Here’s the Never-Ending List of Why Nikki Haley Would Suck as President
August 27, 2020 (1y ago)

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For some reason, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley was a speaker at the Republican convention on Monday night.

Nobody is fooled by the unified front that Haley’s appearance presents. Haley was not at the RNC to signal her support for the populist agenda that Donald Trump ran on in 2016, and should run on in 2020 as well. She was there to advance her own ambitions, through superficial association with the Trump administration. These ambitions should be checked now. Allowing Nikki Haley to become a leader in the Republican Party would be a return to Bush-era conservatism, defined by idiotic foreign adventures, empowering anti-American megacorporations, and endless capitulation to the left’s inverted moral agenda. And for good measure, we’d still be led by a sleazy politician with a dirty personal life.

Let’s just state it plainly. Haley does not actually support Trump or his agenda in the slightest. If she did, she wouldn’t have compared Trump to mass murderer Dylann Roof back in 2016:

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley again criticized her party’s presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump on Thursday, saying it is rhetoric like his that led Dylann Roof to gun down nine black members of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston last year.

Haley told reporters on Thursday she has been critical of Trump because “I know what that rhetoric can do. I saw it happen,” the Associated Press reports.

Trump, as a major party presidential nominee, has a responsibility to use a more civil and respectful tone, she said. [Newsmax]

Haley sure has come a long way, baby! From saying that Donald Trump’s speeches would cause mass murder, to delivering a speech pushing his reelection. But conservatives should not be won over. Haley has backers, powerful backers, and for some reason she seems to just never go away. It’s not because Haley is a great leader, a political visionary, or a populist. Instead, it’s because she is a favorite choice of the Republican old guard to reclaim “their party,” and keep making the same mistakes of the past.

Here are just a few of the myriad reasons she should never set foot in D.C. ever again.

1. Haley is a Bush-era neocon relic.

It took an iconoclast like Donald Trump in 2016 to say what should have been obvious ten years prior: America’s fetish for invading foreign countries has been catastrophic for our national well-being. The Iraq War was a $2 trillion waste that achieved none of its long-term objectives. The Afghan War has continued for 19 years despite no clear objective at all. These two catastrophic wars are the single biggest indictment of Nikki Haley and the forces supporting her, and the only way to remove that taint from the party is to follow President Trump’s leads and oppose starting new wars.

But Nikki Haley can’t even get that part right.

As U.N. ambassador, Haley stoked conflict with Iran, declaring that it was essential to support Saudi Arabia’s war effort in Yemen because the “fight against Iranian aggression is the world’s fight.” Well no, Nikki, it’s not. It is, at best, Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s fight. The only threat Iran poses to US security interests is the possible risk that we might permanently lose our superpower status fighting a ridiculous and unnecessary war against them.

Haley wasn’t striking a hawkish pose simply because her job in the administration required it. After leaving office, in 2019, she fully bought into hysterical propaganda that the U.S. needed troops in Syria indefinitely, or else Turkey, a U.S. ally, would commit genocide.

Oh no! Our Kurdish allies might not have our backs! What will America do then? Presumably, Haley fears that without Kurdish support, America will lose the war with Russia she seems determined to bring about.

“Russia will never be our friend,” Haley said at an event last October. “We can never trust Russia under any circumstances.”

Haley’s militant attitude immediately won her accolades from war profiteers after leaving the Trump administration. One of her first stops after departing was a seat on the board of Boeing, a top defense contractor.

2. Haley is tough on Tehran, but weak on tech

Iran, Syria, Turkey, and Russia pose virtually no direct risk to the basic liberties of Americans, at least as long as Washington can avoid its absurd impulse to ignite conflicts with them. As far as Americans’ rights are concerned, tech monopolies and global corporate power pose a much greater threat. But while Haley may be fired up at the thought of droning Houthis in Yemen, she is far more passive about taking on Google or Twitter. Just two months ago, Haley aggressively attacked any notion of curbing tech monopolists’ power to strip Americans of their rights.

In other words, too bad! If big tech wants to suppress anti-lockdown videos by doctors, or censor the president, or cut off ad access to conservative sites, or just generally act like the censorious Orwellian tyrants they are, then Nikki Haley has decided there’s just nothing to be done. She’s a conservative, you see, and being a conservative means standing on principle while everything worth conserving is destroyed.

3. Haley has a weak character, giving in to the mob and bowing to political correctness.

In recent weeks, Haley has tried to criticize “cancel culture,” but history shows that when the pressure is most intense, Haley gives in to the left’s demands and bolsters their narratives.

In late May, just as rioters around the country began their work of “peacefully protesting” America’s cities into a pile of ashes, Haley went on Twitter to explain how the drug overdose death of a career criminal needed to be “personal and painful” for all 330 million Americans.

Nikki got her wish, to say the least. George Floyd’s death has been very painful for just about everyone, except a few nihilist extremists, predators, and opportunists on the left. Everybody else gets a burned-out country and politically-motivated race hatred.

It’s easily forgotten now, but Nikki Haley played a direct role in kicking off the Maoist hell-world that is American public life in 2020. After the Charleston church shooting in 2015, Haley immediately capitulated to demands that the Confederate flag be removed from the grounds of the South Carolina capital. Prior to the shooting, and the resulting backlash, Haley had supported the flag.

It doesn’t matter whether you support flying the flag, or oppose it. What does matter is that one’s position should be based on sound principles, and not simply catering to the mob. The notion that the Confederate battle flag had anything to do with the Charleston shooting was ludicrous, and a braver politician would have said so. But Haley is not brave, and she did not say so. The flag came down, and immediately, the precedent was set. Now, violent mobs of savages are tearing down statues all over America, and as anyone could have predicted, they haven’t stopped with Confederates.

4. Haley’s alleged moral turpitude is legendary.

Much has been written about the corrosive moral effect that Donald Trump has allegedly had on American politics. Complaining about Trump’s tone or personal morals has always been a weak ploy, used by a ruling class whose corruption exceeds any moral bounds and who must use personal attacks to deflect from their own incompetence. Consequently, one would presume that the Republican establishment’s standard-bearer would be a beacon of moral righteousness in an increasingly fallen world.

We do not endorse such a cynical and Potemkin view of morality, but for argument’s sake, how does Nikki measure up on this front? Well, she has completely swept credible allegations of extramarital affairs directly under the rug:

In an affidavit released this afternoon by FITSNews’ Will Folks, the controversial blogger and one-time spokesman for Gov. Mark Sanford provides new details about his claims that he had an “inappropriate physical relationship” with GOP gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley.

According to the affidavit, Haley and Folks “shared [their] first kiss while sitting in her parked car outside of MacDougal’s restaurant and bar” in Columbia. The kiss reportedly took place in 2007.

Following the kiss, the pair allegedly drove to a “parking lot behind the neighborhood center at Emily Douglas Park, where [they] parked for approximately 45 minutes. There we slid back the seats of her Cadillac SUV so that Rep. Haley could climb on top of me.”

Folks also claims that following that first encounter, he saw Haley numerous times during Spring 2007, with most of the encounters taking place at his downtown Columbia apartment. He also states that other “romantic encounters occurred in her SUV (including one in the parking lot of the S.C. Policy Council) and in her Statehouse office.”

According to the affidavit, Folks alleges that he and Rep. Haley also went out in public several times and that pair’s relationship was known by a friend.

The FITSNews blogger says that the relationship with Haley ended in June 2007. Previously released phone record from Folks show that he and Haley spoke 17 times between June 2 and Aug. 30. An Aug. 25 incoming call was received by Folks at 2:24 am and lasted 146 minutes. Most of the other calls were made after 10 pm at night. Eleven lasted longer than one hour, with an Aug. 7 call lasting 180 minutes. [Charleston City Paper]

Folks’s allegation wasn’t the only alleged affair in Haley’s life. South Carolina lobbyist Larry Marchant says he and Haley had a one-night stand in Salt Lake City in 2008. Marchant’s allegation can’t be confirmed, but it ultimately brought him no benefit. In fact, it was enormously damaging to both his personal and professional life. Marchant’s wife filed for divorce in 2013, naming Haley as one of three “other women.” Meanwhile, Marchant was fired as the representative of BlueCross BlueShield in South Carolina, and his once-flourishing lobbying operation collapsed.

So that’s Nikki Haley, the woman who wants to be the Republican Party’s 2024 nominee.

Two things are clear: First, she’ll do whatever it takes to get that nomination. Second, conservatives should do whatever it takes to stop her.

The American people deserve a successor to Trump who puts the American people and American interests first, not a stage-managed phony who represents the interests of Big Tech and the Military-Industrial Complex.

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Richard Hines
1 year ago

Fantastic coverage of an overacted bimbo!

1 year ago

Nikki Haley, much like Dan Crenshaw, is nothing more than a stalking horse for the neocons. We need to PURGE THE PARTY. Trump should have cleaned house during year one, instead of hiring retards like Kushner.

Paul Revere
1 year ago

Let all those who had not had an “inappropriate psychical affair” in their life please step forward.Look deep my friends!.I have never read a more sanctimonious hypocritical blather in my life.

1 year ago
Reply to  Paul Revere

Stop airing your personal demons and learn to read. You missed the point: never Trumpers attacked Trump because he wasn’t holy enough. Yet their replacement isn’t any better. That was the material point.

1 year ago

Haley is also a second generation immigrant. Among Christian missionaries there’s the well known phenom of “Third Country Kids”–that kids raised in a foreign culture often encounter personal and mental difficulties. No one in America talks about this because of the “magic dirt” that suddenly turns everyone “American.”

David Farrar
1 year ago

Put this in the back of your file…Nikki Haley isn’t an Art. II, §1, cl. 5 natural-born citizen.

1 year ago

All True; known her for sometime. Plenty more could be added such as her disappearance to India during her campaign to fill her coffers. She and Senator Tim Scott despised Trump (still do). Haley cut deal with Trump to vacate the governorship in favor of Trump’s state campaign chairman McMaster. This deal led her to become U.N. Ambassador which and serves as her launching pad to run in 2024.

8 months ago

she looks like a witch!

8 months ago

With a B!

Kevin Rafferty
8 months ago

She is one.

8 months ago

Grandstadning demon – No Nikki

8 months ago

Who has a nicer chin? Nikki Haley or Ted Cruz?

7 months ago

Ben Sasse 😆

John Mosbrook
8 months ago

No woman should be elected or appointed to government office. They all cheat.

7 months ago

I don’t.

8 months ago

You don't have to worry about neocon Haley every being president, there will never be another GOP president anyway for two reasons…

First of all, at least 20% to 30% of reliable republican voters are done with them specifically and done with voting in general. We will never vote for another GOP candidate and most of that 20% to 30% won't vote anymore at all in any election. I am one of those people as well as all but one of my friends. Most of us even unregistered since there is no reason to have to risk being called for jury duty.

Secondly, they couldn't win national elections anyway. Anyone not aware by now that their vote does not matter and elections are rigged is a special kind of stupid.

Before any of you think all my friends and I are not voting because we are throwing a childish fit, I want you to understand very clearly that we have a reason and a plan.

We are going to intentionally help put dems into full power because for one, they are no worse than the republicans, it is a uniparty of evil people. More importantly, the left will destroy you very quickly and we fully understand most of you won't fight until you have nothing left to lose. So be it. We are going to make certain that happens very quickly. You will soon have nothing left to lose and then you will fight or you will die. We don't really care which.

7 months ago

The American Revolution was based on asserting the power of "We the People" to control the government (an astonishing concept and tremendous blessing by God to the WORLD ever since). We CANNOT give up our PRIVILEGE for voting. It is true that too much of the Republican Party is corrupt.

There is a powerful alternative to NOT voting. It is to "primary" our own candidates and our own representatives. We can choose any of the "Third Parties" to publicize and to rally our forces in a more focused way to draw away support away from the "Uniparty". Even if we don't win any elections, it will have the effect of making them dwindle into minority status. It might lead to the fragmentation of the "Uniparty" into a chaotic mess.

Venezuela is a case in point for NOT allowing the socialist to gain ever increasing power to impose tyranny over the people and to turn us into mindless drones. This will usher in the terrible reality of a thousand year New Dark Age. (and lead to the destruction of 3/4 of the world's population).

6 months ago

To primary an establishment candidate you would have to think that elections are not rigged. Do you think the dems are the only ones who have been rigging elections? Somehow McConnell always creams his primary opponent even though he has an 18% approval rating in his home state. Elections are a sham and you will have no more success at taking out a deep state republican in a primary than you did getting Trump re-elected.

There is a big difference between the US and Venezuela… We are armed to the teeth, the vast majority of the military is on our side and we outnumber the corrupt globalists and their enforcement arm tens of thousands to one.

No sir. You can play along with their little election charade all you want but you are not going to change anything, especially since a good portion of your side is done voting. We will take this nation back but it will not be through voting.

Kevin Rafferty
8 months ago

'Why' she'd suck or 'who'? She has form in that area you know, just like Harris.

8 months ago

"Nikki Haley" haha..her name is Nimrata Randhawa..nothing wrong with that, but why do people come to America, become wealthy and successful…then do everything they can to undermine our country??

7 months ago

I've been wondering the same thing. I work at an academic medical center and the people of Chinese, Armenian, Bosnian and Central American origins all supported Biden and one (Armenian) even said on a Zoom meeting exactly one week before Jan 20 that everything would be fine in one week. It's not looking good folks.

7 months ago

Too late in the game for MS Haley to be trying to fool anyone that matters. As we say in the South she has "stepped in it" by being so harshly critical of Trump. More than anyone else he will determine the future of the Republican party, not MS Haley and her ilk.

7 months ago

These politicians make me sick. They ignore everything that has been said and perpetrated by the Democrats over the last 20 years.

7 months ago

If the RNC's intention is to shove this woman down conservative voter's throats then we need to go ahead and establish a true conservative party today.

6 months ago

You forget the NUMBER ONE reason for #NeverNikki

Haley is a HUGE ZIONIST who put's Israel first and foremost above U.S. interests.

6 months ago

Having a name like "Nimrata Randhawa" is disqualification enough for me.

As if "Barack Hussein Obama" wasn't bad enough.

It turns out, you can judge a book by its cover.

6 months ago

Need a shake up at the RNC. Ronna McDaniel needs to go. Perhaps inserting Trump loyalist Jason Miller. This is a guy who understands DJT totally and what the mission is. Time for the Trump ideologues to push out the riff-raff like Romney and the others who have opposed common sense.

NeoCons need to be purged as well ; (I'm thinking about that putrid Cheney woman from Wyoming) and the never Trumpers like Paul Ryan (a major obstructionist to change, to be sure). And we may as well purge former speaker John Boehner (he's an advocate for smoking dope – not good for my children!)_They all belong in the Wig Party back in 1850. They simply do not possess the imagination for what is happening in the 21st century.

Wm Wallace
6 months ago

Too bad for Nickki – she has shown her cards and she had no principles she stands on. She wouldn't be willing to hang for freedom like our forefathers were during the birth of our nation. That's about where we are headed. So we need a principled leader willing to sacrifice their live, liberty and fortunes, as we do as well, if we are to see our beloved country survive.

6 months ago

She'll be a Democrat in 3 months.

6 months ago

She bent the knee to BLM. Never Nikki!!!

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