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Steve Kirsch, a philanthropist and noted patron of medical research, has made a name for himself calling out the discrepancies – obvious and hidden – regarding all things COVID.

However, his main focus has been on the vaccine.

Kirsch has devoted his Substack to spreading the truth about COVID, stating that he writes about COVID vaccine safety and efficacy, corruption, censorship, mandates, masking, and early treatments, because America is being misled by formerly trusted authorities.

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And his latest story is a bombshell.

Simply put, Steve says it’s “game over” for the vaccine, after he received Medicare data from a whistleblower that he says is proof the vaccine is actually killing people.

Steve says this data is why the CDC has never used the Medicare reporting to prove the vaccines are safe.

They simply can’t. 

He also says the gatekeepers of mainstream medicine never wants you to see this data. Steve says if they had their way, it’d remain hidden forever.

But he got his hands on it thanks to that whistleblower.

Steve’s Substack:

Last night, I got a USB drive in my mailbox with the Medicare data that links deaths and vaccination dates. Finally! This is the data that nobody wants to talk or even ask about.

I was able to authenticate the data by matching it with records I already had. And the analysis that I did on the data I received matches up with other analyses I have received previously.

The nice thing about this Medicare data is that nobody can claim that it is “unreliable.” Medicare is the unassailable “gold-standard” database. It’s the database that the CDC never wants us to see for some reason. They never even mention it. They pretend it doesn’t exist. So you know it is important.

Do you want to know what it shows?

It shows that these shots increase your risk of dying and once you get shot, your risk of dying remains elevated for an unknown amount of time. And that’s in the very population it is supposed to help the most!

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This is a stunning and alarming revelation.

Steve appeared on Emerald Robinson’s show to go over the details.

Steve says that this is by far the most important article he’s ever written, and I encourage you to head over to his Subtack and read it. You can find it here.


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