Nancy Pelosi has her finger on the pulse of America and no one can deny this. The House Speaker recently appeared on some drag queen tranny show on the open sewer that is American television and had this to say:

As American as apple pie!

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Certainly, our forefathers had this in mind when they crossed the Delaware with George Washington and stormed the beaches of Normandy.

To add insult to injury, the lesbian Michigan Attorney General had this to say:

And to cap off the trifecta, the great “moderate” mayor of NYC, Eric Adams, went to the mat for the drag queen perverts.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and the White House recently invited two transsexual male “lesbians” to the White House for Lesbian Visibility Day.

Trannies aren’t going to put food on the table for the American people, or gasoline in their cars, but who cares? Biden doesn’t. Joe Biden and his decrepit administration of millennial know-nothings are determined to go full Weimar Republic before they are unceremoniously tossed out of the halls of power.

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Are they sick, incompetent, or both?

In a longer segment, Jesse Watters lightly pokes fun at the trannies, but makes it clear he doesn’t have a “problem” with them, whatever that means.

“We don’t have a problem with transgender people, or transgender bathrooms,” he declares. “But, is this really what we’re focused on right now, in the United States of America?”

Apparently, the establishment GOP position is that trannies are good, but only in small doses.

So is Fox News doing anything at all to keep the tranny menace out of the public square, and at least confined to the red light districts of New York City and San Francisco? Are they taking a stand for truth, justice, and the innocence of children?

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Of course not…

Fox News has even incorporated the weird LGBTQ+++ flag into their marketing campaigns.

What happened to plan old right or wrong?

It’s certainly sickening and morally depraved, and many Americans don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but take heart: what is so egregiously against nature cannot be sustained, and will not last.

Pray for America in the meantime.

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