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The tale of 17-year-old Jack Reid serves as a somber reminder of how unchecked progressive ideology can have deadly consequences. One year ago, 17-year-old Jack Reid took his own life after being unjustly accused of sexual assault by a group of #MeToo mean girls at his high school.

The #MeToo movement has been like a runaway train, careening off the tracks and mowing down innocent people in its path. Many liberal women, like Christine Blasey Ford and E Jean Carroll, who accused Justice Kavanaugh and President Trump of “rape” decades later with zero proof, have been accused of using the #MeToo mob to settle political scores and mock real survivors.

In addition, there seems to be an increasing number of “rape hoaxes” in recent years. Regrettably, we have witnessed a disturbing pattern where women make false accusations of rape against men, resulting in the women being charged for filing a fraudulent police report. Save Services actually conducted a 5-step analysis and determined that one in three sexual assault allegations are unfounded.

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Imagine how earth-shattering it is for a man to be falsely accused of something so heinous and be forced to try and defend himself against a zombie mob of hateful feminists? It was too much for young Jack to bear, and one night he grabbed his Bible, wrote a goodbye letter to his parents and ended his life.

To make the matter worse, The New York Times swept Jack’s tragic story under the rug, possibly to save the disgraced #MeToo movement of any further embarrassment or critique. Steve Sailer noticed what The New York Times was up to and called them out on it. Sailer took a closer look at the article about Jack’s tragic story and found out that The Times buried the reason for Jack’s suicide all the way in the 23rd paragraph.


Unz Review:

Finally, in the 23rd paragraph, we get to the reason Jack was bullied:

But in the spring of 2021, a persistent and untrue rumor that Jack was a rapist spread widely throughout the student body and led to cruel comments from some students, according to his parents.

This turned out to be yet another #MeToo hoax. No wonder the New York Times buried that little nugget 23 paragraphs down, when most people had already stopped reading. No doubt, the Lying Times would rather this story be about amorphous and nebulous “bullying” and “mental health.”

Here’s the rest of the story from NYT, buried way down the page:

In September 2021, when he returned to school as a junior, he was nonetheless elected president of Dickinson House, one of the residential houses where the school’s boarding students live. That appears to have increased animosity among some of his classmates and caused the rumor to spread further, his parents said.

A few days after the election, the unfounded rape accusation was posted anonymously to a nationwide, student-run app popular with boarding-school students, Jack’s parents said.

The bullying spread quickly online, his parents said, and at Christmastime, during a secret Santa gift exchange among Lawrenceville classmates, Jack received a rape whistle and a book about how to make friends.

Mr. Reid recalled that his son was hurt deeply, and that when Jack came home for Christmas he seemed withdrawn. “Dad, will this ever go away?” he said his son asked him, “Will it ever get off the website?”

Mr. Reid noted that the in-person bullying at school combined with the power of the internet posting compounded the rumor’s impact.

“We think bullying, with the 1,000 times echo chamber of the internet and everybody knowing, is much more devastating to kids and, in Jack’s case, produced a very impulsive act,” he said. “He had to escape the pain from the humiliation he was feeling.”

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The school failed to take action in a particularly egregious manner; as they seemingly disregarded Jack’s torment and bullying by these #MeToo vultures, and didn’t even bother to follow up with him on what they had uncovered about his innocence:

Early on, with support from his parents, Jack approached school officials and asked them to intervene, leading to a school-led investigation surrounding the bullying and the sexual assault allegation.

The school inquiry found that the claim was bogus, and a classmate involved in spreading the rumors, who was later expelled for an unrelated violation of school rules, was formally disciplined for bullying Jack, according to the school’s statement.

But Lawrenceville never told Jack or his family — or anyone else — that the investigation had concluded that the rumors involving a sexual assault were utterly false.

“There were steps that the school should in hindsight have taken but did not, including the fact that the school did not make a public or private statement that it investigated and found rumors about Jack that were untrue,” Lawrenceville said in the statement. …

But it gets worse, if you can believe it. Some might even argue the school played a significant role in Jack’s suicide:

The school also acknowledged that it had erred more specifically on the night Jack took his life, just hours after the classmate involved in the bullying was formally expelled. Instead of being supervised as he packed his belongings, the boy was permitted to participate in a drawn-out farewell that included a final run around campus and a group photograph. During the gathering, some students also made harsh comments about Jack, inaccurately blaming him for the boy’s expulsion.

“School administrators did not notify or check on Jack,” the school’s statement acknowledged. “That night, Jack took his life, telling a friend that he could not go through this again.”

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There are a lot of people and groups to blame for Jack’s death. The #MeToo movement needs to own up to the damage they’re causing by going after men unfairly, and schools need to start standing up for young guys who are being targeted by these hysterical feminists. If they had done that in Jack’s case, he would still be here today.