Declassified Military Report Exposes Hidden Links Between Wokeness and The American Regime
November 29, 2021 (2mo ago)

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A spectre is haunting America — the spectre of “wokeism.” Seemingly out of nowhere, a mass “woke” hysteria of racial and gender grievance has come not only to dominate, but to define every single major institution in the country. Wokeness is so deeply ingrained in our body politic that even its detractors can easily underestimate the extent and nature of its influence.

In a popular discussion between Glenn Greenwald and Revolver’s Darren Beattie, Beattie suggests that there is an important relationship between wokeness and how the United States projects power internationally. According to this view, wokeness is not merely some extraneous ideological nuisance sitting on top of an otherwise non-woke military and national security apparatus. On the contrary, wokeness is more essentially connected to the specific manner in which the United States exercises its power and influence domestically and overseas:

As explained above, when the US government wants to destabilize a target institution or regime it typically resorts to the following formula:

  • identify and inflame ethnic or gender tensions in target regime
  • leverage NGOs and civil-society groups to mobilize mass protests on basis of such tensions
  • leverage local and international media to cover protests and further inflame tensions

As it so happens, an interesting example of precisely this formula appears in a recently published document discussing the capabilities and practices of Army special operations and psychological warfare units. The document in question is an unclassified white paper for 1st Special Forces Airborne Command (SFAC) titled “A Vision for 2021 and Beyond.” The SFAC motto “First to Observe, First to Influence, First to Compete,” sums up its primary purpose: influencing target populations through psychological operations and infiltrating local populations.

The Army’s special warfare teams boasts of being “masters of the art of resistance” who use a combination of Civil Affairs offices to work with civil society groups to legitimize or delegitimize preferred political groups, along with information warfare to make target populations desire to mobilize for or against the preferred political group.

From the SOC handbook:

As masters of the art of resistance, Army Special Operations Forces work with partners to anticipate, prepare for, and defeat threats ranging from insurgencies to occupying foreign powers. To accomplish this, Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations, and Special Forces conduct activities to support or defeat resistance movements.

The Special Forces Airborne Command is kind enough to present a hypothetical example of what their operations look like in action, in what is surely the most interesting part of the entire white paper.

Set in the fictional African nation of Naruvu, the vignette begins with civil affairs soldiers on their way to meet a local official noticing signs advertising a Chinese infrastructure project. Alarmed at the prospect of Chinese infrastructure development in a strategic port city, the soldiers transmit information about the building project to the Fort Bragg psychological warfare team, which then goes on to develop a plan to “converge SOF capabilities on the problem.” Their plan is as follows:

Relying on civil-economic information provided by the CMSE, the IWC’s approach empowered IWTF’s, in coordination with the JIIM, to enflame long-standing friction between Naruvian workers and Chinese corporations. Within days, protests supported by the CFT’s ODA, erupted around Chinese business headquarters and their embassy in Ajuba. Simultaneously, the IWC-led social media campaign illuminated the controversy to a global audience.

Immediately we see key elements of the tried and true soft-power regime change playbook of the US government. Identify and inflame ethnic tensions, leverage civil society NGOS to effect mass protests, and use media assets (including social media) amplify said protests and grievances. Of course, no US government operation would be complete without either misattributing or mysteriously discovering incriminating weapons stashes.

One week later, Naruvian security forces discovered an illegal weapons cache which it traced back to a subsidiary of the construction company. To further investigate the matter, they partnered with 3rd SFG (A)’s Hard Target Defeat Company (HTD) to surveil the construction company’s headquarters. Enabled by the HTD, Naruvian security forces accessed the building and, while searching it, recovered blueprints for the proposed port facility.

Naruvu sent the recovered blueprints to DIA analysts who identified plans for concrete footings specifically designed for CSA-9 surface-to-air and DF-25 shore-to-ship missiles. These missiles, if emplaced in Naruvu, would challenge America’s air and sea lanes across the Atlantic. Armed with this information, the US Ambassador explained if China emplaced those weapons at the port, Naruvu would become a strategic target and potential war zone between great powers. China’s true intent illuminated, the Naruvian government seized the Chinese-purchased land.

One more victory for the good guys! While the vignette provided here is of course fictional, it reflects a very standard operating procedure for US government operations overseas. As Beattie mentioned in the interview with Greenwald above, we see a very similar pattern in terms of how the US and US-aligned interests identify and exacerbate ethnic and gender cleavages in China with Uyghurs, in Malaysia with Rohingya, and in Belarus, Ukraine and other Eastern European theaters with aggravation of gay rights and women rights issues.

Western media was sure to amplify and support women’s mass protest movements, for instance, in its recent spat with Russia-aligned geopolitical rival Belarus.

If the prominent use of women as demonstration props seems familiar, it’s because US-government and US-government linked Non-Governmental organizations (NGO)s  have explicitly identified tactical “feminism” as a leverage point in undermining target regimes. Here’s one such acknowledgement from the German Marshall Fund, a key node in the State Department-linked NGO Axis:

First, the EU must end its geopoliticking in Belarus. Rather than pretending that its recent warming of ties with the Lukashenko regime has bolstered the country’s sovereignty, the EU must return to putting its fundamental values front and center. For as long as democracy and human rights are trampled by the government in Minsk, there can be no continued, much less deepened, political engagement.

Second, Europe must immediately demonstrate its solidarity with the people of Belarus. Thousands have fallen victim to political repression and police violence. They urgently need legal assistance, material and medical help, and rehabilitation. A generous solidarity package for Belarusian democrats, civil society, independent media, and engaged citizens should be launched instantly.

Third, the EU should strategically direct its assistance at Belarusian society. Long-term programs to support young people and students, European education, independent media, free entrepreneurship, women political engagement, civil-society development, and cross-border contacts are needed.

Insofar as wokeness serves as an ideological vehicle with which to identify and inflame ethnic and gender grievances, it is tremendously useful — even integral — to America’s influence strategies overseas. In the wake of the twin disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan, the American public has little to no appetite for major boots-on-the-ground military operations. Partly out of political necessity, then, the United States is forced to lean yet more heavily on its alternative “soft power” option to achieve regime change and influence as described above. Why send boots on the ground at all when you can employ psychological warfare to inflame ethnic and sectarian tensions, leverage NGOs and civil society groups to incite massive protests based on those grievances, and call upon allies in international media to amplify the political unrest until you get what you want?

It would be one thing if this method were only deployed overseas against America’s adversaries. This is unfortunately far from the case.  Some readers will recall that Revolver first gained national recognition for its reporting on “color revolutions.” To put it simply, Color Revolutions refer to a number of high profile events in Eastern Europe in which a combination of mass demonstrations, media leverage, NGO civil society mobilization, and law fare resulted in the overthrow or attempted overthrow of a political leader. Revolver famously argued that professionals within the American national security apparatus were using the same color revolution tactics against President Trump that they would typically use to target so-called authoritarian leaders overseas. We further observed that national security professionals weren’t simply using the same tactics against Trump as they would against target regimes overseas, but that many of the most prominent Trump opponents in the national security apparatus were actually color revolution professionals themselves.

READ MORE: The Curious Case of George Kent: State Department’s Belarus “Color Revolution” Expert And “Never Trump” Impeachment Witness

READ MORE: Meet Norm Eisen: Legal Hatchet Man and Central Operative in the “Color Revolution” Against President Trump

A paradigmatic example of a color revolution is the Euromaidan demonstrations in Ukraine, in which demonstrators, with the backing of American funded NGOs and media, protested against and eventually overthrew Russia-aligned Ukrainian president Yanukovich. Interested readers are encouraged to watch the following video and note the similarity of these scenes to the Black Lives Matter riots that engulfed the United States in the lead up to the 2020 election.

The similarities between the scenes in Ukraine and Black Lives Matter protests in the United States are neither superficial nor coincidental. In fact, a Politico profile on the mastermind behind the Color Revolution model of exercising power and influence entertains the possibility that this specific model that leverages and mobilizes grievance groups might prove most consequential domestically, within the United States:

Yet for all his influence, Gene [Sharp]’s legacy remains in the balance. He died just a couple of days after his 90th birthday, at the house in East Boston that he struggled to keep watertight while doing some of his best work. For those in despair living under authoritarian governments, his work continues to be a light in the darkness, but recognition in the West is only just beginning to register. Through Occupy Wall Street, the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, the new women’s movement and, increasingly, constitutional defenses against Trump administration policies, Gene’s work has been a rich resource. Now, as democratic freedoms once taken for granted in liberal democracies are under threat, Gene may yet find his greatest recognition in the country of his birth.

As disturbing as it was to learn that many of the very same Color Revolution professionals in our national security apparatus used the same Color Revolution framework against Trump, the use and abuse of such methods domestically is likely far more extensive than the machinations of a handful of key state department and NGO operatives identified in Revolver’s investigative reports of 2020. In fact, 2020 was only the beginning of the new domestic war on terror, in which the full force of the United States national security apparatus has been weaponized politically against populists, patriots, Trump supporters, and even sincere left-wing critics of our corrupt Regime.

With the dramatic intensification of the domestic war on terror, we can expect a much more robust application of color revolution methods domestically in order to keep patriotic energies and mobilization in check. We know from the Special Forces Airborne Command document addressed earlier in this article that the military itself views color revolution-style operations very much within its purview. Newsweek recently reported on the shockingly under-explored revelation that the Pentagon operates a 60,000 strong secret army that includes special forces domestic operations:

The largest undercover force the world has ever known is the one created by the Pentagon over the past decade. Some 60,000 people now belong to this secret army, many working under masked identities and in low profile, all part of a broad program called “signature reduction.” The force, more than ten times the size of the clandestine elements of the CIA, carries out domestic and foreign assignments, both in military uniforms and under civilian cover, in real life and online, sometimes hiding in private businesses and consultancies, some of them household name companies.

It is important at this point to take stock of what we’ve learned. We see that America’s national security apparatus employs a particular method influence that involves identifying and amplifying demographic cleavages (principally ethnic, gender, class), mobilizing mass demonstrations on the basis of those cleavages, and leveraging civil society, legal NGOs and media to weaponize the demonstrations to achieve a certain political outcome. The national security apparatus employs this method overseas against alleged foreign adversaries, just as it does domestically—principally in order to attack and counter-act populist energies responsible for the election of Donald Trump.

While there is a lot that could be said about this reality, for our purposes here we are interested particularly in what this teaches us about wokeness. In short, we see that wokeness, which comes in handy in terms of identifying and inflaming gender and ethnic cleavages, is integral to a key mechanism by which the United States exercises power abroad and at home. This points toward an understanding of wokeness as far more deeply ingrained into the inner workings of the Globalist American Empire than is generally understood.

Readers might recall a recent Revolver News piece that explores several largely overlooked ways that wokeness operates within the broader American economy. The piece illustrates how wokeness is not some detachable burdensome lego that sits on top of an otherwise healthy and well functioning economy. Rather, wokeness has co-evolved with our legal structure, civil society structure and media in such a way that the tentacles of wokeness animate every aspect of corporate incentive structure. The incentives of wokeness (diversity, feminism) are so deeply ingrained at this point into how the American economy operates that one simply cannot understand how the American economy really works without understanding these incentives and interconnections.

READ MORE: Tesla’s Latest Debacle Shatters Conservative Myth of “Get Woke, Go Broke”

MUST READ: Meet America’s Race Czars: A Shadowy Bureaucracy Deciding Who’s “Black Enough” to Get Government Perks

Now, we see that wokeness is intertwined at a similarly essential level into how the United States projects power overseas and consolidates power domestically. This suggests that the task of defeating and replacing wokeness entails far more than simply changing the minds of various elements of the ruling class that embrace woke ideology. To fully, properly and sustainably uproot wokeness requires nothing less than a fundamental overhaul of major ecologies, networks, and incentive structures that undergird the current functioning of the Regime. It is a difficult task, but it is a necessary one if we ever hope to restore our nation to its former greatness—a restoration that can only occur on the basis of a full and sober understanding of the magnitude and nature of the problem.



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1 month ago

Wokeness is a two edged sword. Enflaming grievances is going to backfire spectacularly when the aggrieved become enlightened as to just who the white supremacists are that have been holding them down. Its the same ideological cabal that brought slavery, then repeal of reparations, then Jim Crow, then faux civil rights (that led to economic and familial destruction), then perpetual victimhood i.e. wokeness. Once that lightbulb collectively turns on, its easy to see that systemic racism is a real thing and that it exists exclusively in the domain of democrat controlled institutions. At that point, democrats will rue the day they ever deployed their little not-so-clever woke-fare on the public. Because they will in fact become extinct in very short order.

1 month ago
Reply to  guest

No, the GOP perpetuates this to a great extent as well.

Never Quit
1 month ago

Extremely unhelpful to call Marxism “Wokeness” or “woke.” The Marxists have been successful stealing our language. I strongly agree with Mark Levin’s notion that we must call it what it is.

1 month ago
Reply to  Never Quit

“This is Marxism…”
WRONG! A new ideology was purpose-built from both Marxist and Freudian concepts/ideas already in the years following the Great War, your outlook is out of date by over 100 years!
“Extremely unhelpful”
I state the same about the pretenses that this whole thing boils down to a mere ideology
or simply “big government” and not agenda that needs ideologies to be pushed. Or one of the historical means for such an agenda to be possible, the control of countries currencies through “independent” central banking.
Agenda which of course isn’t just the left but the kind of opposition that has lost to the left generation after generations. Muh communism is part of the Con Inc psyop and Darren J Beattie is right to reject it!

1 month ago

I loved the use of purple by Hillary and Bill on the morning of her concession speech in 2016. That was my first clue something was up in the USA. Second tell for me was the tiki torches I observed in photos from the Charlottleville demonstration. Looked exactly like the ones used in photographs from the Orange revolution in the Ukraine in 2014. I recall thinking the globohomo gang must have got a deal on volume and have a bunch of tiki torches stashed in a warehouse somewhere. The whole antifa and BLM production suffers from a lack of any organic realism because of no populist support, other than brainwashed university kids who are easily manipulated. The sham impeachments, the bs press attacks on Trump, the whole covid scam/production. First time in recorded history where the general population was restricted and felons and illegals get a free pass. Total bs, all of it.
But big pharma etc. are making a killing and Cloward-Piven tactic continues. blah blah blah. And the depopulation agenda gets started. I am personally convinced that we are entering the last phase of western europeancentic civilization. What comes next? who knows? but my money is on a short period of hell on earth followed by a return of the Son of Man. Humanity has proven itself incapable of governing itself and a merciful God will arrive to clean things up and usher in a millennial kingdom. He first came in love. His second appearance he will come in judgement.

1 month ago

I am a citizen of the American Republic. I do not belong to an Empire or a regime. Bunch of Dod crap written by idiots

Claire Potter
1 month ago

I think you would get closer to the truth of what is going in if you tried to answer this question: why is the U.S. military developing bio-weapons with China?

1 month ago

Euromaidan began as a legitimate set of grievances against an ex-convict Ukrainian president who was corrupt even by Russian standards. Was it leveraged by the West? Sure, probably just as they opportunistically use any event. But ultimately Yanukovich was indefensible. Euromaidan was more of a wave that Western powers caught, rather than organized and started. Keep in mind many of the people who actually manned the barricades were on the Right, who hated BOTH Western AND Russian influence on the country. These people were called Nazis by both Russian and Western media, which is an interesting media study itself — as the West sought to distance themselves from Russia, they actually uncritically used Russian narratives to describe what was happening in Kyiv. Can’t make this stuff up.

Either way, once the dust settled, the failure of the independence-minded Right (infighting between groups like Svoboda, Praviy Sektor, etc) ended up bringing Poroshenko to power. He was not as bad as Yanukovich, but darn close. The frustration at THAT is what happened when Ukrainians threw a tantrum at the ballot box and elected Zelenskiy, a man who in TV show played a schoolteacher who became President as a mass response against government corruption — so fiction literally predicted reality. Now that we have lots of Western moral degradation flowing into Ukraine one has to ask “what was it all for” — however just understand there were many patriotic people on the Right in Ukraine who had very real complaints against the legitimacy of the Yanukovich government and wanted to make the country better.

1 month ago
Reply to  братик

You have the online cadence of the host of tipping point. Great show!

1 month ago
Reply to  братик

“Euromaidan began as a legitimate set of grievances”
Really??! Whatever pretenses color revolutions hides behind are always but weak lies and pretenses.
Anyone who genuinely believed this was about stopping corruption was nothing but a mush-brained fool.
“they actually uncritically used Russian narratives to describe what was happening in Kyiv. Can’t make this stuff up.”
Another lie! The western medias supported the color revolution narrative, as they always do!
“corrupt even by Russian standards.”
Really, lessons on corruption from a maidan supporter, given the last 7 3/4 years?
Russia is less corrupt than the “ukraine” and having an independent domestic and foreign policies, even a highly dubious and flawed one, instead of foreign orders demonstrates it. They are a great power, despite their flaws and what of the “ukraine”?
It is bypassed even by Albania, including in terms of living standards! -D
“BOTH Western AND Russian influence on the country.”
Is that why it was called euromaidan? Once again, lies! Paid attention back in the days, what policies do these groups propose to be independent and strong? Industrialization? Militarism, including NBC one? Pro-natalist policies? Dispossessing the oligarchs? No-oh, on the contrary,
only begging the EU, NATO, Washington DC, Brussel and London sewers. There is ONLY kneeling before the deep state.
The pitiful thing that is “ukrainian nationalism”, “Right” is no nationalism at all, as is fitting a “country” founded by Bolsheviks to divide Russian lands.
It is antifas and the 1619 Project aimed at Russia instead of White America. Not much different in principles from the Bavarian Soviet’s anti-German “nationalism” in 1919.
“These scums were called Nazis by both Russian and Western media,”
The hilariously weak virtue-signaling of the cosmopolitan, boomer Russian establishment aside, the west has ignored the “Nazi” pretenders, even as they made themselves guilty of killing civilians, when they or Israel could have carried out drone strikes.
The west would have taken action against actual, open National-Socialists.
Especially the regime of the Merkel, which backed this “color revolution” and more so, the latter one in Belarus.
If the call had been mine instead of Putin and his lot, be assured that military intervention would have happened within the hour of the coup of February 23rd 2014, tanks would have stopped at the Hungarian and Slovak borders.
August 1st 1993 (Turner Diaries reference) would also have happened to the paid activist filth and their oligarch backers.
They would find out what “Nazi truly mean, Ben Garrison and Sam Hyde style. Neither would I allow any violations of Minsk 2 agreement that Russian government foolishly made or cowardly hide the real cause of the sinking of the Kursk.
“however just understand there were many patriotic people on the Right”
They were deceived, they allowed themselves to be manipulated, easily. I could tell, just by looking at the filth “western” press coverage of the whole thing, just like Syria and the coverage of every single other “color revolution”!
In the west, leftists understood they had failed after the Great War, at least the Frankfurt School was a response and a useful one to the deep state.
Democrats understood they had failed by 1989.
What sort of patriots does not understand that such lack of basic foresight and thinking means FAILURE??! But then again, these would be “ukrainian” patriots, so it kind of fits!

1 month ago

my nephew remarked to ke that “trans is the new black.”. this loosening of the serious analysis of who is actually transsexual leads us to the current sick program of just taking peoples word for it, and a totally confused and deranged teenager being accepted when his behavior proves that he is not a transsexual, just a male sexual predator devoid of conscience,

1 month ago

The spearhead of the New Age and globalization is the industry of entertainment which starts from Hollywood. You know the aims of globalization: To destroy national civilizations, and replace each nation’s special culture with an international culture of consumption and a vulgar religion of sexual pleasure and submission to the state of course.

All this love for pleasures is a way to subdue people. Because a person who has succumed to pleasures will easily succumb to perversions too. Because the characteristic of sexual pleasure is this: You easily get bored – theres a saturation point. You do it again, and again, or you taste it once, and twice and then you get bored. You say: “I’m fed up. I want something new.” Then you get bored with the next one too. This is how someone goes from the so called natural ways to perverted ones. And then to more perverted, and then to most perverted actions.

This is why they promote entertainment as the supreme way of living on earth. A spectacle today functions as a dictator, to whom we willingly succumb: No one forces us to watch TV or watch videos on you tube. Why watch them anyway? You are destroying yourself thinking that you’re having fun. And this is who they shape you the way they want. These are all targeted. Because a morally perverted person has no strength to resist at all.

And these so called ‘think tanks’ know this very well, and they promote all these perversions and they pay millions and billions to promote homsoexuality and pedophilia now. They have alreday started asking for the legalization of pedophilia too. Because they know that when you hvae done this to a person you have struck the core of his being, his essence, you have destroyed this person. When a person doesn’t know whether he’s male or female, you have already destroyed this person. When you tell a six year old kid to decide whether he wants to be a boy or a girl, for this is what they teach the kids today at school – and people remain silent and this baffles me, what happened to us?

Are we numb? People know what’s happening but remain idle, as if sedated. No one reacts.

And the message conveyed through the mass media is that the entire humankind is like that, that everyone is perverted. But things are not so at all! They are forcing us to enter a fake world so as to promote whatever they want.

~ half way through this video:
‘The Christian’s Holidays’ – how ‘relaxation’ has been turned into perversion.

Orthodox Christian Church, Greek elder Fr Savvas Agioretis, – who has been decrying covidism since it begun (in the spirit of other elders who foresaw the vaccine in 1990, and 2007, see / about the vaccine):

1 month ago

“Wokeness is the official ideology of the American Regime”
Let me FIX that for you…
COMMUNISM is the official ideology of the American Regime, “Wokeness” is the vehicle to get them there…

1 month ago
Reply to  1776

You believe this is all due to a 19th century ideology??!
A 19th century ideology those ideas were repurposed into a more deliberate, objective-oriented effort already in the years following the Great War, nearly 100 years ago?? -D
Do not pretend your plebe/boomer take is anything but that!
Think, Mark, think!

1 month ago

Stop referring to it with the anomalous term Woke. It’s Marxism/Secular Humanism religious extremism and should be addressed in the courts as such.
And Secular Humanism is a religion under the establishment clause– see American Humanist Association v United States.
Also read their three manifestos on their website.

Stan Zorin
1 month ago

Enough of this word “wokeness”
State plainly that what we deal with at the present is MARXISM, to be more precise : NEO-MARXISM.

1 month ago

…it has happened here.

How odd to have met the enemy, and Xi is us.

1 month ago

It astonishes me that a Special Forces organization can have a motto like “First to Observe, First to Influence, First to Compete.” It’s a gutless far cry from the motto of the infantry “Find, fix and destroy the enemy.” Go out there, men and compete with the enemy!

Fitting for a nation that is led, literally, by a grifter and whose political elites despise every thing about the nation.

1 month ago

Testing this.

1 month ago

“This is marxism!!!”
WRONG! This is “cultural-marxism”, the Frankfurt School!

1 month ago

How you reply to comments, through subscriptions?
“Euromaidan was against BOTH Russian and NATO influence!”
LIES! They sided the EU, they sided NATO, they sided with the subverted US and UK regimes and their subversion agencies and all of these in turn supported the “color revolution”. Same with the western medias. This is self-evident to anyone who ever paid attention yet here you are, lying but again, this is what “color revolution” activists always do.
“It started off as against corruption but got hijacked…”
Bwahahaha! What next, BLM was about pants up, don’t loot?
No, it was always a Soros-corrupted enterprise from the beginning.
Outlived its usefulness to its puppeteers.
“They are right-wing…”
No-oh, they are the anti-Russian version of the 1619 project, Russia bad all there is to “ukrainian nationalism”, not much different from the anti-German “nationalism” of the Bavarian Soviet Republic in 1919.
What plans do these groups have to maximize national sovereignty, to bring about recovery from the decay of the last 30 years?? None! Zero! No independent policies from Brussel, Washington DC and London whatsoever.
“They call us Nazis too…”
Threats of sanctions? Have NATO or Israel carried put drone strikes against the Azov Battalion? Have the “ukraine” been blockaded like the Yugoslavian remnant in the 1990s or bombed like 1999 Serbia? No, instead your lot has support from The Merkel and you should be held accountable for this.
“But what about Putin??! He’s against nationalism too!”
If I was in charge instead of Putin and his ilk, immediate, all-out military action would have happened the very same hour the February 23rd 2014 coup happened and stopped at the Slovak & Hungarian borders
August 1st 1993 (Turner Diaries), of course, would follow. Systematic Sam Hyde and Ben “Z” Garrison actions would be the official policies, all livestreamed. -D

Eric Mandell
1 month ago

It’s not “wokeism”. That’s just another nonsensical invented word by the domestic enemies designed to mislead, the same as “progressive”. These are Marxists. That’s where it starts and ends. These people are enemies of freedom and enemies of the United States. They divide people and destroy history because that’s what Marxists do before they usher in Communism. “Erase the past, start anew”

In New York city which is run 100% by Marxists, they removed the statues of two US Presidents in the past 2 weeks: Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt just as President Donald Trump predicted and was mocked for.

I routinely talk to these domestic enemies on social media. They themselves will tell you they are fighting in a “revolution” to bring about communism, that they truly consider themselves to be in a war with the USA hence my term “domestic enemies”.

This is a REAL threat to our nation, our freedom and to the lives of you and your family and people better start taking this seriously because they are EVERYWHERE now. In our government, our justice system, our universities, public schools, military, the media, the corporate world, in Congress and now the Oval office as well. We are a hairs breath from living under this nightmare system. This is a political ideology responsible for 100 million deaths and counting, over 4 times what the Nazi party killed and it’s here and coming to bite you in the rear big time.

1 month ago

“These are Marxists. That’s where it starts and ends.”
FALSE! They are anti-white #1…
and “cultural-marxists” #2!

Try finding out the Frankfurt School and the 1919-1933, the first Institute for Sexual Researchs,
which con-inc propagandists left out for decades.

1 month ago

The US military and CIA work for foreign interests.
why is the Nato and civ and templar flag and swiss flag all the same hmmm?
Right now they are killing people in countries most Americans don’t know the name of for purposes that are most likely against regular Americans.
that they have been turned on us is no surprise
The British central banks along with the Swiss Bank freemasons and euro royals call the shots.
they have unlimited amounts of money rape children and worship Satan and are now committing global human genocide

1 month ago

No sentient being in the solar system thinks the links are “hidden”. They couldn’t be more obvious.

Brenton Hancock
1 month ago

So our military is nothing but an organization of traitors. Great

1 month ago

Losers gonna lose. They used your whiteness as a weapon and to handcuff you. You’ll do nothing beyond complaining on the internet as your country is destroyed and ends up like South Africa.

White genocide is their goal, and they will win.

Comain louder & vote harder, that’ll show em.

All y’all deserve what’s coming.

1 month ago

Of course they want to side with the Woketards. Those people CANT WAIT to conform to the insanity.

Matt Andersson
1 month ago

“Wokism is not really the right descriptor: it is rank racism, and it wants blood. The show-runner/CEO of the project is Barack Obama, the Obama Foundation, and his team embedded in the executive office hiding behind Biden. The program will become radically violent and oppressive under the VP who was selected for anti-social psychological characteristics.

Hardly Hated
1 month ago

It really doesn’t matter what new terms you want to call it, until especially people like Beattie can come to terms with who is really behind it and what his role is in it, none of this will or can change.

Tom Nix
1 month ago

Newspeak in Oceania effectively controlled Orwell’s citizens just like our woke media and big tech censorship is controlling our surprisingly dominant population of sheeple (at least so far). Wake up folks.

Zola Holt
1 month ago

“hidden links”, LOL.

1 month ago

They just repackaged “Political Correctness,” a definition they hate as it shows they are in power, into “woke”. And we let them by repeating the new word. As always the Left gets to decide the terminology.

It has increased – you have seen the graphs for use of PC words in the New York Times, I guess. From 2012, the year of Obama’s re-election campaign, the use absolutely exploded. The graphs went through the roof for the words like “racism, sexism, LGBTQ, Holocaust, anti-Semitism, patriarchy, mansplaining, toxic masculinity, male privilege, feminism, empowerment, systemic racism, institutional racism, kkk, homophobia, transphogia, queer, gay rights, gender neutral, gender identity, transgender, non-binary, fat shaming, islamophobia, xenophobia, bigotry, intolerance, hate speech, implicit bias, extremism, ableism”.

That’s not even half.

(Note: In the year 2012, with a Black as president, the NYT talked about “extremism” more than any other year. And it kept rising. And the farther away we get from “the holocaust,” the more do the media write about it.)

Words that went down in the NYT at the same time: AIDS, General Motors, radio, church, duties. So it’s not that every word increased. Not even a common word like church, which obviously was no less in use in society.

John Lamenzo
1 month ago

…all in alignment with:

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@Valdemar-Ix response to Never Quit
This is Marxism and you have been living under a stump. This is what is called the dialectic of Feuerbachian materialism meets Hegelian dialect. Where, pray, do you think CT comes from? It’s dialectic morphed into CRT, from a natural empirical nothingness? No my friend, you are dead wrong and your replies are as textbook nonsense as the ones below. Beattie is right to call it for what it is and it need not be mentioned by name. This Marxism which is now socialism will stay socialism because the so-called dialectical transformation into communism will never happen (I suggest you stop using communism because as far as I am concerned we are currently living in family units and not kibbutz). Once a country goes “Socialist” there is no turning back—see China and countless other countries for reference.
Thanks to the dialectic, we have this problem that was imported from Leipzig from the Wundt institute by the detractors of time of old, pre WWI. This Russell Dewey et al combination have long concocted this in US soil and abroad. In short, it can be called anything but it doesn’t cease to be Marxist, ever! It is especially that.
Suggest you read basic stuff like “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” by Gary Allen
And “Karl Marx, Racist” by Nathaniel Wyel

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