Transition Integrity Project: Is this Soros Linked Group Plotting a “Color Revolution” Against President Trump?
September 4, 2020 (1y ago)

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In our previous report on Never Trump State Department official George Kent, Revolver News drew attention to the ominous similarities between the strategies and tactics the United States government employs in so-called “Color Revolutions” and the coordinated efforts of government bureaucrats, NGOs, and the media to oust President Trump.

This follow-up report will focus specifically on how the “contested election scenario” we are hearing so much about plays into the Color Revolution framework — indeed, sowing doubt about the democratic legitimacy of the target and coupling it with calls for massive “mostly peaceful” demonstrations comes straight out of the Color Revolution playbook. And this is precisely the messaging we’ve seen from by those same key players in media, government, and the Democrat Party machine, most prominently from a shadowy George Soros-linked group known as the Transition Integrity Project — more about them soon.

First, a quick note on Color Revolutions. A “Color Revolution” in this context refers to a specific type of coordinated attack that the United States government has been known to deploy against foreign regimes, particularly in Eastern Europe deemed to be “authoritarian” and hostile to American interests. Rather than using a direct military intervention to effect regime change as in Iraq, Color Revolutions attack a foreign regime by contesting its electoral legitimacy, organizing mass protests and acts of civil disobedience, and leveraging media contacts to ensure favorable coverage to their agenda in the Western press.

It would be disturbing enough to note a coordinated effort to use these exact same strategies and tactics domestically to undermine or overthrow President Trump. The ominous nature of what we see unfolding before us only truly hits home when one realizes that the people who specialize in these Color Revolution regime change operations overseas are, literally, the very same people attempting to overthrow Trump by using the very same playbook. Given that the most famous Color Revolution was the “Orange Revolution” in the Ukraine, and that Black Lives Matter is being used as a key component of the domestic Color Revolution against Trump, we can encapsulate our thesis at Revolver with the simple remark that “Black is the New Orange.”

Transition Integrity Project:

So what is the Transition Integrity Project, and what does it have to do with the Color Revolution against Trump? Here is how friendly media outlets represent the Transition Integrity Project and its agenda:

A bipartisan group of about 80 political operatives and academics has been involved in discussions about what could happen if President Donald Trump were to lose the November election and then contest the results, potentially refusing to leave the White House.

The Boston Globe first reported on Sunday that the group of Democrats and Republicans (all of whom oppose the president) convened an online meeting to hash out scenarios as part of what has been called the Transition Integrity Project in June. [Newsweek]

Of course, what they do not say about this ostensibly “bipartisan” group is that its founder, Rosa Brooks, is a long-time close associate of George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. She served both as special counsel to the President at George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and as a Board Member of the Open Society Foundation.

In 2006-2007, Brooks was Special Counsel to the President at the Open Society Institute in New York. Brooks has also served as a consultant for Human Rights Watch… She currently serves on the advisory board of the Open Society Foundation’s US Programs, the advisory board of National Security Action and the board of the Harper’s Magazine Foundation. [Georgetown Law]

Media outlets such as the National Pulse have drawn attention Rosa Brooks’ Soros connections as well as some interesting connections to Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden. It is certainly suspicious that the head of a group claiming to be bipartisan, which runs war games that reinforce the dangerous new talking point that President Trump won’t concede the election, just happens to be linked to George Soros and Joe Biden. To top it all off, Never Trump Russiagate fanatics Bill Kristol and David Frum participated in the study as well. In fact, the entire project appears to be a collaboration between establishment Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans. Shockingly, when anti-Trump Republicans pretended to be him in a simulation, they had him do a bunch of illegal and unconstitutional acts! Wow, what an incredibly revealing simulation!

On the one hand it is tempting to look at this as just another case of Democrat operatives falsely representing themselves as bi-partisan and getting away with it due to a compliant media. There is of course some truth to this, but in a deeper sense this interpretation misses the plot completely. The domestic Color Revolution framework hints at something far more dangerous and sinister. George Soros and his Open Society Foundation have played key roles in the Color Revolutions in Eastern Europe, including the famous Orange Revolution and Euromaidan Revolution in the Ukraine, in which mass demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience were organized in order to overthrow the target regime helmed by Russia-aligned Yanukovich. Setting aside the question of whether the overthrow of Yanukovich was justified or in American interests, what is crucial here is the similarity not only in method but even in vocabulary. Mass demonstrations are part of the Color Revolution playbook, especially when they can incite crackdowns that can then be used as further pretext to escalate demonstrations against the target regime. Notice the vocabulary George Soros’ Open Society Foundation used to describe the Euromaidan protests:

In late November 2013, Ukrainians took to the streets in peaceful protest after then-president Viktor Yanukovych chose not to sign an agreement that would have integrated the country more closely with the European Union….

The International Renaissance Foundation part of the Open Society family of foundations, has supported civil society in Ukraine since 1990. For 25 years, the International Renaissance Foundation has worked with civil society organizations defending human rights and justice, tackling corruption, supporting Ukrainian minorities including Tatars and Roma, pursuing health and education reform, and helping to facilitate Ukraine’s European integration.

The International Renaissance Foundation played an important role supporting civil society during the Euromaidan protests. The foundation ensured that legal aid was made available throughout the crisis to civic activists, protesters, and journalists; supplied victims of violence with medical care; enabled civil society solidarity and organization; supported channels like Hromadske TV in independent, live reporting about events on the Maidan; and documented cases of torture, beatings, and police and courts abuse. [Open Society Foundation]

This description of the Euromaidan Color Revolution by Brookings Institute scholar Steven Pifer is worth noting:

February 21 marks the sixth anniversary of the end of Ukraine’s Maidan Revolution. Three months of largely peaceful protests concluded in a spasm of deadly violence. President Victor Yanukovych fled Kyiv and later Ukraine, prompting the Rada (Ukraine’s parliament) to appoint acting leaders pending early elections. [Brookings Institute]

Prior to his post at Brookings, Steven Pifer was of course an Ambassador to Ukraine under President Obama. And, of course, he was actively involved in promoting the failed Ukraine-themed impeachment attempt against President Trump.

It’s important to look at the context of what was happening between the U.S. and Ukraine on July 25, Pifer told McFaul. For one thing, Trump had put nearly $400 million in military aid for Ukraine on hold before the call took place. In addition, the two countries were in the midst of planning a meeting between the two leaders at the Oval Office at the time.

“Those are big things for Zelensky, particularly at the beginning of his term in office,” said Pifer, who is a William J. Perry fellow at the Center for International Security and Cooperation. “If he can show that he delivers on the assistance and also on the photo op with the American president — that looks really good at home. And it’s also a good message to send to the Russians: ‘I’ve got a relationship with the Americans.’” [Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies]

Pifer’s interlocutor here, McFaul, just happens to have been the Senior Ambassador to Russia under Obama during the period of the Maidan protests. McFaul is yet another Color Revolution specialist who played an active role promoting the impeachment of President Trump. In fact, after Revolver’s story exposing State Department official George Kent, McFaul took to Twitter to denounce the term “color revolution” in favor of the more palatable “democratic breakthrough.”

McFaul’s Color Revolution bona fides are so substantial he literally wrote the book on it. He is one of two editors of a series of essays “Revolution in Orange” about the Orange Color Revolution in Ukraine.

The dramatic series of protests and political events that unfolded in Ukraine in the fall of 2004—the “Orange Revolution”—were seminal both for Ukrainian history and the history of democratization. Pro-Western presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko was poisoned with dioxin, an industrial pollutant that left him weakened and horribly disfigured. When this assassination attempt failed, the Kremlin-backed ruling party resorted to voter intimidation and massive electoral fraud to win the runoff election. Supporters of Yushchenko responded with a series of strikes, sit-ins, and marches throughout Ukraine. Thanks in large part to this peaceful revolution, the election results were annulled. [Amazon]

Does this plot sound familiar?

Of course this Color Revolution book received a nice blurb by none other than George Soros himself.

Keen observers of the recent transition, Aslund and his coauthors write with authority about the challenges and opportunities Ukraine faces today. Drawing on broad experience in the region, they examine the situation through a comparative lens. This book should be read carefully by students and policy makers alike.”

—George Soros, Chairman, Open Society Institute

We can start to get a sense that a curiously high percentage of key Trump opposition figures, especially those involved with the impeachment of the President, have or have had some kind of professional role overseeing Color Revolutions in Eastern Europe. The people most viciously and effectively targeting Trump today are regime change professionals of the Color Revolution variety, whose preferred playbook involves a combination of attacking the legitimacy and electoral integrity of their target, mobilizing mass demonstrations of “mostly peaceful protesters,” and using any effort to crack down on said protests to further escalate the offensive against the target regime.

Here is a passage from one of the key books on Color Revolutions, literally called “The Playbook.” The reader may find some of the highlighted passages relevant to the domestic situation unfolding before our eyes.

Here is another passage:

The author of this book, conveniently titled “The Democracy Playbook” just happens to have also participated in the Transition Integrity Project.

Now that we are armed with the Color Revolution framework, and the specific role that electoral legitimacy plays in that model, we are in a strong position to evaluate the true agenda behind the Transition Integrity Project’s “War Game” scenario suggesting that Trump won’t concede the election. The title of Rosa Brooks’s Washington Post piece is suggestive, prompting us to wonder whether it is a prediction or a threat: “What’s the Worst that Could Happen: The Election Will Likely Spark Violence and a Constitutional Crisis:”

A landslide for Joe Biden resulted in a relatively orderly transfer of power. Every other scenario we looked at involved street-level violence and political crisis.

Translation: vote for Biden, or else.

Soon, Attorney General William P. Barr opens an investigation into unsubstantiated allegations of massive vote-by-mail fraud and ties between Democratic officials and antifa. In Michigan and Wisconsin, where Biden has won the official vote and Democratic governors have certified slates of pro-Biden electors, the Trump campaign persuades Republican-controlled legislatures to send rival pro-Trump slates to Congress for the electoral college vote.

Translation: despite severe problems with mail in voting, any effort by the Justice Department to ensure the integrity of a mass mail-in system will be interpreted in advance as part of an authoritarian coup on the part of Trump. In other words, if Trump takes any reasonable measures to prevent the Color Revolution coup against him, he will automatically be acting in an authoritarian manner justifying said Color Revolution against him. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

In every exercise, both teams sought to mobilize their supporters to take to the streets. Team Biden repeatedly called for peaceful protests, while Team Trump encouraged provocateurs to incite violence, then used the resulting chaos to justify sending federalized Guard units or active-duty military personnel into American cities to “restore order,”

Translation: No matter how violent these “peaceful protests” become, any effort by Trump to establish authority will be used to confirm the pre-determined conclusion that he is an authoritarian and that extraordinary measures must be taken to remove him from office.

Social media platforms can commit to protecting the democratic process, by rapidly removing or correcting false statements spread by foreign or domestic disinformation campaigns and by ensuring that their platforms aren’t used to incite or plan violence.

Translation: Social media must be fully censored leading up to the election. Facebook is already doing its part, for instance, by aggressively censoring any mention of Kyle Rittenhouse that suggests he acted in self-defense (he did).

When people unite to demand democracy and the rule of law, even repressive regimes can be stopped in their tracks.

Trump’s is a “repressive regime” and therefore extraordinary measures usually reserved for repressive regimes overseas–namely, color revolutions–are justified to prevent him from taking office. Note that this sentiment was echoed explicitly in a similar “roundtable” discussion on the election done by the New York Times a little over a week ago. One of the contributors, Jamelle Bouie, spelled it out quite explicitly:

I think the Democratic party and its affiliated institutions and organizations need to be prepping basically a defense of ballot counting, sort of a nationwide effort to stop that tampering. I think there needs to be plans for protests and demonstrations. This is going to sound very hyperbolic, but I think that we have to think of the task of getting Trump out as less of a traditional democratic transition and more of something akin to pushing an authoritarian regime out. [New York Times]

One does not “vote out” an authoritarian regime, or they are not authoritarian. Dictatorships are only overthrown, and Bouie’s statement is an explicit call to do exactly that.  The actually-peaceful process of voting must be supplemented–or supplanted–with “mostly peaceful protests” if the result isn’t correct. Which leads us to the next passage from Rosa Brooks:

Mass mobilization is no guarantee that our democracy will survive — but if things go as badly as our exercises suggest they might, a sustained, nonviolent protest movement may be America’s best and final hope.

Translation: Just in case Biden isn’t able to win fair and square, they have introduced a mail-in voting system that dramatically increases the likelihood of some type of contested election scenario. If that occurs, the outcome of the election will no longer be in the realm of democratic choice, where perhaps the forces against Trump have a disadvantage. Instead, the election becomes an issue of sustained mass mobilization of demonstrators capitalizing on every opportunity for escalation, a full court press by media demonizing every effort by Trump to restore order as authoritarian, and a transmission of the electoral process to court battles which disadvantage Trump.

There is of course one scenario, a very dark one, that remains unexplored. If the Color Revolution against Trump frames him as an authoritarian unwilling to leave office, the only alternative is to remove him by force. Both Al Gore and Joe Biden have already taken the extremely irresponsible and dangerous step of floating a military role in removing Trump should their Color Revolution not turn out the way they plan.

If Trump lost the election but refused to accept the results, Gore said he believes the military would intervene. He noted that under the parameters of the Constitution, Trump’s last day in office is Jan. 20, 2021. [Fox News]

So they are setting things up in such a way as to almost ensure that a clear winner will not exist on Election Day, and framing any refusal of President Trump to concede as grounds for military removal. This final stage of the Color Revolution is something that Rosa Brooks of the Transition Integrity Project has entertained for quite some time. The following excerpt is from a piece Rosa Brooks wrote shortly after the 2016 election, suggesting a fourth way to remove Trump from office before 2020.

The fourth possibility is one that until recently I would have said was unthinkable in the United States of America: a military coup, or at least a refusal by military leaders to obey certain orders. [Foreign Policy]

And this is how the Color Revolution operation against Trump and by extension against all of his supporters evidently concludes—with the possibility of a military coup.

After 2016, a critical mass of ruling class factions in the national security apparatus, state bureaucracies, Big Tech, and media decided that they would never allow the American people to meddle in their own elections again. And as a result of this contempt for the will of the people, our country is closer to an existential crisis than it has been at any period since the Civil War.

In an age of mandated masks there is one metaphorical mask that is slipping—that is the mask of pretty illusions that covered up the true nature of the American power structure with phrases like “liberal democracy.”  As this mask slips and we confront both the face and the fist of evil, we must do everything in our power to prevent the complete transformation of this country into the brutal, soulless tyrannies our would be overlords imagine for us and our posterity.

Stay tuned for more explosive coverage of this attempted Color Revolution. Much more to come.




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James Cagney
1 year ago

Brilliant Article; I print it off and posted it in my staff room. Hopefully some will read it before it gets pulled down. One will be a start. This is one of the best examples of the biblical saying “ the truth shall set you free”.

Sean D
1 year ago

America is a constitutional republic—not a democracy and for this very reason. We don’t want a tyranny of the majority.

Neils Clausen
1 year ago
Reply to  Sean D

The point is that “the few” are attempting to rig, the process that makes it a Republic. The Coup is not leaving out, a state by state; take over of the electoral members and extorting them into casting their votes for the loser.

Dimitri Makedonski
1 year ago

You will never have your Judeo-Communist revolution in America. In this country, we don’t accept facism nor communism. You love censorship and you support cold blooded murderers, labeling this website a “nazi” website. LOL! If you hate America, leave for Israel.

1 year ago

If you want to commit a crime and get away with it, a very good way is to disguise it as a “response” to a fabricated “crime” that you made up.

The holds true with coups.

1 year ago

Where is the supreme court in all this mess, do they not have a big role in this to protect the American people from this commie trying to steal the election.

Madam De Choyo
1 year ago

Brilliant, insightful, and frightening article. I fear our only hope is that the silent majority is large enough in November that the ballot fraud by Dems and liberals can be overcome.

They will, lie, cheat and manipulate… that is a given. Hopefully the silent majority powers through to a victory in both the House control and Presidency.

Vote, vote, vote. If possible, vote in person. MDC

Christian Erik Prince
1 year ago
Reply to  Madam De Choyo

The Only Way We Can Win This Is By Voting Republican At EVERY LEVEL, STATE, COUNTY,CITY, GOVERNOR, MATOR, ETC, Then They Will Know There Is NO WAY They Can Pull This Off With The Presidency But I Think Trump Is Way Ahead Of Them, I Think Something Is In Place Or In The Works That Stops Or Makes It Impossible, Just Like Trump Has Done At All Their Attempts Over The Last 4 Years!
I Think Trump Is Way Ahead Of Their Game, We Just Don’t Know It Yet And Neither Do They!

1 year ago

MFR died like a rabid dog. Good riddance.
This carefully baked criminal pie is coming undone. The traitors will be crushed.
Soros is and has always been a destroyer,
a nazi collaborator and an angry little piece of shit.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

Jewish “Professor”, there are plenty of Marxists on your side like BLM and Farrakhan lovers who absolutely hate Jews and wish them dead. I notice the schizoid behavior of many American jews who don’t even understand the insufferable contradiction of fighting for the Left and the many on the Left who hate jews and blame jews for all of the world’s woes.
Israeli jews actually understand this and that is why they love Trump and are conservative themselves.
Many American Jews are too neurotic and confused to get that point.
And, using that old, tiresome hate speech slamming anybody who doesn’t agree with the Left as “Nazi’s” is full of irony, since the true FASCISTS are the Marxists, Communists, Anarchists of the Left who are trying to destroy America.
The Left tries to intimidate and persecute Americans with terrorist true Red Guard tactics that would impress Stalin himself. Using the “Nazi” and “Race” card to try and make decent Americans fearful will only backfire and you Leftists will realize this on election day.
You want Reinoehl to “RIP”? I’m pretty sure he isn’t resting easy since he is probably strung up
in the darkest corner of hell.
You should feel comforted by that since many on your side will be joining him shortly.

1 year ago

The “color revolution” began when Hillary gave her concession speech. If possible, go back and look at pictures of Hillary, Bill, and other campaign staffers. Note that there is a lot of the color purple in those images. I thought it was odd, then.

Atomic Hillbilly
1 year ago
Reply to  BubblePuppy7

I noticed it too.
I remember wondering if it wasn’t some some sort of signal to their fellow travelers…

1 year ago
Reply to  BubblePuppy7

So true, I just went back and watched her speech and there was purple everywhere. No I remember thinking what is with all the purple…what does that mean… ugh

1 year ago
Reply to  BubblePuppy7

Interesting, Hillary’s concession speech Nov. 9, she wore a purple suit.

Atomic Hillbilly
1 year ago

An excellent analysis (confirmation) of what those of us who were paying attention already suspected.

The “Arab spring” was also manipulated using similar methods.

Devin Mccallister
1 year ago

Perfectly executed troll with expected reaction. Respect the lol-harvesting. Btw guys, you just fed it, this troll is probably idealogically agnostic too. *pats troll

Turd Burglar
1 year ago

Maybe he’s just a turd burglar.

Pierre Danger
1 year ago

The left is treasonous, evil, and must be stopped.

Christian Erik Prince
1 year ago
Reply to  Pierre Danger

Like I Have Been Saying, American Was Infiltrated By The ENEMY For 8 Years By Barack Hussein Obama!
If People Truly Understand What Obama Planted In Their Suburbs, Cities, Town, States, Etc, The Fear That Would Come Over The American People Would Be Off The Rails! I Don’t They Could Handle It!

Think Back To When President Trump Looked Straight In The Camera At A Press Conference And Pointed His Finger And Said~ “I Will NEVER Forgive Obama For What He Has Done, NEVER!”

Pierre Danger
1 year ago

Shut up, commie scum. Traitor. Pig.

1 year ago

I believe one of the “closer ties with Europe” details that Yanukovych didn’t like was that the volume of Russian oil transiting the pipeline running through the Ukraine would be taxed at various points with the proceeds going to the European Union. Funny how that rubbed those cockroaches the wrong way.

Clown Fish
1 year ago

Lol Rot in pieces commie scum.

1 year ago

Going to grab a Taurus before the Civil War starts Nov 4th, look out liberal polis, your 3rd coup attempt will be your last, once the war becomes official. There are no amount of private security that’ll save you, and there’s no island or bunker or other you’ll be able to hide. So check your last moral fiber and see if this is really what you want?

1 year ago
Reply to  Hawaiiguy


1 year ago

I understand the anger, moving forward…what can we do to counter this… is this even legal and under the constitution?

Eric Blair
1 year ago

Looks like a great site and look forward to supporting the site & promoting great articles.

You may want to consider turning off the comments on articles.

I suspect trolls will attempt to frame the site as a fascist, NAZI, white supremacists….. etc by clogging the comment section with extremists comments…

Kim Cain
1 year ago

Obama campaign 2008 actually won an award from some color revolution outfit.

1 year ago

They have gotten Trump to support in Venezuela exactly what they plan to do to him. They will claim that, like Maduro, he is not rightfully elected president. In supporting Maduro’s overthrow he is supporting his own. Ukraine is a good example and maybe trial run for what they plan on doing to remove Trump.

Christian Erik Prince
1 year ago
Reply to  SpiritMatter

What People Are Failing To Understand Is That It’s NOT “Trump” They Are Trying To Overthrow


They Are Trying Take AMERICA Away From “We The People”
If They We Let Them, ISIS Takes Over The Streets Of America!

It Doesn’t Matter Who Is Running For President, If It Isn’t Who “They Want”, So They Can Take AMERICA Away From Us, This Is Their Plan!

In Other Words If Every American Doesn’t Fight Back They Will WIN!

We HAVE To Vote Out Every Democrat At Every LEVEL Of Our Government, Local, State, Etc.

‘Tis me
1 year ago

This article about Rosa from 2017 is a good one. Remove space after the //


John Berggreen
1 year ago

Glenn Beck TV, The Blaze ” reported on this scenario over a year ago.

Tammy K Wapshott
1 year ago

Such an enlightening article. This needs to posted everywhere

Steven E Roberts
1 year ago

This is the point 🙁

1 year ago

you for this information 🙏

1 year ago

So, the corrupt side is planning to just put President Trump away? Even though, he’s been voted in legally and more Americans want HIM AND NOT BIDEN?
Is this the way America is going to turn?? To just, bend over and take it and become a country of nothing like the other countries that have succumbed to illegal and dirty ways.

1 year ago

We have to get information out to the ppl. One thing I’ve discovered is they don’t really think this could happen in USA especially by other citizens. Very wrong. Some are strong conservatives but need to be spoon fed at least until the fully understand what’s really happening.

1 year ago

What if Trump is doing a Color Revolution on the Democrats?

1 year ago

Revolver deserves more exposure. This is more thoughtful than anything in the likes of the Atlantic.

Jeffrey Allen
1 year ago

F___ the idiots Biden,Pelosi,Schumer ,Swallowell, Sherman,Schitt,Nadler, AOC,(F__) and so many more! God bless america and f___ these idiots!

Mr. Truth
1 year ago

Why hasn’t Trump squashed any of these people including Soros? I would have. Trump could have the Navy Seals take out Soros with ease. Why are any of these people still breathing? Bush, Clinton and Obama know how to take out their enemies. Why not Trump? He can freeze assets and lock people up in Guantanamo Bay, why not? Because if criticism? Who cares? The others did it.

Peter Szabo
1 year ago
Reply to  Mr. Truth

I agree completely. Trumps lack of any meaningful actions against his presidency has me very concerned. I especially cannot find any meaningful reasons why he never cleaned out all of the traitors mentioned in this article. Surely he must by now have the same information we have but he continues to leave these traitors in key positions of government. The entire past 6 months has been most troubling and I fear it is either too late to make any meaningful changes or POTUS has been drugged to think he can actually win re-election by simply sitting back and watching his pointless daily briefings? I fear we have been duped or that POTUS is truly delusional?

Theresa Healy
1 year ago

Very good article Dan bongino led me to read it. This is quite disturbing.

1 year ago

Retired General Staley Allen McChrystal has as his last assignment, Commander of International Security Assistance Force, ISAF, on his resume’. IASF was established by the United Nations Security Council (he, the Commander of, as a UN man). In Afgahanistan, IASF main purpose was to “assist Afghanistan in rebuilding key government institutions”. His experience mystically qualifies him to quel insurrection in a violence torn nation (USA) from “election fraud” during the “rebuilding key government institutions”. Just perfect. That is what will be sold.

1 year ago

We need to pray for Trump and this upcoming election, prayer works!
God bless America 🇺🇸

Alisa Portland
1 year ago

What a brilliant readacross from seemingly forgotten, provincial news events of 2004, 2014.
I failed to note the likes of Ashton(E.U), and McCain(US) in Ukraine, and it didn’t occur to me that these ex Soviet places turn out to be battle practice for the Swamp Monsters , much as Afghanistan and Kosovo were testing theatre for I.S terrorists on their return.
This article is brilliant, explains so much. Thank you, have made extensive notes and will stay informed.

Cleona Harrot
1 year ago

Brilliant and scary. What’s the average 65+ retirey to do. They’ve shut down the church by Supreme court… can’t even gather to pray and this is the key. Only God can save us from “the rath to come” . Pilgrim’s Progress
Thank you for your article.
C Harrot,

1 year ago

It is time for a counter-terrorism team to be authorized under presidential executive order. The team will be charged with bringing forward the networks that have been allowed to fester within the federal bureaucracy with the goal of harming and eventually destroying this country. There is no doubt the search will lead back to George Soros, and maybe a couple of other funders. When the list is complete, the conspirators should be captured and tried for sedition and treason. It is time that the enemies of liberty should be hanged or sentenced to long prison time, which will include hard labor.

1 year ago
Reply to  RightStuff1944

George Soros is a real life Bond villain – we need a 007 to handle him.

Dupree's Diamond Blues
1 year ago

This site is so far excellent with truthful investigative journalism, unlike the propaganda published by legacy media outlets. What your readers fail to realize is that the coming ” color revolution” is a foregone conclusion. No matter how many Americans (and I do believe that the majority will) vote for president Trump, these deep state, unaccountable, nameless beauracrats will subvert the election and install Biden. They would not be out in the open talking about it unless it was too late to stop it. The information that they’ve “allowed” to leak out now has a purpose. To make sure some small percentage of Trump supporters know the truth and will react accordingly, thus propagating the violence and turmoil they need while adding up enough mail-in, fraudulent ballots to install Biden. Without reaction from our side, they do not get Trump supporters fighting leftists in the streets, which is key to sow confusion and forces POTUS Trump to react and declare a state of emergency (i.e., martial law, the insurrection act, etc.), which allows them to declare that his is in fact a tyrant, we told you so, we’re justified, etc.

What really disgusts me, and breaks my heart, is that our republic is a mirage, in that it does not really exist. Since before the 2016 election, a cabal of unelected, unaccountable, permanent, ruling class government workers in the 3 letter agencies tried repeatedly to subvert the will of the electorate and remove a duly elected president of the United States through espionage, lies, and abhorrent, unamerican behavior. The government was weaponized against said elected president, and effectively against his supporters to subvert the democratic process and the constitution, which is supposed to guide these people’s every action. Despite all the evidence now out in the open; which, mind you, includes irrefutable evidence that members of intelligence, the DOJ, the FBI, and both political parties, including the entire senate select committee on intelligence plotted and attempted a coup; to date exactly one person (Kevin Clinesmith) has been held accountable for it, despite 4 years fake investigations that really served to obfuscate the truth, cover up the illegality, and protect the government institutions and actors who participated.

Unfortunately, the reality is that we have a permanent ruling class in this country unaccountable to the American people or constitutional constraint. They are no longer even trying to pretend otherwise. The unprecedented power grab over the overinflated corona virus proves the point. Until Americans stop worrying less about their empty-headed, middle class lifestyles and latest shiny baubles, and start to care about their Liberty and God-given rights, nothing will change except more people will accept tyranny as the order of the day.

Dawn Gowery
1 year ago

Thank you for your article. It connected many dots. I would ask if you would proof your writing. If I show this to a highly educated independent they will pick out the small discrepancies, which then blinds them to the point of the article.

Those of us that have lived through the sixties realize that Marxist groups are very cunning in using language. That they make a bad word good and a good word bad. They refer to and use the word democracy in their rhetoric to confuse Ignorant citizens. I also think many middle age professionals in America think an overthrow of govt. would never happen here. I believe having us wear masks is a form of slavery.

Robert Scroggins
1 year ago

As A Patriot , And Informed Voter , I’ve Sensed Something More Sinister Than Simple Democracy At Work . Ever Since Trump Announced There’s Been A Feeling That The Deep State Was Out To Destroy His Presidency By Any Means Possible . One Attack After Another . I’m Also Aware That George Soros Has A History Of Backing , Funding , And Destroying . I’ve Read Cloward & Piven , Saul Alinsky , And Seen Articles That If You Connected The Dots Gives Credence To This Excellent Piece By REVOLVER . We Are Headed For A Violent Post Election If Trump Wins , And Clearly A CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS . I Know People Like Me, Freedom Loving Patriots Will Stand And Defend Our Country Against All Enemies Both Foreign And Domestic . GOD HELP US .

1 year ago

I knew they were entertaining a color revolution when Bill and Hill came out day after election to concede wearing matching purple tie and Hillary’s purple lapels…it was on😳

Charles Buckley
1 year ago

In other Revolver articles, you refer to “The Playbook.” Yet here, when you cite it, it’s “the Democratic Playbook.” Written as such, the measures outlined to be carried out against ‘illiberal regimes’ seem perfectly reasonable. But I’m not really aware of any democratic backsliding in the US (apart from Democratic attempts to open borders and give aliens the vote). So perhaps you’d get further by representing what’s going on as an abuse of tactics perfected for combatting illiberal regimes. That way, you’re not putting the legitimacy of the whole US intelligence operation in question, to the extent that they refrain from using these tactics on democratic regimes.

Matt Andersson
1 year ago

Excellent journalism. May I point out that such internal, domestic “revolutions” go back quite some time in US history, and even in the 20th century involved at least two, successfully executed; in the 21st, one to date. Moreover, the next logical question of course is judicial, as this is not a revolution per se, but either domestic terrorism, and/or insurrection and constitutionally invoking and demanding, prosecution. It is otherwise reported with a certain conformity to mere media controversy, when it is potentially creating a cause in the relevant Articles, and Act, with criminal, state and capital consequences. So: will the executive office, congress and DOJ actively assert the Constitution, or will this mature into crisis?

1 year ago

Just one important detail being ignored by our rainbow revolutionaries: these tactics only work in societies where democracy is absent and the revolution is to usher in democracy and freedoms. What we’re experiencing is not a color revolution, it’s a revolution that’s unable to tread water let alone swim ashore. These tactics are not useful when you’re goal is take away democracy and freedoms, which is exactly what they’re trying to do. The term “backfire” describes an explosive result which is the opposite of what was intended when the device was fired. Using these tools for the opposite end of what they were intended for results in “backfire”.

1 year ago
Reply to  TexasJack

If you look at the Maidan revolution you would realise you are mistaken in assuming that this only works where democracy is absent and that the goal is introducing democracy. Yanuchovich was democratically elected and had even signed up for a orderly transition. Both the German and French foreign ministers consigned on that and subsequently turned their back on it when only a few days later the mass shooting on Maidan prevented exactly that orderly transition precisely to prevent a new election which could not have been won by the puppet regime Nuland and the US ambassador arranged for. Of course the thus disenfranchised mostly Russian speaking in thr East objected and requested more autonomy only. Right after Brennan’s routine visit in April 2014 the ATO (Anti Terrorist Operation) started a civil war against the east Ukraine. The EU with its European Neighborhood Policy exploited this coup to get this US installed puppet regime to sign the EU Association Agreement reducing Ukraine to a dependendent non EU member state halving its GDP over the next two years.

1 year ago
Reply to  JPHR

Stop lying! The war in East Ukraine was provoked by Russia and Anti Terrorist Operation started AFTER russian troops invaded Eastern Ukraine. Yanukovich was Putin’s puppet and FSB agent. Nobody suppressed russian speaking population in Ukraine. I grew up there speaking russian only and was never given any hard time for that.

Terry Maxwell
1 year ago

Thanks for your excellent insight!

James Nix
1 year ago

TransitionIntegrityProject=Imagine back when the GHWBush guys, like Oliver North, were looking for the best transshipment point to bring in endless tonnages of Colombian Cocaine to crackify the ghetto, at a time in history where most goons (and Eugenicists), were Right-Wingers, and this pilot turns em all on to the little airstrip town of Mena, Arkansas. Lo and behold the AK Governor has ZERO scruples and his freakishly ambitious wife, who once lawyered around that Watergate toxic stew, would stop at nothing to make Bill a NATIONAL Candidate for Office….. so – A deal went down that layed the foundation for the gradual transformation of the CIA (and the DOJ!! and the Top Brass!!) from Rightwingers to outright Lefties in just two decades, following the Right Wing boys last successful op. (9/11 anyone). Now the left embodies evil as GLOBALISTS who despise Populism… Color Revolutions never fail – we are in deep trouble…..

David Martin
1 year ago

1 year ago

“Transition Integrity Project”? Now there is a good one. It is not against Trump. It is against humanity.

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