It’s a Ducey: The Inside Scoop on McConnell’s Latest Scheme to Harm Trump and the MAGA Movement
January 14, 2022 (5d ago)

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Between the House, Senate, and assorted gubernatorial races, there are nearly 500 major offices up for grabs in the 2022 mid-term elections. And out of those nearly 500 races, the Senate race unfolding in Arizona is by far the most important. It isn’t just crucial that the GOP win this seat and with it an overall Senate majority. It is crucial that the right candidate win the seat, in order to further the long-term transformation of the GOP into an America First political party.

Right now, though, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to sabotage this transformation by urging Governor Doug Ducey to enter the race, and the only obstacle to his plans is Ducey’s wife.

According to a source close to both Ducey and McConnell, Angela Ducey is eager to be out of the political spotlight, and has become irate with McConnell’s constant pleas for her husband to enter the race. Besides the usual difficulties that come with being a politician’s spouse, the past year has been particularly rough for Angela as her husband has been savaged from the right for his role in certifying Joe Biden’s 2020 victory in the state.

But apparently, McConnell thinks nothing of putting the hurt on the Ducey marriage for the sake of sticking a metaphorical thumb in Donald Trump’s eye.

McConnell’s motivation is simple: He doesn’t like Donald Trump, and doesn’t like the direction Trump has taken the Republican Party. But he also can’t oppose Trump openly, and is instead stuck trying to wait out the president while elevating candidates who are loyal to the old GOP rather than the new one. For McConnell, Ducey is an enticing pawn in this proxy war.

The stakes are high. With the Senate split 50/50 between Republicans and Democrats, the Grand Canyon State offers the most likely opportunity for the GOP to pick up a seat and, with it, take control of the chamber. That means more than just offering a symbolic rebuke to the Biden Administration. It means the opportunity to hold up extremist nominees to the federal courts, or even the Supreme Court. It means blocking the installation of ideologues like Gigi Sohn onto crucial regulatory bodies like the FCC. It means blocking President Biden’s plan to eliminate the filibuster in order to rewrite election laws in all fifty states. In turn, it means blocking more ambitious Democratic plans like packing the Supreme Court, admitting D.C. and Puerto Rico as states, abolishing the Electoral College, and giving amnesty to the two million illegal immigrants who swamped the border last year, plus the ten or twenty or thirty million other illegal immigrants already squatting in this country.

But the Arizona Senate race matters for even more reasons. A newly-released Quinnipiac poll shows President Biden mired at a miserable 33 percent approval rating, with just 28 percent support among Latinos. If numbers like this even remotely hold up over the next three years, then no amount of ballot harvesting and late-night pauses will save Democrats from a 2024 wipeout. The Republican president holding office after that wipeout could very well be Donald Trump once again, or an anointed successor running on the same platform.

In 2017, President Trump’s America-first promises were badly undermined not by Democrats, but by two Arizona senators from his own party: John McCain and Jeff Flake. If a second Trump term or another America First presidency is going to succeed, then having new faces in the Senate who will understand and defend the president’s platform, instead of undermining it, is critical.

Above all, the Arizona race is a test: A test of whether a candidate can run, proudly, in a swing state, on President Trump’s revolutionary America-first platform and take home a victory.

This is a test that Mitch McConnell does not want voters to face. And right now, McConnell is taking advantage of President Trump’s hesitancy to try and sabotage the odds of a MAGA candidate being elected.

So far, Trump has refrained from endorsing anyone in the Arizona race. A Politico article published Thursday highlighted his likely thought process:

“If Trump is planning to run for president — which all signs point to, he is — the most important thing should be to elect more people to the Senate who share his worldview,” one Trumpworld adviser said. “I think the biggest problem Trump had in the first four years was the lack of ideological supporters in the Senate.”

That determination has prompted Trump to be more nuanced, at least so far, with some endorsements. While the 45th president has given his seal of approval to candidates ranging from a local mayor to the autocratic prime minister of Hungary, he has held off on doing so in key Senate races. That includes Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Pennsylvania — where his early pick, Sean Parnell, dropped out after messy details of his divorce were revealed.

This Saturday, Trump will hold a rally in Florence, Ariz. But he is not expected to make an endorsement of any Senate candidate in that state, according to aides. People close to the former president say Trump isn’t being judicious so much as cautious, having been burned too many times backing candidates that weren’t fully vetted or weren’t sure things in their primaries.

The truth of the matter is that by not making an endorsement in Arizona, Trump is creating room for McConnell to pick away at his influence. By refusing to give his endorsement to a candidate, Trump is keeping the field from narrowing and creating the opportunity for Ducey to swoop in as the state’s GOP standard-bearer.

Despite all the red-on-red fire he’s taken over 2020, if Ducey entered the Senate race he would instantly be the favorite for the nomination, simply due to name recognition. He is a two-term governor, a proven winner, and has a robust fundraising machine in the state.

But if Ducey enters the race, it will certainly not be as an ideological or political ally of President Trump. Another Politico article, also published Thursday, makes that plain as day:

In the past several months, Ducey has brought on four new staffers who previously worked for Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, including two who were state directors, according to a POLITICO review of the governor’s office’s staff announcements.

With staffers like that, it is clear that a Ducey entry would be disastrous for the long-term evolution of the Republican Party. In the short term, he would increase the odds of Democrats winning the seat since thousands of Trump supporters haven’t forgiven him over 2020, and Trump himself said last July that “there is no way he would get my endorsement” if he ran. In the long run, even if he wins, Republican voters will be rewarded with a Jeff Flake-style Republican ready to undermine the next Republican Administration just as much as his predecessors undermined the last one.

Donald Trump is nearing victory in his long struggle with McConnell for control of the Republican party. McConnell is on the ropes and he knows it. Trump should not give him the opportunity to get back in the ring.



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4 days ago

TURTLE TRAITOR CHINA MITCHIE needs to be investigated on Day 1 once President Trump regains his rightful office. Him and his CHINA TRAITOR TURTLE WIFEY…they both are sinister CHINA-LOVING TRAITORS who need to answer for their actions.

4 days ago

McConnel is symptomatic of the entire GOP. They are backstabbing [email protected] and deserve, with a few exceptions to be run through a woodchipper. DONE WITH GOP. If President Trump doesn’t start fighting a guerilla war against these pos, this Republic is over.

4 days ago

I hope the gop gets destroyed. Installing Biden is unforgivable.

4 days ago

Just more confirmation that Mitch is really a democrat.. He will go down as the biggest traitor in American history at least for me he will..

Tree Rope

4 days ago

Ducey would be a favorite for traitor McConnell. Of all the governors he has done next to nothing on illegal immigration, the aforementioned vote certification, etc. Perfect to allow Mitch to continue the status quo and milk the system.

Scott L Robertson
4 days ago

Angela is right. Ducey is a lightweight who will not poll over 1% and all associated aggravation will be a waste of her time. She should divorce the guy for being such a knuckle headed Wannabe.

fred flintstone
4 days ago

“CCP Mitch”

patrick bennett(@patrickbennett)
4 days ago

CCP Mitch…every bit as bad as the DemonRats

Bill Mason
4 days ago

To me, Mitch McConnell is the key asset of conservative America. Just yesterday the Supreme Court voted for Covid sanity. McConnell did that first by blocking Obama’s candidate and then steering 3 conservatives to the court.

What did the Mouth do to help? Made sure our two GA Senate seats went to Marxist wanna-bees.

4 days ago

Kick McConnell while he’s down, Donald.

4 days ago

There is no way We the People in Arizona would select Ducey. He is despised here in AZ except by the Flake/McCain GOP. During the pandemic he ran this state like a dictator relative to his selective allowance of large businesses to remain open while shutting down small business. He was no DeSantis! And his handling of school closure and opening was disgusting. This state is not purple. It’s been corrupted! And why? Rare earth elements and agreements Ducey made with Chinese public private partnerships. There’s so much that’s not being reported. Hell NO to Ducey!

Bob Connors
4 days ago

It is more important than ever to hold Ducey accountable for obstructing the Arizona audit. This may be the reason behind Ducey’s refusal to support the audit. It was a scam all along. The two-party system is rigged against we-the-people in many ways. We can win because we have the power but we have to use it to hold them accountable. Ducey can be knocked out of the game before he ever gets in the game if people will go to work calling for his resignation now. Calling for his resignation is in itself holding him accountable and he has little power to stop the people. Negative attention is every politician’s worst nightmare. Get organized, use social media/letters to the editor, and street protests repeatedly to shame Ducey for obstruction of the people’s will and poor job performance. Keep it up for several month’s and Ducey will not be able to continue his political career. Take control of the people’s government.

Rod Wick
4 days ago

Herschel Walker will be the next newly elected Senator from GA.

4 days ago

We in AZ can’t stand Ducey. STFU Mitch!

OPERATOR 147(@operator147)
4 days ago

McConnel is long past his retirement date. He seems more concerned with getting the wife another cushy cabinet level seat rather than promoting legislation that strengthens U.S. Citizens Civil Rights and creating a firm financial future for all Citizens.

3Nemesis 61
4 days ago

McConnell the Chicom Wall Sr butt remora must be pushed from leadership in the Senate. Out of control evil bastard. Ducey is a puke and a fool if he tries this

4 days ago

Absurd and redundant to talk about winning elections: Dominion and voting polls were never fixed.

All BS
4 days ago

The best chance of a GOP pick up in actually in Georgia, where Hershel Walker is the odds on favorite to win against commie Warnock. It’s not Arizonia, which has a history of schizophrenic election results.

Catherine Shepherd
4 days ago


4 days ago

How do we expect to beat the Democrats when we can’t even unite our own house.
So sad

Scott D
4 days ago

I like Mitch, I like Trump. Like Yin/Yang. Let the voter’s decide. P.S. Maga wins with good candidates, RINOs win with good candidates. I sure didn’t like what Mitch said about Trump, but it put’s him in a useful position to bash the living hell out of Biden and the dem agenda. Mitch is pretty well positioned to bring in disgruntled dems. Trump is going to be nominee if he wants, just keep on making the dems turn off CNN and we win 2022. End of story. Stop getting your panties in too much of a bunch over the turtle.

J Dub
4 days ago

As an Arizona conservative, I would not vote for Goofy. I would not abstain either. I would vote against him.

Pierre Delecto
4 days ago

Hey Mitch McConnell, please wipe Soros’s sme gma from your lips before going in front of the cameras next time! Can’t wait to pour a bottle of high grade Kentucky bourbon on your grave, though it will pass through me kidneys first.

4 days ago

Fools errand all elections are RIGGED any fool who cannot understand that is insane .an by 2024 it will still be RIGGED

4 days ago

Kari Lake will kick his a$$.

truth seeker freedom
4 days ago

trump is not opposing another rino who will give him more stabs in the back to whine about ? color me so unsurprised
DESANTIS 2024 ! patriot winning ! not traitor trump whining

4 days ago

Don’t think Ducey will run. He could have appointed himself to McCain’s Senate seat in 2018 instead of Martha McSally when Jon Kyl stepped down, but he went with loser McSally.

4 days ago

Not only do you not mention AZ GOP Senate Candidate Keri Lake, but you fail to mention that she has President Trumps full endorsement.

mike hunt
4 days ago

If President Trump doesn’t endorse a republican, then I don’t vote for them. Even then I look them over carefully.

4 days ago

Contacted Gov. Ducey and ask him to uphold his promise not to seek another elected office. This is how we cast our early vote.

4 days ago

Mitch is a traitor

Hans Gruber
4 days ago

Even Ducey knows he’s being played. Zero chance of winning the nomination. It’s a big ask to get someone into a race that they are guaranteed to lose. Raise a ton of money, spend a lot of time, and go home empty. Just ask Mitt Romney.

Verdes Lutz
4 days ago

Ducey vetoed election integrity and anti-CRT bills. I doubt that most Republicans will support his campaign.

4 days ago

Mitch is a beatch. No doubt about it.

Janet Joscelyne
3 days ago

.Trump ultimately has no guts. He is a very frustrating person. I no longer like Trump. I want somebody with guts like DeSantis.

3 days ago

Mitch’s endorsements are very useful. I need to know who I will NEVER vote for and his endorsement is a convenient way of identifying them.

3 days ago

McCarthy and McConnell HAVE to go.

3 days ago

What’s with the comment section? Can’t ‘like’ a comment or reply….

3 days ago

McConnell needs to step down.

patrick bennett(@patrickbennett)
3 days ago

Dan Crenshaw: “MAGA is full of idiots”

2 days ago

GOP, DNC, it is all the same. I re-registered as an Independent, because the GOP leadership (globalist elite ruling class) was in on stealing our election and undermining President Trump, and America, all the way. The GOP is dead; long live the America First Party.

true blue
2 days ago

McConnell is bought and paid for by the CCP.

Greg Elia
1 day ago

It’s Simple: McConnell is afraid of being exposed as being the crooked politician that he is: His family has made tens of millions of dollars off the CCP through his father-in-law’s shipping company. It was be wise of him to go away like Paul Ryan did along with the other RINO thieves,

1 day ago

This Arizona voter says “Never Douche.”

21 hours ago

A McConnell endorsement has the same value as a Romney endorsement.

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