hunter.

  2. If big tech and China are on each others side, then its China and not only big tech that is censoring the Biden email story. This is a pivotal moment in American history, and DOJ must investigate immediately.

  3. Has anyone noticed the remark by the old man, Joe, when telling about the time he threatened the Ukraine government with holding back a billion dollars of foreign aid unless they fired their lead prosecutor looking into Burisma? They said he didn’t have the authority to make that threat, since he wasn’t the president.

    And what does Biden say back? “Call him [Obama]. I’m telling you, you’re not getting the money.”

    And that’s proof positive that Obama himself was dirty dealing. And it’s QUID PRO QUO.

  4. The fbi threatened the man who turned over hard drive and then went investigating Russia again That just drives it home that the Fbi does not work for law and order it’s the goon squads for the democrats

    • The FBI threatening that computer shop owner only pales in comparison to what the left is undoubtedly doing right now. For all we care, the FBI probably leaked his home address to Antifa and BLM by now. Pray for the safety of this man and his family. For those of you who know where he is, take up arms and protect them as directed by our Constitution. This is the Way.

  5. This guy is pure scum. The product of leftist parents, a total diagrace to the uniform he mockingly wore, and a cancer to my generation. There is no intervention that can help him, as he is hard wired to never take accountability for anything, as his father, his prime enabler, openly and truly believes that he did nothing wrong. Truly sickening. Should Trump win reelection, his absolute first task should be to fire Wray and Barr, and put genuine people in those positions that will get to work and pour mass amounts of chlorine into the swap, drain it, then burn the sludge that gets shoveled out. This is the Way.

    • This is what almost half the country is voting for in a few weeks – the Bidens. And you KNOW Joe was the headmaster to this crime.

  6. When Biden black mailed Ukraine and told them to call Obama .I what to know if they did make that call it should be in Whitehouse records

  7. If you think Hunter is bad, just have someone open the Clintons deep, dark secrets. We wouldn’t be able to keep our last meal in our stomachs I am sure. They are all connected.

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