Recounts and Canvasses are Unlikely to Reverse Contaminated Vote; Republicans Must Seek Relief in State Legislatures
November 6, 2020 (1y ago)

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Unfortunately for President Trump and the Republican Senate candidates who are currently getting robbed in the Democrat-controlled swing states, recounts are extremely unlikely to overturn the vote count. Once the illegally cast ballots have contaminated the larger pool of legally cast ballots, there is no way to sort them out. These ballots were opened up and counted in secret in the dead of night, so there is not going to be a way to go back and analyze signatures, find out which were missing signatures, find naked ballots, and find which were improperly postmarked.

The exception to this rule might be in Pennsylvania, where the courts ordered the state to segregate all ballots received after 8pm on November 3rd.

While a vote canvas might be able to determine that some ballots were illegally cast, a vote canvas faces many of the same problems as a recount.

The only relief that can be sought by the President and Republican candidates in the swing states that will realistically hand the presidency to the legitimate election winner, President Trump, will be in the state legislatures.

Revolver explained this earlier in our extremely comprehensive article on what must be done at this juncture.

You can read it here.

The Vote Has Been Hopelessly Contaminated. Republican State Legislatures Must Now Move to Appoint Pro-Trump Electors.

To understand what is really going on, we will direct you to this superbly written comment left by reader Granville Alley, reprinted below in full:

The Legal Challenges to Pervasive Institutional Voter & Election Fraud & the Only Remaining Recourse should the US Supreme Court fail in its Constitutional Duty to Assure Free & Fair Elections.

Focusing on Recounts is the wrong approach. Recounts will not correct Voter Fraud unless in that process you eliminate fraudulent, illegal and duplicate votes. Recount laws in most states will not in fact address those issues.

The very first thing that must be done is to frame this properly and accurately for both the American People and the Federal Courts. One of the principle arguments of the President, both to the Public and the Courts should be “We are not trying to (or asking the Court to) put our (their) thumbs on the scale, but rather trying to (asking the Court to) remove the Democrats’ both feet and Truckloads of Fraudulent Ballots from the scale.”

You have to lay out the facts of every case of Voter and/or Election Fraud throughout the USA. You have to call out the Machine Politics and the intentional creation first of chaos and then of outright industrial scale fraud that pales that of past election cycles. Here again, the argument is that every fraudulent, duplicate or illegal vote that is counted and every legitimate opposing vote that is either discarded, destroyed or modified is nullifying the vote of an American Citizen and worse is corrupting the results of a free and fair Election.

This requires exposing all the misbehavior, all the intentional prevention of poll watchers from observing the count. This requires calling out the 4am dumps of ballots after claiming to stop the count and sending the Poll Watchers home so 100% or near 100% vote totals of over 100,000 votes for Biden can be “found” and added to the totals without proper verification (which is mathematically implausible at best and more certainly impossible) and clearly and blatantly can only be explained by outright fraud. What needs to be pointed out to the Court and the Public is that they are required to draw the only credulous conclusions when parties do everything they can to prevent the observation and proper administration of ballot handling and then the numbers are totally not credible, who have violated the very state laws designed to assure Election Integrity, then the only conclusion that can be drawn is that they are intentionally committing fraud.

This does not require making logical leaps, it only requires opening your eyes and using your brain and taking judicial notice of what is right in front of your eyes to come to the only rational conclusion. No one in the Public, the Press, nor the Judiciary can ignore the clear facts before their eyes. The very fate of the Republic is at stake. If the people cannot depend on the validity or integrity of Elections we no longer have a Democratic Republic, we have a banana republic. It is the absolute duty of the US Federal Courts and ultimately the US Supreme Court to avoid this result and for them to stand aside or ignore this is a severe abdication of their duties.

In this Election we have a number of States and Local Municipalities all controlled by Democrat Election Officials where election laws are being consistently broken, where transparency is not only not present, but where active measures to prevent transparency are being taken.

In addition, prior to the Election there are many proven cases of organized voter fraud, illegal ballot harvesting, voter intimidation, stolen ballots, ballots sent to deceased former voters, people who have moved out of the jurisdiction or precinct, multiple ballots sent to the same person, etc.

In a clearly coordinated effort by Democrat Election Officials, Ballot Counting was stopped at approximately midnight EST in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Nevada, North Carolina (all States with Democrat Governors and Election Officials) and in select Democrat controlled Precincts in Georgia & Arizona. In all those states except Arizona, President Trump was holding substantial leads and votes that were being counted that were made on Election Day were breaking by huge margins for President Trump. In Arizona, Pima & Maricopa County first counted all mail-in and absentee ballots which favored Joe Biden, and as they saw Election Day Votes coming in 2/1 – 3/1 for President Trump, they halted vote counting to prevent the count from turning.

All of this occurred suspiciously at the same exact point in time. These Democrat Controlled States then sent home Poll Watchers and Independent Election Observers. Then in the dead of night at 4 am without notice to or the presence of either Republican & Independent Poll Watchers, dumped 100’s of thousands of ballots in Wisconsin & Michigan virtually all of which were for Joe Biden (which is statistically impossible) into the voting system. These Ballots were questionable at best and outright fraudulent at worst. This is neither legal nor is it conducive to fair election integrity or an accurate vote count.

In Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin and the Atlanta Suburbs in Georgia Republican Election & Ballot Integrity Observers are being interfered with, held in spaces where the observation of Ballot Opening, Ballot Review is impossible. This prevents Signature Matching, Postmark review, comparison of Voter ID to Election Rolls and to those who voted in person either pre-election day or on Election Day or by mail or absentee to assure no multiple votes by the same voter. All of this was and is intentional, organized and preplanned to steal the Election from the American People and to allow the count of uncertified, illegal ballots.

This is an organized and well-planned attempt to steal this Election by the Democrats supported by the Media, Big Tech and the Deep State. It has been in the works for years. We also have the moral and intellectual high ground. The Democrats screaming count every vote are on the wrong side of this. It is not “every” vote it is every certifiable, verifiable valid vote that meets state law requirements and that are not duplicate votes, votes by people not eligible to vote, votes by the dead, votes by people who no longer live in the precincts or votes literally created out of thin air in the counting rooms and elsewhere with zero voter data.

When their pre-election and election day voter fraud & election fraud failed and they realized at about 10 PM they were about to lose in a landslide they stopped counting until they could create literally hundreds of thousands of new fraudulent ballots. Then they reopened counting without allowing legally required Election Monitors and Poll Watchers and jammed in hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes on top of the millions of fraudulent votes they had already cast that were insufficient to overcome the Trump Landslide. This is a flagrant, obvious and in your face election steal that only Banana Republics and Totalitarian Governments usually get away with.

The US Supreme Court needs to stop this and if they do not the State Legislatures in each of these states need to step up and stop the fraud. All Republican Congressmen and Senators and any honest Democrat ones (if there are any) need to step up immediately and call for an immediate stop of this attempted overturning of the will of the American People. Otherwise you are disenfranchising the entire American Electorate and you are ending our Constitutional Republic. Where is the Department of Justice, where is Attorney General Bill Barr? How did they allow this to occur.

Where is the FBI (actually on this I know the answer, the FBI is an inherently corrupt agency that has since the days of J. Edgar Hoover been nothing but a huge Federal Blackmail Organization holding ‘dirt” on its overseers in Congress and the Executive Branch to control them and prevent actual oversight. The FBI is the KGB of the USA.

The Republican Party is basically feckless and cowardly generally and the American People must hold the Republican Congress and Senate and State Legislators to their duty to preserve and protect the Constitution of the USA. If Mitch McConnell thinks he will remain as Majority Leader he is sadly mistaken. The two Georgia Seats will both be lost by Voter Fraud in Runoff Election and the NC Seat will be stolen as soon as the State of NC resumes counting fraudulent ballots. Mitch will then be Minority Leader and the Republic will become a Democrat Socialist Totalitarian State.

If this blatant steal of a US National Election is allowed to stand we have lost the Republic and the Globalist Elite will control the World until China takes it from them. The Republican House, Senate and State Legislators must now stand up and grow a set of balls and ignore the National Media’s and Big Tech’s soon to come cascade of pressure. You swore a solemn oath to God to preserve and protect the US Constitution and now is the time to prove that oath was not a lie.

Well said.

It is now up to the President to wield the power of his office and the power of his base to make the case in the court system and in the court of public opinion that this election was not legitimate in the key states and key urban counties, and that the state legislatures must therefore send pro-Trump electors to Washington, D.C. in December to re-elect President Trump for four more years.

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Virginia Klingeman
1 year ago

Thank you for posting this article.

1 year ago

Recounts, however, can continue to cast doubts on the purity of the election; they take time to accomplish and this delays pompous egocentric dementia Biden from looking like the clear winner. Meanwhile you can pursue the state legislature process with electors while the recounts are buying you time. It’s not going to be a one-prong response, but several prongs.

Trump the Ringer
1 year ago
Reply to  Jilli

Recounts make him look like a sore loser and ‘they’ probably already took it into account on some level, some numbers will change but probably not the whole election. Recounts just eat up time that Trump could be doing something useful instead like exposing the whole damn corrupt system. Recounts just run out the clock until Jan 20th where if there’s no clear winner the speaker of the house becomes president, still Pelosi at last I checked unless that changes rapidly.

The entire process was corrupted from top to bottom. I don’t know one single military family that actually received their ballots – yet I know legal and illegal alien families who got multiple ballots, people who got ballots who never requested them, etc. The ballots are a distraction, for a multi level corruption starting with noncitizen voting, destroying filled in Trump ballots, ballot harvesting for later fake fill ins, and so forth on up. Everything is corrupt on every level, because Trump sat on his hands for four years when people told him the steal was coming including the very democrats and Big Tech who publically stated so while he did nothing, throwing away every chance to do something about it until it was too late and is now creating an election crisis.

Even if the supreme court chooses Trump would you really want to be one of the “5 of 9 people” who singlehandedly ‘overturned the popular and electoral votes of the people’? I cant imagine a bigger target on your back, when antifa is attacking police chiefs who speak out against defunding the police, very few people have the stones to stand principled against that level of threat. Trump would have to CHALLENGE EVERYTHING including the votes in the states he’s not even fighting over, like Minnesota, where he clearly won but thanks to ‘109% voter turnout’ or whatever it was and more votes than registered voters again it somehow went Biden. (if he won that back thats 10 electoral votes right there equal to wisconson) Trump needs to PROVE HE HAD A LANDSLIDE to avoid the guaranteed civil unrest to follow when half the country feels it’s cheated and already thought it won.

1 year ago

So recounts dont do anything? If you have ballots with un-matching signatures, or dead people, or people that dont live there, or people voting that are not registered, or more people voting than registered voters? None of this can be corrected? So how does the courts do it? The courts would need to see all this evidence right? So how do you get it if recounts dont work? A prayer and miracle?

I agree the republicans need to act but the ones that wont has nothing to do with spineless. It has everything to do with they were never republicans and are corrupt. I hate hearing “oh the republicans will cower to the media mob” NO they are obeying their real masters. They despise us. Just ask Pat Toomey. Here is a traitor that has no problem selling out his state and spitting in the faces of his electorate. The worse part he made his comments with a straight face and in a couple years he will lose his primary and register as a demonrat where he belongs

1 year ago
Reply to  Libby

They have washed the illegal ballots with legal ballots. By the time it is counted, you cannot disambiguate between the two. So a recount will do nothing. They throw out the envelope and all you are left with are ballots that have been ‘fixed’, mind you vote counters are legally allowed to duplicate ballots to fix them if they are rejected by the machines. The problem is, the people counting were not supervised in the middle of the night when they told poll watchers they were closing up.

1 year ago
Reply to  Libby

Recounts don’t do anything when your country is ruled over by the shadow govt. Trump was elected to overthrow the shadow govt and instead he did nothing.

jesus of the apes
1 year ago
Reply to  Libby

You cannot throw out a counted vote . eVen if it is proven fraud . Every election more and more votes are invented . in 2018 they tested the waters and did this wait till the end to inject illegal votes to win in at least 12 states to get ready for 2020 and nothing was done about it . No one is fighting for America anymore and its over . America just died and it will take a revolution and civil war to bring it back again and no one is willing to do that anymore because the Mandalorian season 2 was just released . No one is going to give up their netflix to fight for liberty and they designed it that way . Those of us who would leave this country have not the money nor the ability to take up roots . We lost a long time ago and this election is just proof that none of us matter and that the New World ORder is in full control now . Trump was a mistake they made in 2016 and they just corrected this mistake .

Steven E Roberts
1 year ago

AMERICA is now officially a “Banana Republic” 🙁

1 year ago

I hate bananas.

1 year ago

It’s no more a banana republic than it was a year ago or will be a year from now. The govt has been under the control of the lizard people for 50+ years and people don’t want to hear it. They want to hear about how great Trump is and Reagan was.

jesus of the apes
1 year ago
Reply to  Chopper

WEll I am glad you helped us look more like normal people . Thanks for helping the left think we are all crazy !

Linda P
1 year ago

God Bless you!

1 year ago

This will never happen but its a nice mental exercise. It depends on the “stupid party” finding their spines. Something Republicans generally lack along with their testicular parts.

American Citizen 2.0
1 year ago
Reply to  Paul

Agree. I am seeing tons of small websites that are now “conservative” like National Greatness, American Mind, etc. Day late and a dollar short. A lot of people are trying to swoop in and monetize the disillusioned Trump voter at the end. Don’t fall for it. This was our high water mark at something like 70 million votes. It’s demographically down hill from here. Every mainstream media source, including Fox, knows that men who voted for Trump are going the way of fossil fuels. Sure, someone is going to make that last billion dollars selling oil someday but it’s bottom of the barrel stuff now.

We had one shot. We lost. Bone up on MSNBC talking points and CNN opinion pieces because this ludicrous fantasy they are pushing on right wing sites that we are going to attract women and Latinos and somehow save… what exactly?

It’s over. These guys need to stop stoking the flames. I have to quit reading this crap. It’s like if you were a German at the end of WWII and you were hoping maybe a cute girl would come along and convince everyone that there just might be something valuable to save when it comes to fighting communism. Our billionaire overlords have spoken. We are not included in the new America.

Find a path with dignity guys. Move on. I am going to lay off these sites for a while. Might check back in after the new year to see if there is anything new going on.

Enjoy your holidays. Good luck to you all. Be safe.

1 year ago

Trump has executive orders relating to election issues going back years. The DOJ put out a notice on November 2nd (on their website) that they were sending out agents to numerous states (including all of those where the vote is currently being contested) to observe what’s going on. For that reason, I think that they likely have more evidence of fraud than statistical guessing games, a handful of dead voters, and cellphone videos.

Keeping the concentration on the votes not only keeps the focus on election by the people, it also keeps the focus on the act of fraud, thus justifying actions to prevent it later on. There will be more bipartisan pressure, the more publicity there is over the fraud aspect of things. I believe Tulsi Gabbard had already proposed legislation on making elections more secure, but I think it didn’t get much traction with democrats. This could help to change that.

The legislatures are a good backup plan. Set it up to be done later, if need be. But, I wouldn’t take the focus off the votes, just yet.

Richard Cheek
1 year ago
Reply to  J.D.

JD said, “Trump has executive orders relating to election issues going back years. The DOJ put out a notice on November 2nd (on their website) that they were sending out agents to numerous states (including all of those where the vote is currently being contested) to observe what’s going on. For that reason, I think that they likely have more evidence of fraud than statistical guessing games, a handful of dead voters, and cellphone videos.”

True, and the exposure of what data they have on the fraud is going to be useful in selling to the public a state legislature replacement of EC delegates. /Trump will have several weeks till the legislatures have to vote on the EC slate, so bring out the big guns soon, Mr President and fire at will.

1 year ago

Recounts wont mean anything when they destroyed all of Trumps ballots!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Mark

Trump let them do it. He told us he knew they were going to do it and they did it just like he said they would. There was no to stop the steal but Trump and he did jack shhh.

jesus of the apes
1 year ago
Reply to  Chopper

We do not know that . He did put DHS in charge of ballots . This watermark thing could be very real and who knows . You are right though . Why was nothing done to stop this BEFORE the elections ? Seems like my country is dead and no reason to fight anything anymore . They are about to take our guns and have already taken our speech .

Trump the Ringer
1 year ago

It’s not real, states are in charge of printing and potentially watermarking ballots, investigations have to be done at the state level and when all the battleground states are corrupt as the day is long they have no interest in that. The ‘watermarked ballots’ is another BS story by dirtbag Steve Piezenik and all the Q morons who keep saying ‘trust the plan do nothing just wait’ until it’s too late to wait anymore.

Even Trump focusing on ballot recounts is pointless when military voters didn’t even get ballots in many areas (mine included) to vote, republican district votes were destroyed, illegal aliens voted with just a drivers license in more than 25 states (I forget how many allow that now, all set up years in advance, for the steal, while Trump did nothing), etc etc. All this crap about Trump wants DHS to do that and the FBI to that and the Dept of Justice to do this when all those places conspired against him, spied on him, worked against him, tried to put in hillary, dragged their feet on the hunter biden laptop and all the rest of this is flat out delusion. None of them want to see the election overturned. Trump needs to stop being an ass and speak directly to the american people and the men in uniform explaining what the heck happened behind the scenes. Instead he will sit on his hands for 80 days doing nothing running out of time, then will be totally censored once no longer the president with nobody hearing what he has to say at all. He’s again blowing his one and only chance to take real action just like he’s blown four years so far.

1 year ago

Everyone knows the left has committed election fraud..

Where/what were republicans doing to ensure no fraud would happen? Nothing?!!! They can’t be that stupid,unreal!!

I know people who do not vote and don’t care who gets in,they even tell me it’s election fraud,big time!

What they have to do in WI,MI,PA,GA,AZ,NV is to have new elections and watch the ballots like a hawk…No mail in etc..Vote in person one day and have a re-vote! The left would be demanding this if this was happening to them!

Trump the Ringer
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark

Correction, what they HAD to do (past tense) was to PREVENT the steal in the first place, so that it would be clear to the entire US population that Trump won by an absolute landslide. Trump’s refusal to challenge everything plays along with the fiction that everything was balanced on a knife edge for days too close to call, thus making the angry half of the country that much angrier if in the future the supreme court were to call the election for Trump. Would you want to be one of those 5 of 9 justices calling it for Trump when antifa hunts down police chiefs who publically stand against defunding the police? We have terrorists running amuck in the nation, literal organized crime, racketeering, corruption, all unchallenged, only Trump could have did something, only Trump was in a position to take action on this 1/2/3/4 years ago, instead he sat, letting it happen, doing nothing, believing his advisors that it would ‘look bad’ to stop a small problem before it became a big problem when openly stated agendas said they would rig the election every which way from sunday. That’s literally openly stated conspiracy to sedition, now consequence free in america seemingly.

Dean G
1 year ago

If a recount only involves running all the ballots through the counting machines again, then I do not see a dramatic change in results. In fact, it will only serve to legitimize and give credibility to the fraud.

An audit of all the ballots must take place and even that seems impossible to me. How do you verify a signature if the envelope has been separated from the ballot?, etc….

USPS whisteblowers, eyewitness accounts of ballots arriving after designated times, observers being unlawful kept away, etc… may be best chances of winning a court decision. I pray truth prevails.

Ronald P. Abate
1 year ago

It seems to me that the President needs to make a case to the Supreme Court that a new election needs to be held. In the meantime, no legislation or executive action will be undertaken. In making that case, he needs to request that the Supreme Court not only rule that the election is tainted, but to also direct Congress to enact legislation setting forth procedures that will assure an honest election. For example, there should be NO voting until after a certain no of days have passed after the last debate, that representatives from both parties are allowed to observe the counting and, whenever the counting stops for any reason the number of votes counted for each candidate be certified by each side and a copy of that count be physically given to the representatives of each party observing the count, so that when the count starts again, that starting number can be verified. Also, mail in ballots, which are most subject to tampering, should be counted first. By counting mail in ballots last, there is greater risk that such ballots that will appear will be in favor of the candidate preferred by the ruling party of that state.

1 year ago

We would need a true leader to get a new election. Who will that leader be? The guy who allowed this absurd situation to be created in the first place? Get real. Trump does as the shadow govt tells him to.

Robert F
1 year ago
Reply to  Chopper

If Trump were controlled by the swamp.. why are they so desperate to get rid of him? Why has it been NOT MY PRESIDENT and IMPEACH 45 and RUSSIA and all that bull 💩 since 2016?

Trump the Ringer
1 year ago
Reply to  Robert F

Trump putting the decision in the hands of the supreme court is unlikely to work, they are just a bunch of lazy career lawyers who get set for life and I dont think any of them want a target on their back from antifa if they were considered responsible for swinging the election back in favor of Trump. Especially since we now live in a country where open terrorism and gang stalking is allowed from coast to coast as long as it’s left wingers targeting people.

Trump doesn’t have to be a member of the deep state to be controlled by the deep state. Threats and intimidation can leak your way from many sources. Close family members can be intimidated and then tell ‘daddy’ they dont want him to do anything risky or rash, or will say don’t declare sedition let the courts settle it, when the court justices will be subject to the same threats and bribery to bring them in line.

They wanted Trump out because he’s a wildcard and outsider and unpredictable. Just because he goes along with part of their agenda part of the time doesn’t mean that he’s their man. Even though I can understand the human side of Trump not being up to the threats and intimidation that i’m sure happened behind the scenes that doesn’t change the fact that he DID choose to walk into that arena, tell everyone that he didn’t need their advice and would be the big man making the decisions himself, and then make wrong calls in so many critical areas. Trump could have had better advice, he chose to ignore willing sources, he chose to listen to bad sources, yet at the end of the day he is responsible because the buck has to stop somewhere. He wanted the glory without the fight or the risk, he wanted the spotlight without earning it, he thought his “manhatten business tough” attitude would work with real gangsters who laughed in his face and challenged him only to have him back down. He shouldn’t have stepped into the arena at all if all he was going to do was ruin the possibility of an election shift – had Hillary gotten in in 2016, things might have gone so bad, that we’d be seeing that unexpected landslide candidate in 2020, a real man actually up to the challenge emerging somewhere. Who knows. Yet it didn’t go that way. Instead the people that run the elections realized their mistake and now permanently fixed that hole so nobody can ever use it again. There was ONE SHOT to fix the country via the presidency and i’m pretty sure Trump wasted it because he couldn’t stop being a gloryhound and believing his own self aggrandizing propaganda that he was fixing everything. If he had hit the ground running doing the things that needed to be done day one he could have gang rushed the lot of them before they knew what they were doing, instead we got “Hillary is good people” and it went downhill from there.

1 year ago

I’m sorry, what happens in any other context when one competitor is caught cheating? They forfeit! Biden forfeits! It’s really that simple.

1 year ago
Reply to  Russ

Brilliant. Biden forfeits. What a releif.

Tired O. It
1 year ago
Reply to  Chopper

You’ve really got issues Chopper! All you want to do is blame the President. Since you have all the answers, exactly what do you think he should have done? Or do just have all the mouth!

Leih Geis
1 year ago
Reply to  Tired O. It

Chopper is all mouth. Typically held open and used for swallowing large loads of yid jiz.

Elena Erdman
1 year ago

Very helpful. This is becoming less confusing. But with this site I am getting much better educated. Thank you.

John Kolich
1 year ago

Thank God for your analysis.
You may have just saved our country. It’s now up to Trump Supporters to put PRESSURE on the battleground State Legislators to do the RIGHT thing.

1 year ago

God bless you & the USA!

Mark Tinley
1 year ago

I’m going to tell you the future. All of this talk about recounts, lawsuits, and the supreme court will amount to nothing. Biden will become the next president. The fix is already in. The scenario playing out is backed by very wealthy and dangerous people that are adding fuel to a fire that is already burning out of control. They want the US to be a 3rd world s***hole and they are going to get their wish. All of this is to foment chaos and then begin a dark winter with a hard lockdown come January that will go on indefinitely. This scenario has been in the works for generations now. Most young people coming of age lean hard left. So even if Trump managed to hold the presidency, in 4 years time the demographic crisis is going to make another conservative president an impossibility. The old american way of life had ended. All this talk of fighting back is a pipe dream. Most conservatives are baby boomers and gen x’ers. All of this is too little too late. A new way of life is being created and people will be forced to adapt to it. Welcome to your dystopian future. It will get way worse than you think.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mark Tinley

Well let the games begin. Because no way am I giving up without standing up. I don’t care if we need a civil war to create 2 countries. Actually I would be great with it! Give them the west coast and build a wall and let them do damage to themselves. Point is I am a Patriot and not a quitter, believing my fate and the fate of my children is some type of destiny! I will STAND UP!

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Dawn


The Orcs on the Left don’t get to have the West Coast.

That sweet piece of American soil is way too precious for these scumbags to inhabit.

Quite frankly, they are not worth the muck stuck under my boots, let alone the West Coast which is too strategically important for the real America to let go of. We have strategically imperative deepwater ports along that coast and it is a necessary defense against China.

What we should be willing to give is Catalina Island off the Cali coastline. We can ship
their sorry carcasses there and that is where they can rot in hell while they try to create
their delusional Kum-bay-yah dystopian nightmare.
Remember Chaz?

We need to start organizing and mobilizing and bringing the loyal elements of the military
onto our side and get to work.

Mark Tinley
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

You are dreaming. There is no possibility of organizing against this. Further, there will be no 2nd civil war. These are pipe dreams. The west has been living in the lap of luxury for over 20 years. Internet, movies, video games, alcohol, opiods, anti-depressants, porn, etc have made them weak and complacent. Do you think they are going to give all the comfort and convenience so they can experience discomfort and potential loss of freedom? Not a chance. If these so-called pro-american “battle hardened soldiers” everyone keeps talking about were any kind of threat to the globalists, they would have been demonized in the mass media. And exactly where were they all summer as america burned? Winning wars and changing society is more than fighting with guns and violence. A real awakening has to take place. This Red Dawn fantasy is ridiculous. Come January America is under full-spectrum globalist control and there is nothing that will stop it. Your children (if you have them) and your grandchildren will live under the iron heel for generations before this tide is turned. Not in your lifetime. I promise you that.

Mark Tinley
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark Tinley

Leih whatever your name is. You are deluded. Whites have been pussfied for over 3 generations now. And at the 11th hour they are finally organizing???? Hahahahaha. Thats funny. I have been in the wn and patriot movement for over 25 years, there is no secret organizing going on. In 5 years guess what you will be doing? Exactly what the jews tell you because thats what youve been doing all your life. And if you really had guts, you wouldnt be broadcasting on a website how great and victorious we are going to be. You weakness and lack of reality really shows.

Trump the Ringer
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark Tinley

Every type of organization ends up corrupt (look at what happened to the tea party) and ’71 million organized voters who already voted’ weren’t enough to change a single election so it’s difficult to believe grassroots anything can accomplish much starting over from nothing for some other new whatever solution. The analysis of california is spot on and you realize giving up a chunk of the country is part of the long term solution anyways – to split the country up, if 80% of the country is unwilling to go along so be it, they get 20%, they can establish landbases for a further invasion 20 years later in the future. Then another 10% will go from something, then another 10%, then another 10%, soon there will be nothing left. In every case ‘they’ win, they have a plan for everything and most of them are literally open and in the public even if not publicized. This is like a chess game where you have one pawn and they have seven queens, ‘we’ are currently outmatched on this playfield.

Do I believe it’s hopeless, no, fatalism is pointless, but so is committing to a path guaranteed to fail. It does no good to keep following the script written for us, people would have to go off that script, Trump would have to go off the script written for him. Trump still has a chance as long as he’s president, once he’s not he loses any ‘legal’ legitimacy. Look at how poorly he’s slandered and his followers treated now, it will be far worse once he’s “lost”, admitting you follow his advice will be like saying youre a neo nazi soon.

Violence isn’t the answer, the ballot box was just shown to not be the answer, the soapbox doesn’t work in an age of big tech censorship, doing things that don’t work or play into their hands is not the answer. Continuing to educate yourself on the deeper levels of the scam wont solve things overnight but at least improves chances over the long run, as does educating people in person, whomever will listen that’s already asking questions. People who arent asking questions already are hopeless, move on, find those who have doubt and show evidence and proof like a detective. Maybe if more and more and more minds start thinking about these problems some solutions will emerge? I know that’s not very hopeful but it’s still better than doing things that I see guaranteed to lose, being stupid and uninformed never helps anything and most of this scam happened because too many people at too many levels were still uninformed at least RELATIVE to the level of trickery and scams happening. Most of all KEEP THE PRESSURE ON TRUMP to do something other than sit on his hands the last 70-80 days, I dont want to hear this “lets wait for the court to decide” crap, YOURE STILL THE EFF-ING PRESIDENT… DO SOMETHING!!

DO ANYTHING TRUMP, ANYTHING OTHER THAN NOTHING LIKE YOU’VE BEEN DOING FOR FOUR EFF-ING YEARS. Anything at all that’s NOT on the script of the normal crap they do, because so far they’ve got him analyzed and diagrammed and mapped out like a computer knowing just what to push to make him act the way they want! He’s still got 70+ days, although I have very little hope, but maybe if there is MASS RAGE AT TRUMP FROM HIS OWN SIDE TO EFF-ING DO SOMETHING he will change his mind BECAUSE HE IS THE ONLY PERSON WITH THE LEGAL AUTHORITY TO DO SO. If you act out violently you aren’t doing so with legal authority, yes things are very corrupt, but if you can’t get the less corrupt side of government to fight against the more corrupt side of government in one last all or nothing attempt you lose any remaining moral high ground to begin with. Trump could still declare states of emergency, insurrection, sedition, go on a firing rampage, PUBLICALLY demand prosecution under RICO racketeering influenced corrupt organizations, CALL OUT agencies and generals REFUSING to accept his DIRECT orders, talk DIRECTLY to men and women in uniform as well as america in general in “fireside chats” where he just lets it all hang out instead of worrying about coming off as presidential and polished anymore (something he should have done originally week one) to explain things in depth… there are many things he COULD do, but he’s been psych assessed that he is not likely to do any of those things, they expect him to be a coward, to sit on his hands, wait for the courts to decide, and then get talked into going quietly when there’s like 13 days left or 4 days left or something. They expect him to squander his one last chance to take any action at all because that’s what he’s done for four years – kick the can down the road, refuse to take action on corruption, refuse to openly call out the criminals, refuse to actually fire anyone (starting with Fauci), etc etc. Their script for Trump is “sit and wait for corrupt courts to decide”, his only possible chance is doing something NOT on that script that might upset things and come out of left field.

John Galt
1 year ago

John Galt’s Speech from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (1957)
(mini-version excerpted by Daryl J. Sroufe)
Backdrop: Government has taken over the economy, moved it toward heavy regulation
and socialism, and adopted a moral code of self-sacrifice. John Galt, whose name has
been talked about the entire novel, but people don’t know who he is, has gotten all the big
entrepreneurs in society together and they have gone “on strike” and have all
disappeared to a new community.
For twelve years you’ve been asking “Who is John Galt?” This is John Galt speaking. I’m
the man who’s taken away your victims and thus destroyed your world. You’ve heard it
said that this is an age of moral crisis and that Man’s sins are destroying the world. But
your chief virtue has been sacrifice, and you’ve demanded more sacrifices at every
disaster. You’ve sacrificed justice to mercy and happiness to duty. So why should you be
afraid of the world around you?
Your world is only the product of your sacrifices. While you were dragging the men who
made your happiness possible to your sacrificial altars, I beat you to it. I reached them
first and told them about the game you were playing and where it would take them. I
explained the consequences of your ‘brother-love’ morality, which they had been too
innocently generous to understand. You won’t find them now, when you need them more
than ever.
We’re on strike against your creed of unearned rewards and unrewarded duties. If you
want to know how I made them quit, I told them exactly what I’m telling you tonight. I
taught them the morality of Reason — that it was right to pursue one’s own happiness as
one’s principal goal in life. I don’t consider the pleasure of others my goal in life, nor do I
consider my pleasure the goal of anyone else’s life.
I am a trader. I earn what I get in trade for what I produce. I ask for nothing more or
nothing less than what I earn. That is justice. I don’t force anyone to trade with me; I only
trade for mutual benefit. Force is the great evil that has no place in a rational world. One
may never force another human to act against his/her judgment. If you deny a man’s right
to Reason, you must also deny your right to your own judgment. Yet you have allowed
your world to be run by means of force, by men who claim that fear and joy are equal
incentives, but that fear and force are more practical.
You’ve allowed such men to occupy positions of power in your world by preaching that
all men are evil from the moment they’re born. When men believe this, they see nothing
wrong in acting in any way they please. The name of this absurdity is ‘original sin’. That’s
impossible. That which is outside the possibility of choice is also outside the province of
morality. To call sin that which is outside man’s choice is a mockery of justice. To say
that men are born with a free will but with a tendency toward evil is ridiculous. If the
tendency is one of choice, it doesn’t come at birth. If it is not a tendency of choice, then
man’s will is not free.
And then there’s your ‘brother-love’ morality. Why is it moral to serve others, but not
yourself? If enjoyment is a value, why is it moral when experienced by others, but not by
you? Why is it immoral to produce something of value and keep it for yourself, when it is
moral for others who haven’t earned it to accept it? If it’s virtuous to give, isn’t it then
selfish to take?
Your acceptance of the code of selflessness has made you fear the man who has a dollar
less than you because it makes you feel that that dollar is rightfully his. You hate the man
with a dollar more than you because the dollar he’s keeping is rightfully yours. Your code
has made it impossible to know when to give and when to grab.
You know that you can’t give away everything and starve yourself. You’ve forced
yourselves to live with undeserved, irrational guilt. Is it ever proper to help another man?
No, if he demands it as his right or as a duty that you owe him. Yes, if it’s your own free
choice based on your judgment of the value of that person and his struggle. This country
wasn’t built by men who sought handouts. In its brilliant youth, this country showed the
rest of the world what greatness was possible to Man and what happiness is possible on
Then it began apologizing for its greatness and began giving away its wealth, feeling
guilty for having produced more than its neighbors. Twelve years ago, I saw what was
wrong with the world and where the battle for Life had to be fought. I saw that the enemy
was an inverted morality and that my acceptance of that morality was its only power. I
was the first of the men who refused to give up the pursuit of his own happiness in order
to serve others.
To those of you who retain some remnant of dignity and the will to live your lives for
yourselves, you have the chance to make the same choice. Examine your values and
understand that you must choose one side or the other. Any compromise between good
and evil only hurts the good and helps the evil.
If you’ve understood what I’ve said, stop supporting your destroyers. Don’t accept their
philosophy. Your destroyers hold you by means of your endurance, your generosity, your
innocence, and your love. Don’t exhaust yourself to help build the kind of world that you
see around you now. In the name of the best within you, don’t sacrifice the world to those
who will take away your happiness for it.
The world will change when you are ready to pronounce this oath:
I swear by my Life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man,
nor ask another man to live for the sake of mine.

1 year ago

Trump ensured this outcome by not draining the swamp and filling his entire administration with swamp creatures. Trump was always a creature of the shadow govt.

Tired O. It
1 year ago
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You truly are an idiot!

Leih Geis
1 year ago
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Hey Chopper, put down your Manichewitz drink, step away from your keyboard and go back to watching TalmudVision. Be sure you take your PrEP before getting in bed with your “mate”. You are all talk and no action. Go away.

John Galt
1 year ago

It is time to go Full Galt on these who seek to enslave us with their policies…there will be NO Christmas where we spend our hard earned monies on those who seek to enslave our labor for their insane policies. Buy only what you must have to survive, starve those who wish to profit from implanting their desires to consume only for the sake of consuming their goods for profit to their pockets. Produce only what you have to in order to keep what you currently have in your possession. We had 8 years of an “improving economy under Barack” which was full of “waiters and bartenders”. Starve the beast that produced those who are complicit in attempting to steal this election by enlisting their aid. No Nike’s, No IPhones. no designer bags or clothes, nothing but the basics. There are 70 million of us, it is possible to bring them to there knees before the ever get into office.

John Lipsius
1 year ago
Reply to  John Galt

Excellent, dude.

1 year ago

Carlos Tomas
1 year ago

Great advise on how to defeat an obvious act to steal an election from the American people.

Gary Cobb
1 year ago

Simple but not easy nor is it a great secret. Want to turn all this around quick? What in the world happened anyway. What happened? We turned our backs on God. Government is a poor, poor substitute for the Almighty. So start today by putting God and Family first. If you are one that refuses to believe in God well, just pretend that you do and follow His commandments. You may be surprised. And by-the-way. This is earth not heaven. It (earth) is run by the devil and as the old saying goes, “what in hell do you expect”…but hell.

1 year ago
Reply to  Gary Cobb

There was a corrupt government in Jesus’ day, too. He didn’t get involved in that, instead He said, “My kingdom is not of this world”, meaning heavenly, Spiritual, not earthly, not physical. Perhaps if those who call themselves Christians didn’t behave like the unsaved world (and sadly most do today) but cared more about biblical principles we would have been a better witness to the unsaved. The more saved people there are the less likely they are to vote for the unGodly, hellbound liberals and leftists.

Yuen Fung
1 year ago

It is now down to the people to protect the US of A by protesting in the street.

1 year ago

And you cannot even go back and count because there was video evidence of actual ballots that should have counted being disposed of in trash bags. Yet. There must be a better way. All these state elections that were tampered with from the word go as well. We know our governor got the boot…but magically he won reelection….not! How do we fix all the other voter fraud that took place by Democrats?

1 year ago

Excellent article that needs to go viral NOW. Thank you so much for your clear and concise explanation of what has happened and how to rectify the corruption. We need to save OUR COUNTRY and OUR REPUBLIC.

1 year ago

If this election gets stolen the backlash on TRUMP will be 1000 times what Biden / Dems exeprience .. Trump blew the chance to fix the corruption and did nothing .. AG BARR, WRAY and TRUMP will have to move from the country to evade the public that now hates him for putting America thru 3 yrs of hell only to surrender the USA to a healthcare bureaucrat and then lose to senile idiot owned by CHINA.

1 year ago

I looked to make sure I was registered to vote. It said my name and party. I have nothing to hide come get me! There is no reason why we can’t have are name on our ballets. We have to make sure this never happens again.

1 year ago

Time for the Governors of these Corrupt States to Suffer “Unfortunate Fatal Accidents” & then work your way down the list.

Mr. Bill
1 year ago

They need to force all of the states to segregate mail in ballots. If they’re mixed with regular ballots, you can degrade them by hand due to the mail in ballots having creases due to being folded. If we can get this legislative reliefs, Trump will win!

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

Thomas Jefferson

Din Djarin
1 year ago
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Well said. This is the Way.

Gab: @Din_Djarin

Michael H.
1 year ago

Elections have consequences….

Yes, and illegal elections have fatal consequences.

1 year ago
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EXACTLY, Michael H. This entire election was illegitimate from the get-go. Which is why I refused to cast a vote in it. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. (If Biden isn’t a stupid prize, I don’t know what is). Vote in an illegal or illegitimate election, get illegal results. The dems (or commies, whichever you prefer to call them) set the rules the minute they put up a candidate with severe cognitive issues (and more, possibly Parkinson’s). It couldn’t have been more clear they were laughing at us by forcing people to participate in a cruel joke. And once they made you vote in a fraudulent election, they could make you accept fraudulent results.

Ok. So that happened. What next?

Political ju-jitsu. Using the strength of the opponent against them. What’s their “strength”? Fraud. They want it, they got it. Show it to the world, relentlessly. We can go scorched earth and de-legitimize everything, including all the institutions and bureaucracies that have worked against us. Even at the local level. Why do you think Big Tech is working so hard to silence individuals and groups? Because their success depends on the thin veneer of legitimacy that they work so hard to maintain.

The whole Hunter Biden laptop scandal was a gross misfire tactically by being released too soon. It should have been held back until now, because it was never going to change anyone’s mind as far as voting is concerned. Not in sufficient numbers to counter the voting fraud, anyway. But it would have been a great scorched earth tool, so the world could see who and what they’d be dealing with in a Biden presidency. Now it is memory-holed, unfortunately.

Michael Hollingsworth
1 year ago
Reply to  Mikki

Hey Miki.
Just a few days ago….before Nov3rd, I think you were the one I was arguing with over the idea of
refusing to vote in the election. I think that was you. I am not sure. I argued that one should vote and
participate to help get Trump in for a second term and I think you were against it because you thought it was all bogus.
Well, I am not in the habit of saying this but I was dead wrong.

You were right.

A few short days ago, I thought and assumed like so many others that votes would actually

GEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ, I could not have been more wrong.

I had a bad feeling when the Left started scheming to put these mail in ballot measures in place ove the last 6 months but I did not fully realize the scope of their sinister scheme to stage
a FULL BLOWN COUP upon America.

I failed to see just how sinister the Mass Media, the networks, Silicon Valley, and an army of Communist criminals could be.

I am so stunned by the level of Evil that has taken place that I can not allow myself to dwell on this whole thing for too without falling into a deep depression over what has happened to the nation.

Well, now my eyes are open to what we are facing and the threat to our very existence which the Left are to America.

A fight is coming. A storm is brewing on the horizon.

1 year ago

Michael, I don’t recall arguing with you specifically, but it is true that I declined to vote in what I felt (and now know) was an illegitimate election. Mind you, voting is an individual choice and I would never try to convince people to do what I did. It’s not a matter of which of us were right or wrong, we were BOTH right, because we each followed our hearts or our consciences.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your gracious response. You are a gentleman and I am glad to have met you here. I just hope that Trump VERIFIES the vote, as John Nolte from Breitbart has suggested.

It’s the only way to clean up the system, IMHO.

1 year ago
Reply to  Margot

Oops, Michael, the above reply is from me, under a different name. Sorry about that. Sigh, I really wish Revolver’s comments system had two things: 1) Paragraph breaks. 2) A two to four minute edit button, lol.

Michael Hollingsworth
1 year ago
Reply to  Mikki

Hi Mikki/Margot…
Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Yup. Like you, I hope that President Trump and his team manage to convince the courts,
especially the Supreme Court that the election was fraudulent and that fake votes must
be thrown out.

Only in this way will 70 million Americans have their faith restored in our system.

Otherwise, we had all better grit our teeth and prepare for the storm.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Mikki


Welcome to Leftist Hell America.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

Juat clicked on Fox for a few seconds …

These sellouts are gleefully writing Trump’s funeral eulogy.

I’ve noticed that even their political commentators like Tucker and Ingraham
(Not Hannity….yet) have subtly pivoted to nearly referring to Trump in the
past tense.

I also noticed that Tucker, over the last few days since the election,
has outright refused to comment on Fox News sabotage of Trump on
election night, refusing to call Florida for Trump and falsely claiming Trump
lost AZ.

I suppose that even the great Tucker Carlson hit the ethical
brick wall when it comes to who signs his 7 figure paycheck.

Well, America…

We know who our friends are at the next crisis.

1 year ago

There is a plenty of technology with AI algorithm that auto-detects defects. Isn’t there a panel in every state made up of a dem, repub and government election official that oversee ballot counting? Why recount in some states and not others?

You are telling the people in the comments lies and fallacies. They need TRUTH.

Jonathan Siegel
1 year ago

You are 100% correct

No Thanks
1 year ago

Why is voting software not open source? Dominion Voting Systems’ software should be open to public scrutiny. This is total abdication to the deep state.

1 year ago
Reply to  No Thanks

Good Lord the CIA Deep State stole the election

John Lipsius
1 year ago
Reply to  No Thanks

Subject to real Cert. Standards and real DHS or 3rd party PEN test … maybe then.
But a BLOCKCHAIN based system might be best, if polling station systems are hardened.

Brandon Dixon
1 year ago

Is there any way method but which you could find the number of false or dead people in certain districts find where they voted and invalidate a percentage of a vote in those precincts?

1 year ago

In unrelated news Al Roker shit his pants again after cancer diagnosis.

John Lipsius
1 year ago

The criminals always forget about the metadata anomalies they generate by their activity.
The FINGERPRINTS are always left behind by criminals.
It is their incompetence that is always their undoing.

Link below. 
“It’s the metadata, stupid.”
No need to scrounge for anecdotes………

1) PhD statistician —
2020 election data is anomalous
SCOTUS intervention is a slam dunk – once similar analysis done on other States to show the anomaly correlates only with the States at issue, especially if it can be done on temporal data (data sets as they evolved). Same type analysis can be done on other data sets.
comment image

A project is in progress on github…

2)  How is fraud accomplished, on so much data?  By the Internet back door within the chain of custody.

PROVEN… Mass Electronic  Election Fraud 2020
 ……  As usual, DHS & FBI couldn’t care less.
It’s done on data files during/after tabulation.  It’s the only way to do it.
same vid:
Evidence Mounts of a Stolen Election (Hammer, Scorecard)

3)   4 nov … Robt Barnes
a) lays out 7 indicia of fraud
b) the proper White House PR/legal dual strategy.
See at 7min 30sec mark for start of details …….

Chris Barry
1 year ago


1 year ago

Romney loves and respects Hoe Harris for her unwavering support for killing the unborn black babies. The Mormons must be proud of him!

1 year ago

The White House has been contaminated for almost 4 years.

Jerry Burkheimer
1 year ago
Reply to  Sue

Yes Obama really stank up the place but Trump repaired it and also had the toilets changed. Did not want to use a toilet used by Barry and Big Mike

Wolf Strike
1 year ago


Welcome to Leftist Hell America.

1 year ago

Impeach Joe and the Hoe

1 year ago

Folks, you HAVE to read this piece by Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse. He has come up with a perfect way forward:

Third party that would wipe out the faithless Republican party. We can do this.

Trump the Ringer
1 year ago
Reply to  Mikki

I wrote rather viciously down below about the situation. I will agree with you it is a good piece but I still don’t see what difference it makes. Trump organized 71 million people to go vote and it changed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. What is he going to do, tell them to do violence? He doesn’t even seem to have the stones to use the power to declare sedition or insurrection while the president (chances of seeing this before he is out I think is 1% or less, he backs away from every real direct opposition he’s had while office so far and generals openly said they wont get involved) and even if he did suggest violence, now he’s acting “against the govt of the united states” wrongfully taken over or not. (and to be clear i’m not suggesting violence either, i’m simply pointing out the example of what the most extreme thing he could do would be)

So what is Trump going to do? Tell people to boycott amazon and walmart? Lots of people already tried to do that ‘as much as they can’ except they have bills and need the cheapest everything so that isn’t likely to amount to much. Or is he just going to tell them to vote for someone else? What good is Trump telling them to vote WHEN YOU CANT EVEN VOTE IN THE PRESIDENT? Do you really think they wont steal EVERY OTHER ELECTION Trump has a comment on from this point forward?? What makes you think there will ever be a fair election again when they just pulled off the biggest coup in history?

71 million ‘organized’ people doesn’t mean anything if those people are without jobs or homeless or money or political power, made so because of more covid lockdowns, fired from their jobs due to woke mobs hounding them, forced to work for corporations they hate for money they hate to spend it at other corporations they hate because everything needed to live is already locked up by them – food rent medicine etc. What are they going to do that people aren’t ALREADY doing who are sick to death of the system? PLEASE show me i’m wrong, show me some analysis that doesn’t end in futility, since doing more of the same things which haven’t worked and have changed nothing isn’t going to cut the mustard. Trump’s one and only LEGITIMATE (meaning government backed authority) ends the moment he leaves office, and with AOC and others talking about hunting down every last Trump supporter “with consequences for ever having supported him” including sitting judges (literally open declarations of terrorism) as he continues to do nothing, sit on his hands, and let it all happen, how do you think that’s going to really play out in a way different than it’s been playing out on every street where BLM and antifa already collides with right wing Trump supporters? The sole difference is now the full weight and power of the US govt will be fighting on the side of BLM and antifa AGAINST Trump supporters declaring THEM the terrorists (the way that Trump refused to declare BLM and antifa) and starting a new ‘red terror’ to silence everyone permanently and irrevocably.

So I have to disagree. Trump has less than 80 days left to do ANY LAST THING HE WANTS TO ATTEMPT TO DO with the slightest veneer of legitimacy. Yet I believe he will be intimidated into waiting and in the end, do absolutely nothing.

1 year ago

Ringer, don’t misunderstand me. I care about the country and the millions of people who were disenfranchised most cruelly by Trump, as you outlined below. They got less than nothing. One by one, they are waking up to the massive con that has been perpetrated on them. Many will go kicking and screaming, but they’ll get there. However, as a group, they are formidable and just by abandoning the Republican party, as I did this year, they can do some serious good for themselves as well as some serious damage to the people who so desperately deserve it. Provided, however, they don’t get sucked into some zombie Trump cult after the fact. And don’t think the grifters aren’t preparing for that one. They want to keep us busy and distracted from the shell game.


Heh-heh, I just found out today what happened to that voter fraud “task force” that Trump promised us after the 2016 election, lol. The one that Mike Pence was supposed to head up. Well, they put one together, all right. Pence was supposedly the head of it, but they called it the Kobach Commission, after Chris Kobach. It was never funded to any degree, so nothing could ever really be done. They put out some report saying they never found any evidence of fraud. Technically speaking, that’s true. But you can’t find anything if you don’t look for it, right? And here we are today.


Revolver News has posted two articles that lay out exactly what Trump could do to win this thing if he wanted: The Nolte article at Breitbart on vote verification and the Moldbug article on other effective things that could be done, but never will be done. None of this will happen, just actions that will make it seem like something is being done, but which are designed to amount to nothing. Mark my words. It pains me to watch these decent, tortured people set up for yet another fall.


Interestingly, the only person now who seems to be speaking up for the Trump base at the moment is Andrew Yang, a Democrat, of all people. He may be being phony about it, and maybe he’s angling to be the Democratic version of Trump, but he’s certainly aware of the numbers and thinks those numbers are worthy of notice.


So my focus is not so much on Trump, but on the 71 million who got royally screwed over and who the grifters are moving in on like jackals right now, looking for Trump’s sloppy seconds.

Trump the Ringer
1 year ago
Reply to  Mikki

I can agree with you that much. 71 million just falling into the next trap laid for them wont accomplish much. People dont understand JUST HOW CORRUPT things actually are. They think organizing is the solution but they don’t understand about things like the Delphi technique, where they simply have lets say a “community meeting” and they have fake people pretend to be from that community, who literally arent, show up as shills who will shut down or yell down anyone saying something off the script. Look at people like Deborah Tavares from StopTheCrime who talk about that on occasion. Even if Trump signs things like taking us out of the paris accord, every single state, county, and city is already signed on to “resilient cities” and “sustainable cities” nonsense that ALREADY will impliment carbon taxes, forced reductions and other such. Type in ANY city or county and words like “climate action plan” and you will see they are all signed on NO MATTER WHAT THE FEDS DO. This was a problem before Trump got in, it will be a problem even if by some miracle the supreme court puts him in in 2020, and it’s refusal to EXPOSE stuff like this that keeps people falling for it!

On some level that’s the only real thing anyone can do. EXPOSE THE FRAUDS! Once you see the magicians trick you no longer fall for it, the problem is the magician has a thousand tricks and you can spend years learning them all. Yet at some point they run out of tricks. You just saw an election where every dirty trick was pulled from every angle possible showing what happens when they all get used at the same time, which is also why I dont believe ballot recounting stands a chance in hell, and even if it went to the supreme court it doesn’t matter because good ol’ fashioned violence and threats will bring the vast majority of people into line. I wouldn’t want to be Trump or Alex Jones or anyone on the Supreme Court right now either but it doesn’t mean that somebody somewhere has to stand up for what they said they would stand up for. In the meanwhile all the little people can do is to learn how you’ve been conned over and over, instead of rushing headlong into the next con already lined up. Watch and see, there will be some kind of “disgruntled Trump voters commission” meant to capture that 71 million and whittle it down, divide it with infighting, redirect it in some other direction – like demanding the electronic voting they’ve always wanted – which they will be able to scam even MORE than before. The bastards are always ten steps ahead of the common people because the common people don’t have the time, interest, and commitment to make a study out of all this crap, yet it’s why they keep falling for the same tricks again and again and again.

Trump still possibly has one last chance to potentially avoid TENS OF MILLIONS of people getting hurt or worse in the social unrest which will come regardless of who is president in name by SHOWING THE FRAUD EVERYWHERE to document how he had a landslide in the first place and exposing EVERY CORRUPT AGENCY and EVERY CORRUPT STATE and the shenanigans they pulled in his last 70-some days. This back door of social unrest, following a discredited election STILL brings in a bad system as Trump would be forced to act like the dictator he has been accused of being since the beginning. Yet if he will not declare sedition or insurrection or treason the least he needs to do is EXPOSE EVERYONE and to hell with the consequences, since this is probably THE LAST TIME those 71 million people will still be on the same page, listening to one source. If he blows this, and waits til after the election, when everyone starts to split and fall into more “Q” type traps and nonsense, he will literally have achieved nothing his whole four years. The least he should do is create the conditions for a NON VIOLENT general strike from coast to coast demanding a new election, since that, quite literally is the last possible chance to even demonstrate that he was the landslide winner, that the democrat party is frauds, the news media frauds, and the majority of leadership in government completely taken over by protection rackets. This last act, by a sitting president, STILL WITH LEGAL AUTHORITY and still impossible to ignore, especially right now when feelings are at a peak, might throw enough of a curve ball into the system to make them back all this crap off for another ten years or so. Yet thanks to Trump refusing to stop big tech censorship there’s literally nobody on the planet left to carry ideas like this to his office to even be considered. There, people wanted an idea? There’s one, a non violent one, perhaps the last nonviolent one left. Yet there’s no way to propagate it now that twitter, facebook, youtube, and everyone else has shut everything down and all mail to Alex Jones’s show just goes into the garbage bin, those people never respond to anything ever.

1 year ago


Tom Clark
1 year ago

Every presidential selection is fraudulent…but because our entire system is so corrupt, no need to hide it anymore. All they need is the media as their getaway driver.

Let’s all pretend.

Let’s pretend that the democratic communist party didn’t create voter fraud.
That’s what we do. We pretend a cold can kill us. We pretend the PCR tests are accurate.
We pretend masks can stop the spread of Covert19. And my favorite…we pretend the
media reports the news. AND…let’s not forget Jeffery Epstein and his blackmailing/spy ring?
That happened, right?

Let’s pretend we don’t want communism and remove the parasites overthrowing our government.

We are pretending ourselves into 1984, for God’s sake…
this wasn’t an election, its a coup.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Clark

Excellent rendering of our plight
and the unfolding nightmare.

John Christofolakos
1 year ago

Trump should declare that this massive irreversible fraud is an imminent threat to the Constitution of the United States, enact martial law and rehold a free and fair election under military auspices, Iraq-style. Let the Democrats scream dictatorship all they like.

1 year ago

All we’ll need to do is remove over half the military brass – traitors –
in the Pentagon…

who have already stated their intention to overthrow Trump if he resists the fraud
perpetuated over the American people.

The rank and file officers/enlisted will follow Trump and the will of 70 million
disenfranchised Americans but half the brass at the top are

tainted by Marxism/wokeness/ and their boyfriend who appointed them…
Comrade Commissar Obama.

Trump the Ringer
1 year ago

I dont believe that Trump ever wanted to actually win. He wanted to go out giving the apperance of fighting while in reality bowing out gracefully, giving that trademark smirk and shrug as if he’d done all he could, while getting off the hot seat. He did the same exact thing every time he put up the appearance of a fight on other issues whether it was the border wall or obamacare or other things. A few half assed thrown punches, looking at the audience complaining that the rest of the government wont do what he say, and then he withdraws completely on the issue to go play with the stock market to make billionaires rich. Someone says thats for the jobs, well some of those ‘jobs’ costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, you literally could have handed the worker a check for $40k a year for ten years at less cost.

Trump is like the sleepy security guard that knows massive shoplifting is occurring but doesn’t want to actually confront them. He will confront those close enough, make a few half dashes in their direction, then turn back as if to show “he did his best” and sit back down with his coffee and donuts. HE HAS HAD FOUR YEARS WHAT THE HELL DID HE THINK HE WAS DOING? If you have a car that catches fire periodically you get it checked before it burns down the whole car. If you have a plumbing pipe with a visible crack that’s dripping more and more you replace it before it explodes ruining your basement. We’ve known there would be an election steal for YEARS, it was PUBLICALLY STATED by Big Tech, yet there he was always playing defense.

There are things that Trump could do even now in the ~70 days remaining. He absolutely wont. He’s playing the “safe” way, let the courts figure it out, just like he’s refused to force any other challenge to his authority to a head it was easy and safe to just pretend everyone else was holding him back whenever challenged before, after which he would shrug, give that smirk, and complain everyone was against him. Boo hoo hoo. What did he expect, a few magic signing statements and everyone will call him a hero? Trump is now going to go down as a cartoon villain, the one that COULD have turned it around, but didnt. The weak willed fighter who loves to pose in armor with the sword but always holds back to let others do the real fighting. WHAT WERE YOU DOING FOR FOUR WHOLE YEARS?

Am I saying it’s easy to be in Trump’s position? No. But he DID walk into the arena. He DID swagger on in there and say give me a shot, and we did, and he was the ONLY ONE in a position to try to turn back some of the coming darkness over the next 3 decades, and after posing, and mugging for the camera, and absorbing all the love and hope of the people, when the key moments came that he had to act or sit on his hands to let critical criminal systems get put into play, critical chess pieces of attack all positioned for the election, he SAT ON HIS HANDS doing nothing. Big Tech censorship? Sit on your hands two years. Unreliable voting machines? Ignore it for four years. Literal public statements of INSURRECTION AND SEDITION by left wing extremists? Do nothing. Open refusal by generals under his command with public statements of what they would not do if the commander in chief ordered it? Shrug, mug for the camera and walk out of the room, don’t REALLY force a conflict.

Instead what he did was sit around ready to take all the glory of fixing the USA if every other piece just happened to work well in spite of him doing absolutely nothing while enemy forces moved all their chess pieces into direct lines of attack, and then put up the appearance of resistance WHEN IT’S TOO DAMN LATE FOR ANY LEGAL REMEDY TO FIX THE PROBLEM. Trying to play defense when youre 3 yards from the touchdown line and can just be rammed right through. There are lots of things he could have done, he had FOUR WHOLE YEARS to try lots of things. It does no good to talk about it now because there’s just 70 days of… waiting… sort of like the four whole years of waiting for Trump to actually DO something… after which the supreme court will side with Biden, Trump wil just post “shameful!” from his account, look at the camera, give that smirk, and think he can ride off into the sunset with his honor intact because he put up a fair fight in an unfair system.

It’s time to give up the Alex Jones type fantasies making excuses for Trumps supposedly brilliant strategy of… sitting on his hands and doing absolutely nothing for FOUR YEARS because if anything MIGHT alter the outcome it’s Trump it’s public shame realizing that if he walks out of there having handed the kingdom over after a phony appearance of a fight his name will be hated worse than if he had never entered the arena at all. He hyped up the crowd, promised the biggest fight ever, then wouldn’t even swing very hard. GIVE ME A BREAK. Stop pretending Trump has some special endgame strategy, now that he’s maneuvered himself into a worse and worse position where the enemy has 7 queens and he’s got one pawn because of his OWN TERRIBLE PLAYING. Call him the coward that he is, put him on the seat, remind him THERE IS NO ONE ELSE IN THE POSITION TO DO WHAT ONLY HE CAN DO IN THE LAST 70 DAYS and it doesn’t matter whether the fight is ten times worse than he thought it would be when he got into it, HE walked into the arena, HE said he will represent the people, HE took the responsibility, and only HE can possibly go off the expected script that they’ve written for him, that he LET them write for him, after he gave them four full years to study him, manipulate him, plan against him openly, talk behind his back, and map out every little button they had to push to get Trump to go along with the moves they needed him to make.

Either Trump goes beast mode and does something totally unexpected out of the blue, upending the table, against what all the psych experts and others have modeled out his behavior to be, or he goes quietly into the night, with that shrug, and that smirk, thinking he’s the unappreciated hero, when HE HAS YET TO DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN STEP INTO THE RING, and soon the right will hate his name as much as the left has the last four years for having walked into the middle of a fight saying “let me handle this” only to put on a show fight and walk out four years later having think he did all he could.

PS you have no idea how much I want to be wrong, I cry tears of blood thinking about whats going to happen to this country in the next few decades when our one and only chance to turn it around threw the match by being incompetent, surrounding himself with yes men who kept telling him that losing an eye and then a leg was somehow a good strategy to make the other side think they were winning for awhile, and then going down in seconds when the first real punch arrives to that one eyed one legged delusional man.

1 year ago

You mean you aren’t looking forward to watching more episodes of War Room? 😀

Laughing at You
1 year ago

Listen up Ringworm.

It is way too easy for ARMCHAIR PRESIDENTS like yourself to kick back on your fat ass
pontificating on exactly how you would handle all of this and proscribe what you would do.

It strikes me that you penned a long-winded, narcissistic, blowhard “essay” of around
800,000 worthless words to try and convince yourself and nobody else.

Give it rest, Ringworm.
Take a break.
You don’t have to be an A-hole 24 hours a day.

Like all ringworms, you are gradually worked out of the system through the nasty
working end of the digestive ride.

Kevan Snowbarger
1 year ago

How do I add as an individual in Montana put pressure on the representatives in other states to put in Republican electors

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