Denver Police Stand Down as ‘Antifa’ Paramilitary Forces Attack Michelle Malkin and Peaceful Pro-Police Demonstrators
July 20, 2020 (2mo ago)


Conservative grassroots activist Michelle Malkin and other pro-police protestors were violently attacked by Antifa yesterday at a demonstration in Denver, Colorado.

According to chilling first hand accounts of what transpired, and video footage (much of it shot by Malkin herself), the Denver police stood by and did nothing while the violence occurred. Even Malkin’s private security, for whatever reason, was unable to protect Malkin and her fellow pro-police protestors against baton wielding ANTIFA members.

Pictured: Insane White Female BLM Activist

Here is Malkin discussing the details of the incident on a radio interview with Jeff Kuhner:

Of particular note is timestamp 13:30 where Malkin describes a large female Antifa member brandishing a collapsible baton. Malkin makes reference to certain “tough guy” conservatives who encourage her to bring a weapon as well.

What these “tough guys” don’t understand is that in 2020 America, American patriots demonstrating in favor of the police do not enjoy equal protection under the law compared to violent Antifa paramilitary operatives. Indeed, Malkin points out that unlike the overweight female Antifa member in question, if Malkin had displayed a weapon she would have been arrested and thrown in jail.

The general principle involved is known as “Anarcho-Tyranny.” Antifa and BLM operatives are granted the license to loot, destroy, and visit violence upon ordinary Americans, and the police will look the other way. Yet, the second that ordinary Americans begin to defend themselves, law enforcement, generally at the behest of an Antifa-aligned District Attorney, will throw the full force of the United States Justice system at them. In other words, anarchy and no rules for Antifa, tyranny and maximal restrictions for Americans who dare to resist.

The security forces will allow Antifa to attack Americans, but will arrest Americans who dare to defend themselves.

That is the “rule of law” in 2020 America.

The conclusion near the 16:54 timestamp is especially poignant, with Malkin concluding that one “cannot rely on the police.” The only people who can rely on the police in many of these situations, it seems are the Antifa aggressors themselves.

More video of this incident:

For a shocking visual documentation of just how compromised many of the United States security services are when it comes to Antifa, BLM and its adjacent ideologies, see our collection of photos depicting soldiers, police officers, FBI officials, and other members of the United States security apparatus literally “taking a knee” in support of Black Lives Matter.


As disturbing as this incident is, it is entirely in keeping with our earlier analysis of Antifa:

It is also important to note that despite their [Antifa-style groups] stated self-concept, such groups are NOT truly subversive in the sense of undermining the interests of the ruling class. Middle-class America, and particularly white middle-class America, remains the single force with the expectations and organizational capacity to stand in the way of the corrupt ruling class’ plans for total, full spectrum hegemony over the population. What these groups like BLM and Antifa are doing are increasingly acting as a genocidal paramilitary force on behalf of the corrupt ruling elite to neutralize this last remaining impediment to ruling class control.

These groups are ugly, evil, dangerous, and destructive—but they are NOT fundamentally subversive. The subversive Americans are the emerging elite who dare to speak up against the ruling class and are brutally silenced for it.

Indeed, Antifa is not, properly speaking, a group of violent thugs, and they are certainly not the “university snowflakes” that many delusional but well-meaning conservatives like to dismiss them as. The reality is much darker. Antifa functions as a paramilitary force for the corrupt ruling class that controls the United States of America.

Read our coverage on how Antifa and BLM strategically used “peaceful protestors” to take over Minneapolis. Michelle Malkin was kind enough to mention this Revolver News piece in a recent Newsmax interview.


In an update to this story, the president of the Denver Police Union has now apologized for the anarchy that occurred at the pro-police rally and admitted that they received a stand down order. The stand-down order was presumably given so that the Democratic Party’s paramilitary organization Antifa could be given free reign to shut down the rally and abuse patriotic Americans who oppose their wicked agenda.

Here’s the video confirmation:

For the full interview, see this video:

Nobody should be shocked by this. Antifa is being given free reign for two reasons. One, Democratic leadership is tacitly using Antifa as their paramilitary force against average Americans, whom they view as irredeemably racist. Secondly, conservative institutions are infested with weak boomers who are too weak and scared to stand up to the Democrats, and whose knees buckle at the sound of a group of trustafarian Antifa chanting “Black Lives Matter.”

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20 responses to “Denver Police Stand Down as ‘Antifa’ Paramilitary Forces Attack Michelle Malkin and Peaceful Pro-Police Demonstrators”

    The video could benefit from a narration or captions but in most ways speaks for itself. The footage is evidently from a Chicago police helicopter. The Antifa and allied thugs tried to topple a statue of Christopher Columbus in Chicago’s Grant Park
    Pointed out with a red arrow is a “peaceful protester” donning a standard Antifa (and its prototype, ISIS) “ninja” outfit, and he or someone else scattering projectiles on the ground – there were reports of frozen water bottles hurled at the police – which are on cue picked up and thrown at the police, only a few feet away.
    48 officers were injured, 18 of them requiring hospital treatment.
    The umbrellas – a standard feature now in the “peaceful protests” – are a version of the old Roman testudo (tortoise) formation where soldiers hold their shields above their heads, linked together, to protect them from projectiles (say, police teargas); to hide their identities; and to use the ferules/handles of the umbrellas as weapons as needed. Like they use various collapsible devices as blackjacks.
    The assailants throwing bottles, rods and explosives at the police – besieged and exposed, without shields or body armor – creep under the umbrellas and launch their attacks from there.
    This is how organized and almost military special forces-like the “protesters” are, despite almost all news outlets saying they’re not organized and are “peaceful.”
    Over the past two months George Webb and Sibel Edmonds have pointed out the resemblance of attacks like the above to NATO/Operation Gladio ones in Europe in past decades.
    They most certainly replicate the techniques of the so-called color revolutions in Europe, Asia, the Caucasus, Northern Africa and the Middle East over the last twenty years.

    • US went around the world for 70 years causing unrest and revolutions now it has come home. also most of america cheered the US as it sanctioned south afreaka isolated it and destroyed their economy to allow the senile simpleton mandela and the communists to take over. now it is happening in the US and the US deserves it

    • The police may have gotten their ass handed to them but they still did nothing to stop the violence.

      They should have shot a few as soon as the bottles began to fly and the rest would have scattered. They should have set up road blocks so those trying to escape could have been rounded up and all processed for rioting and assaulting a police officer. No exceptions!

      The ostensible Government is not trying to stop this, they are party to it!!

      A Spectator

      • If 500 Trump supporters show up at, say a statue of some democrat, and tried to take it down the police would have cleaned their clocks.

        Had the same 500 showed up with blood in their eye and defended the statue of Columbus, or Michelle Malkin, the police would have cleaned their clocks.

        They may not be personally on the side of antifa and their ilk, but as a group they are aligned with them.

        Soon they will have to make a decision.

        A Traveler

        • And those MAGA morons would have deserved every bruise, every cracked tooth, every broken bone, and every gun shot wound. Nevertheless, MAGA morons still lick the boots of the police. LOL.

          It’s by the way that the police made their decision when they joined police departments. They chose pay, benefits, pension, authoritarianism, and despotism. In most cases, their excuses included serving, and protecting, and preserving “law and order” (i.e. jurisprudish despotism). Now the useful goons are being reminded for whom they work. Cops who won’t bend the knee are expected to leave so that they can be replaced a few years later by more loyal useful idiots who will be pleased to crack MAGA moron cranium.

          Now, don’t cry and complain like a hypocrite if you are a Christian or a “conservative” who’s been carrying water for corporate capitalism or Israelite supremacism. Christianity, corporate capitalism, and Israelite supremacism (Is. 66:23-24) are factions of police state globalism, so your outburst would be just the tears and wails of a losing faction. No doubt some Crips or Bloods, too, have cried and complained after one of their little battles against each other.


  2. when will the stupid right who worships cops gonna figure out they aint on your side. they are traitors who take orders from white hating communists

    • To most of us this is all on TV.
      The police activity has not noticeably shifted to the point we feel they will not come if called, if not already on a call, or stand by while we are attacked.

      When it begins to hit the small cities and towns, when the victim is known personally or once or twice removed, this will change.

      Right now, for the bulk of America nothing has changed except masks, limited occupancy, and the 6 foot rule. There is defiance to this but not as much as is needed.

      Police friends agree that they will have to also stand down, or be neutralized, to allow the common law abiding to put a stop to this. For the common law abiding will not be bringing a baton and like Quantrill must carry the Black Flag, because this is for all intents and purposes a civil war with antifa and their handlers seeking to gain control over the General Government as well as over the State governments.

      When that happens the useful idiots will be purged along with those opposing the new government.

      The early head of this new government will also be purged, as was Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre near the end of the French Revolution.

      After that, unless Jesus tarries, the intellectual capital and those who crave Liberty before Life gone, America will fade until the army of the north, as in over the pole, come to take possession of the land.


  3. This event is another reminder that cop lovers are authoritarian blockheads and stupid jurisprudes who deserve to be beaten, battered, and broken.

    • So, just how stupid are the blockheads and jurisprudes who wave their pro-cop flags, those ugly gray and white rags with a blue stripe along the middle? This is how stupid:

      “What these ‘tough guys’ don’t understand is that in 2020 America, American patriots demonstrating in favor of the police do not enjoy equal protection under the law compared to violent Antifa paramilitary operatives. Indeed, Malkin points out that unlike the overweight female Antifa member in question, if Malkin had displayed a weapon she would have been arrested and thrown in jail.”

      Now, just where did the cop worshipper flag come from, hmmm? Was it planted among the blockheads and jurisprudes (i) to make them easier to identify, (ii) to intensify their servility toward cops, (iii) and to make the cop worshippers look ridiculous?


      It could all be over within a single synodic period. There are, when last I looked into it, 800k or so cops and similar state goons who protect and serve the ruling class. There are at least ten times as many firearm owners who aren’t allied with the ruling class. So, 10 to 1, at least. Then go after the officer corps of the Pentagon.

      But none of this will happen, for “conservatives” are natural slaves who are just getting what they have coming, what they choose to get, what they need, and what pursued for generations.

      • Just one little correction: The cop lover flag is black black and white! Plus a little bit of blue. LOL.

    • If Police officers want to actually help the American people, they should resign from their job as goons for an irredeemably corrupt establishment and do as much to cripple their departments on their way out.

  4. This is why I do not buy the “support the police” movement. I believe in Law and Order, not thugs willing to eat abuse from those whom their masters say to eat it from, and dish out abuse to those whom their masters would have them dish it. When cops take their oath seriously I respect and support them. When they are the praetorian guard to tyrants and armed backup for the Brown Shirts, I despise them.

  5. When the dollar crashes, and the government can no longer pay the police, they will change sides. Watch them!

  6. America is now a country with state-enforced anarchy and socially enforced totalitarianism. This is a regime every bit as oppressive and abusive as the Soviet Union ever was. The only thing holding America together is the material comforts that came from generations of White male leadership and our insistence on fairness and liberty.

  7. I can’t wait until I get to watch 4K HD footage of these subhumans being murdered in the streets 😀

  8. This is all coming down from the DNC . They think if they do enough disruption against law abiding Americans they will have them fear a vote for Trump in November. It will not work. Deep down a vast majority of Americans support Trump and the Police. Thanks to MIchelle for speaking up and defending the Police.

  9. “Antifa functions as a paramilitary force*for the corrupt ruling class* that controls the United States of America.”

    you mean the socialist progressive marxist democrats.


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