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South Carolina Senator Tim Scott has officially announced his run for the White House. The 57-year-old bachelor made waves with his presidential decision. Many left-wing publications have labeled Scott as the “anti-LBGTQ” candiate.

The Washington Blade:

Republican U.S. Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.), who filed paperwork on Friday with the Federal Election Commission to run for president in 2024, kicked off his campaign for the GOP primary with an announcement address Monday morning in Charleston.

The only Black Republican member serving in the Senate, Scott developed a strident anti-LGBTQ record since entering national politics in 2010 with his first election to the House, during which time he told Newsweek homosexuality is a “morally wrong choice, like adultery.”

Today, Scott remains opposed to same-sex marriage, writing on his Senate bio that South Carolinians “have voted overwhelmingly to protect the traditional definition of marriage, and I stand with their decision.”

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Many believe there’s more to Scott’s entry into the White House race than meets the eye. After all, does he have a snowballs chance in hell of beating President Trump? No. But some insiders think that’s the entire point. They theorize Scott isn’t there to “beat” Trump, he’s there to audition for Trump to be his next VP.

But is Tim Scott the right guy for that job? We would argue no, based on Scott’s record of playing left-wing games.

Two years ago, Revolver addressed the rumor of Tim Scott as Trump’s veep, and in doing so, revealed the ugly side of Tim’s left-wing politics and how his stunts have damaged our cause.


In the summer of 2018, Scott sank the nomination of 9th Circuit Court of Appeals nominee Ryan Bounds. It had nothing to do with Bounds’ judicial philosophy. Instead, in a worthy prelude to the events of 2020, Bounds was ruined because of articles he wrote as an undergraduate, a quarter-century before:

In one of his Stanford articles, Bounds described a phenomenon he called “race-think,” in which “multiculturalistas” and ethnic minorities bonded together to form groups of “racial purity” that he claimed ended up creating more division.

“During my years in our Multicultural Garden of Eden,” he wrote, “I have often marveled at the odd strategies that some of the more strident racial factions of the student body employ in their attempts to ‘heighten consciousness,’ ‘build tolerance,’ ‘promote diversity’ and otherwise convince us to partake of that fruit which promises to open our eyes to a PC version of the knowledge of good and evil. I am mystified because these tactics seem always to contribute more to restricting consciousness, aggravating intolerance and pigeonholing cultural identities than many a Nazi bookburning.”

In another article, he urged the university not to lower the burden of proof in finding accused rapists in violation of university policy. … In a third article he mocked the importance of “Sensitivity” and the university’s decision to make all students undergo mandatory sensitivity training after an LGBT statue was vandalized. He described sensitivity as a “pestilence” that “stalks us.”

“These sweet victories of Sensitivity reveal one thing: if we fancy ourselves oppressed (regardless of how oppressed, ignored, or downtrodden we objectively are) we will see the world, however unrealistically, as overflowing with instances that support our perception.”

[Washington Post]

The above examples, which were the worst the hostile Post could muster, make it clear that nothing Bounds wrote remotely justified withdrawing his nomination. Bounds condemned dividing Americans up by race, defended the presumption of innocence on campus, and warned about victimhood culture decades before it became the society-strangling terminal cancer that it is today. If anything, his writings should be celebrated.

Much like the nakedly false accusations brought against Brett Kavanaugh a few months later, the left was just cynically using whatever it could to block a Trump nominee to the courts. That effort should have failed. Republicans had a Senate majority, and that was that. But then, even after Bounds was forced to deliver an unnecessary, humiliating apology for his writings, Sen. Scott still buried a knife in his back…

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Scott may have more in common with Lindsey Graham than the simple fact they’re both establishment RINOs: as it turns out, they both happen to be U.S. Senators from South Carolina. That’s the unchartered territory Darren bravely ventured into during his appearance on Emerald Robinson’s popular show when he evaluated Tim Scott and the “VP” rumors swirling around.

If you don’t want to watch the whole clip, at least watch the part starting at 4:33 for the juicy bombshell:

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As always, Darren handled this unspoken delicate topic like a pro, but he definitely had Emerald cracking up in the process.

We’re just getting started on this exciting 2024 journey, and you know how rumors love to spread like wildfire. But here’s the thing: most of those rumors are just hot air. So, fingers crossed that the talk about RINO Tim becoming the “veep” is nothing more than typical D.C. gossip. Let’s keep our focus on what really matters.