Well, Well, Well…Turns Out the Antifa Guy Who Died in Kenosha, Joseph Rosenbaum, Is a Registered Sex Offender
August 26, 2020 (1mo ago)

RIP, I guess.

Here’s his profile on the sex offender registry.

Here’s the proof that he died last night in Kenosha.

One of the victims of last night’s shooting in Kenosha leaves behind his partner and a stepdaughter, according to social media.

Anthony Huber, 26, was identified by loved ones as one of the two victims fatally shot overnight, CBS’s Milwaukee affiliate reported. Joseph “Jojo” Rosenbaum, 36, from Kenosha, was also fatally shot, and a 26-year-old from West Allis was shot and is expected to recover. [Chicago Sun-Times]

In other, unrelated news, Antifa has a pedophile problem, according to the Post Millennial.

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23 responses to “Well, Well, Well…Turns Out the Antifa Guy Who Died in Kenosha, Joseph Rosenbaum, Is a Registered Sex Offender”

  1. Rosenbaum.
    Now you tell me that one group is not behind fomenting insurrection in every country they’ve been kicked out of over the centuries. Go ahead, tell me.

    • Are you from the East Coast? Stein, Gold, Wein, Berg, etc, are not “chosen people” last name. They’re German. You go out to the Midwest (or anywhere where there are large German populations) and you’ll see those last names connected to Lutherans and Catholics. Go look in a modern German phonebook. All the Goldsteins and Rosenbergs (Alfred Rosenberg was surely not Jewish) not all Jewish.

      This level of stupidity is mind boggling.

      • SanMan, You belong with the inbred Zionist, jew supremacist retards at Breitbart. And by the way, It is a beautiful thing for the world to watch the kiddie raping, anti-white jew terrorist Rosenbaum die on the pavement. This thing is just getting started. Say hi to little pussy Benny Netanyahu for me.

    • You have a real valid point here, Steven. The Left wing doesn’t surprise me, either .. and, I cannot even imagine a USA led by Joe Biden. Yes, he’s now in cognitive decline; but he was never really smart to begin with. How many gaffes had he made during his years in the Senate and 8 years as Vice-President under Barack Obama, whose IQ is 127?
      As for Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old security guard who was protecting a gas station from being burned down, he shot down 2 thugs who were about to kill him .. One of them was a pedophile by the name of Joseph Rosenbaum. Kyle should be hailed as a hero; self-defense is NOT murder. Period.

  2. You just can’t make this stuff up. All these years of progress, the opportunities that you can only get here, and this is the plan……. it’s heartbreaking to watch what’s happening, and it looks like they’ve decided to let it. The celebs and athletes that help spread this hate are useless. Americans choose law and order above all else, always. It’s so simple. Never even tried to change things in the big cities. Who told them a temper tantrum would make everything change? And they said it could happen overnight? And now out of nowhere we’re racist? And after all those horseshit lies, how about go burn and loot and taunt. Those guys won’t shoot you or nothing…… this is all just a coincidence, it’s not because they want your vote so bad huh? Now you gotta hate God too!! Literally the whole world is watching this self inflicted complete meltdown. Yall shut this down, if someone has to do it for you, it’ll be treated as domestic terrorism, look it up. It’s not a good look, I’m pretty sure it’s all backfiring big time. NBA NFL thrown away for some votes?? Lebron lookin out for yall huh?? King James?? King Nothin!!

  3. To be fair, this was when he was 18, it could’ve been a 16 or 17 year old girlfriend in which case i don’t really see a problem.

    • There needs to be a larger spread of ages than you suggest, though it’s also possible that he date raped a girl. Rather than put her on the witness stand and publicly expose her the prosecutor could have worked a plea.

      But consensual with 2-3 years difference? Very unlikely they would brand him for life with a sex offender status.

        • I have yet to encounter any law enforcement page indicating that it was a class 3 felony. Only the “sex with a minor.” That covers a broad spectrum including consensual sex with a 17-year old.

  4. Why do you ”greatly respect and admire Matt Drudge“? Not only is he a stinking sodomite, but his site is constantly working to destroy this country.

  5. all i’m saying is that the dude was 18 or 19 years old when he was convicted. i don’t know anything about the victim, or how old the victim was.

  6. Three Jews get shot at a BLM event by a police cadet who wanted to support the Militia? I think this was another fake event.

  7. Joe Rosenbaum also belonged to the FBI’s listed domestic terror group by the name of Jewish Defense League (JDL), a militant terrorist arm of Anti Defamation League (ADL), the American Jewish Congress (AJC) and other spy groups spying on Americans known by Mossad as the Sayanim working with their designated Katsa. Talmudic Zionists at work with total impunity!

  8. After watching the vids. and researching this nonsense, the conclusion is that this is another government staged crisis acting production.
    The Gov wants open warfare and complete paranoia. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!! Listen to how the kid speaks, he was coached and trained. Probably did a little ROTC at school.
    A lot of these riots are being staged with fake mace and racial provocations, again DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!

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