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If there were ever a time when you want to see karma show up and teach someone a lesson, this was it… and karma did not disappoint.

There’s a very popular TikTok trend that was started by angry women called #GymCreeper.

In a nutshell, this trend consists of women taking undercover videos of men supposedly gawking at them while they workout. They post the clips on TikTok with the hashtags #GymCreep and #GymWeirdo. These videos have over 100 million views and counting. It’s a popular trend, and really unfair to guys…

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God forbid you’re a man, minding his own business, working out and you happen to innocently glance over at a woman who’s got her iPone on “secret record” mode. You’ll be the next star of a TikTok trend, like it or not, and labeled a “creep” for life.

Well, that appears to be exactly  what this woman hoped would happen…only, things went really sideways for her.

While she was working out in a gym with her camera rolling, this lady started awkwardly and rather “theatrically” accusing men of “harassing” her.

They weren’t harassing her, by the way.

However, instead of becoming a TikTok feminist hero, she ended up with a face-full of karma when her entire plan backfired.

Thankfully, the guys quickly recognized what she was up to, and they weren’t interested in playing “TikTok” games. They hopped into action and taught the woman a lesson she won’t soon forget.

You gotta love it when a plan comes together and the bad guy (or girl) gets what’s coming to them.

It’s high-time men start standing up to this nasty, toxic form of social media feminism and all the childish games that go along with it.

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Bravo, fellas.


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