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Is Chicago your kinda town? It might not be after you see this. According to an account called “Chicago Critter” a massive brawl broke out inside O’Hare Airport last night in the baggage claim area. It looks like an absolute free-for-all, there is probably 5 fights going on at once. Crazy!

Actor James Woods saw the clip and shared it with his 3+ million followers, and called out blue city hellholes.

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Imagine being a tourist from Europe, eagerly stepping off the plane in Chicago to embark on your much-anticipated U.S. vacation. As you make your way to retrieve your luggage, you’re immediately greeted by a massive brawl. If you were smart, you’d turn around and go home.

According to statistics, O’Hare is the 5th busiest airport in the nation, so you’d think it’d have it’s “crap” together, right? Wrong. It’s an absolute disaster. This other viral airport brawl took place a couple of years ago at O’Hare.

When passengers aren’t duking it out inside O’Hare, hobos are sleeping one off in the middle of the airport.

Last year, O’Hare won the dubious #4 spot on the worst airports in America list, thanks to delays, canceled flights and overcrowding. Maybe next year they’ll get the #1 spot for fights and bums.

O’Hare airport is currently undergoing a massive billion-dollar renovation project that is estimated to span over a decade. Although these improvements aim to enhance its appearance, that won’t fix the problem at hand. If liberals continue to turn a blind eye to crime, or keep hero-worshiping thugs, fighting and violence will continue.

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