The Vote Has Been Hopelessly Contaminated. Republican State Legislatures Must Now Move to Appoint Pro-Trump Electors.
November 5, 2020 (1y ago)

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The fraud at the heart of the 2020 election has left the American people with only one surefire remedy: They must demand that Republican state lawmakers send pro-Trump electors to Congress.

By now, every Republican in the country knows what happened on Tuesday night. Donald Trump was headed solidly toward reelection. His lead in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania was massive and, based on the left’s own models, practically insurmountable.

And then, at 10:30 p.m., the votes simply stopped coming in. From Atlanta to Detroit to Philadelphia, tallies stopped coming out for hours on end. When the tallying resumed, Joe Biden rapidly surged into the lead in key states, with his improvement attributed entirely to the black box of “mail-in ballots.” Already, accounts of fraud and impropriety have started to pile up. Counting resumed, then stopped again, then resumed again. States have taken days to do what could easily be done in hours; often votes keep coming in even as nobody seems to know how many ballots actually remain to be counted. In Pennsylvania, officials are counting ballots that arrive after Election Day with no postmark, even though a postmark is the only means at all of ensuring a late-arriving ballot isn’t fraudulent. In North Carolina, officials have simply announced that they won’t announce any more votes for another week.

This is a disgrace and an embarrassment, of course. But more importantly, it’s an outcome that nobody can trust.

If this continues, and the courts enable it rather than stopping it, then conservatives have only one option for preserving the legitimacy of the election and of the U.S. system of government: They must demand that the legislatures in disputed states step in to appoint their own slate of electors. The legislatures indisputably possess the power to do this.

In our piece Wednesday morning, Revolver described a little-known facet of constitutional law concerning the Electoral College. Article II of the U.S. Constitution describes how the process works:

Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress; but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector. [Justia]

The first line is the critical one. Under the Constitution, authority to appoint electors isn’t generally delegated to the states, but instead specifically is granted to the state legislature.

The 1892 Supreme Court case McPherson v. Blacker dealt with this precise issue. Michigan had passed a law dividing the state into Congressional Districts, and granting its electoral votes to the winner of each individual district. The law was challenged, and the Court upheld it. In its ruling, the Court found that state legislatures have a plenary power to decide their electors; in other words, their authority on this question is complete and unlimited.

The Constitution does not provide that the appointment of electors shall be by popular vote, nor that the electors shall be voted for upon a general ticket, nor that the majority of those who exercise the elective franchise can alone choose the electors. It recognizes that the people act through their representatives in the legislature, and leaves it to the legislature exclusively to define the method of effecting the object. [Justia]

McPherson also approvingly cites an 1874 Senate report, which stated quite explicitly that state legislatures have the power to take over the appointment of electors at any time:

The appointment of these electors is thus placed absolutely and wholly with the legislatures of the several states. They may be chosen by the legislature, or the legislature may provide that they shall be elected by the people of the state at large, or in districts, as are members of Congress, which was the case formerly in many states, and it is no doubt competent for the legislature to authorize the governor, or the supreme court of the state, or any other agent of its will, to appoint these electors. This power is conferred upon the legislatures of the states by the Constitution of the United States, and cannot be taken from them or modified by their state constitutions any more than can their power to elect senators of the United States [Revolver note: The power of legislatures to elect senators was later removed via the 17th Amendment]. Whatever provisions may be made by statute, or by the state constitution, to choose electors by the people, there is no doubt of the right of the legislature to resume the power at any time, for it can neither be taken away nor abdicated. [Justia]

The McPherson decision is still standing precedent, and its meaning is clear: The legislature of any state may, at any time, reclaim its authority to appoint electors. Obviously, in a normal election, there is no need to do this. But if the election is going to be otherwise stolen, they have a moral duty to act.

This nearly happened 20 years ago, during the Florida recount drama. With it appearing more and more likely that Al Gore’s legal team would successfully use selective recounts in specific deep-blue counties to flip the state, Republicans in the Florida legislature threatened to directly appoint their state’s electors:

Amid rising partisan tensions, the Republican majority in the Florida Legislature moved closer Monday toward an unprecedented effort to directly award the state’s 25 electoral votes to George W. Bush.

In legal papers filed with the U.S. Supreme Court, the Legislature asserted broad authority to allocate Florida’s electoral votes even if the state courts order further recounts of presidential ballots that could give the lead to Democrat Al Gore.

Speaker of the House Tom Feeney and Senate President John McKay, both Republicans close to Gov. Jeb Bush, signaled Monday that a special legislative committee meeting for the first time today would examine the Legislature’s authority to appoint its own slate of electors.

“If this controversy is . . . unresolved by Dec. 12, the Legislature has the authority and may have the responsibility to step in,” said McKay, who represents a Tampa, Fla., district.

Using even stronger language, Feeney–who served as Jeb Bush’s running mate in his unsuccessful 1994 gubernatorial bid–insisted that the Florida Supreme Court had usurped the authority of the Legislature by permitting counties to conduct manual recounts through Sunday. He strongly hinted that the Legislature may move to name its own electors if the state courts don’t quickly dismiss Gore’s formal contest against Secretary of State Katherine Harris’ certification of George W. Bush as the official winner in the state.

“I do not want to be the House speaker who presides over the undermining of the legitimate powers and authority of the Florida House,” Feeney said.

In a sweeping assertion of authority, the Legislature argues that the “Legislature itself, and not the courts,” can determine when the state has failed to make a “timely” choice of its electors. Most often, legislators have suggested that they would act only if lawsuits challenging the Florida result are still unresolved on Dec. 12, the legal deadline for settling a state’s electoral college representation. But legislative aides say the language in the brief means the Republican majority believes it has the constitutional right to appoint its own electors even if all litigation is settled before then.

And, trying to preempt further challenges, the Legislature asserts in the brief that Congress has no right to object to any slate of electors it might appoint, presumably even if the recounts produce a competing slate of electors for Gore: “Congress has a constitutional obligation to count the votes of any elector who was indisputably appointed by the Legislature,” it argues.

Even more strikingly, the brief argues that if the U.S. Supreme Court says that the Florida Supreme Court was within its authority to extend the deadline for manual recounts, the Legislature could still decide the state court overstepped and use that to justify appointing its own electors. [Los Angeles Times]

The Florida Republicans’ position was indisputably correct under Supreme Court precedent. In its own Bush v. Gore decision, the Supreme Court reaffirmed the clear right of state legislatures to retake their power to choose electors, writing that “The State, of course, after granting the franchise in the special context of Article II, can take back the power to appoint electors.

And that is exactly what should happen now. Republicans have total legislative control in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona. They have the power to appoint electors in the manner they choose. If the results in their states appear fraudulent, then these Republicans have a moral duty to act. To do anything else is to abandon their voters and unilaterally surrender to the predations of the enemy.

So far, though, they have followed the lead of Republicans in Washington, and done nothing.

Right now, protesters should not be outside the locations counting ballots. They should be outside the homes of Republican state legislators, demanding that they stand up for their own voters.

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1 year ago

I called Kelly Loeffler’s office to ask her to please speak out out the fraud going on and was told that fraud should be reported to the SOS. The person on the phone seemed not to understand how important it is for GOP leaders to speak out.

1 year ago
Reply to  Daniel

Did you really expect to get help fighting election fraud from a govt official? After the last four years how could anyone think that? You need to stop listening to “conservative” pundits and begin to understand how power is exercised in this country. Until you have the knowledge and will to name the enemy who is doing this to us you’re just regurgitating conservative, inc. bullshit talking points. Why have the majority of the American people (in a “democracy”) been losing for the last 50+ years? How did the enemy do it? If you don’t know who owns the politicians, the entertainment/news/social media, the education system, the culture making institutions then all you know is disinfo. I’ll give you a hint: the people who control the politicians, and media wear very small hats and they always win whether it’s a republican or democrat in office.

Valdemar IV
1 year ago
Reply to  Chopper

A friendly crowd showing up at their houses to gently and politely reminding them of their obligations?

1 year ago
Reply to  Valdemar IV

I was thinking of a massive prayer meeting

Burt Hicks
1 year ago
Reply to  Chopper

Mr. Greco — Hate is not a useful emotion. (Of course neither is stupidity.) Orthodox Jews are as conservative as Evangelical Christians, if not more so. If you are not a troll, you are a fool.

1 year ago
Reply to  Burt Hicks

Trump got the largest percentage of the Jewish vote ever. Just as he got the largest percentage of the Hispanic and Black vote. This is not a race war. Don’t let the globalist agents distract people. They are just operatives of the deep state. Their trolls are very active, so the fake media scum can say we are all racists or white supremacists. Stop listening to all this noise. Focus on our goal. This is a war for a free Republic with equal rights for everyone. We are not a mass. We are individuals. Each one of us has our own mind and our own conscience. The collectivist vermin want us to engage in group think. Keep your individuality and don’t let it be submerged by the enemy. Long live Freedom.

1 year ago
Reply to  Chopper

More lies. More attempts to spread despair and hopelessness. You will fail. We will win, in spite of the attempts by the enemy to discourage us.

1 year ago
Reply to  Chopper

Don’t we live in a republic,?

Stop the steal!

A Democrat said to me today:.

The impeachment was real–neither propaganda not conspiracy. The president did something that was against the law. Actually, he has done many things that were against the law, but this particular one had to do with international affairs, so evidence was overwhelming.

“Consider this, Cindy. If the election were rigged, why did Republicans on the down ballot win? It’s obvious that many Republicans voted for Biden but still voted for their Senators and Representatives. The Dems in the House actually lost seats. There was no stealing. Trump’s approval rating for his entire term never got above 50%. I don’t know for sure, but I think that is highly unusual, if not unprecedented””

If you would share how you might answer or respond, I would appreciate it., Thank you

Valdemar IV
1 year ago
Reply to  Daniel

He’s making a list and checking it twice!
Santa is coming to town!

Barb Braatz
1 year ago
Reply to  Daniel

Maybe you would have more luck sending her an email, with this article attached. They need to do their duties!

Ted Fisk
1 year ago

The GOP isn’t going to do anything.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ted Fisk

But Trump will

1 year ago
Reply to  Lou

Yes he will, because he knows tens of millions of patriots are with him. We hope there will be a peaceful resolution thanks to the Republican legislatures and the courts, including of course the Supreme Court. It appears God is helping us rather actively by removing RBG and allowing a loyal replacement. So don’t be discouraged at all. One way or another, we will preserve the Republic. Be patient. Stand by. We will win.

Lars Fillmore
1 year ago
Reply to  Jay

Naw, Trump is going to lose the election and all his court cases. Then he’ll be probably be arrested for money laundering. Hid handler Putin will snitch on him once he’s no longer useful.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jay

Without a doubt, you are correct. Trump did win and will have another four years. In the end, it is the liberals who will dismantle the mass media that lies to them. The media does not lie to us because we don’t listen to them…to include fox. Never ever bet against Trump and the 70 million plus Americans that voted for him. America will never be a socialist country.

Jean Yus
1 year ago
Reply to  Ted Fisk

Nothing, as they lock up the the Senate, add to the House, and take back every seat the dems picked up in 2018 midterms. 70 million deep nothing. 😂

No Thanks
1 year ago

I agree with this. It might cause a few riots, but its only a matter of time before another black career criminal attacks a police officer and causes them anyway.

Mitch McConnell
1 year ago

my butt smells like poo. why?

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

Is that a rhetorical question?
Or, are you stating a personal plight?

1 year ago

must be a bunch of dogs trying to take a sniff

Cruz Rafael
1 year ago


Caught with your head up your ass again…
I bet you forgot to wipe it again before getting into your “kink…”

Okay, will help one last time, but next time you are on your own, Senator!
First of all stop sniffing!
Second pull your head out your ass…
Lastly, take a friggin shower…and, forget we ever met!!!

1 year ago

Go ask Anderson Cooper and others of his ilk. This is the wrong website. By the way, how can you look in the mirror? Don’t you realize how you disgrace yourself with such comments.

1 year ago

joe was there

1 year ago

If this is the strategy we are in a world of hurt. There is no way on earth our weak Republican legislatures would go down this path. Zero chance. Can they legally do it? Sure. Would they? Absolutely not. DJT my challenge the key states with recounts, validation of voters, legal challenges to some of the rigged rules, etc. Its 4th & 20 Yards to go. We have to go for it.

Cruz Rafael
1 year ago
Reply to  Skippy

I think the very reason for this is that the power is given back to the people. The legislators are held accountable by the power of the vote. That vote represents the will of the people. So, they have to understand that the current term (or term to be) will be last if they do not do the will of the people.

I think that the coup has ‘calculated in’ that people are too busy, or disenfranchised due to economic shutdown which resulted in job loss and struggling to just survive, that their will to fight has been exhausted. Effectively, they believe (I would not doubt that they do) that people will say, “We The People have had enough, We give up. Do what you will, we will bend our knees.”

But, I have seen much passion in thousands upon thousands who attended MAGA rallies. I know we have it in us. We need Trump to rally and we need a higher level of coordination. The author is correct (in my humble opinion), the protests outside voting centers is wasted energy and resources. And, that is their bait. BLM, ANTIFA and whoever will counter and bring on violence. This will result in injuries and potentially deaths- but, that is not the concern. The concern is the media (with Fox News at point because many Conservatives still think they are the Conservative News Source) – they will vilify us and create friction in the public’s perception which will translate to the legislature deciding not to act in kind.

What is most important is our Constitution. Yes, Trump must be reelected because he was indeed elected by the will of the people- and that election is being stolen right in front of our eyes. I agree that this is wrong and enough of a reason for us to “stand to.” But, that is not the most critical reason- it is the most moral reason, perhaps…The critical reason is that our election process is being dismantled!

They have been dismantling our nation. Rep Ilhan Omar even proclaimed in publicly, which is seditious conspiracy and insurrection- she should be in jail, but AG Barr, Director Wray (DOJ & FBI) are another matter of concern to be addressed later as doing so now would only distract from the focus (serve as a feint which we react to) which needs to be lasered on the priority target of opportunity. That is, protecting our elections. Because if that is compromised, the precedence is set and therefore we have conceded our voice. Without that voice, they can go onto next the 2nd Amendment. Then they can have their way, for we will have no recourse (having submitted our voice and our last ditch recourse to fight if we must on kinetic level).

Frances Kamien
1 year ago
Reply to  Cruz Rafael

I agree 100%

1 year ago
Reply to  Cruz Rafael

Excellent comment! How do we make our lazy state legislators do their duty though? Better off calling or emailing them? Don’t they know about Article II, and do this on their own?

1 year ago
Reply to  Barb

When they steal Votes—

Valdemar IV
1 year ago
Reply to  Skippy

A friendly crowd with clown masks showing up to gently & politely remind them of their obligations to the public, of course. Kinda like in Virginia earlier this year.

1 year ago
Reply to  Skippy

More defeatism. More lies. The Pennsylvania legislature has acted. Stop gaslighting. Look at what is happening. Trump won, the voting will be corrected, and Biden will never step foot in the White House. Four more years of President Trump. The payback is coming to all subversives. When you fight the American Eagle, you will be torn to shreds. No one will pity you.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

Revolver’s presentatioin makes plain the Constitutioinal authority for each state legislature to appoint electors, especially when the American people face such horrendous corruption which is what we confront now across the country.
If action to preserve the legitimacy of our election system is not taken at once, we face an
existential crisis to our very nation.
If the American people find themselves without recourse to immediately remedy this wrong
and we find ourselves disenfranchised by our own government,
then what remedy is there but revolution?

Cruz Rafael
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

See my post (above)

Valdemar IV
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

At least, with a revolution, things would get done.

1 year ago

All these Republican politicians rode a wave to victory because of President Trump’s huge popularity with conservatives. Where are they now? Silent as death.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jilli

Why? Surely you must know they it’s because they are shadow govt loyalists. Stop blindly supporting GOP operatives. They are just the right half of the ruling elite sandwich.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jilli

Why? Surely you must know they it’s because they are shadow govt loyalists. Stop blindly supporting GOP operatives. They are just the right half of the ruling elite sandwich.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jilli

Jilli , Honestly you are correct its time to stand up for Trump if you believe in His administrations. I am a republican but I vote for Principles not the party. However I feel many people on social media fight and spew , yell , scream and accuse actually never do what the Bible says , Pray for the leaders of your nation. People love to condem each other but not seriously pray for our leaders. I do honestly think Trump won the election based upon the deception in these states which have no problem to lie and have done it for years. but to overthrow the powers of the Left can only be done by God at this point. Will God intervene , its possible if He wants Trump to continue. Prayer to God is more important than standing somewhere with a Trump sign or Biden Sign. People have been manipulated for 3.5 years to hate Trump by the left wing Media. How can anyone win agains 90% left sided Media who do nothing but accuse. He is the first Republican President in a long time who did not roll over for the CNN crowd and called them for what they are. Actually if Obama had the same treatment that Trump received the last 3.5. years he would have cracked up a long time ago . I think Trump is just a man who is not perfect and when he fails it proves he is not perfect but who is ? Sure he did some wrong things but many positive things for USA in his administration the media will never admit it since they only want to kick Him out . Washington is a swamp of career politician they don’t really care for the American simple worker at all. Why did Obama , Biden, Clintons all go into office basically not rich and come out rich ? They sold us out. Trump took no salary and said He wanted to help America recover and to Love our freedom . Communism is Evil and America looses their Freedoms they might realize too late what they lost.
4 years of Biden will prove my points , higher taxes, foolish foreign wars, and less freedom for Americans as he will try to manipulate and take our constitutional rights .

Why people can love 47 Year career politician really shows their hate for Trump more than their love of Biden. Biden and his family have been Taking bribes from Communist nations for years, America wake up. And Media has sold us out and polluted many of Americans good values which the nation began with. I spent over 20 years working in many Communist nations as a doctor and teacher . You realize what we have in American is not what they have. Most of the people in Communism want out . Why people want to replace what we have with Socialist , Communist Views shocks me. Most Americans are duped. Biden acts like the CCP are good people go check it out his comments. Actually I know many Chinese are good people I married one. However to think the CCP who controls the minds and will of the Chinese people are good is a failure in truth.The CCP owns CNN check it out. Biden is taking money or bribes from the corrupt CCP , the left side media ignores this fact so they are selling Americans out as well for money. The fact is American under 4 years of Biden or Harris will loose. Actually the real truth is the the CCP will deceive and manipulate and eat Biden and any who think they are trustworthy friendly leaders. Anyway both Democrats and Republicans and all Americans should stand for honest elections and honest Media which we don’t have. I agree right now in this tense state after election I will continue to stand behind Trump because the Media is not the Law of our nation. If corruption exists on either side it should be turned over. Thanks,

Anyway we will keep praying. Thanks Steve

Robert E Lee
1 year ago

Do it now!

1 year ago

As Johnny Most used to say during a heated Celtic game between detroit and the celtics in the playoffs, “This is getting ugly!”

Vintage MXer
1 year ago
Reply to  Todd

And his partner said during a time out- “Don’t let those bastards beat you”

1 year ago

“And then, at 10:30 p.m., the votes simply stopped coming in. From Atlanta to Detroit to Philadelphia, tallies stopped coming out for hours on end. When the tallying resumed, Joe Biden rapidly surged into the lead in key states, with his improvement attributed entirely to the black box of “mail-in ballots.””

Is it possible to graph this for each of the swing states and then a composite of all of them to see if there is a mysterious gap in the reporting and if it uniform across those swing states? That could reveal evidence of some sort of conspiracy.

American Citizen 2.0
1 year ago

This is the color revolution. The Republicans want Trump to lose so that they can start jockeying for position in the power vacuum. If the Republicans already sat by and let Trump get (wrongly) impeached and then sat by and said nothing about Biden’s China money and said nothing about Obamagate… there is no chance Trump is winning. Half the Republican party already confirmed their support for Biden weeks ago.

This election was flagrantly stolen in plain view of everyone and none of us actual real live people can do anything about it. That’s the whole point. The globalists are flexing their power on the US population. There really is no “America” after this. At best we are a client state of the Chinese empire from now on. I can’t believe that the Republicans sold us out like this.

1 year ago

Yes we can. We can stand behind the Man that has fought so hard for us and send him money to keep us the good fight. He still has a lot of people in his court!!! Lets help the Man!!!

American Citizen 2.0
1 year ago
Reply to  Cindy

I already contacted Winred earlier today and demanded all of my donations to the republican party back… AND THEY GAVE ME THEM BACK. You should do the same.

I would not spend another dime on this farce. I voted for Trump. It’s obvious now he was sabotaged by the Republicans as much as the Dems. They seem to want to sink Trump and then promote someone else who would be a sort of “Trump-Lite”… All the patriotism with none of the nationalism. I don’t think the Republicans realize that they are up against a communist insurgency and that none of them will survive this.

Anyway. It’s fraud. No point in getting involved. Even if he successfully took a case to court, the “deep state” won. He’s out. If you can’t see that then you need to think about what news sources you are consuming. Fox News especially is part of the globalist problem.

America lost to the globalist billionaires who already knew who they wanted to be president. Everything else is just a tv show. They are not going to let Trump take a second term.

1 year ago

@Doreen Araki Citizen 2.0:
You are 100% correct. This is unfortunately how it is.

1 year ago
Reply to  Cindy

Well said. GOD IS ALIVE.
And he speaks through people like you.
And if he showed his earlier mercies to Daniel in the dungeon of lions & King David,

Then now is the time, GOD is gonna show him self before PRESIDENT TRUMP & the the people who have voted TRUMP with all the effort, trust & love.

It’s now the people to stand with POTUS.

Lars Fillmore
1 year ago
Reply to  Nicholas

Trump is not a Christian, and never was. You have been lead astray by false prophets.

I pray you will get back on the path to God. Trump is not the way, and God is showing us this through the will of the American people as we speak.

It is a time to rejoice as evil has been defeated!

1 year ago
Reply to  Lars Fillmore

He’s a Presbyterian. Last time I checked they preach the correct gospel. Take the beam out of your eye. A man can change. Are you perfect?

1 year ago
Reply to  Lars Fillmore

.Don’t cast the first stone ,I know he is not perfect far from it but He loves American more than many career politicians Honestly over the years I have come to realize after teaching and ministering in many nations God uses faulty people for His purposes. I know I am and yet God uses me. Unfortunately many Christians would rather throw stones than give grace and Pray for our leaders. Perhaps in time Trump can change more and more and become A true believer. I don’t know totally his heart I believe only God does. Actually right now I don’t want to pick up stones after the election which looks like it has been rigged against him, when he is already being stoned by many , the Media, The left , The haters of God. I realize in my own life it took time for me to change and believe in God. Give Him a chance to be human not just President. When we stand and condemn Trump for the current state the world is in did he really cause the Coronovirus. Yet CNN and Biden acts like He did . Wake up He is trying to fix things.
Actually go Check out King Cyrus who was a long way from perfect yet God used Him for a. unique time in History to liberate the Jews from Babylon.
God is still in control and the media is not , Wait and Pray

1 year ago
Reply to  steve

Excellent analysis Steve.

1 year ago

Please ignore any defeatist posts. Any true American knows the power rests with all of us. Patriots don’t whine and wring their hands like a bunch of helpless victims. You are only a victim if you bend over and submit to the Democrats. Our Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment. As Franklin said, we have a Republic if we can keep it. It’s not up to any politician. It’s up to the tens of millions of patriotic Americans. Stand with President Trump and we will make the traitors beg for mercy.

1 year ago

Excellent idea.
Simple, clean and unquestionable.
Never happen

1 year ago

Indeed the Republican state legislators have the final say as per the Constitution & our law. No need for SCOTUS to go involved. Keep it simple & it demonstrates transperiency. Moreover, if the GOP doesn’t step up then we will know the traitors & proceed accordingly.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wisco3percent

All this talk about “ now we know who the traders are”, is worthless.
With Biden potentially being #46, the next congressional cycles will become more and more blue and the chances of conservative Republicans being able to get anything conservative or Republican passed will go less and less.
You are looking at a very high potential of never having another conservative Republican in the Congress or the Presidents office.

1 year ago

The dems don’t seem worried about Republican state legislators voting for Trump electors. There will be traitors to Trump. Just how big is the fix….

Denise Brown
1 year ago

Why are Republicans doing this? Protect our votes and stand up for our president!

1 year ago

Let’s do it!

Michael H.
1 year ago

Senator Mitch McConnell was just asked what he thought about the election fraud going on,
he quickly pivoted to the prospect of
working with
“President Biden”…..
The establishment Republicans are
POS and are just as much traitors to the American people
as the traitors on the Left.
Fox News….
Nikki Haley ….Chris Christie….Mitch McConnell….Lyndsey Graham…..
Traitors all….

Michael H.
1 year ago
Reply to  Michael H.

Correction on the partial list of backstabbers above.
Lyndsey Graham just got on Hannity and backed President Trump
and America’s fight against this coup attempt.
He also donated $500K to Trump’s legal fund.
The few Republicans who seem willing to stand with Trump
are Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Josh Hawley along
with others like Rep. Gov. DeSantis of Florida.

Mike Smith
1 year ago
Reply to  Michael H.

And one of those mentioned will be the Republican nominee in 24 should the dems allow another election, you only get to vote for socialist/fascists once.
Unless of course President Trump should somehow loose this time then he will be the front runner in 24.

Also should he somehow be forced out, none of the BS usually done. In a fraudulent election you don’t invite for a visit or appear at a fraudulent inauguration, nor should any Republican not admitting they’re really a democrat.

Rober Randle
1 year ago

That is a very astute Constitutional argument. If the state legislatures were controlled by Democrats, would you still feel the same; I wonder!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Rober Randle

Nobody cares, Democrats have demonstrated “principles” are for weighing down the enemy. Go pound sand.

1 year ago
Reply to  Rober Randle

Elections have Consequences!

1 year ago

Typical feckless flaccid frauds. Get in. Get your checks. Get lazy. Get rich. Get richer. Get deaf. That is our Republican party. Traitors like the turtle and the rest of them are p.o.s.

Tony L
1 year ago

The only way to solve this is to have the people on record to have voted come in personally and vote again. No mail in ballets unless someone can prove a disability or be in the military. Even then a representative from the GOP and the Dems supervise each ballot. Again make everyone who votes prove who they are with valid government ID . Only the people who supposedly voted are allowed to vote. Again Must show up in person and show a valid Government issued ID. People are allowed of course to change their votes.

1 year ago

Trump already won. The vote count should have stopped on election day according to federal law.

Mad Mac
1 year ago

We have until December 12. Let’s wait until the voting is over
and see which state or states we need to flip to reach 270.

1 year ago

Am on the verge of losing all hope for this country
Why am I not hearing anything about special election or re-voting in the problem states
Make it two days
Have the national guard or homeland watch over votes
Have everyone who is eligible and willing to vote to vote again
The ballots are far too tainted to get an accurate count
I for one would be willing, but unhappy about doing it again
But how else can we preserve the sanctity of the election
Where we the people have a say

1 year ago

What if the Left reacts by Dem legislatures in Red States changing those outcomes?

Mike Smith
1 year ago
Reply to  CapnJack

Please by all means clue us in and please inform us as to which states you are referring. Perhaps the 1 congressional district electoral vote in Maine? I haven’t done a search yet so not sure.
I don’t believe there are any state legislatures whatsoever that are democrat controlled in states carried by Trump.

1 year ago
Reply to  CapnJack

The 2000 election case appeared to be political chicken, it wasn’t needed. The recounts appeared to work. It’s still better to consider the state legislature option, even if it doesn’t have to be used in the end.

Gab: @Din_Djarin
1 year ago

They have not said a thing. Not a single one. They will do nothing. The GOP is going to take it and capitulate like the good subserviant losers they are. Mitch “Blabbermouth” McConnell literally said earlier today how he is looking forward to working with a President Biden. Disgusting. Our democracy has failed.
Get ready for war, fam. Prepare.
This is the Way.

Richard Williams
1 year ago

It gets worse every year. Biden said on live tv “we (democrats) have the best fraud system in place that you can’t touch, the best ever in the history of elections. Understand that Biden didn’t spent much time in the important states, he lulled us into believing we were kicking ass because he knew the demon rats had all the crazy cities were going to cheat there asses off with all goofy ballots. They didn’t care if Joe stayed in the basement and his criminal family was stealing big time because the goofy ballots is what really matters at the end. Also why the pandemic came in an election year so they could pass the whole mail in ballot thing and cheat their asses off in the last few weeks. How could those dumb asses set us up so bad? GOD WILL WIN THIS WAR OVER RATS, and racists. PLEASE BE WITH US LORD & MAKE THE SINNERS PAY!

John Smith
1 year ago

That’s his second admission of having committed or conspiring to commit a crime. Does anyone care?

1 year ago

Who cares what Biden says? Even if the patriots suffer a temporary loss and Biden goes through a fake inauguration, the demented scoundrel won’t be President for long. Pelosi said as much. Harris said as much. Even Biden admitted it. He is just a cunning, self-serving, amoral, perverted, disgusting front man for Harris and her friends. He just wants to taste the ultimate power. Then he can retire to his basement as he degenerates into mental oblivion. I’m sure Harris and the others are laughing hard at him every day behind his back.

1 year ago

Runoff. No recount of phony ballots.

1 year ago

Trump will do what every republican always does. Lose with dignity.

Gab: @Din_Djarin
1 year ago
Reply to  Chopper

I have to disagree on this one. If he wanted to do that, he would have done so already. He wants to fight. And we need to back him.
This is the Way.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

Absolutely….Gab: @Din_Djarin
It’s incredible that supposed “patriots” get on this site and are so
willing to throw in the towel, give up the ghost and
cut and run
when the American people and the President of the United States
just got our Democracy stolen from us.
It’s easy for scumbags to cut and run and throw rocks at real patriots
like President Trump who is fighting for all of us.
They offer all kinds of criticism with zero solutions just
bellyaching and bitching.
They are way too willing to simply
bend over and take it from the Communist Leftist-“democrats”.
Coffee is for CLOSERS.
Trump in the last 4 years has pulled America’s bacon out of the fire
of tyrannical globalilst elites and Communists
and now, when the chips are truly down…
Trump and America knows who the real Patriots are.

1 year ago

The time to fight this steal is long past. He had political operatives begging him to make this steal impossible 3 years ago and he spit in their faces. It is over. Suck Trump off as much as you want he ensured this outcome by keeping and hiring more deep state cronies throughout his term.

1 year ago
Reply to  Chopper

Totally wrong. More disinformation. Everyone can see Trump is no ordinary politician. Trump is leading the USA to a new era of prosperity, freedom, strength, and unity. Do you hear, Chinese Communist vermin? Do you hear the sound of tens of millions of patriotic Americans marching to victory? You are terrified by us for good reason. We will destroy you. Death to Communism! God Bless America. With Trump to VICTORY!

Nancy Penner
1 year ago

The small hats won as usual.

1 year ago
Reply to  Nancy Penner

Oy Vey! You can’t say that. You’ll be censored soon as I’m sure you know. Whether Trump wins or not no one anywhere will advocate for your first amendment right to say that. Certainly not any republican including Trump.

Oven Time
1 year ago
Reply to  Nancy Penner

I hope government troopers start killing you know who’s and their families

1 year ago
Reply to  Oven Time

If hopes were horses beggars would ride. Organization is everything and it is illegal for us to organize. If we want to take back control of our country we’re just going to have to organize anyway no matter how many FBI/deep state operatives infiltrate our ranks. There is literally no other way. Without an organized resistance we will continue to lose ground year after year after year until it is too late. Do you support getting organized? If not then save your breath and watch sports like the rest of the gentiles.

John Smith
1 year ago

Precisely what they should do. They lack the courage!

1 year ago


1 year ago
Reply to  tim

What was the original Chinese you ran through Google Translator?

1 year ago

Since 2016 there have been two phenomena in play that count for our survival:
(a) Trump and
(b) the people on the right, meaning not-leftist and decent who put Trump in the White House.
And nothing else.

Trump was mostly alone up there and he still is because the GOP is mostly corrupt and / or useless and they don’t like him.
The people on the right can not help Trump within the law unless the mechanisms of democracy are clean and respected.
How could we?
The mechanisms of democracy are, today, corrupted by the left, comfortably tolerated by the GOP, not respected and non functioning.
You can accuse Trump of “hiding”
You have to put yourself in his position.
As the captain of a ship, circumstances have left him alone, up there, on the bridge with a mostly mutinous and partially ineffective crew and he can’t just man the whole ship all by himself.

His only choice now, in my modest opinion, is to call an all out strike of the right until . . . what?

Who is going to step in and say “enough” and “something must be done”?
What authority is there except for us?
And how can we exert this authority?
The government is now a cabal of leftist and bums.
The leftist doing their worst to destroy the Constitutional Republic and Venezuelaize the country and the bums looking on and sucking their thumbs.
The left can wait us out and blame the hurt and the mayhem on us.
Time is on the left’s side.
They won’t let Trump win by any decent means.
The decent means have been terminally corrupted.
The fix is in.
The GOP will be of no help because they don’t want to be because they don’t like Trump and hey don’t care for our Constitutional Republic.

The only way out of this is an all out civil war by the people on the right against the left, for the survival of the Constitutional Republic.
And not the left as a disembodied ideal.
Against leftists bodies.

That would require for a considerable number of people on the right to find their balls and to abandon any semblance of normality and go to against what their whole lives have accustomed them to and trained them for and to go out and do things they probably find abhorrent.
The chances of this happening are small and this is being optimistic.

A truckers strike might work if it was by a sufficient number of them.
But, again, the left might just wait us out and blame it all on us.

We are going to have to face that, as we are entertaining these notions, our Constitutional Republic has ceased to exist.
“But . . .” you might say, “I’m looking at it”
You are looking at its carcass.
Nothing works anymore from the stand point of its survival.
The Constitutional Republican life has left America.
What we have around us is a has been Constitutional Republic that is non-working any longer.
Yes, it looks like a ship.
But the crew refuses to obey proper authority.
Trump wants it to survive but he’s alone at the helm and the traitorous and mutinous crew won’t obey him and many of the rest of the crew are a mixture of corruption and uselessness and they never liked him anyway.
Yes, a sizable number of the crew would like to help the captain and set things right but that calls for an all out war against the others.
What is the captain to do?
What are the decent crew members going to do?
Unless a sufficient number of the non traitorous crew takes up arms against the rest, neutralizes the traitors and recovers the ship for law and order the situation is hopeless.

And the right is weak.
And the right is pusillanimous.
And the right suffers from normalcy bias.
And the right doesn’t have it in itself to do what needs to be done.
And he left knows it and they are laughing at us.
And I don’t believe in miracles.

This is simple: the leftists today occupy the place of the British in 1776.
People on the right, meaning not-leftist and decent are the American patriots.
We know how that worked.
And no amount of daydreaming and wishing will make it any easier for us than it was for them.
And why would it be any easier?
Or any different?
Unless we are willing to “mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor” and go out there and start killing leftists, we are toast.
This is the time.
It is now or never.
This is the why of the 2nd Amendment.
They knew what could happen.
And they gave us the tools.
We have the tools.
Will we use them?

Patrick Henry
1 year ago

The War Is Already Begun.

I Know Not What Course Others May Take.
(Nor Do I Care)

But As For Me…


I’ll try every peaceful option we can but if they remove him from office this way then we skip to the last resort.

1 year ago
Reply to  Patrick Henry

We’re so lame and trusting. I know not of any line formed to enlist in a physical revolution. Do you know something?

John Smith
1 year ago

They should do it because it is the moral thing to do. They won’t do it because they are always afraid of being called unfair or worse yet, conservative. They would have the moral and legal high ground.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Keith E
1 year ago

The constitution is brilliant again. The state legislatures hold this power particularly to keep out of balance population centers from ruling over the state’s decision for president every year. It’s very similar to the electoral college at the national level but on the state level. The design was never meant to be that a major city voting 90/10 one way would decide the electors for the entire state.

If the lawsuits that are about to take place end up bringing a serious amount of votes into play, then any of these states that are currently battlegrounds should be having their state legislatures behaving very much the same as what Florida’s did all those years ago. The citizens that voted for Trump in all the swing states need to start letting their representatives know right no that they want that to happen!

1 year ago
Reply to  Keith E

Not a chance. What for the purpose of this conversation shall be called republicans have none/zero/nada chance of winning anything because they are not organized. The notrepublicans are very well organized which is how they can steal an election out from under our noses despite a numerical disadvantage. We cannot organize because it is quite literally illegal for us to do so. We are in a catch 22. There is no way out until we break the catch 22 and just organize anyway.

1 year ago
Reply to  Keith E

You are right. The Constitution was created by the greatest political geniuses in history. As long as we stay loyal to our Constitution, and to our Republic, we will crush every enemy. That includes all the Chinese Communist, Antifa, BLM, Soros-financed gangs, and so on. We are so much stronger, intelligent, brave, and well-armed than all of you, that I could almost feel sorry for the crushing defeat and humiliation you will all soon experience. Perhaps, if God has not already hardened your hearts, some of you will repent. But I think most of you will not. Evildoers will have their reward. You servants of the dark side surely know this, and it must terrify you. Repent while there is still time. Otherwise, your fate will be worse than the human imagination can come up with. You will experience total despair, pain, anguish, gnashing of teeth, while the sons and daughter of righteousness bask in the beautiful joy of goodness.

1 year ago

I personally believe that hundreds of thousands of dirty votes have been commingled with valid votes. At this point, it is nearly impossible to separate the votes. Barring an unlikely Supreme Court intervention, the spineless GOPe will never stand up for Trump. I hope ever single voter remembers the lack of GOPe support at this crucial moment the next time they vote for these fools.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kevin

Trump will win. This time the Democrats will not be able to steal the election. They are doomed. So no more defeatism! Just a cheerful optimism. Even if the traitors go through a phony inauguration, even if all the anti-American talking heads slobber over Dementia Joe, we will prevail. God hates all liars and send them to Hell. He supports the righteous and always grants us the final victory. The enemy will be crushed beneath our feet, figuratively, and perhaps literally.

1 year ago

Yes, the Constitution is brilliant.
But only for decent people.
The constitution can’t stop evil.
Evil simply ignores it, laughs at it and does what it wants.

A gear box is a brilliant thing.
But it is not made to have rocks thrown into it.
It can not defend itself against improper use.
If evil throws rocks into your gear box you will have a ruined gear box and evil triumphant.
You have to stop evil from throwing rocks into the gear box.

Expecting help from the GOP is a waste of time.

Why is the GOP not up in arms helping Trump with all they’ve got?
Why isn’t the GOP threatening with a revolution to counter this runaway train of leftist atrocities?
I don’t see the anger. I don’t see the zeal.
The Constitutional Republic is just about dead and they are playing the dilettante.
Because not only they don’t like Trump, they don’t like us.

The GOP is so corrupt that they share with the left quite a few traits.
1) They care more about illegally enriching themselves at the taxpayers’ expense and enjoying all their corrupt dealings with the left.
2) They share with the left a feudal attitude towards most of us. We are peasants and they are the nobility.
3) They don’t think America should be ruled by decent Americans but by them who know better.

We have been putting corrupt bums in government.
And now we have a government of corrupt bums.

We put Trump in the White House to try and correct this and as a revolt against the corrupt bums.
They know it better than we do.
They know it and they don’t like it.
They know it and they are going to wait us out as the left steals the election.
Their plan is to let the left do the dirty work.

They are letting the lefto-pukes do the dirty work of murdering the Constitutional Republic while they look on, expecting to share the spoils with the left and enjoy the remains.
Neither they nor the left are going to allow us, the peasants, to stiffen our spines, get up as free men and start thinking that we own America.
THEY own America and don’t we forget it!!
So they are quite happy to see Trump squirm alone at the top, powerless without their help.
They are joining the lefto-pukes for drinks and laughing at Trump and at the peasant morons who put Trump there and who think that they (us) have rights.
And they are waiting for this to resolve itself by default, against Trump and against the decent Americans who put him there so they can go back to their corruption and business as usual.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  George_Banner

George, your last two posts are epic and hits the mark.
Your description of our plight, of America’s plight, is accurate if not sobering.
The metaphor of the lone captain (Trump) attempting to control the helm
of a half mutinous ship is a provocative comparison to America right now.
Captain Trump is facing not only a half mutinous, demoralized crew; he is
the captain of a ship that was designed (the Constitution) and constructed
(our Forefathers) to be as right and true and as unsinkable as human genius could
design. The job of the crew was meant to constantly
maintain the Ship, to keep it clean and orderly, and on course, and to make repairs when necessary.
And our original designers of Ship America assured us that,
if we responsibly and courageously followed the maintenance according to the ship’s
original design, The Constitution….
our Ship could very well remain in “ship-shape” for a very, very long time.
But, over the span of many years, much of the crew have become lazy and decadent
and amoral and spoiled by so many years of easy sailing.
Meanwhile, Ship America is beginning to take on water and sink, partly because of a few
major leaks here and there but the biggest cause of the crisis is that half of the crew
have decided to change the design of the ship.
Half of the crew believe the design should be changed from the Constitutional Republic
Ship to a ship’s design thought up by an architect named Karl Marx.
Half of the crew want to lower the flag, the Stars and Stripes and raise the red flag
of the Hammer and Sickle.
The captain (Trump) and half the crew despises the other half of the crew that wants to mutiny and destroy the
The problem is that Captain Trump finds himself with few allies to stand up
and unite and fight the mutinous crew members and keep Ship America
from sinking.
The original designers, as you aptly point out, had no way of building into the
Constitution a method of countering pure Evil.
They understood human corruption and frailty and did what they could
to build a ship designed to withstand these human failings with a ship’s design
built on Checks and Balances.
What they couldn’t take into account was the potential for
half the crew to go insane and believe in a counter ideology based on a
dystopian nightmare of pure evil and mass genocide and absolute lust for power
over humanity.
That half of the ship’s crew have gone
INSANE and have fallen to the dark side, to the side of pure evil.
There is no way on Earth for our ship’s design – The Constitution –
to withstand the assault of an evil ideology like
Marxism, if an counter ideology such as this rose from within.
How do we Americans fight to keep the ship from sinking?
We have tried to use the Constitution to keep it from sinking but half the
the crew are insane and self-destructive and makes that impossible.
We understand that the Constitution was designed to work only if
all parties involved were reasonable and somewhat rational and
somewhat cooperative enough to reach a workable compromise in
order for the ship to remain afloat and prosperous.
But…again, that can’t happen if half the crew are no longer
reasonable and somewhat rational.
It can’t happen if half the crew is insane.
How does this saga of Ship America turn out?
Will the mutinous half of the crew be overcome and thrown overboard?
If we don’t throw them overboard,
the ship sinks and we all die.
If we do throw them overboard, we throw the Constitution overboard as well
because we will have to resort to a level of ruthlessness and barbarity in order
to toss the insane half of the crew overboard and that very act
negates and destroys the Constitution.
We find ourselves in the ultimate dilemma….

1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Wolf Strike: Thanks. I guess fear for the humongous loss we are about to experience may have lent me the words.

We may be the weakest men in America’s history to have to face these odds.
And I despair of our ability to meet the hour and walk past this with our heads held up, high.
And it turns my gut that our glorious Constitutional Republic may be left to die ignominiously at the hands of the low lives that are stealing the election as we write.

Saw this cartoon: comment image” Garrison’s good.

If we are going to be defeated we should be defeated by a better foe and not by these bottom feeder maggots.

I could not tell one of our countrymen, seeing himself and maybe his family, safe and comfortable as an American should be, to leave it all, get his kit and go out and who to kill first and second and third and so on.

But history teaches us that there comes a time when, confronted by a tribe of cannibals, free men have to stop talking and begin killing because the alternative is unthinkable.

Most on the right won’t see it that way because they see what they know they should be doing, right now, as unthinkable.

So we find ourselves in a dilemma as old as man: fight or surrender it all, all of our most cherished values and ourselves to the cannibals.
Because in this situation there’s no running away.

It is not the left that is defeating us, it is our weakness.
The left does what their evil dictates to them to do.
There will always be evil.
The most important matter is: what should free men do about it?
Fight or submit?
The Founding Fathers knew the answer.
I guess we don’t.

And if we decided to fight, how long would they last?
24 hours? 48?
They are nothing compared to us.
Less than nothing.
What is less than nothing? The inanity of pure evil.

And, yet, we may fail . . . by default . . . by inaction . . . betraying our heritage . . . and our future.

And when the BLM mau mau or pantyfa or whoever comes to do the dirty work knocks on our door and, by then, there’s zero chance of defending our rights, we will remember that when there was still time, we didn’t.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  George_Banner

One of your remarks reminds me of that Spartan who stood and fought off evil
at Hell’s Gates over two millenia ago.
He heard the words…
“What would a free man do?”
The fate of America’s patriots may very well resemble that of those Spartans back then
in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.
The American people (the sane half)
face seveal enemies simultaneously.
The cold hard reality….
We face:
1) The Marxist Left, guided by an insane and destructive and imminently murderous ideology.
2) A corrupt political system that refuses to destroy the existential threat of the Left.
3) A powerful police state controlled by corrupt agencies like the FBI.
4) A powerful yet divided military with I estimate, 60% of the lower ranks/officers and
enlisted who would be compelled to fight on our side.
5) Leftist controlled institutions like Mass Media.
6) Leftist controlled Silicon Valley giants.
7) Leftist/Socialist/Globalist elites like Soros and other Leftist billionaires.
8) Major corporations that are controlled by Leftist Socialist ideology.

Washington D.C. is ringed by massive spy/mass surveillance agencies like
the NSA and CIA and many other concentrations of federal power that were
constructed since 911 to ultimately provide the means of a police state over
the American people.

The Left can and will control these agencies and turn them into the new
Russian-Communist style NKVD police with absolute power to
crush all resistance, especially in the American interior.

Once the Left manages to steal this presidential election, they will face two
remaining obstacles to their agenda of a Leftist tyranny over America.
A corrupt and weak Republican Senate
and the U.S. Supreme Court.
Once they find a way to over these two obstacles,
it is game, set, match.

Once the Left successfully seize power from the coup we are now
witnessing, they will have to disarm the American people.
For that to happen, they will create a False Flag event like the
Reichstag Fire in Germany in the 1930s after Hitler came to power.
They will use this event as an excuse to pass
Enabling Laws to erect a police state and their first order of business
is the mass confiscaton of guns.

In order for the people to overcome all of this, it would take something along
the lines of a mass and spontaneous uprising and it would need to be powerful
enough and violent enough and sustained over a period of months for us to
effectively overcome such a powerful array of enemies.

The spy agencies like the NSA/FBI/CIA would do everything they could to
destroy the command and control system of any patriot resistance that attempted
to organize beforehand.
All communications would be instantly monitored and located.

That is why a patriot resistance movement would out of necessity have to be created
and spurred on extremely quickly to overcome these opposing forces.
It would take a massive movement of resistance and that
the collective decision would take a galvanizing, unifying traumatizing event for it to happen.

What the Left are doing now is something similar to what a large python does when
it apprehends its prey.
It slowly and methodically strangles it before the prey has a clue what is happening.

We have to cut the head off of the snake and that will take a very large knife.

1 year ago

But what about the democratic governors in each of those states?

1 year ago

Wolf Strike you speak the truth.
And you have a good grasp of the situation.
We are facing America’s Thermopylae.
And, so far, we are being found wanting.
And we are a few more than three hundred.
Reality will not forgive us.
History will not forgive us.
Our children will not forgive us.
And we won’t forgive ourselves if we fail at this trial.
And if there was something afterwards I don’t want to stand before Washington and Jefferson and have to explain myself.

Saw a poster on the net: “If you ever wondered whether you would have complied in the 1930s germany, now you know.”

Because we have been complying and submitting and obeying for a long, long time, now.
And that’s how the left wants us, compliant, submissive and obedient . . . to them.

And it got me thinking how many of those Jews pushed into the gas chambers thought they should have fought when the fighting made sense, when the doors closed behind them.
“I should have fought when I had a chance . . .”
My modest guess is that American rightists now we know how those Jews saw things when they decided not to fight but submit and obey.
And I can’t get the idea out of my mind that we are as wrong as they were.
Wrong choice.
Submit and obey? We are AMERICANS!!!

When the foe wants to destroy everything you value, then weaknesses and all, perhaps the best choice is to destroy him, first.
After all, in the end and soon enough, they are going to come and try to kill you.
Wouldn’t it be better to fight on our terms with a chance at winning than wait until the doors close behind us?
Shouldn’t we learn from history?
Isn’t that the human thing to do?
Better ourselves and learn and do the right thing?
What would Thomas Jefferson tell us to do?
Because as somebody recently pointed out: “The Founding Fathers would have been piling up corpses, by now.”

By the way, I think this is just about right: comment image

Look: joseph stalin is reputed to have said: “It is not who votes that counts. It is who counts the votes.”
The demonrats are proving him right.

Are we going to let the demonrat python pull a “joseph stalin” on us?

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  George_Banner

George, I just read that the Leftists ballot stations in Georgia
just reached their goal…
Biden overtook Trump in the “count”.
If Trump and his people can’t stop that count
if the Supreme Court doesn’t intervene right now…


We can kiss our Republic good-bye.

There goes any trace of faith left in the system.

There goes any hope of a peaceful resolution to this conflict.

There goes the

United States of America.

American Citizen 2.0
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Agree. At this point we are looking at forced 1619 indoctrination, transsexualism everywhere, the green new deal, and overtly racist policies in the guise of equity.

All of it crammed down our throats on the back of a tiny margin of victory eked out of votes from neighborhoods most people would not visit in broad daylight.

I feel like the mere fact that we are forced to submit to this means that America has ended. I don’t think that living under this type of tyranny is viable.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

American Citizen 2.0

It doesn’t look good at all.

I don’t see how this coup is stopped unless the Supreme Court
intervenes RIGHT NOW.

And, I am not sure what specific judicial mechanism has to take place for the SC
to intervene right now. If it takes a Leftist Kool-Aid drinker like CJ John Roberts to
make that decision and initiate a halt to all of the counts nationwide, it will not be likely
to happen.

Because the Mass Media including scumbag Fox News is steering public perception
into surrender, we are facing imminent destruction of election integrity.
If the Left succeeds in putting President Harris in the White House, we face
a nightmare beyond the imagination.

If Harris arranges a convenient “illness” for Dementia Biden, she will seize power and be
able to manipulate a corrupt Republican Senate into submission.

All that will stand in her way is the Supreme Court and the Left will arrange two or three
convenient “accidents’ and “illnesses” with Conservative Justices and that is that.

Welcoime to Orwell’s dystopian murderous genocidal nightmre.

1 year ago

May be my imagination but I’m hearing my ancestors calling on me to get medieval on these lefto-pukes.
And it shouldn’t be just justice but cruelty, according to their crime.
They ought to pay for this. Large.
If we find ourselves in the field may neither of us confuse the other with a leftist.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  George_Banner

Ha…ha. George, you are not only a good writer…you’ve got a sense of humor.
If you see me in the field,
I’ll be the one wearing my Doc Holliday hat
with a great big smile on my face,
waving the Stars and Stripes.
I am 63 years old but not too old to sling a rifle
and defend an America both you and I
honor and love.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Thanks Wolf Strike,
My respects to you.

1 year ago
Reply to  George_Banner

I have really enjoyed reading both your and Wolf Strikes posts and conversation back-and-forth. Don’t doubt that there are a lot more of us out here! But our obstacles are as you state. I am a 61 year old woman. I wad blessed to be born in and have a wonderful life in the United States of America. I have cried tears the last few days watching what’s happened to our country. I would give my life to defend her.

John Smith
1 year ago

That would require courage…something lacking in conservative circles.

1 year ago
Reply to  John Smith

It’s not that conservatives lack courage it’s that they’re totally mislead by conservative media. Conservative leaning Americans don’t even know why or how this is being done to them because they consume “conservative” media. How can you fight an enemy you can’t even name?

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Chopper

What media do you like?
We just watched scumbag Fox News put another knife in America’s back a few days ago.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

What media do I like? Sure as hell not fox news. They are the right half of the ruling elite sandwich and anyone who watches fox is consuming concentrated disinfo. The media I search for is highly censored. Is fox censored? We’re in a skinner box now boys. Finally the 1984 references are no longer exaggerated. If your sources aren’t censored by people in small hats you’re consuming disinfo.

1 year ago

Mark Levine says legislators have no constitutional leeway to transfer that power

1 year ago
Reply to  Jd

Mark Levin is a lizard person. His life’s work is to mislead people like you.

1 year ago