Dear Conservatives: Stop Idolizing Dave Chappelle
October 30, 2021 (3mo ago)

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by Scott Greer

Conservatives finally found a hill to die on in the culture war, and it’s in defense of a Netflix comedy special. Dave Chappelle caused a lot of controversy with his latest special, “The Closer.” His transgender and gay jokes inspired Netflix employees to stage a walkout to demand the removal of his act. Netflix continues to defend the famed black comedian in the midst of this uproar.

Naturally, conservatives are on Chappelle’s side and believe this backlash is another case of political correctness gone wild. That is undoubtedly true and we should oppose the cancellation of his comedy special. But conservatives have taken it a step far. They’ve turned Dave Chappelle into a conservative icon, the lone man standing against cancel culture. They’re acting like this one comedy special is the battle for our civilization’s fate. And most importantly, they’re overlooking Chappelle’s anti-white remarks and failing to understand why he isn’t cancelled.

The battle over “The Closer” isn’t exactly a fight between those conservatives and liberals. It’s an intraparty feud within the Left’s grand coalition—conservatives aren’t even a factor here outside of acting as overly enthusiastic spectators. Chappelle and his critics both share the Left’s fundamental principle of anti-white woke hatred; they simply disagree over whether black privilege allows you to make fun of transgender whites.

Chappelle makes this clear in “The Closer.”

“Any of you who have ever watched me know that I have never had a problem with transgender people. If you listen to what I’m saying, clearly, my problem has always been with white people,” he says. While Chappelle does say “gender is a fact” in the special, his main problem seems to be that LGBT people are creeping past blacks on the left’s victimhood totem pole. “Gay people are minorities until they need to be white again,” he jokes. He claims gays and transgenders oppress blacks and finishes the special with a promise to end transgender jokes—on one condition: “All I ask of your community, with all humility: Will you please stop punching down on my people?” Not exactly a principled stand in defense of freedom of expression and traditional moral values.

Much of Chappelle’s focus since the end of “Chappelle’s Show” has been on black issues. He ended his Comedy Central series because he felt whites were laughing too hard at his jokes about blacks. “The Closer” makes sure the audience knows that the comedian supports Black Lives Matter and believes that his people are oppressed by white supremacy. Chappelle released a documentary last year on George Floyd and police brutality called “8:46.” In that special, he called Candace Owens a “rotten bitch” for challenging the official George Floyd narrative. He also called Laura Ingraham a “cunt” and “regular ass white bitch” for criticizing LeBron James.

Maybe conservatives should learn that they don’t have to take abuse. They don’t need to make idols out of people who hate them.

Many conservatives will make the case that they don’t need to agree with everything Chappelle says to defend him. That’s a reasonable point and we shouldn’t purity spiral when important matters are at hand. But conservatives defending Chappelle aren’t the key factor in preventing his cancellation. It’s the fact that he’s black and shares the left’s core animating principle. Conservatives don’t have the ability to sway major entities one way or another.

Many on the Right promised to never watch an NFL game again for the league’s litany of offenses, but you can see conservative Twitter accounts post incessantly about NFL games every Sunday. Corporations know conservatives lack the institutional power to punish them and won’t stick with boycott threats. Netflix knows this. Several conservatives promised to cancel Netflix over the pedophiliac film “Cuties,” yet they still tuned in to watch Chappelle. Netflix’s decision to keep Chappelle has nothing to do with fear of losing conservative viewers.

Additionally, conservatives do not portray this fight accurately. Chappelle not getting removed does not mean cancel culture is in retreat. It just means blacks get a restricted pass to make fun of white transgender people. If you’re a white conservative who jokes about trans folks, you’ll still get cancelled. Because, unlike Chappelle, your problem isn’t with white people and you don’t have black privilege.

But even Chappelle is trying to compromise with his critics. While he refuses to apologize for his jokes, he continues to insist he loves the LGBT community, and he requests to meet with outraged Netflix employees to soothe their concerns. It’s not quite a walkback, but it’s not far off from it.

Ultimately, no one engaged in this partisan food fight, including Dave Chappelle himself, even bothers anymore to defend truth, freedom of expression, and traditional moral values against the LGBTQWTF/BLM onslaught.

It will be a cold day in hell when Chappelle shows any love for his ardent conservative supporters. He will still call them “rotten bitches” if they dare criticize Black Lives Matter or his athlete friends. He still thinks they’re racists and will be disgusted if they laugh too hard at his jokes. He still feels he has more in common with a trans Netflix staffer who accuses him of genocide than with Laura Ingraham.

Conservatives can still enjoy Chappelle’s comedy—it’s certainly superior to Hannah Gadsby’s drudgery. If we insisted on doctrinal purity from all of our entertainment, we would be left with just Tom MacDonald. And conservatives should definitely disagree with the backlash against Chappelle. But they should restrain themselves from turning a man who hates them into a hero. The American Right will gush over any minority celebrity who makes any vaguely right-wing talking point, no matter how committed that person is to leftist ideology. They feel that if a black entertainer criticizes gender ideology, no matter how tepidly and inarticulately, that makes it more valid than any argument from a white conservative. It’s rather pathetic.

The American Right should care more about defending its own side than falsely adopting entertainers as their icons. Chappelle doesn’t need nor want your support. Most lefty celebrities aren’t cancelled by cancel culture. The same can’t be said for countless ordinary conservative Americans who lose their jobs and reputations over social media posts. Those people deserve more of our attention than Dave Chappelle. They’re actually on our side.

Scott Greer is a writer and host of the podcast “Highly Respected.”

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2 months ago

This article reminds me of Afghanistan: bombed out and depleted.

2 months ago

Trash Article again , just like true white Supremacist REVOLVER PLAYS BOTH SIDES. TRASH ARTICLE MAKES A GOOD BIRD CAGE LINER.

2 months ago

It’s comedy you clown. If an article was a tranny with purple hair in dress….this would be it

Chris Houston
2 months ago

I could not care less about this guy.
He is nothing to me.

2 months ago

Haven’t watched NFL in five years, haven’t watched any NBA or MLB in 3 years. Never thought Chapelle was that funny. He had an-agenda and used it. Like Carlin in his last years not funny. Just preachy.
I embrace your POV quit making heroes out of those that despise us. Know your enemies and the maxim of “my enemies enemy is my friend” is not true. Only if you can make them useful. Cold, but in this world true.

James Brickley
2 months ago

Yeah, Dave Chappell is not the hill to die on. But I support his fight against Cancel Culture and the Alphabet Mafia. I support his stance against feminists. I even support his stance against his corporate masters at Comedy Central when he walked away from $50M.

But he hasn’t yet taken the red pill. He’s well on his way but he’s not there yet. I am patiently waiting for him to realize it’s the Democrat Whitey that he’s really angry about.

David Tunno
2 months ago

Right, “gender is a fact,” so it racial bigotry, for which Chappelle never got cancelled. No sympathy for him.

2 months ago

Disagree. We admire Dave Chappelle because he does what he does unapologetically. He’s a comedian that makes us laugh. Yes, he’s actually funny. Old school. Take your tampons out Revolver.

2 months ago

I dont think ppl are idolizing chapoelle..rather..the scizm exempkifies the stupidity of far left….it would be like watching bill maher or geraldo rivera in a cage match with aoc or omar. You hope they all lise but the spectacle if them fighting themselves is primo entertainment, but since you feel compelled to pick someone for a best pick the more centrist loser to root for..because if course you arent rooting for aoc or dickladies

2 months ago

I tried listening to him but he isn’t funny

2 months ago

Really? This is your lede? White supremacist adjacent tent closing? We’re the party of free speech and you’re promoting some ethnocentric Leninist purity test pundit.
Do better.

2 months ago

Thanks Revolver for saying what many of us are thinking. Dave Chappelle is no hero. You said it perfectly:

“The American Right will gush over any minority celebrity who makes any vaguely right-wing talking point, no matter how committed that person is to leftist ideology. They feel that if a black entertainer criticizes gender ideology, no matter how tepidly and inarticulately, that makes it more valid than any argument from a white conservative. It’s rather pathetic.”

2 months ago

This is an extremely reasonable, rather substantive article. One wonders how deranged some of the commenters must be, who are who are shrieking about “trash article.” What a bunch of fanbois.

Chappelle’s stuff runs from very funny to outright idiotic. I haven’t had a “hankering” to watch any of his stuff for years, certainly not his recent stuff on the garbage Netflix network/platform, which I avoid.

Some “conservatives” are even touting Bill freaking Maher, for crying out loud. Needy much?

2 months ago

Exactly, he’s a straight up racist… he’ll takes whitey’s money, but he’s a FULL-ON racist black supremacist. I laugh at “his people” and his B. S.

Daniel Staggers
2 months ago

The battle over “The Closer” isn’t exactly a fight between those conservatives and liberals. It’s an intraparty feud within the Left’s grand coalition—conservatives aren’t even a factor here outside of acting as overly enthusiastic spectators. Chappelle and his critics both share the Left’s fundamental principle of anti-white woke hatred; ”

THANK YOU! Somebody FINALLY SAID IT! I thought I was the only one. Chappelle deserves no one’s respect.

2 months ago

This makes a lot of good points, but the implication being most of all about how much damage control Dave is actually doing. It’s the proverbial duck on water. It’s the “better to ask for forgiveness” style of interaction.

Personally I don’t really care for the man. Sure, what he’s been saying might be true, but to put qualifiers on the end of it like “But, but I love you guys!” just doesn’t fly with someone like me. I’m far more willing to hear about what Candace has to say because her motivation isn’t to offend, it’s to speak what she perceives to be truth. That’s the difference between them both:

She won’t bother apologizing for saying it.

2 months ago

Chappelle is a low-life degenerate.

Cherrl Swarers
2 months ago

I guess I’m the only one that agrees with you, I haven’t forgotten what any of these people have said and done for the past 6 years and never will.

2 months ago

Chapelle is a hypocrite. He laments about getting harassed and punished for his stance. Yet when I went to buy tix to his upcoming show I was informed that all attendees must provide proof of vaccination or negative PCR test. This despite the venue having no such requirement—they leave that policy up to the entertainer. I did not purchase tickets.

2 months ago

For all their incessant whining, Dave Chappelle, Lebron James, Louis Farrakhan, etc, don’t actually hate white people. If that were true they have entire countries in Africa almost completely devoid of whites who would oppress them where they could live. What they hate is themselves for being black and knowing that their own race is incapable of even maintaining a successful society that has been given to them, much less creating it themselves. The more these coloreds keep antagonizing average whites, the worse off they’ll eventually make it for themselves. Reject all of them, to include the magical negros such as Candace Owens and Clarence Thomas, because for every one of them there are ten thousand Fentanyl Floyds to contend with.

2 months ago

Remember how idiots on the right gave all that money to the black trump supporter who said they were kicked out of their house by their parents then they revealled it was all a ruse? Why do conservatives embarass themselves like this? They’re like: “A BLACK GUY AGREES WITH US! WE HAVE A BLACK ALLY!”. White guilt isn’t only a leftist thing. Look how much Trump sucked up to black voters in the last election, what did it get him?

2 months ago

Never heard of him.

2 months ago

Entertainment is addictive. Sports is addictive. When conservatives get mad and vow to boycott the NFL or Netflix its the same as a landwhale vowing to lose weight so she can wear a cute dress. The motivation shouldn’t be “I want to stop watching the NFL to cause them financial pain”. Your motivation should be “I do not want to watch liberal propaganda packaged as sports” then it doesn’t matter what ratings the NFL gets because its irrelevant to your goal.

2 months ago

I have yet to find Dave Chappelle funny. I’ve watched plenty of his material, but labor to laugh. Overrated perhaps?

2 months ago


Rex Sanders
2 months ago

They only like him because he’s black. Further evidence of their racism lol

Stop The Adversary
2 months ago

Don’t follow man, follow God. That is THE only thing you can trust. Chappelle is just an entertainer, in the flesh, just like every other “celebrity”.

2 months ago

It is personal taste but I pirated the Closer(cancelled Netflix years ago) and couldn’t get through 10 min. It wasn’t comedy, it was spoken word and Chapelle comes across to me as arrogant. This article really brought out the boomer cuckservatives. The ones that love to call whites racist when ever they try to defend themselves. Beware of these types, they’ll shout MAGA but behind your back they’ll turn you in and feel good about it.

2 months ago

What made Dave Chappelle so funny during his original Comedy Central series run was that went to places among the Black community where no one else dared to go.

Doing satirical sketches on Black violence, Black drug addiction, Black illiteracy/innumeracy, Black inner city grift, and Black racism were so outrageously funny because, like all political comedy, they began from an underpinning of truth and then proceeded to embellish upon the original theme…if that makes sense?

Only Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Keye & Peele, and Eddie Murphy have ever dared to go there. Most everyone else in the modern day comedy culture looks and sounds pretty much like Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers, and the SNL writing staff.

2 months ago

It is comedy not church. Nobody is idolizing it, they just like a spark of truth and something funny from time to time.

If anything this article is about what is wrong with conservatism. The Democrats want to control what others do and think via socialism and the conservative want to control what people do and think either with laws or condemnation.

The DNC is driving to the Marxist cliff at 90mph, grandpa GOP is going the speed limit, we get there either way.

Egan Spengler
2 months ago

Good article and commentary. Agree on all counts. Unfortunately, conservatives have a lousy track record when it comes to identifying not only their enemies but knowing who their friends are. Which is why they elect fools like Mittens Romney and Ben Sasse (to name a few), that end up being useful idiots for the left.

Tax Payer
2 months ago

What is the connection between the sprawling ghost cities in china that they end up tearing down, and the urban decay and abandonment of the cities and neighborhoods in the US? There is something going on there.

2 months ago

I will support anyone who takes on Cancel Culture.

Chappell is his own man.

I am OK if he said whites laugh too hard at his black jokes. At least he doesn’t try to cancel those whites, unlike the rest of the progs would.

The Usual Suspect
2 months ago

..and like Bill Maher. Chappelle does his act in black face.
also, the opposite of “White Supremacy” is not black supremacy it’s more like “Black Inferiority”

2 months ago

Great point if this was about Julian Assange instead, but Beattie and Co. are locked onto that lefty’s bunghole.

2 months ago

The great Darren Beattie could not have said it better – Conservatives are cheap dates.

From the article – Chapelle states:
“If you listen to what I’m saying, clearly, my problem has always been with white people,” he says.”
>My problem is with white people

The conservative seethe over this revelation is both predictable and utterly pathetic. Greer took away your cheap dopamine hit – “own the libs,” even if it means simping for a black man that hates you on a base biological level. If told me that 100% of their audience is conservatives, I wouldn’t be surprised.

And then there’s the “It’s just comedy bro.” Fine. But don’t be surprised when they take over every single cultural institution you claim to care about.

The sad reality is that for the average conservative, the rugged individualist identity is a paper-thin façade. Drive ten more minutes to avoid buying from a company that despises you? “Nah we don’t want to be fanatics bro, THAT’S WHAT THE LEFT DOES.” Spend $100 more a month buying local? “Nah Walmart is on the way home.” Call out Chik-Fil-A for cucking on BLM, and nearly every core value except Sundays just so they can have an airport location? “Their chicken is so good though!”

Stalin would kill a million Kulaks to have a population as servile and tolerant as normie conservatives.

2 months ago

Chappelle ended his Comedy Central run because he ran out of useable material. They gave him $50 million that he had to give back due to the fact he failed to do anymore seasons. He went to South Africa for more “apartheid material” but he was shooting blanks. I think that this author doesn’t understand the nature of his comedy as a comedic provocateur.

2 months ago

He’s anti-white, he’s especially anti-Semitic. I generally find him not particularly funny.
But, I am for the 1st amendment and he’s perfectly allowed to make an azz of himself all he’d like.

2 months ago

Dave Chappelle is not your friend. Jesus is your friend.

Victoria Harvey(@thetravelplanner)
2 months ago

Tried to watch Chapelle to see what all the fuss is about. It was so boring, ended up falling asleep. Was expecting a comedian.

2 months ago

Chappelle is joined at the hip with BLM and all that liberal crap. The fact that he badmouthed the trannies is pretty much immaterial to me. Chappelle has hated on whites for years and I really don’t care if he hated on the tranny crowd for his own purposes. He is nothing to me — not funny, not thought-provoking, just another bigot in need of brains.

2 months ago

Dave said that ALI had a harder time being accepted for changing his name than Jenner had for Changing his sex
That statement was TOTAL WRONG
It was the 60s, had Jenner tried to change his sex back then the MEDIA and society would have destroyed him, but not today
If CLAY change his name to ALI today, No one would care
The PROBLEM with Most LEFT-WING GROUPS is they keep trying to make people believe
That Conservatives are Trying to “bring back those DAYS”, and it’s the left who keeps talking about it.

2 months ago

You use an article from a left wing propaganda outlet to make the sweeping generalization that “conservatives” are making Dave Chapelle an “icon”. But, the article linked to has no examples of such.
I’m a conservative. I hold Chapelle in no regard. I have “watched” him for quite awhile and never considered him to be anything but mildly amusing on occasion. He made his career lampooning stereotypes. I watched The Closer out of curiosity to see what all the hoopla was about. I found nothing edgy or fascinating about the show. Nothing insightful. It was mostly boring and i never once chuckled.
The real problem in America concerning the “culture war” is that Americans watch too much TV

2 months ago

Dave Chappell doesn’t filter his comedy thru the woke, religion.
He’s a comedian, and a good one. He makes fun of everybody.
The world isn’t funny to me right now, I have but one idol.

2 months ago

Humans are tribal. That we mix together to get out shit done is a largely American invention (melting pot) that had advanced mankind. Let him hate whites if it makes him feel better (bet it doesn’t). It is his defect of character, not ours. Hate is an internal cancer metastasized from seeds of ignorance and self deception.

Very Little Nonsense at Most
2 months ago

Dave is hilarious at his best and preachy at his worst. Still his own man, which you have to respect. And he can kiss my white ass.

2 months ago

Agreed. He is a POS.

2 months ago

Scott, you are totally missing the point here and it’s actually somewhat pathetic. He’s a COMEDIAN! Lighten up. We’re not voting for the guy, just supporting him where we overlap and he makes many valid points that strike at the heart of insipid wokeness. Plus, he’s just plain funny. Notwithstanding, we really miss Norm MacDonald who was HELLA funny!

2 months ago

The sophistry is strong in this article. Generalizations. Mind reading. Maybe some projection too.

Globalist Juice
2 months ago

No matter how obvious, some Whites on the conservative side don’t have a clue who/what they’re supporting, but support it just because weirdo lefties are frothing over it – even if that support is going to someone who clamors for their extinction.

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