Rigged: The Chairman of the Presidential Debate Commission is Co-Founder of “Color Revolution” Org Linked to Steele Dossier and More
October 9, 2020 (1y ago)

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From the failed Chris Wallace-Biden tag-team attempt against Trump, to biased moderator Susan Page’s shrill interruptions of Vice President Pence, to the Presidential Debate Commission’s ridiculous and politically motivated effort to force a “virtual debate” on Biden’s behalf, patriotic Americans have caught on to the fact that there is something deeply unfair about the presidential debates.

This clear bias has justifiably led many observers to wonder what is wrong with the Presidential Debate Commission. Just yesterday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called out the Commission directly:

Kayleigh’s characterization of the Commission is of course correct. However, its corruption and bias goes beyond the simple fact that it’s in the tank for Joe Biden. The nominally Republican Chairman of Presidential Debate Commission, Frank Fahrenkopf, is both a co-founder and current board member of the International Republican Institute (IRI), a top “Color Revolution” propaganda outfit. The IRI was run by Never Trump neoconservative John McCain for decades. It is closely linked to the thoroughly discredited Steele Dossier at the center of the Russia Hoax.

Frank Fahrenkopf, Co-Chair of Commission on Presidential Debates, Co-Founder of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and International Republican Institute (IRI).

At first glance, it might appear as though Fahrenkopf’s Republican Party membership, combined with his board membership at the International Republican Institute, lends him, and by extension the Debate Commission, some semblance of balance.

The Debate Commission’s board has a Republican Co-Chair and a Democrat co-Chair, creating the appearance of fairness and bipartisanship. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bipartisanship in the Trump era all too often means that the corrupt establishment elements of both parties join arms to undermine Trump and his agenda. A Debate Commission consisting of John McCain and Hillary Clinton would be technically bipartisan, but it would not be balanced when it comes to Trump and his supporters. Globalist Republicans and globalist Democrats have far more in common with each other than they do with Trump.

Our choice of John McCain in this example was not arbitrary. As it turns out, the late Senator John McCain served as the Chairman of the Board of the International Republican Institute for 25 years.

Just months before he died, John McCain took to Twitter to scold the Trump Administration for allegedly defunding the organization.

The Washington Post article in the above tweet reveals that George Soros’ Open Society Foundation was furious that Trump would dare to “downscale” a “democracy promotion event” at the State Department.

Perhaps McCain was just standing up for his friend Soros, who, incidentally, was a major contributor to the McCain Foundation.

That the current Co-Chair of the Debate Commission Frank Fahrenkopf is himself a sitting board member and Co-Founder of IRI offers insight into just what kind of Republican he is and what sort of balance his Chairmanship really provides — in reality it weighs the scales even more heavily against Trump.

Fahrenkopf’s colleagues on the IRI board include Lindsey Graham, H.R. McMaster, and Senator Mitt Romney. This does not exactly inspire confidence for Trump supporters. By now, it is very clear exactly the type of Republican this organization caters to.

One of Fahrenkopf’s colleagues on the IRI board is especially outrageous — a man by the name of David Kramer.

David Kramer, Board Member, International Republican Institute.

Kramer was an aide to the late Senator John McCain. He is most notorious for spreading the completely discredited Steele Dossier that served as the basis for the Russia Hoax.

David Kramer, the John McCain aide who leaked the discredited Christopher Steele dossier on President Trump, testified in a libel case that he spread the unsubstantiated anti-Trump material all over Washington during the presidential transition.

Mr. Kramer, a former State Department official and a Trump detractor, leaked dossier material to the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post’s Fred Hiatt, CNN’s Carl Bernstein, National Public Radio, McClatchy news service and others, he said. [AP]

Prior to his role at IRI, Kramer served as head of yet another “democracy promotion” NGO called Freedom House. In the following clip, Kramer offers some additional insight on where he stands politically. He notes that Freedom House was founded to fight four “isms” — fascism, nazism, communism and … isolationism. Isolationism is of course a smear word used to refer to the position of people like President Trump and the majority of the American people who reject the Bush-McCain foreign policy of forever wars and democracy promotion. That Kramer would conflate this position with nazism and communism is quite remarkable.

We could go into quite a bit more on this maniacally unhinged globalist, but for now we will turn to another recent member of IRI’s board named Scott Carpenter:

Scott Carpenter is the director of free expression at Google Ideas where he drives implementation of the team’s overall strategy to make online repressive censorship irrelevant.  Prior to joining Google, Carpenter founded and directed Project Fikra as the Keston family fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, where he remains an adjunct scholar. [IRI]

For those unfamiliar, “Google Ideas” is the precursor to Google Jigsaw, which is Google’s in-house think tank tasked with developing Artificial Intelligence technology to censor so-called “toxic hate speech” online. Revolver briefly covered the Jigsaw program and its founder Jared Cohen in a recent piece as follows:

Infamously biased anti-Trump Tech behemoth Google sponsors a project known as Jigsaw whose main purpose is to develop Artificial Intelligence capabilities to censor so-called “hate speech” online. Of course, hate speech is weakly defined, and almost always ends up casting a wide net. Inevitably, those censored tend to be Trump supporters concerned with law and order, fighting open borders, and ending America’s wars. The man who runs Jigsaw, Jared Cohen, is a veteran of Hillary Clinton’s State Department. Cohen made a name for himself in developing digital strategies to advance American national security objectives. [Revolver News]

CNBC has more on Jigsaw.

Jigsaw, a technology incubator within Alphabet, says it has developed a new tool for web publishers to identify toxic comments that can undermine a civil exchange of ideas. Starting Thursday, publishers can start applying for access to use Jigsaw’s software, called Perspective, without charge.

“We have more information and more articles than any other time in history, and yet the toxicity of the conversations that follow those articles are driving people away from the conversation,” said Jared Cohen, president of Jigsaw, formerly known as Google Ideas. [CNBC]

Carpenter’s name no longer appears on IRI’s listing of board members. His official Twitter page now lists his current title as Managing Director at Jigsaw. To get a sense of what this (former?) board member of the International Republican Institute and current managing director of Google’s AI tool to censor “hate speech” thinks about Trump, see the following tweet.

“Bipartisan” opposition to Trump, just as we suspected. Here is another instructive tweet, retweeted and endorsed by Carpenter.

Michael Hayden, readers will recall, is a virulently anti-Trump former head of the CIA and NSA.

This consummate Deep State operative oversaw the development of the massive domestic surveillance program that he lied about both to foreign leaders and to the American people.

Hayden has a long history of making misleading and outright false statements, and by the estimation of many lawyers, likely committed countless felonies during the Bush administration. It is something of a wonder that someone responsible for so many reprehensible acts is now considered a totally above-the-fray, honest commentator on all issues intelligence. [Columbia Journalism Review]

While we don’t know whether Scott Carpenter is still on the board of IRI, we do know that he was recently appointed to the board of its parent NGO, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

The IRI is one of four grantees of the NED, and is therefore entirely dependent on it for its funding. The NED is one of the major NGO arms advancing US Government objectives abroad, particularly by supporting the Color Revolution regime change model (more on that later). NED was founded to function as a new, improved CIA.

This provides more context to NED and Scott Carpenter’s approving quote of former CIA Director Hayden.

NED’s mandate is to focus on “democracy promotion” (Color Revolutions) abroad, but it couldn’t keep from weighing in on the death of George Floyd as BLM and Antifa terrorists were burning down Minneapolis.

The brutal killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis has provoked an outpouring of anger and rage that the United States has not seen since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. more than fifty years ago. Our democracy is  being tested as never before in the memory of most living Americans. We will not overcome this crisis and begin to heal our divided nation unless the four police officers responsible for the killing of George Floyd are prosecuted to the full extent of the law,
and unless America commits itself fully to the principles of racial justice and equality for all citizens.

The NED’s mission of supporting people around the world who are fighting for democracy is
based upon the same values of freedom and human equality that inspired the movement for civil rights that ended the Jim Crow system of legalized racial segregation and discrimination in the United States. Those values are rooted in the American creed, and it was by appealing to them that the civil rights movement achieved its historic breakthrough. But much more needs to be done to carry forward the struggle to end racism. By doing so, we will be more united and stronger as a country. [NED]

The current President of the International Republican Institute, the grant subsidiary of NED, fully concurs.

Twining, the current head of the IRI, was previously at the Soros-funded German Marshall Fund, whose Vice President recently had this say about President Trump.

Prior to his employment at the German Marshall Fund, Twining distinguished himself as a legislative aide for arch-neoconservative and Trump nemesis Senator John McCain!

By now we have a good idea of what the IRI is about, and have gained a deeper sense of just what a scandal it is that the “Republican” co-chair and co-founder of the Debate Commission, Frank Fahrenkopf, is also a sitting board member and co-founder of this shadowy organization. The IRI is deeply and intimately associated with one of Trump’s most vicious rivals, whose board members have promoted the discredited Steele dossier and are openly supporting Biden on Twitter.

IRI’s official stated position on the George Floyd issue is directly in keeping with the rhetorical narratives fueling the Antifa and BLM fires that are part and parcel of the Color Revolution against Trump. The notion that Fahrenkopf’s status as a registered Republican provides any kind balance when it comes to the presidential debates is laughable and absurd.

But the story is actually much bigger and more sinister than even the above would suggest. Indeed, the IRI and the Debate Commission are not merely partisan. Careful readers will have already picked up a disturbing national security element to the IRI and its parent NGO, the National Endowment for Democracy.

Both the IRI and the NED function primarily as organizations to promote Color Revolutions abroad. The term “Color Revolution” requires a brief bit of explanation for readers who have not yet read Revolver News’ series on the Color Revolution regime change model and its role in the coup against Trump.

First, a quick note on Color Revolutions. A “Color Revolution” in this context refers to a specific type of coordinated attack that the United States government has been known to deploy against foreign regimes, particularly in Eastern Europe deemed to be “authoritarian” and hostile to American interests. Rather than using a direct military intervention to effect regime change as in Iraq, Color Revolutions attack a foreign regime by contesting its electoral legitimacy, organizing mass protests and acts of civil disobedience, and leveraging media contacts to ensure favorable coverage to their agenda in the Western press.

It would be disturbing enough to note a coordinated effort to use these exact same strategies and tactics domestically to undermine or overthrow President Trump. The ominous nature of what we see unfolding before us only truly hits home when one realizes that the people who specialize in these Color Revolution regime change operations overseas are, literally, the very same people attempting to overthrow Trump by using the very same playbook. [Revolver News]

The IRI is clearly a Color Revolution outfit, as it is one of the most prominent United States government-linked NGOs tasked with providing “democratization support” abroad. Rudimentary research on the IRI — or even a brief scroll through its Twitter feed — reveals its obsession with such efforts overseas. Here is a representative tweet from IRI President Twining.

The fixation on Belarus, whose combination of a contested election scenario and massive “peaceful protests” bears all the hallmarks of a Color Revolution, is revealing. We urge readers to read Revolver’s first Color Revolution installment, The Curious Case of George Kent, for further context:

The similarity between the Atlanticist-backed Belarus riots and the way the organized ANTIFA and BLM protests operate in the United States is impossible to ignore. Indeed, many of the Color Revolution experts currently fixated on Belarus have explicitly made this comparison in relation to the United States. The Transatlantic Democracy Working Group (more about them later) is a deeply anti-Trump so-called “bipartisan” group that is essentially a Who’s Who of every influential Color Revolution regime-change NGO in the World.

Many have noticed theoretical parallels and similarities between how US State Department and associated Atlanticist NGOs run color revolutions in foreign countries, and the sustained operations targeted against Trump in the United States. The case of George Kent — and many others to be exposed in this series — demonstrates that these similarities are not merely theoretical—they literally involve the same people! The very same people running cover revolution operations in Ukraine and Eastern Europe have been using the very same playbook to overturn 2016 and destroy the legitimacy of President Trump’s election.

And guess who runs the Belarus station at the State Department? If you guessed star never Trump impeachment witness George Kent, the “color revolution professional,” you might be right. [Revolver News]

In his tweet above, Twining favorably quotes David Kramer, his fellow board member at IRI who shopped the Steele Dossier. Kramer once served in a diplomatic post in Eastern Europe. In fact, almost every major operative in the effort to overthrow Trump has or has had a diplomatic post in Eastern Europe. Kramer happened to serve from 2005-2008 as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of European and Eurasian Affairs — working on issues related to Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. George Kent currently occupies this very same post. What a coincidence!

Revolver’s Color Revolution thesis explains why there is such an overlap between State Department officials focused on Eastern Europe and key never-Trump operatives — from Lt. Colonel Vindman to Fiona Hill to Yovanovich to George Kent and David Kramer. They are running an Eastern European-style Color Revolution against Trump because they are Color Revolution professionals used to deploying the same strategies and tactics against target regimes in Eastern Europe.

Note the name McFaul in the above Belarus Tweet. Michael McFaul is yet another professional covered in Revolver’s previous reports. Also note the wording of the title of the NBC News piece referenced in the Tweet: “Belarus is on the edge of a democratic breakthrough.”

McFaul elucidated precisely what he meant by a “democratic breakthrough” in a deleted tweet that was perhaps too honest about his intentions.

If you are still unconvinced that IRI and its parent NGO, the National Endowment for Democracy aren’t principally Color Revolution outfits, consider these passages from the Senate Subcommittee on European Affairs from July 29, 1999. In this remarkable exchange, Soros representative J. Fox explains to Senator Joe Biden the role of organizations like IRI, NED, and IRI’s sister NGO, NDI in the “democracy promotion” process.

Here Biden calls to give Serbia’s “peaceful protesters” walking money to facilitate their overthrow of Milosevic.

And here is Biden learning about the NED, IRI, and NDI from Soros Foundation representative Fox, who details the IRI-NDI operational procedures to Biden.

Continuing along this line, Fox complains that the resources devoted to Color Revolution NGOs like NED and IRI in Croatia have not yet been deployed in Serbia (Spoiler Alert: they got their way and effected a Color Revolution against Milosevic called “Otpor!”).

It is worth noting that in Color Revolution craft, the terms “democracy” and “democratization,” like the term “peaceful protest,” are actually terms of art. As McFaul’s own tweet suggests, “democratic breakthrough” is the preferred euphemism for Color Revolution. Here is additional insight on how and why these people use the word “democracy,” taken from the third installment of Revolver’s Color Revolution series.

And there we have it, folks—Norm Eisen, former Obama Ethics Czar, Ambassador to Czechoslovakia during the “Velvet Revolution,” key counsel in impeachment effort against Trump, and participant in the ostensibly bi-partisan election war games predicting a contested election scenario unfavorable to Trump—just happens to be a Color Revolution expert who literally wrote the modern “Playbook” in the explicitly acknowledged tradition of Color Revolution Godfather Gene Sharp’s “From Dictatorship to Democracy.” 

Before we turn to the contents of Norm Eisen’s Color Revolution manual, full title “The Democracy Playbook: Preventing and Reversing Democratic Backsliding,” it will be useful to make a brief point regarding the term “democracy” itself, which happens to appear in the title of Gene Sharp’s book “From Dictatorship to Democracy” as well.

Just like the term “peaceful protestor,” which, as we pointed out in our George Kent essay is used as a term of craft in the Color Revolution context, so is the term “democracy” itself. The US Government launches Color Revolutions against foreign targets irrespective of whether they actually enjoy the support of the people or were elected democratically. In the case of Trump, whatever one says about him, he is perhaps the most “democratically” elected President in America’s history. Indeed, in 2016 Trump ran against the coordinated opposition of the establishments of both parties, the military industrial complex, the corporate media, Hollywood, and really every single powerful institution in the country. He won, however, because he was able to garner sufficient support of the people—his true and decisive power base as a “populist.” Precisely because of the ultra democratic “populist” character of Trump’s victory, the operatives attempting to undermine him have focused specifically on attacking the democratic legitimacy of his victory.

In this vein we ought to note that the term “democratic backsliding,” as seen in the subtitle of Norm Eisen’s book, and its opposite “democratic breakthrough” are also terms of art in the Color Revolution lexicon. We leave the full exploration of how the term “democratic” is used deceptively in the Color Revolution context (and in names of decidedly anti-democratic/populist institutions) as an exercise to the interested reader. Michael McFaul, another Color Revolution expert and key anti-Trump operative somewhat gives the game away in the following tweet in which the term “democratic breakthrough” makes an appearance as a better sounding alternative to “Color Revolution.” [Revolver News]

We conclude this installment by returning to the key subject of the piece, Debate Commission Co-Chair and Co-Founder Frank Fahrenkopf.

The fact that Fahrenkopf is chair of the Commission on Presidential Debates and a co-founder and current board member of IRI takes on a more interesting and sinister overtone when we consider the affiliation of his co-chair, Kenneth Wollack.

Prior to his appointment as Co-Chair of the Commission on Presidential debates, Wollack Served as President of the National Democratic Institute (NDI). Like the IRI, the NDI is also an NGO whose purpose is to aid “democracy” efforts overseas — in other words, to serve as a propaganda arm promoting Color Revolution efforts on behalf of the US Government.

Although the IRI is staffed mostly with Republicans and NDI mostly with Democrats, the IRI and NDI are “sister organizations” as two of the four core grantees of the National Endowment for Democracy, which is itself a major umbrella group responsible for aiding Color Revolution efforts. In fact, Debate Commission Co-Chair and Co-Founder Frank Fahrenkopf also co-founded the National Endowment for Democracy, and served as board member and vice chair from 1983-1993.

What does all of this mean? For one, it is rather odd that the commission would have one chair, Fahrenkopf, who co-founded NED and who still sits on the board of IRI, which he also co-founded, and another Chair, Kenneth Wollack, who previously ran NDI. In fact, Fahrenkopf co-founded the Commission on Presidential Debates with Paul Kirk, who, like Wollack, had previously served as President of NDI. Taken alone, the deeply rooted connections between the Commission on Presidential Debates and Color Revolution NGOs (IRI, NDI, NED) would be suspicious in its own right.

This connection becomes positively explosive, however, when one considers it within the context of Revolver’s thesis that the coup being run against Trump is based on the Color Revolution regime change model. The same people, the same networks, and the same institutions tasked with Color Revolutions abroad are the key players in deploying the same strategies here at home against our democratically elected President, Donald J. Trump. As we have shown in this fourth installment of the series, these biased debates are literally being run by the people and institutions tasked with revolutionary propaganda efforts abroad — and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned.

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1 year ago

Good scoop, and this makes the point that this election is illegitimate. From mail in ballots to debates being rigged, a coup is coming to take out President Trump. People must be prepared for this coup and work hard to make sure Trump wins in 2020.

Ozzy Ozzberg
1 year ago

NED,IRI,this Fahrencoof guy glows in the dark harder than the Incredible Hulk. These people are sick. The institutions they serve should be peacefully sunsetted pronto and they should be in jail.

Joe Loiacono
1 year ago

Brilliant and illuminating piece. Eye-opener. Thanks so much.

Joe Loiacono
1 year ago
Reply to  Joe Loiacono

(replying to my own…)

I KNEW there was something very fishy about Ukraine and the Orange Revolution. We see an international communist movement charading about as ‘democracy’.

The work of the IRI/NED/NDI, etc. has NOTHING to do with democracy and everything to do with a new world order built on the back of unsuspecting social-warrior fools and eventually run by elites only.

Nick Noecker
1 year ago
Reply to  Joe Loiacono

JOE: You nailed it. I concur 100%
Nick Noecker

1 year ago
Reply to  Joe Loiacono

Remember at the end of 2013, when street protests in Kiev came to a head, Victoria Nuland appeared there and started to hand out cookies to the protesters?. The scene became an instant meme on Russian social media – tossing dog biscuits to Ukrainian pooches.

Moakie Jones
1 year ago
Reply to  Sonia

Isn’t nuland married to that phat donut eater and neocon kagan? The cheerleader for endless war but never willing to fight in one. That nuland?

1 year ago
Reply to  Joe Loiacono

Communist manifesto calls for democracy as an essential means to the end.

We have seen above, that the first step in the revolution by the working class is to raise the proletariat to the position of ruling class to win the battle of democracy.

1 year ago

America is no more than a barrel of snakes today. There are so many subversives both in government and in peripheral groups which are only parasites of the deep state. The deep state is nothing but entrenched, corrupt bureaucrats who are employed by the Federal government. In short, the American people are screwed! We are being suffocated by an elite philosophy of totalitarian tyranny.

Vote a straight RED ticket on November 3! Your life and liberty depends on it.

Joann Miller
1 year ago

Wow! How does Trump fight against the powers that be?? Trump is only one man alone against these powerful organizations with plenty of money to take Trump down! I’m afraid for our country!

1 year ago
Reply to  Joann Miller

Fear not, all is not as it seems. There is still a majority in the military that are loyal to our country, and will never betray their oath to defend our nation against all enemies foreign and domestic. These loyalists, along with the President and the NSA had been making plans of their own, and there is nothing the deep state can do to stop the inevitable. Like the end of a chess match, POTUS is full control of the board.
POTUS and our loyalists are handling all of the heavy lifting. It is up to us to vote big, and counter the MSM’s lies and propaganda with the truth.
“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” ~Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Bud Jenkins
1 year ago
Reply to  Joann Miller

Channel your fear into action and HELP Trump. You’re right, he’s just one man against the Marxist Machine. So he needs a lot more than just your vote. If you haven’t already, drop everything and join his campaign to drag him over the finish line.

1 year ago
Reply to  Joann Miller

Your fears aren’t unfounded.
I have the uneasy feeling that the Extreme Deep State would resort to a Presidential assassination as their last stand if they can get away with it! 🙏😑🇺🇲

Joel S Hirschhorn
1 year ago

A subtle part of the color revolution, or attempt to bring down Trump, is what Dr. Fauci is doing about the pandemic; read the truth here:


Nick Noecker
1 year ago

EXPOSED, we see a color revolution unfolding before our eyes, masquerading as an election. PRESIDENT TRUMP, Tell the public what they are faced with and it’s not JOE BIDEN.

Maduro's Revenge
1 year ago

The vast and deep-pocket network of NGOs, trans-national corporations, domestic and foreign media outlets, and lobby groups are pushing for a coup and a revolution, if the former fails.
The Democrats and their sponsors seek United Nations supervision on this election. There will be anarchy. Chaos. There will be false flags.
Trump won’t be able to stand idly by and tweet to Democrat governors “Call the National Guard. We’re ready” He’ll have to exercise Federal power in the NATIONAL interest, which trumps sectional interests. He’ll have to be tough and he’s got to put forth clear cut legislation and executive orders to handle lots of issues, issues he was very soft on in his first term.
Last time, caucasian nationalists gave Trump their vote. I’m not sure so many of them will do so again.

1 year ago

In depth explanation of the last 48 months ……. and the dangerous threat to our once-trusted American Political institutions. Thank you and your amazing staff’s contribution.

1 year ago
Reply to  Patricia

Patricia, I concur.

Be safe everyone. If or when, be ready.

God Bless

1 year ago

Fire hydrant hose of information. 👀 I’m going to read it again. Thank you.

Dwight Pfonner
1 year ago

Frank Fahrenkopf is a poster child for the deep state not better than Soros

Frances Dalley
1 year ago

Having deep concerns that President Trump has full knowledge of this Debate commission. Why would he agree to let them run any debates if he knew who they are and their intent?

Henry Hicks
1 year ago

This is a perfect example of what happens when elected officials allow bureaucrats throughout government to make decisions on their own with no checks or balances! These bureaucrats are nor elected by the citizens but make decisions as if they were. Trump is on the mark when he talks about cleaning house and eliminating the deep state. Most if not all politicians avoid this because they are part of the problems but don’t want to admit it

Steve Radanovich
1 year ago

Steve Bannon’s focus is getting Trump re-elected. He doesn’t not want to hear about Republicans useful idiots which might affect the outcome.

Steve Bannon
1 year ago

I want to be aware of every facet, so I can do everything in my power to save the republic.
The Trump campaign has to put in hard work at grassroots level, despite the pandemic rules (social distancing, masks etc), and he has to behave as an unconventional politician.
He needs to behave in the most populist manners as possible, endorse populist republicans ONLY, energize his core base and get low-issue voters into gear to vote against Woke neoliberalism.

Ralph Conard
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Bannon

Appreciate your hard work, Steve. You and your team are driving the Trump bus and exposing the idiocy of ALL the idiocy resisting him. From now until Nov. 3 it’s all about turnout. Keep up the great work!

Steve Bannon
1 year ago
Reply to  Ralph Conard

I’m not THE Steve Bannon. I’m just trolling.
Bannon is a very smart person and does good work. And I appreciate that you’re out there trying to stay informed with all the intoxication out there put out by the Globalists.
Just remember that you can’t trust every comment or poster you read on the interent.
Stay safe and healthy.

Ralph Conard
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Bannon

Appreciate your hard work, Steve. You and your team are driving the Trump bus and exposing the idiocy of ALL that are resisting him. From now until Nov. 3 it’s all about turnout. Keep up the great work!

Gaius Gracchus
1 year ago

The debate commission mostly existed to keep third parties out of the debates, as well as pick biased moderators. I had no idea about the connection to these fake NGOs.

Fahrenkopf has been a major player in national Republican circles for a long time, a classic ConInc player. He and his buddies will lose out if Trump is re-elected.

Helen Glass
1 year ago

Looks like you might have hacked a bit more than a little of my research on this which I published a full day earlier !!!


Harry Dexter White
1 year ago
Reply to  Helen Glass

You a spook from LPAC?

Helen Glass
1 year ago

And you are a dead man accused of espionage… It would appear you haven’t even the integrity to read my blog which also addresses an about page – of course that requires honor.

Harry Dexter White
1 year ago
Reply to  Helen Glass

At least I set up Bretton Woods to use the US dollar as a reserve currency, instead of the Bancor like Keynes wished. I scanned through your long bio, but you hardly say anything useful in there, except that you had two husbands, and the second cheated on you 😛

Helen Glass
1 year ago

Then perhaps you should actually look at the blogs – since my bio is so unworthy of your credentials… Have no idea why you are attempting to slander me but it is only a reflection of you not me.

Harry Dexter White
1 year ago
Reply to  Helen Glass

Good lady Helen Glass.
First of all, I’m not Harry Dexter White. The real Harry Dexter White died in 1948.
I have no credentials. I’m just a stranger on the internet, a troll if you will.
I asked you if you were a spook from LaRouche PAC. I didn’t claim you were, therefore I wasn’t slandering you; nor was I questioning the quality of your articles. And even if I was, rule #1 when talking to strangers on the internet is: Don’t feed the troll.
Keep up the good work. Hopefully the ppl on Revolver will give credit where credit is due, instead of patting themselves on the back and claiming exclusivity when it’s not the case.

Helen Glass
1 year ago

Yes I am quite aware you died – hence that is how I described you. But it was the handle you chose. And perhaps you should look up LPAC which is a ‘political representative for lgbt women’ – which is why I thought it appropriate for you to read my bio… Anywho – thank you for at least recognizing that Revolver pinched my research with regard to NED and color revolutions which I have been discussing in my blogs dating back to 2019… A great deal of time and effort stolen.

rld77 with coffee
1 year ago
Reply to  Helen Glass

A simple look at wikipedia gives one more than a few paths to follow. Why the angst? Makes me suspicious when I see those ONLY interested in self promotion, as opposed to bolstering a fellow seeker of the TRUTH.

Helen Glass
1 year ago

Because the TRUTH is based on not taking another persons research and claiming it for one self – it is called plagiarism and didn’t work well with Biden either…

Eamonn McKeown
1 year ago

This isn’t stuff that I like to do a deep dive into as it can become intoxicating much as I would imagine it is for the alleged miscreants.
But I do have a question.
How does this compare to John Pilgers B.A.P. stuff that I heard about almost three decades ago?
“dreary steeples” if I can quote Churchill.

1 year ago

Excellent research and information for folks with an open mind to read.

Helen Glass
1 year ago
Reply to  fred


Atomic Hillbilly
1 year ago

These people are traitors and must be held accountable.
Harsh examples must be made for future posterity.
250 years from now, future swamprats must have an example to think twice about before trying something similar.

1 year ago

You have to wonder if Trump has any control whatsoever. If DOD, DOJ, State Department refuse Presidential Orders and instead decide to target POTUS, not only do we not have a President, we have no country. Trump should have ordered deployment awhile back. Its not too late now!

Pete moss
1 year ago

Everything is tied to the deep state. We are so fucked.

1 year ago

Maybe it is time to bring back public gallows…

rld77 with coffee
1 year ago
Reply to  Nacho

Along with gauntlets and stocks.

old farta
1 year ago

Talk justice to death.

old farta
1 year ago

Word salad, the great leveler.

Susan Baron
1 year ago

One thing that lockdown has done is afford us is the time to suss out who, what, why..? of what is going on. Why was I randomly accosted for reparations at the metro? Random nonsensical explosions of, “racist!” Why is Wash Post and what used to be news with facts suddenly school yard juveniles targeting one kid in the yard. Just rags to be dismissed like the Enquirer. I did read, “Toxic Sludge is Good For You” in PR class which gave me a glimpse of how the media spins and affects democracy. But this isn’t spin. I literally said to my son many months ago, this looks like a what the CIA does to topple leaders. I had a tiny idea but not believing…. Thanks for shining a light and confirming…. but didn’t want to believe. Soros putting money into DAs and campaigns for mail in ballots. Republicans know to show up. Let the Dems get their votes go to the dogs at the PO. Is Bethesda too close to DC if this blows up in November? Seriously contact me if I am. I will early vote and get out of dodge. Leaving my email.

1 year ago

For the love of Mike, the Debate Commission has been a far-left media operation from Day One. Has no one watched any of their phony fraudulent “debates”? I blame the GOP. How could the GOP possibly agree to do business with these frauds? Self=hate or a Death Wish is all I can figure. Thank heavens Trump finally called them out.

Sargon Rex
1 year ago

None Dare Call It Conspiracy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Allen. NGOs part of the many-headed hydra.

rld77 with coffee
1 year ago
Reply to  Sargon Rex

We really Must get ALL the NGO’s UNFUNDED by OUR Federal Government. Most are actually used against us, and are a nice Money Laundering tool.

1 year ago

Mossad has been busy.

An An
1 year ago

Thank you for exposing these underhanded, deep state enemies of America and the world for that matter! To save our Republic, vote to re-elect President Trump!

Hiterally Litler
1 year ago

Frank Fahrenkopf has failed miserably as a man and as leader at a moment when the nation could have really used someone competent at the helm to design an informative debate that could have benefited everyone. He should be directly challenged for that failing and fired from the Debate Commission board and Harvard. It was an historic blunder to fail in his important role at this time in election. We needed someone in his role who could really lead. He can’t.

Frank Fahrenkopf, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Chris Wallace etc seem to think that if they are not looking directly at us, then we don’t exist and don’t think for ourselves. Whenever it’s abundantly obvious that in reality we do think for ourselves, they simply can’t believe that it’s based on any reasoning or principles. That’s why they hate Trump too. But if the people in charge are just so blatantly going to advertise their utter disdain for the intellectual and emotional lives of the people they claim to represent and “lead”, as someone like Fahrenkopf plainly does, then they should be removed from their positions of power. He’s the kind of guy who won the lottery of money in life and believes that having money is synonymous with being objectively better, wiser, and more important than everyone else. That he has a role at Harvard shows how truly inbred the political elite is.

Anyways… I mention all of that by way of saying that the color revolution will fail here because they violated the first rule of such conflict which is “know thy enemy”. They don’t know who we are and they don’t know what we think and they keep throwing Hilary-Kamala-Mitt darts at the board wondering why they never hit a bullseye. We are Americans. Trump loves Americans. We love Trump. Start there. I do not want to live in the Babylonian Empire.

Miguelito Loveless
1 year ago

Absolutely brilliant comment, Hiterally. I feel better for having read this and other insightful comments. I am proud to be an American.

Helen Glass
1 year ago


Helena Glass
1 year ago

Not sure how this can be self described as an ‘exclusive’ given I published this data 24 hours earlier…

1 year ago

Thought provoking read. Will definitely be researching these former, present day ghouls. These phony ‘think tanks’ & others who are constantly on the take who regularly sell out not only their own but other, vulnerable countries for their own macabre ‘justice’ & 39 pieces of silver.

Has me thinking of Black Sabbath’s, War Pigs’ & Violent Femmes, ‘Lies Lies’ songs.

Sick people..

Watch your six people. Train with your firearm regularly. Get into self defense classes, learn grappling moves, get used to receiving & delivering punches, blows & even kicks.

This may sound chicken little-like but the past 25 years-present day has very much shown us the great lengths these sickos will obtain if not stranglehold their current grasp of power.

God Bless

1 year ago

The Swamp RUNS DEEEEP!!! President Trump needs to go on the Joe Rogan podcast! F these old fossils & their rigged Swamp Nazi institutions… Hitlers

1 year ago

Thanks for the article these traitors need to be exposed for their treasonous acts against the United States and other countries!!

Jaded Flower
1 year ago

They’ve been rigged for decades. Come on now, do you really think the plutocracy would allow you genuine grassroots choice with no pre-approval? The Trump Show has been their most successful television/media production yet as he reprised his WWF/E role, for all it seems. It’s well past the day to understand the purpose of elections in our time. The pre-determined winners put in office work feverishly together with antagonists in the media and “other side” of aisle to make you believe they’re in charge and not the billionaire plutocracy.

1 year ago

This, and a thousand other reasons, is why we need limited government. We are run by a spider’s web of bureaucracies and bureaucrats in the administrative state. The progressives have been working towards this end for more than a century. They are so close to their goal. Harris-Biden brings them that much closer. Thanks for doing the work real journalists used to do.

1 year ago

Following. Excellent incite into the makeup of the cabal.

1 year ago

These people are SES CIA both need to be disbanded and they will be not by man but by Jesus 🙏

1 year ago

Outstanding article. It explains so many things that never made any sense to the regular observer.

Thanks so much. Excellent reporting.

1 year ago

Thank you for ruining what could have been a good night’s sleep . This explains over three decades of the something being wrong with the Republic. Searching my closet now for something ” Alice Blue “.

Kathy Smitj
1 year ago

We knew that the Swamp was Deep and Polluted. Our Nation will continue to Fight for Democracy & Let Freedom Ring. Thank God for PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP 2020 !!!

1 year ago

Most of us had no idea how warped this system is! We have been, and are being scammed! Made to believe one thing when it could not be further from the truth. What amazes me is how corrupt those who call themselves “Republicans” are! They are simply Neo democrats and work toward the good of the new Socialist Democrat Party, and not for the good of the country.

1 year ago

It has been obvious for some time now that the debates had a slant to the left stink about them so finding out that stink runs deep with Dim operatives doesn’t surprise me! I stopped watching the debates quite some time ago just because there is nothing more I despise than slanted coverage especially slanted in the Dims favor! That’s why I don’t give a plug nickel for the MSM as a whole!

mike scanlon
1 year ago


Bill Chimiak
1 year ago

It is diabolically clever to give a name that implies impartiality to a
propaganda device.
Goebbel would be proud of this organization.

Sandra DiPalermo
1 year ago

These people & institutions are nothing but sleazy slimeballs! Trump needs to have Pompeo quietly,surjectly, start removing IRI people, then move on to any that participated in the attempts at a coup, but don’t tell the press! Next move on to the Military at the Pentagon, then move on to the CIA! Quietly, Quickly, Precise, strikes!

1 year ago

It’s not a bad idea to remind everyone that Soros got his early start in business by selling fellow Jews to the Gestapo and keeping their confiscated belongings as they were carted away to the death camps.
Who let this soulless ghoul into our country?

Bill Sardi
1 year ago

The money and influencers behind these color revolutions around the globe, branded by their color for public identification (rose, orange, green, yellow in Georgia, Ukraine, Iran, Hong Kong) are now being exposed. And we find there are connections between hidden backers of color revolutions with continuing efforts to undermine the current elected President of the United States. And while I read posted accolades by commenters at REVOLVER for its “brilliant and illuminating piece,” “good scoop” and “congratulations Revolver (for) igniting bombshell,” “ I’ve been reading about this unfolding story from HELENA for many months now.
REVOLVER is getting the links and clicks and web traffic (“fantastic research” — TheConservativeHouseTree.com, but HELENA has more original and deeper investigation.
Readers who want to resource deeper more original research may want to view: Oct. 8,2020 –Debate Commission: Partisan Hacks With A Liberal Agenda;
Oct 20, 2019 – Anarchy Protests— A Soros Color Revolution
Oct 24, 2019 – Ukraine: Pelosi’s Nightmare Unravels As National Endowment For Democracy COUP unveiled;
Sept 9, 2020 — President Trump: Pentagon Puppets For Cabal
I don’t know whether REVOLVER gleaned their original information and research from HELENA or not, the “scoop” belongs to Helena and if REVOLVER did resource HELENA site, attribution is due. – Bill Sardi

Harry Dexter White
1 year ago
Reply to  Bill Sardi

Generally-speaking, whenever someone claims an exclusive, it’s click bait / false advertising.
I’m disappointed that other outlets, including Bannon’s warroom didn’t link or invite Helena Glass on to present her input. Revolver usually posts a lot of click bait titles, even Bannon said that some parts of it are like a tabloid. If the internet has taught me anything is that such unprincipled behavior doesn’t go untaxed by readers worldwide, interested in the subject matter.

Frank Vera
1 year ago

Can someone explain why this band of lobbyists, misfits, and warmongers (swamp creatures) are allowed to determine the format for the presidential debates?

According to THE COMMISSION ON PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES 501c filing, the CPD has $14,498,916.00 in assets.


1 year ago

“…Globalist Republicans and globalist Democrats have far more in common with each other than they do with Trump…”

Many of the players listed in this article are/were members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), flagship of the globalist “liberal world order” which has dominated US policy since WW2:

John McCain, George Soros, Morton Halperin, Herbert McMaster, David Kramer, Fred Hiatt, Scott Carpenter, Jared Cohen, Michael Hayden, Fiona Hill, Michael McFaul

Long time NED president Carl Gershman was a CFR member for 20 years. Most of the Fed chairmen and secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense and CIA have been CFR members.

“It’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of ‘advice’ from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.”

— Hillary Clinton speech at CFR, 2009-07-15

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