Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger Incite Liberal Meltdown Over Tucker Carlson Doc Exposing Dark Truth Behind 1/6
October 29, 2021 (3mo ago)

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America’s anemic and illegitimate globalist ruling class are a psychologically fragile bunch in the best of times. But now, they are in full-blown meltdown mode after the announcement of Tucker Carlson’s Fox Nation special investigating FBI incitement of the January 6 Capitol incident and the wider persecution campaign by the federal government against patriots, MAGA supporters, and America-Firsters across the country.

After ten months of distortions, exaggerations, and outright lies, the truth about 1/6 is finally coming out, and the liberal guardians of the Regime are not ready for it.

Tucker’s documentary is directly inspired by Revolver’s breakthrough investigative reporting on the role of Stewart Rhodes, Ray Epps, and other suspiciously unindicted figures at the center of the January 6 incident. On Monday night, Revolver‘s Darren Beattie appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the Epps revelations as well as the FBI’s larger history of inciting the crimes it claims to combat.

The announcement on Wednesday night immediately generated a huge surge of interest, with millions viewing the trailer in a matter of hours.

RINO Adam Kinzinger (code-name: “Crybaby”) had a full-scale meltdown.

Liz Cheney lost it and asked to speak to Tucker’s manager.

Of course, Cheney herself has spread plenty of actual lies about January 6. Back on January the 8th, Liz blindly repeated the lie that Brian Sicknick was murdered by a violent MAGA mob.

The documentary trailer caused such a stir that even some of Tucker’s own Fox News colleagues joined in the chorus to condemn Tucker for daring to challenge the government’s official story of 1/6.

Geraldo Rivera soiled himself in a frantic effort to speak to the New York Times:

Speaking on Thursday with The New York Times, Mr. Rivera elaborated on his concerns.

“Tucker’s wonderful, he’s provocative, he’s original, but — man oh man,” Mr. Rivera said in a phone interview. “There are some things that you say that are more inflammatory and outrageous and uncorroborated. And I worry that — and I’m probably going to get in trouble for this — but I’m wondering how much is done to provoke, rather than illuminate.”

“Messing around with Jan. 6 stuff … ” Mr. Rivera added, pausing briefly. “The record to me is pretty damn clear, that there was a riot that was incited and encouraged and unleashed by Donald Trump.”

Asked if he would urge his Fox News bosses to reconsider airing Mr. Carlson’s special, Mr. Rivera demurred, saying, “I don’t want to go there, that’s not my job.” [NT]

With so much interest in discovering what really happened on January 6, theRegime might have responded by making its own documentary. This Regime certainly has no shortage of newspapers, websites, TV stations, and Facebook groups to put out its preferred narrative.

But the Regime media is not in the business of information. It is in the business of propaganda that props up the increasingly unstable and illegitimate American Regime. The Regime narrative is in such a shoddy state of disrepair — it is seemingly held together with only duct tape, chicken wire, and Jim Acosta’s spittle — that they have desperately taken on a new mission. Their new mission is not simply to spread the official narrative, but also to make sure it is the only narrative in existence.

Fishing around for a denunciation to make, the censorship class settled Tucker’s documentary. The intrepid bell hooks-aspiring, lower-case-only-using gumshoe Charlie Warzel had this to say:

Comparing Tucker Carlson to Alex Jones was apparently the Regime’s favored narrative-du-jour.

This comparison wasn’t chosen randomly, but for a specific purpose: To demand that Tucker Carlson be censored, preferably immediately, just as Alex Jones was banned from every social media platform three years ago.

The American propaganda press is so terrified of an honest investigation into January 6 that rather than try to argue against it, they simply want it silenced outright.

Former Time Magazine managing editor Richard Stengel, a Russia hoax hysteric, called for a total boycott of all Fox programs in his frenzy to suppress Tucker’s program.

Incidentally, Stengel is a former senior official in Obama’s state department who once described his role as being that of “chief propagandist:”

Yes, you heard that right. Obama’s former self-described “chief propagandist” at the State Department stated that he has no problem whatsoever with propaganda, and in fact supports the idea of countries using propaganda domestically against their own citizens.

Evidently the problem with Tucker’s documentary is that it devastates the Regime’s official propaganda account of 1/6. In Stengel’s view, this means the documentary is dangerous and must be shut down.

Incidentally, Revolver News has a more extensive account of Stengel in its expose on Newsguard, the shady for-profit fact-checking operation that boasts such luminaries as former CIA head General Michael E. Hayden on its board of advisors (Hayden, you’ll recall, misled congress about the existence of mass surveillance of the American people).

READ MORE: Revolver Uncovers Buried Details on Just Who’s Funding Newsguard’s Fraudulent “Covid Fact-Checking” Scam

Not to be outdone, disgraced former drought-water profiteer Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL sent a letter to Fox’s Lachlan Murdoch demanding the documentary be deplatformed because it might “inspire violence.”

Others went even further, demanding the U.S. government itself step in, nullify the First Amendment, and criminalize Carlson’s documentary.

Here is the Regime’s resident midwit arguing to “censure” Tucker.

Of course, Media Matters for America joined the calls for censorship.

The Media Matters Twitter page sports a banner quoting Aldous Huxley: “Facts do not cease to exist just because they are ignored.”

Huxley was only partially right. Facts do not cease to exist simply because they are ignored. But facts can cease to have an influence on the public’s understanding of truth if those facts are censored — and this is the larger context within which to understand the extreme reaction to Tucker’s documentary.

The more incompetent and illegitimate a Regime is, and the more fragile and outrageous the lies on which it is based, the more it must rely on censorship and total control of information. The American Regime — what we call the Globalist American Empire — has reached just such a state. Indeed, the power structure of the entire United States is based on such evil, malicious, and ludicrous lies that it is likely that a single, completely uncensored weekly broadcast would be enough to bring down the Globalist American Empire just like the Soviet Union before it. In short, censorship is not an option for our corrupt ruling class; it is an imperative, and an increasingly urgent one at that.

Ordinarily one might think that the incredible public interest and popularity in Revolver News’ coverage of 1/6 would encourage, for sheer selfish reasons, more news outlets to cover it. Revolver News’ Darren Beattie’s segments on Tucker Carlson’s show are some of the very highest rated, and Beattie’s discussion with principled left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald on the FBI’s involvement on 1/6 has amassed millions of views.

Instead, Tucker Carlson is the only person on a major cable news outlet anywhere willing to explore Revolver News’ investigative reports on FBI involvement in 1/6. The stakes are simply too high for normal “market forces” to govern the information economy. As Revolver News pointed out, news organizations of a sufficient size are ultimately about influence, not profits. Just as the primary role of a subsidiary company is to redound to the benefit of a parent company, the role of media at the highest level is to redound to be benefit of its metaphorical parent company, which is the American power structure.

READ MORE: Power Over Profits: Here’s The Dirty Little Secret Behind The Media’s True Business Model

This is why it is a minor miracle whenever a genuinely important and subversive narrative is able to slip through the cracks and wake the American people up to what is truly happening in our once-great nation. The story of government involvement in 1/6 is just such a subversive story—it was never supposed to see the light of day, it is simply too dangerous.

But now Pandora is out of the box, and it is up to the American people to keep the pressure on, spread the word, and attack the false narratives of 1/6 at every opportunity.

Tune in on Monday, and buckle up: It’s going to be a wild ride.

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41 responses to “Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger Incite Liberal Meltdown Over Tucker Carlson Doc Exposing Dark Truth Behind 1/6”

  1. Darren, please investigate the FBI agents on top of that tower with the megaphones inciting people to charge the capitol! That, in itself, is a story. Why was that tower there? Who built it? And who were on it? Answer: FBI.

  2. Tucker is Americas most influential journalist since Edward R. Morrow and just the right man for the very tough truth telling 1/6 exposé. One of the few conservative commentators who can say “bring it on” and mean it.

  3. One thing for sure–no one at fox, including coy tucker, would have said a thing unless revolver news already broken many such stories and proven to be one of the few sources deserving to call themselves “news reporters.” Most of the posers have long ago been bought and paid for. Tucker may still be quiet had his offices not been bugged, but that seemed to wake him up. But even now this patriot purge, which should be spread far and wide, is only available to paying subscribers of foxnation, whatever that is. Good thing Paul Revere did not charge folks to hear his news.
    But that’s ok–there are a lot of free sources with all the same information. It’s not like tucker has exclusive content. He just copied it from people who already did the research and published it for months.

  4. liz cheney can ofcourse speak to tuckers manager because she represents so many people ..oh wait no, she doesnt: she has a letter black on white from “her” people that they dont want her.

    oh and a journalist has journalistic freedoms, i’m not sure what his “manager” would have to talk’s not yet the FASCIST state you scumbags drool about, liz!

  5. when is lizzie going to meet “her” people in wyoming??

    thats what all these long long congress recessions are about isnt it?? not just to holidaay around.. it was PRIMORIALLY meant to allow congress to meet their people.

  6. “Mr. Rivera demurred, saying, “I don’t want to go there, that’s not my job.”
    And just what is your job, Jerry rivers, you poser? Stand-in for Juan Williams and Bob beckel as the token liberal? When was the last big story you broke? I quit watching fox after they started covering up the stolen election in Nov, so I might have missed it.

  7. There’s no need for a Grand Conspiracy to explain what’s going on. Greed, arrogance and corrupt rules are more than adequate on the material plane. But then substance is an illusion, Reality is an information process, set in motion and sustained by God for a purpose, and Satan is as real as any person. There appears to be conspiracy behind all these events because they’re orchestrated by Satan not men. The Elite authoritarians are the willfully ignorant tools of Satan, not brilliant evil men.
    Their bodies are God’s bodies on loan to them for a purpose they’ve rejected.

    A person’s spirit and soul exists in the Quantaverse, not in their brain. Brains are interfaces to where
    creatures actually exist. Unfortunately, sin allowed the mind of a serpent who rejected God a way to deceive men, and now that serpent is posed to enter the world and transform men into its slaves. The men who serve Satan are driven by greed, lust and craving for power, blind to the fact they’re carrying out it’s will and will be discarded like the children they kill before birth, thinking scientist working for them can somehow use the children’s bodies to extend their lives.

  8. Tucker, Darren Beattie, and others are outing several characters who were inciting violence and destroying property, but were not charged because they were likely government operatives deliberately and malevolently causing trouble in order to mar the peaceful ‘Stop the Steal’ rally and prevent further investigation of the nationwide vote fraud, election site misconduct, and vote count manipulation/falsification, and international interference that ended up in the fraudulent declaration and certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020.
    The conspiracy to steal and conceal the 2020 election is unraveling slowly, but surely.

  9. When you have that kind of reaction from Leftist Schweinenhunds you can always be guaranteed with 💯% certainty you are on the Right Track – Go Tucker!

  10. Is it any surprise that over 90% of the howlers against Tucker is a crypto ratace. Supposedly they comprise only 2% of the population, yet these parasitic creeps are doing everything they can to screw your life from pharma, media, finance, politicks, edudoctrination ..
    OUT! creeps

  11. Darren Beattie is another American hero and an incredibly smart guy.
    I don’t watch Fox since the last election but Tucker Carlson’s courage and patriotism might bring me back to his show.

  12. The tide is turning, but the left has not started to fight hard yet. There will be trying and dangerous times ahead. If Pelosi fails to pass the commie bill by Tuesday, you know that behind the scenes Dems have abandoned Biden. From then until Thanksgiving things will be in an uproar. The poll showing how many people want the election 0f 2020 OVERTURNED WAS STAGGERING IN IT’S NUMBERS. America needs moderate Liberals to join the movement. We can’t clear out the deep state without replacing it with a strong united government. We can’t be fractionalized. We need to rehabilitate the bureaucracy. Break it up. Purge the leftists. End Chinas corruption and the treason.
    Big job, it’s that or die.

  13. Mr Beattie, whilst you are one of the few I follow because you have something worthwhile saying, the whole Tucker thing is allowed by the murdochs to play out as controlled opposition. Murdoch is part of this cesspit cabal that whilst their role in creating the plandemic is not known, what is is their pivotal role in the disintegration of the west and individual Liberty best expressed by the US. He profits enormously from the plandemic and everything associated with it. The majority of fox revenue is bank rolled by big pharma. Murdochs son is involved at executive level with AstraZeneca (GSK) Murdoch has been manipulating elections in australia for over 50 years. He did trump no favors in 2020 ( recall Arizona being called early was a heads up stuff those ballots in we need them, back that truck in) Murdoch is a useful idiot for the NWO because he makes money and couldn’t care less about people. He has tucker on the air because idiots tune in thinking they have a voice. Tucker stays there because he gets 40m per year

  14. If any of what DB has reported is even close to what actually happened, the FBI is in a very difficult spot. They’ll try to spin it as undercover agents “monitoring” the situation but that’s only going to make it worse for them. Why didn’t they report it or do anything to try to stop it… the questions go on and on..

  15. The “PTB” are scared because they know we should hang every one of the Marxist bastards and let them rot as an example to future tyrants. An armed pissed off populace terrorizes the sons of bitches and that is why they correctly call us terrorists…we do terrorize them because they know what they have done and want to do.

  16. Watch carefully the words of those regime evil minions around Brandon. Detect the language nuances. We know 11/20 election BS, 1/6 was BS, they know we know. The ultimate panic response will be against Brandon by a fake “white nationalist” to move The Narrative. The past 2 years prove they are that evil.

  17. They seem to be very afraid of what Tucker has found out! Even want him censored! Vindman actually has the nerve to want somebody censored?? Remember him? Go Tucker!

  18. What weirdness!

    Never in my life have I even been remotely concerned about what other people are reading, but it seems to be an obsession with the Democrats.

    They naively believe that all of their problems will be solved if millions of Americans are forced to tune in to Rachael Maddow & Don Lemon? And it is these same people who believe they have the understanding and competence to direct & run a globalized world??

  19. I hope everyone is prepared for the flipping of the giant [OFF] switch for the internet.
    That drastic action is now the only way they can stop the masses from knowing the truth – since the brains of the masses are already plump with propaganda, it’s better to cut-off ALL information than to risk a disruptive spark of truth – continuing to allow such folly of opposing information on the web, will end what has taken so long to create, and IMO means the only alternative is the end of the internet …what other option do they have.

  20. Kinzinger turn on President Trump because his wife didn’t get the job he wanted her to get so he blew his chance at a career in Washington after betraying his district. good to see him going and while Liz Cheney may have the best flossed teeth in Washington, she is one corrupt, dirty politician taking care of “Business” for her daddy’s interests. Both will not be missed.

  21. isn’t it funny that they do not go after what Tucker says about j6, because how Tucker presents facts and lets you decide, but they can’t go after facts so they go after Tucker, d-rats are evil and corrupt and this is the d-rat way.

  22. Vindman asks, “How is this different than yelling fire in a crowded theater?”
    When the theater is actually on fire, it’s the proper thing to do.

  23. Me thinks they protest too much, a dead give away of their direct or indirect involvement in the event. What I believe is that ultimately you will find Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, smack dab in the middle of 1/6 incitement – I can only hope there are consequences to what these people have done to our fellow Americans, the patriots, that went to Washington DC to support MAGA. And, excellent investigated journalism and for those who just can’t believe our government would ever doing anything like this- well, you don’t know our history, bone up!

  24. The jan6 discussuon was suppose to stop interest in the democrat cheating discussion. Revolver has done a great job investigating this story.

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